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					 Urban Livestock
    in Liberia
production, processing and marketing

                Hans Schiere;
        July 25th – August 6th, 2010
‘seeing’ the ‘un-seen’
knowing where and how to look
   Burgess L. Dennis (06-827023; Deansville)
‘seeing’ the ‘un-seen’
knowing where and how to look
‘What is reality .. .. ‘
The extremes …
      Rationale for the project
• improved food security
• improved income generation of (peri-)urban
• improved opportunity for employment
• community resilience??
• ..
• remember food riots in 2007
                 (do not quote!)
• 7 chickens (layers) eat 7*140 g of feed, say 1 kg of
  feed dry matter
• 1 kg feed dry matter contains some 160 g protein
• the 7 chickens produce 6 eggs of 60 grams each say
  they produce ??? gram of eggs
• 360 g eggs contain 30(?)% dry matter say 120 g dry
  matter, a dry matter conversion of say ???%
• 360 g eggs contain 12(?)% protein say 40g protein, a
  protein conversion efficiency of ??? %
                  (do not quote!)
• 7 chickens (layers) eat 7*140 g of feed, say 1 kg of
  feed dry matter
• 1 kg feed dry matter contains some 160 g protein
• the 7 chickens produce 6 eggs of 60 grams each say
  they produce 360 gram of eggs
• 360 g eggs contain 25% dry matter say 90 g dry
  matter, a dry matter conversion of say 9%
• 360 g eggs contain 13% protein say 45g protein, a
  protein conversion efficiency of 28%
           Rationale (that we like!!)
           (for eggs, poultry meat, rabbit etc.)
•   animals give good food, especially useful from scrap
•   eggs and other animals (can) give regular income
•   (small) livestock can eat scrap
•   (small) livestock can help recycle nutrients
•   (small) livestock can help make compost
•   (stange enough no local eggs are eaten??)
                    Uphill Battle
            things that are not part of my ToR

•   Overfunded .. how to be efficient
•   Highly logframed .. How to be flexible
•   Much distrust in communities (theft)
•   Cheap imports
•   mails and distance NGO’s to people???
•   .. .. ..
•   postwar .. .. Does it have opportunities for change???
                   Uphill battle
        (with remedies, ITK, business, .. .. )
• animals also cause damage and fights
  (awareness, housing, other animals ..
• threat public health
  (training, housing, other animals ..
• ‘ferrari-animals’ need care, feed, medicine ..
  (ITK, private enterprise, ..
• high mortality small chicks
  (awareness, housing, ducks vs chicks ..
• few animals left
           The battlefield … ...
         please permit this metaphor
and the same ‘shells’ occur within communities
       The supply lines
homework: to be refined somewhat
          The other supply lines
• Medicine … (NCD, PPR, bronchitis, tryps, coccidia ..
  ITK, mindset, .. .., NGO’s, business ..
• Animals (rabbits, day old chicks, .. .. ..
  ITK, mindset, .., NGO’s, business, Samaritan Purse ..
• Feed
  rice bran, brewers waste, wheat bran, oil/rubber
  seed cakes, tree leaves, weeds, cassava leaves .. ..
• Skills
  ITK, Burgess L. Dennis (06-827023; Deansville),
      The markets
cooking and Hillaries PRA/FFS
Other forms / shapes of the chain
         The market strategies
homework: apply to Liberian rabbits & broilers
The farming strategy
how to live with poverty
     livestock production strategies
     backyard / commercial; scavengers / housed

• Commercial .. How to keep the small ones

• Scavengers .. Start to be a nuisance especially
  in (per-)urban regions
   Typical work for modified SWOT’s
     not the animal species but the keeping system

               Urban         Fringe       Peri urban     Commrcial
dairy cows
pets          Dogs, cats      .. .. ..       .. .. ..    horses ..??
sheep         Senegal:      If confined    If confined    ??? ???
              Rooftop      Slow growth    Slow growth
Large goats   Rooftop??     If confined    if confined    Not likely
                           Slow growth    Slow growth    Only if milk
Small goats    maybe       If confined    If confined      Quite
                           Fast growth    Fast growth     possible
    More (home)work for SWOT-stuff
                Urban        Fringe      Peri urban    Commrcial

ducks          Unlikely      Possible     Possible     Unlikely
                           Hardy animal Hardy animal commercial??
Guinea         Difficult     unlikely     possible     Possible??
local chicks   Balcony??     Quite OK     Quite OK      (un)likely
                           If housed??    if housed
Rabbit,        Balcony??    Quite OK     Quite OK if    possible
groundhog,                  If housed     housed
guinea pig
Frog, snail     ??????        ?????        ?????         ?????
bushmeat        unlikely     possible       likely      unlikely
                          Impact ..
     for homework, also on how to increase impact
• 1 million urban people is 200.000 ‘households’
• 40% of these live where backyard animals could be kept
• so 80.000 families could run some backyard farms
• but they have not even enough chicken to feed themselves
  still these families produce 20 chickens per year (wild guess
  and if no NCD)
• 80.000 family units * 15 chickens = 1.200.000 chickens
  produced pr year
• FAO estimates there are .. .. chickens in the country .. .. added
  value .. .. . … etc ..
                  homework too
• Start constructing some pens
• Study tours .. also to build community groups
• Do some vaccination stuff
  costs and impact can be calculated
• Do some re-stocking .. the Heifer way
  costs and impact can be calculated
• Get rabbits in .. ensure they stay cool and healthy
  with some ‘grainbased’ feed .. ..
Seeing the unseen .. ..
  Seek the guinea pig
    More short term (homework)
• PRA / FFS stuff on problems & opportunities with
  Hillarious chain stuff
• Seek other (private) sector opportunities
  (outgrowers schemes, medicine, .. ..
• Introduce existing extension materials (FAO / WHH /
• Start cooking classes for added value
• Start carpentry etc. workshop
• Start awareness on better (chicken/goat) raising
• Train staff on numbers etc to improve self-confidence
The SOM balance home work
       (do not quote)
        The Broiler cost / benefit
Cost           Scenario I   Scenario    Scenario
aspects                        II      homework
Feedcost          .60         .40         ???
Kg feed/           3          2.5         ???
   kg chick
Dressing       2/3 (70%)      2/3         ???
Feed % of         70%         80%         ???
total cost
Total cost
Gross income
                 Longer term
             partly fed by field work
• PRA&Research small / large farmers mindsets
• Get in touch with small enterprise people and
  identify niches for (small) business
• Get in touch with HEIFER, VSF, FAO, etc
• More ‘consult’ added value
  (also Hans / PeterFellows by mail ..)
• Legal issues (public health, taxing, land titles,
• Staff training on animal nutrition, health, etc.
• See list with researches in report .. ..
                  Nagging Issues
                       just a few ..
•   ‘nobody’ on biogas
•   new systems: rooftops and grassfed chickens
•   strong demand
•   do NGO’s do now what GO’s used to do??
•   break in on existing product / resource flows
•   overfunding .. so get started …
•   do we fight poverty or adjust to it …
•   strong demand .. how to connect?
• How serious on ‘conservation agriculture’
               Cutting ‘trees’
(to start Conservation Agriculture .. ..   )
• Different zones different (animal) keeping systems,
  all towards housing
  -dairy cows DELETE (unless with brewery)
  -goats in outer rings
  -ducks & guinea fowl in outer rings
  -(local)chickens, rabbits & guinea pigs all rings
  -commercial layers & broilers .. perhaps in small
  numbers, outgrowers scheme only with cassava?
• chains for urban livestock short .. .. .. .. or longer?
Get going on short term with PRA/FFS stuff ASAP
  -chain analysis/ cook- & ‘carpentry’ workshops
  -studytours/ scenario studies/ on farm trials
  -basic services (NCD, PPR, .., .., feed?),
  -use existing extension materials (with numbers)
       (modify later)
  -train staff on FSR methods & contents, numbers/
       scenario studies/ SWOTs/ ranking ..
  -give special attention to ITK as step forward .. Away
       from only analysis
• The longer term (to start now) is ‘research’ on:
  - production (gains, feed calendar, mortality, ..
  - animal / public health (incl. remedies)
  - nutrient dynamics, livelihood & keeping system
  - reasoning small vs large farmers (incl. gender)
  - feed& product flows (relevance small & large scale)
  - identify farm styles & niches (for ‘micro’ livestock)
           conclusions, long term
• train staff & communities & government on things
  - bankable stuff
  - game theory, multi-agent, .. ..
  - IRR, dual economy, scenario studies
  - legislation issues (port levies etc.,), food safety for
        short chains, …
  - issues of competing claims

• Be on the ball during mid-term evaluation
Competing Claims, Competing Scales
         ‘Exciting Times’
things could work out great
Thank You
Hans Schiere;

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