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					Greentown Wheelbarrow Challenge
Kuranui College Playing Fields, Greytown
3pm, Thursday 3 July 2008
Corporate & Sports Challenge - Rules & Course

  1. Teams will consist of three people and may be all male, all female or mixed.
  2. One team member will use a rope to pull the wheelbarrow, a second team
     member will push the wheelbarrow and a third person will ride in the
     wheelbarrow. See diagram 1 on the next page.
  3. The Wheelbarrow rider must wear a helmet (e.g. cycle helmet).
  4. The course is a triangle representing the historic wheelbarrow trip from
     Wellington to Greytown. See diagram 2 on the next page.
        a. From the start to the shovel shop. Teams will pick up a shovel at the shovel
        b. From shovel shop to the Rising Sun. Teams will pick up a gum ‘pole’ at the
           Rising Sun.
        c. From the Rising Sun to the Planting Site.
  5. Team members must change positions at the end of leg one and leg two so that
     each team member has a turn in each position.
  6. Once teams arrive at the planting site they must plant their gum pole so that it
     stands erect.
  7. When the team is happy that their pole is planted the fastest runner returns the
     spade to the shovel shop and races back to the finish line while the other two
     hold onto the wheelbarrow. All three team members must cross the finish line to
     complete the race.
  8. If heats are required, the winner of each heat will qualify for the final. Depending
     on numbers, semi finals may also be held.
Diagram 1: Format of race

Diagram 2: Race course

What to bring
Bring wet weather gear including hard wearing boots or gumboots, waterproof jacket
and gloves. Spades, wheelbarrows, trees (gum poles) and rope will be provided.
A note about the gum poles
The gum poles will be removed and replaced with native trees at a later date.
How to get there:
From the south: Once you enter Greytown turn right onto Papawai road opposite the
Challenge Service Station. Take the first right onto East Street and drive to the end of
East Street. The College gates will be directly in front of you.
From the north: Drive through the Town Centre and turn left onto Papawai Road. Follow
instructions above.
See a Greytown Map