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First Flight
“If your goal is to make AFJ the leading journal
 of national security debates, you are succeeding
 in a big way.”               Maj Gen, USAF

“...keeps me abreast of many issues AFJ puts out.”
                         Professor, Florida International University
“...a real thought-provoking periodical.”
                                          LTC, US Army TRADOC
“...the discussion of air power describes
 the process of military
 operations in urban environments.”
                                          Lt. Col. USAF
“...looks to history for lessons on air power
 tenets that are better suited to ‘small wars’.”
                                          Lt. Col. USAF

 AFJ is the independent forum of ideas and analysis for viewpoints
 among military, industrial, educational and thought leaders in the
 defense community. AFJ sparks and showcases dialogue about
 critical emerging issues, encourages the exchange of ideas,
 introduces concepts, and shares the knowledge of key contributors
 on strategic and operational military issues.
    Contributors include: former Under Secretary of the Navy, Military
 Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, command pilots, trade
 lawyers, and soldiers with war experience. If you want to keep up
 with present and future-warfighting, or if you are an advertiser seek-
 ing the attention of more than 16,000 U.S. senior military officers (04
 and above) call: 1-800-252-5825.