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                                        RECIPE CONTEST RULES
Entry forms must be attached to dishes and delivered from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. Sunday, 11/23/08.
Participants may submit only one entry for each category.
Festival organizers reserve the right to accept late entries if doing so will improve the quality of the competition.
Each dish must use canned or fresh (preferred) Placer grown mandarin oranges as a primary ingredient.
(The judge’s definition of primary is final.)
Entries should be delivered to the Healthy Gourmet Cooking Stage, located in the Armory building at the Gold
Country Fairgrounds between 10:30 am and 11:00 a.m. (There are no facilities for cooling or heating of food. It
must be prepared and ready to serve.)
Entries must serve 8. Sample size.
Entry forms must have the entire recipe attached for the dish entered. These become the property of the
Mountain Mandarin Festival. Original recipes are required and may be published in a Festival recipe book
or other Festival related publications.
Any dishes, display items or other materials must be claimed immediately after judging .
                                    JUDGING SCHEDULE & CRITERIA
Sunday, 11/23/08 at 11:15 am
Categories: Mandarin Desserts, Mandarin Main Dish, Mandarin Favorite Side
Awards will be presented at 3:30 pm Sun. November 23, 2008.
Entries will be judged on:
         - Overall presentation ( 15 points)
         - Creative use of Mandarins (20 points)
         - Flavor (15 points)
Entries in each category receiving the highest overall points will be awarded First Place. Second & Third place will
also be awarded. One Recipe from all categories will be selected as The Best of Show Award
One (1) Best of Show will be awarded from all entrants, Winner shall receive a 5 pc. Set of Kitchen Craft
cookware valued at $ 1900.00. Prizes shall be awarded to the First, Second & Third place winners in each
category. First place winners shall receive $100.00 in cash. Second place shall receive $ 50.00 & Third place
winners shall receive $ 25.00.
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        2008 Mountain Mandarin Festival Recipe Contest

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