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									The Arrival                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Singapore

TAN Pin-pin                       INTRODUCTION                                                                        DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                              Award for Best Documentary, as well as several other
                                                                                                                                                                                        awards. In 2001, it was the most viewed Singaporean
                                  The Arrival focuses on the journey of a woman, Aishah, who, together with her       There is much curiosity surrounding adoption. The                 documentary in the world. BFG Media was also involved
                                  husband, has always wanted children. When they eventually find a baby to            headlines are full of celebrity adoptions (Angelina JOLIE,        in the successful production and distribution of Singapore
                                  adopt after a long wait, Aishah discovers that she is unable to love the baby       Madonna, Katherine HEIGL) and one cannot help but                 GaGa and Invisible City. Working with the Art House in
                                  like everyone else seems to do so effortlessly. She is wracked with guilt. This     wonder: how do Cambodian Maddox and Malawian David                Singapore, it orchestrated the first theatrical release of
                                  film is about the journey she takes to learn the meaning of love, grace and         fit into their new families? What if one just does not take to    a Singaporean documentary, which went on to enjoy an
                                  compassion.                                                                         their adopted baby?                                               unprecedented sold-out, seven-week run.

                                  SYNOPSIS                                                                            Using this question as a starting point, The Arrival taps
                                                                                                                      into the vein of curiosity people have about adoptions, a
                                  Aishah and her husband receive a call in the middle of the night letting them       vein rich with narrative possibilities and dramas. Everyone
                                  know that the baby they have been waiting for has been born. Aishah and her         knows someone who has been adopted but what is it
                                  mother visit the single mother at the hospital to collect their baby. Checking      really like? Is it possible to love a child that is not one’s
                                  for deformities and finding none, they take the baby home after paying off the      own? What does it mean to “love” anyway? Is the inter-
Genre: Drama                      birth mother.                                                                       dependency and commitment to the members that make
Format: HD                                                                                                            up one's family “love?” How important are blood relations?
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                  The little stranger has arrived unexpectedly, and it throws the neat life of this
Budget:                           yuppie couple into disarray. The jubilant adoptive father is sent out to buy        This film closely examines the ties that bind, not just
US$ 360,000 (HK$ 2,808,000)       baby supplies and furniture is moved to make space for a borrowed cot. At           between Aishah and the baby, but between the birth
Funds Secured:                    night, in bed, while the new father makes grand plans for his new son, Aishah       mother and her baby, between Aishah and her mother,
US$ 36,000 (HK$ 280,800)
                                  remains reserved, unable to fathom why she feels so distant. This is the kid        between grandmothers and their grandchildren. It teases
Producer:                         they have yearned for so long, a baby now in bed, sleeping soundly beside           out the material in the ties that bind.
TAN Pin-pin                       them. And yet…
                                                                                                                      DIRECTOR / PRODUCER
Writing Credits:
                                  Does she have reservations because she is worried about the baby’s parents,         TAN Pin-pin is a Singapore director. Her films, explorations
TAN Pin-pin
Alfian SA’AT                      because they are too poor, too uneducated, too lower class? Is the baby             TAN Pin-pin was born and raised in Singapore Oberhausen
                                                                                                                      of Singapore, have screened at Berlin, Pusan, and is best
                                  sensing her resistance too and crying harder because of that?                       known for her She has won more than 20 awards for her
                                                                                                                      and Rotterdam. groundbreaking documentaries Moving
Production Company:                                                                                                   documentaries, most recently for Invisible City. The citation
                                                                                                                      House, Singapore GaGa and Invisible City. Her films have
BFG Media                                                                                                             from Cinema du Reel describes it as "A witty, intellectually
                                  She consoles herself that mothering takes some getting used to. And even            screened in Rotterdam, Berlin and memory as tools of civil
                                                                                                                      challenging essay on history and Pusan, winning over 20
HAF Goals:                        if she cannot muster up the ability to be “motherly”, she can at least be           awards, most recently GaGa, voted Best Film, 2006, start
                                                                                                                      resistance". Singapore for Invisible City. She got her Straits
Funds, Sales agents               “responsible." She has to ensure that their baby is fed, burped and cleaned.        as an assistant director "A subtly subversive yet Arrival is
                                                                                                                      Times, is described as of television dramas. The thoroughly
                                                                                                                      celebratory film...One of the best films about Singapore." Pin-
                                  And so that is what she tries to do, going through the motions of mothering.        her first feature film.
Contact:                                                                                                              pin won and S. Rajarantnam scholarship to study for a film
                                                                                                                      MFA at Northwestern University, USA. Moving House, her
BFG Media
(TAN Pin-pin)
                                  This is how Aishah begins this journey, one she never imagined that she would       PRODUCER
                                                                                                                      thesis film won the Student Academy Award for Best
                                  take, into parenthood. Call it a tango between a baby and his adoptive mother       Documentary. She got her start in film as an assistant
                                                                                                                      director of television dramas. The Arrival is her first feature
Address:                          as they get to know and love one another.                                           See above.
51 Kent Rd, 02-27, Singapore
                                  It takes a certain grace to accept and love. Along the way, Aishah tries to         PRODUCTION COMPANY
Tel: +65-65192090
                                  abandon the baby. She tries to have her own. She tries returning the baby to
Email:          his birth mother only to find that she is too poor to feed another mouth.           BFG Media was founded by TAN Pin-pin to produce
                                                                                                                      Moving House, which was the first Discovery Channel
                                  In the end, after a zigzag journey, she decides to keep the baby. It may appear     project to be entirely conceived and produced by
                                  that she now needs him more than he needs her.                                      Singaporeans. It went on to win the Student Academy

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Betok                                                                                                                                                                                    Malaysia / Singapore

Sherman ONG                        INTRODUCTION                                                                        DIRECTOR

                                   A romance between a non-Muslim Chinese man and a Muslim Chinese woman               Sherman ONG is a filmmaker, photographer, visual artist
                                   set in Malaysia, Betok plots the tensions between the different ethnic, religious   and educator. Straddling fiction and documentary, his
                                   and political groups that share this nation.                                        films have won awards in Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece,
                                                                                                                       Italy, Indonesia and Malaysia. He is an alumnus of the 1st
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                            Berlinale Talent Campus and has presented works at the
                                                                                                                       Centre Pompidou Paris, Mori Art Museum Tokyo, as well
                                   Ah Ping is a Chinese worker who slaughters pigs for a living at an abattoir         as the Biennales of Venice, Singapore and Jakarta. Most
                                   in a small town in Malaysia. Every day he goes for lunch at his favourite           recently, he premiered 3 works at the International Film
                                   chicken rice stall, which also allows him to see his sweetheart, Suhalia Mei        Festival Rotterdam: Memories of a Burning Tree, a feature
                                   MA, a Muslim Chinese. The stall is owned by her father, Sufian Shah MA, and         film in Swahili; Flooding in the Time of Drought (feature film)
                                   Suhalia and her older sister, Subaidah, take turns helping their dad serve the      and Ticket (short film). He is currently developing his fourth
                                   customers. Their youngest brother, Sazali, is developmentally disabled but          feature film, Betok.
                                   even he helps out by serving the drinks.
Genre: Drama                                                                                                           PRODUCER
Format: HD                         Ah Ping and Suhalia have been courting for three years, but unbeknownst to
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                   them, Subaidah is secretly carrying a torch for Ping. Finally, one day, after       TAN Bee-thiam is founder of the 13 Little Pictures that
Budget:                            much procrastination, Ah Ping plucks up his courage and asks Suhalia’s dad          completed 7 feature films in 2009 and is developing 7 new
US$ 578,001 (HK$ 4,508,408)        for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Her dad takes to the idea instantly, eager     feature films for 2010. Films that he produced have been
Funds Secured:                     to have another pair of hands to help around the family business. Ah Ping’s         presented at the International Film Festivals in Hong Kong,
US$ 75,000 (HK$ 585,000)
                                   next step is to break the news of his marriage, and subsequent conversion to        Singapore, Seoul, New Delhi and Rotterdam. He leads the
Producer:                          Islam, to his own family. On his last day at the slaughterhouse, his workmates      Asian Film Archive as its founding director and was elected
TAN Bee-thiam                      throw him a bachelor party at a local karaoke bar.                                  secretary-general of the Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual
                                                                                                                       Archive Association. He is also the producer and curator of
Writing Credit:
                                   Ah Ping gets roaring drunk one last time, and his workmates decide to dump          the well-received Asian Film Archive Collection: Singapore
Sherman ONG
                                   him in Suhalia’s room. But in a strange twist of fate, Ah Ping wakes up in bed      Shorts and Royston’s Shorts, a series of DVD anthologies
Production Company:                the next morning next to Subaidah. What follows is a loveless marriage to           featuring emerging filmmakers.
13 Little Pictures                 Subaidah in order to save Suhalia’s family from embarrassment. He is trapped,
                                   and so is she, and when they finally rebel against their circumstances all that     PRODUCTION COMPANY
HAF Goals:
Funds, Co-producers,               awaits them is a tragic fate.
Sales agents, Pre-sales                                                                                                13 Little Pictures produces and presents innovative feature
                                   DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                                                films by filmmakers who love cinema. Since debuting three
Contact:                                                                                                               feature films (Flooding in the Time of Drought by Sherman
13 Little Pictures
                                   I have always been interested in the migration and movements of people,             ONG, White Days by LEI Yuan Bin and In the House of
(TAN Bee-thiam)
                                   which inevitably creates minorities, imbalances and flux that forces a struggle     Straw by YEO Siew Hua) in 2009, the collective has been
Address:                           to achieve equilibrium with the majority. As a seventh generation Peranakan         hailed by critics as the “real New Wave” from Singapore.
Library Supply Centre,             (Straits Chinese), the broad swathe of the Chinese diaspora also brings a           New completed works (Memories of a Burning Tree by
3 Changi South Street
                                   physical, mental and spiritual change to the emotional geography of a place         Sherman ONG and Red Dragonflies by LIAO Jiekai) are set
2,Xilin Districentre Building B,
#02-00, Singapore 486548           and this is something which I am very eager to explore. These issues have           to premiere at the film festival in Rotterdam and Hong Kong
                                   become the genesis for my film, which is set within the Chinese Muslim              in 2010. Other upcoming projects include Night Lights by
Tel: +65-67773243                  community and their interactions with the non-Muslim Chinese community of           Daniel HUI, For I've Loved by LAI Weijie, In The Absence of
                                   Malaysia. My hope as a person and as a director is to offer a glimpse of an         the Sun by Lucky KUSWANDI, Matahari by Azharr RUDIN
                                   alternative path towards understanding the human condition where, ultimately,       and Redhill Close by LEI Yuan Bin.
                                   the problems that isolate and separate us are also the things that bind us

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The Blood of Wolves                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Japan

SAKAGUCHI Tak                           INTRODUCTION                                                                          DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                             PRODUCERS

                                        The first “real” samurai action film in years, The Blood of Wolves is something       When I think of exciting swordplay action, I think of KATSU      SHIOMAKI Yuko made her mark on the Japanese film
                                        that no one has seen before: a throwback to classic genre filmmaking of the           Shintaro as Zatoichi or the Lone Wolf and Cub films or           industry as the vice-president of STYLEJAM, in charge of
                                        60’s and 70’s using modern make-up and CGI techniques along with full                 MIFUNE Toshiro in Seven Samurai. Back in the classic             acquisitions, international co-productions, international
                                        contact combat to fill the screen with sweaty, high impact action that integrates     days of Japanese filmmaking there were realistic samurai         sales and global distribution. She was also head of
                                        swordplay, monsters and martial arts. Add in a driving, hard rock score and           action stories, which gave audiences an almost perfect           domestic theatrical distribution and marketing. During
                                        you have got a movie that promises outrageous excitement from beginning               mixture of gritty action and well-told stories. It seems that    her time at STYLEJAM, the company produced Sad
                                        to end. As the only Japanese motion picture director who is also an action            recently, there are no longer any real samurai films to be       Vacation by AOYAMA Shinji, Adrift in Tokyo by MIKI
                                        director and a martial artist, SAKAGUCHI Tak is perfectly suited to forge this        found. Cinema has lost its samurai spirit.                       Satoshi as well as other international titles such as You,
                                        new style of action film.                                                                                                                              the Living by Roy ANDERSON. She established a new film
                                                                                                                              I have often wondered why no more filmmakers are able            company, pictures dept., in June, 2009 and is currently the
                                        SYNOPSIS                                                                              to shoot real genre films these days. I want to revive the       international representative of STYLEJAM as well as the
                                                                                                                              spirit of these filmmakers and elevate it to the next level of   producer of several international films.
                                        The Edo period - a time when samurais ruled Japan.                                    art. This is the ambition that has moved me to create The
Genre: Action                                                                                                                 Blood of Wolves.                                                 KUNIZANE Mizue (co-producer) is the president of the
Format: 35mm
                                        It is the middle of the night. A long, straight road splits the darkness. A                                                                            talent agency Dongyu Club & Inc. Her clients include
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                        lone man walks down this rough road, a wolf by his side. From the opposite            Contemporary action films are too “safe,” too weak. Their        ODAGIRI Joe, who starred in KIM Ki-duk’s Dream as well
Budget:                                 direction comes a group of ninjas, disguised in traditional Japanese masks.           actors are untrained in real action and they are unwilling       as TIAN Zhuangzhuang’s The Warrior and the Wolf, an
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)                                                                                                 to hit each other with swords and fists, and so their action     official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival
                                        The man passes the group, sighs deeply and stops walking. He turns around             scenes lack spirit and look fake. My philosophy in making        2009. She also produced Adrift in Tokyo with ODAGIRI Joe
SHIOMAKI Yuko                           and his sword flashes, biting deeply into the flesh of one of the ninjas. But         The Blood of Wolves is to make its action as realistic as        as well as Then Summer Came directed by IWAMATSU Ryo
KUNIZANE Mizue                          the ninja is fast and counterattacks instantly. It’s one against many. Though         possible. I want to show audiences truly extreme situations      and starring ODAGIRI. Her other clients include director
                                        the man is surrounded, he fights on. Multiple swords aim for his heart, but           where real fear, real action and real excitement come            SONO Sion (Love Exposure), SAKAGUCHI Tak, ANDO
Writing Credits:                        he deflects them and strikes the ninjas down, one after another. Fountains of         together to give them a visceral, unforgettable experience.      Sakura (Love Exposure, A Crowd of Three) and many more.
TANAKA Yasuhiko                         blood spray through the air, but it is not the blood of the lone fighter. It is the
SONO Sion                               blood of the ninjas. And finally, they all lie dead.                                  DIRECTOR                                                         PRODUCTION COMPANY

Production Company:                     The name of this lone fighter is Jyubei, also known as Wolf, and anyone who           Bor n in 1975, SAKAGUCHI Tak started out as an                   pictures dept. was established in June, 2009 as a
pictures dept. LLP
                                        looked into his eyes will feel true terror when they see the rage and hatred          underground street fighter with a reputation for using           distribution company handling international sales,
HAF Goals:                              burning within. But Jyubei was not always this way.                                   martial arts to beat down his opponents. He was                  PR and marketing for films destined for the global,
Funds, Co-producers                                                                                                           discovered by director KITAMURA Ryuhei who cast him              digital marketplace. Its founder SHIOMAKI Yuko is an
                                        We flash back 18 years, to the year 1616. The Wolf was once a child who               as the star of his low budget, homemade action-horror            international co-producer and former vice-president
                                        belonged to a happy family. He was nine years old, living with his father,            film, Versus. This little film went on to become a cult          of Japanese production and distribution company
pictures dept. LLP
(SHIOMAKI Yuko)                         Muneori, his mother, Orin, and his younger brother, Samon. Jyubei loves               hit, selling over 100,000 DVD copies in America, and it          STYLEJAM. pictures dept. acts as a representative of the
                                        painting and art but Samon loves martial arts. Jyubei is peaceful and quiet           remains KITAMURA’s best-known role. He also appeared             Japanese boutique production company STYLEJAM and
Address:                                while Samon is hot-tempered and jealous of his older brother who will inherit         in several more films directed by KITAMURA, including            of internationally acclaimed director AOYAMA Shinji as well
#101 4-34-7 Fukazawa, Setagaya-ku,
                                        the family fortune.                                                                   Azumi and Alive as well as the KITAMURA-produced                 as of several other young and talented film makers.
Tokyo, 158-0081, Japan
                                                                                                                              Battlefield Baseball. He went on to choreograph the
Tel: +81-3-3705-9876                    This is the story of these two brothers and which of them will inherit the            action in KITAMURA’s big budget kaiju film, Godzilla: Final
                                        leadership of the YAGYU clan, which has been cursed with the blood of                 Wars. He has appeared in films such as Shinobi and also
Fax: +81-3-3705-9876
                                        wolves flowing in their veins, and burdened by a fine, bloodthirsty Munemasa          taken several television roles. In 2008, he wrote/directed/
Email:   sword that is in their possession. The time has come for these two brothers to        choreographed and starred in his directorial debut, Be a
                                        determine who will be the clan leader. Will Jyubei give in to the violence of his     Man! Samurai School. Later that same year he directed
                                        wolf’s blood, or will Samon die trying to reach his goal?                             and appeared in Yoroi Samurai Zombie, based on his own
                                                                                                                              short story. He is well versed in Shaolin kenpo, kickboxing,
                                                                                                                              boxing and mixed martial arts.

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Chang & Eng                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thailand / Singapore / USA

Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM                       INTRODUCTION                                                                       In the 1990’s, I revisited the idea of doing a play about the   Mountain and Transamerica. It has been released in more
                                                                                                                             Siamese twins. After more in-depth research, the story          than 30 countries and invited to over 100 film festivals. His
                                          An epic film adaptation of one of Asia’s most successful and longest running       of Chang and Eng began to take shape in my mind, but            second feature film, Pleasure Factory, was the first film shot
                                          stage musicals, CHANG & ENG tells the amazing but true story of the original       in a far different form from what I initially imagined. There   entirely in Singapore’s red-light district. Starring YANG
                                          Siamese twins born in Thailand during the early 19th century.      The musical     was more warmth and vibrancy in their story than I had          Kuei-Mei and Ananda EVERINGHAM, it was an official
                                          premiered in Singapore to regional acclaim at the 1997 Festival of Asian           thought, and a dark and gloomy treatment would no longer        selection of the 60th Cannes International Film Festival’s Un
                                          Performing Arts and has since been restaged numerous times and become the          be appropriate because I no longer saw it as a story about      Certain Regard.
                                          nation's longest running and most traveled homegrown musical. It has played        “freaks.”
                                          to full houses and widespread critical acclaim in Thailand, Malaysia and in                                                                        PRODUCER
                                          China where it became the first-ever English-language musical to be staged in      On one level, the twins’ story illustrates the power of
                                          the country.                                                                       the human spirit in turning their perceived weakness            See above.
                                                                                                                             into strength.      On another level, Chang and Eng
                                          SYNOPSIS                                                                           tell us something about the value of tolerance and              PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                                                                                                             interdependency. Many a time, nations go to war or people
                                          Joined at the chest by a mysterious band of flesh, the world famous twins,         fight because they want to be separate, to be free from one     Singapore-based Spicy Apple Films was set up by
Genre: Drama, Musical                     Chang & Eng, were destined to spend every moment of their lives together.          another. But can we ever really be free from each other?        award-winning film director and producer Ekachai
Format:35mm                               Condemned during childhood by their neighbors as a bad omen, the brothers                                                                          UEKRONGTHAM. It aims to produce feature films that
Estimated Running Time: 115 min.
                                          were saved by their mother’s love and invited to appear before the King of         With the help of my two friends, composer Ken LOW and           tell compelling and meaningful Asian stories that also
                                          Siam. Subsequently brought to America and exhibited as a special attraction,       playwright Ming WONG, we created Chang & Eng – The              have universal resonance. Beautiful Boxer, the first film
Budget:                                   the conjoined twins eventually became U.S. citizens, fell in love, married two     Musical and when it had its world premiere at the Festival      that it co-produced with Thailand’s largest entertainment
US$ 18,000,000 (HK$ 140,400,000)          American sisters and went on to father 21 children.                                of Asian Performing Arts in Singapore in 1997 it was so         conglomerate, GMM Grammy, traces the life of the
Funds Secured:
                                                                                                                             warmly and overwhelmingly embraced by the audience              transsexual kickboxer, Parinya CHAROENPHOL. The
US$ 3,000,000 (HK$ 23,400,000)
                                          Fascinating, magical and uplifting, Chang & Eng traces the twins’ childhood,       that it took us all by surprise.                                acclaimed biopic had its international premiere at the 54th
Producer:                                 their travels around the world, their romances and marriages, and their dreams                                                                     Berlin International Film Festival and has since won 15
Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM                       of living separately – an incredible and moving tale spanning six decades in       The continued success of the musical over the years is          international and local awards. To date, the film has been
                                          Thailand, America and Europe.                                                      a testament to the power of the twins’ story. We’re just        invited to more than 100 film festivals and sold to over 30
Writing Credit:
Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM                                                                                                          so privileged to have had the opportunity to share it with      countries around the world.
                                          The film adaptation will be brought to life by the stage musical’s original        the world. I hope that through the magic of cinema, more
Production Company:                       creator, producer and director, Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM, who is also                   people will come to know about Chang and Eng, their             Pleasure Factory, produced by Spicy Apple Films, was
Spicy Apple Films                         an award-winning film director. His wide-ranging film credits include the          incredible courage and their uplifting life story.              an official selection of the 60th Cannes International Film
HAF Goals:                                internationally acclaimed biopic Beautiful Boxer, the Cannes Official Selection,                                                                   Festival (Un Certain Regard). It has been released in
Funds, Co-producers                       Pleasure Factory, and the regional box office hit, The Coffin. More recently, he   DIRECTOR                                                        many territories, including the U.S. and France. Other
                                          directed and co-wrote a new Thai stage musical entitled Breathe which broke                                                                        film projects in the works at Spicy Apple Films include
Contact:                                  box office records in Thailand, outperforming Broadway imports like Mamma          An award-winning film and theatre director, Thai-born           a supernatural martial arts epic, Swords & Spirits, and a
Spicy Apple Films
                                          Mia!, Cats and Chicago.                                                            Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM is also the Founding Artistic               dramedy set in Singapore called Poledancing Queens,
                                                                                                                             Director of ACTION Theatre, one of Singapore’s premier          which has been awarded a script development grant by the
Address:                                  The screen adaptation of Chang & Eng will feature all the songs from the           professional theatre companies and the recipient of the         Singapore Film Commission.
122, Middle Road, #05-06 Midlink Plaza,   original stage show as well as additional new musical numbers composed             Excellence for Singapore Award. His first feature film
Singapore 188973
                                          especially for the film by renowned composer Ken LOW.                              Beautiful Boxer, based on the true story of Thailand’s
Tel: +662-6698554                                                                                                            famous transgendered kickboxer, Parinya CHAROENPHOL,
                                          DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                                               has won 15 international awards to date. UEKRONGTHAM
Fax: +662-6698556                                                                                                            was named Asia’s Most Promising Director at the 2004
                                          Like many who grew up in Thailand, I had long heard of the two brothers who        International Film Festival of India and Outstanding
                                          were joined together forever; two brothers who gave birth to the term Siamese      Emerging Talent at Outfest 2004 in Los Angeles. Beautiful
                                          twins. The little I knew about them had always intrigued me. There’s a play        Boxer was also nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for
                                          here, I thought. A dark one, like The Elephant Man.                                Outstanding Film in the United States, alongside Brokeback

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Cosplay                                                                                                                                                                                                                   China / France

                                                                                                                                                                                      founding the production company Artlinefilms in 1987.
SHENG Zhimin                       INTRODUCTION                                                                        DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                           Since then, he has continued to be a film director as well
                                                                                                                                                                                      as a film producer, directing over 20 documentaries and
                                   The story of a spoiled boy suddenly burdened with responsibilities, Cosplay is      This film is based on a story by Luigi PIRANDELLO, but in      producing over 150 films in collaboration with major French
                                   adapted from a novel by the great Italian absurdist writer, Luigi PIRANDELLO.       the original novel the main character chose suicide. In this   broadcasters like TF1, France 2, France 3, ARTE and Canal+.
                                   But rather than conclude, as PIRANDELLO’s novel did, with a suicide, director       adaptation, I want him to choose compromise. I want him        He has been a member of several film commissions and
                                   SHENG Zhimin is determined to find the strength inside his main character and       to choose a way to live that lets him survive.                 served on many film festival juries. He was vice-president
                                   bring him to a different ending.                                                                                                                   of USPA (Union of Television Producers), and in 2007/08
                                                                                                                       Whenever I see Beijing with its bright lights and all those    was president of PROCIREP (Cinema and Television
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                            smiling faces full of simple happiness I feel pessimistic.     Producers Association). In 2009, he became president of
                                                                                                                       There are no rules or restrictions on our behavior these       the FIPA (International Festival of Audiovisual Programs) in
                                   Xiaoyu’s mother is a mysterious woman, always surrounded by dignitaries and         days, but I believe we have paid a terrible price for this     Biarritz, France.
                                   wealthy men. Xiaoyu accepts that this is his mother’s life, never questioning it,   freedom. This high-speed development has brought on
                                   but he hates Beijing, where they live. To him it’s just another boring city, same   a kind of madness. Human nature is warm and strong at          Fruit CHAN was born in Guangdong Province, China, in
                                   as every other boring city. His mother arranges a posh private boarding school      heart, even though many people perceive those qualities as     1959, he began his film career in 1982 as an assistant
                                   for him and then she takes off to some other international location. Xiaoyu is      a weakness. I cannot believe that we have lost this part of    director to Terence TONG, Alfred CHEUNG and Kirk
Genre: Drama                       used to it by now.                                                                  who we are. Only human nature can conquer the madness          WONG. After joining Golden Harvest in 1984, he held
Format: 35mm                                                                                                           of modernity and this film is my way of encouraging people     various posts — assistant director, line producer and
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                   Xiaoyu starts his new life at boarding school and soon meets two people             to stay strong no matter how crazy the world becomes.          production manager — on several productions starring
                                   who will become his closest friends: Xiaoran, who is also a student, and his                                                                       Jackie CHAN and Sammo HUNG. He went on to make
Budget:                            diving coach. Xiaoyu is a swimmer, and he knows he’s gay, but he keeps this         DIRECTOR                                                       his mark as an independent writer-director-producer with
US$ 600,000 (HK$ 4,680,000)        hidden from everyone else. At night, he sneaks out to gay bars to hook up                                                                          Made in Hong Kong. Over the years, his films have won
Funds Secured:
                                   with random men. But at school, he splits his time between Xiaoran and his          SHENG Zhimin was born in Beijing in 1969. He graduated         numerous awards at international film festivals in Venice,
US$ 400,000 (HK$ 3,120,000)
                                   coach. He likes the bright, sunny disposition of Xiaoran, but he also enjoys the    from the Beijing Radio & Television University in 1992         Locarno and Gijon. Hollywood Hong Kong won him best
Producers:                         physical, athletic relationship he has with his coach. Xiaoran is straight but he   and began his career in 1997 as an assistant director on       director at the 39th Golden Horse Awards. In 1999, he was
Olivier MILLE                      develops a platonic crush on Xiaoyu, completely unaware of the fact that his        ZHANG Yang’s Spicy Love Soup, and as line producer for         named Artist of the Year by the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild.
Fruit CHAN
                                   friend is gay.                                                                      Fruit CHAN’s films including Public Toilet, Durian, Durian
Production Company:                                                                                                    and The Longest Summer, as well as for JIA Zhang-ke’s          PRODUCTION COMPANY
Artlinefilms                       Several months later, Xiaoyu learns that his mother has died overseas, leaving      Platform. He made his directorial debut in 2002 with the
                                   nothing behind for him but a box of ashes and a newborn baby brother. He            video feature Two Hearts, which was selected to participate    For 25 years, Artlinefilms has been one of the top French
HAF Goal:                          drops out of school, at the same time that his friend, Xiaoran, transfers to        in the Berlinale Forum in 2003. Bliss, his first 35mm          production companies, co-producing documentaries and
Co-producers                                                                                                                                                            th
                                   another school, too. A new stage in his life has begun.                             feature film, won the NETPAC Award at the 59 Locarno           feature films with all the major national channels. Thanks
Contact:                                                                                                               International Film Festival and the Asian New Talent Prize     to its long experience in international broadcasting,
Artlinefilms                       The police begin harassing Xiaoyu, trying to shake him down to get information      for Best Feature Film at the 11th Shanghai International       Artlinefilms has worked with many foreign partners around
(SHENG Zhimin / Olivier MILLE )    about all the important men who surrounded his mother, and so police                                                                  st
                                                                                                                       Film Festival. Bliss was also selected for the 31 Toronto      the world.   Artlinefilms is particularly known for producing
                                   intimidation becomes a constant part of his life. His next-door neighbor was        International Film Festival and the 11th Pusan International   films dealing with historical, geo-political, cultural,
Beijing Huangsi Street 24-17       involved in a suicide and she gets trapped at home as well. She sees Xiaoyu’s       Film Festival. French documentary Chine, L’empire de l’art?    sociological (and even gastronomical) topics. Artlinefilms's
801 China                          little brother and volunteers to take care of him, and Xiaoyu accepts her           in 2009 was his latest effort.                                 catalogue of over 150 documentaries and feature films has
                                   kindness. And so, a motley family of three is formed.                                                                                              garnered prestigious awards from many festivals around
Tel: +86-1062379809
                                                                                                                       PRODUCERS                                                      the world.
Email:         Suffering non-stop questioning from the police, Xiaoyu loses all his dignity
                                   and even thinks of killing himself and his little brother, but he knows that his    Olivier MILLE is a producer and film director born in
                                   cowardice would disappoint everyone. But he has to do something to get his          1957. He taught cinema studies and literature at the
                                   normal life back, and so he finally decides to find the baby’s real father and      University of Basel, Switzerland, for seven years before
                                   give his little brother up.

42                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                43
Dear Comrade (working title)                                                                                                                                                                             South Korea / Japan / Vietnam

LEE Yoon-ki                            INTRODUCTION                                                                          their relationship and vow never to forget one another. In       DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                             1986, the Vietnamese government issues a new economic
                                       This story is set in the middle of the 20th Century, a time of extremes when          policy called the Doi Moi Reform which allows marriage           Born in Korea, director LEE Yoon-ki worked as an assistant
                                       countries were divided by war. In the midst of this hatred, humanity was              with foreigners. In 1992, Vinh finally musters the courage       director on films like LEE Myung-se’s Their Last Love Affair,
                                       falling into chaos.   One man kept on trying to cross the border separating           to make his move, visiting the DPRK embassy in Hanoi             KWAK Je-yong’s The Day of Rain Falls Like Watercolor
                                       two socialist states, Vietnam and North Korea. This film tells the story of a         to apply for permission to marry Soo-young. But the              and then, in 2004, he directed his first feature film, This
                                       Vietnamese man’s love for a North Korean woman which lasted for over 31               North Korean government doesn’t allow her to leave the           Charming Girl, which won prizes both for its director and
                                       years.                                                                                country and Vinh is worried about her situation in North         for its leading actress. He later directed the well-regarded
                                                                                                                             Korea. Worse than that, there are no more letters from her       television drama, The House That I Lived. His other films
                                       SYNOPSIS                                                                              anymore.                                                         include My Dear Enemy, Love Talk and Ad-Lib Night all of
                                                                                                                                                                                              which were invited to numerous film festivals like the Pusan
                                       Fall, 2002. A 54 year old Vietnamese man named Vinh waits in the empty                Determined to use any means necessary to convince both           International Film Festival, the Berlin International Film
                                       hallways of the DPRK embassy in Hanoi. He’s tense, nervous and holding a              governments to let them marry, he is finally allowed to state    Festival, the Deauville Asian Film Festival and the Karlovy
                                       sweat-dampened stack of documents.                                                    his case to the president of Vietnam during his official visit   Vary Film Festival.
                                                                                                                             to Pyongyang in 2002. We now come back to the present
Genre: Drama                           In the early 1970’s, North Vietnam formed an alliance with North Korea which          day as the embassy staff calls Vinh’s name and he enters         PRODUCERS
Format: HD                             shared the same goal of embracing socialism to run their countries.          While    the room in the DPRK embassy. Soo-young is inside. He
Estimated Running Time: 120 min.
                                       North Vietnam was at war with South Vietnam, which was aided by the US,               can’t believe it. “Are you happy?” she asks him. “I’m            TOYOYAMA Yuki was born in Tokyo and after her graduation
Budget:                                the more advanced socialist country offered them support in many ways and             happy,” he answers. For the first time in its history, the       she worked as a production assistant on many music
US$ 3,000,000 (HK$ 23,400,000)         educating their students was one of them. But the governments of the two              North Korean government gives one of its citizens an exit        videos and short films in Los Angeles. Returning to Japan
                                       countries forbade their citizens to marry foreigners; they are not even allowed       permit. Vinh and Soo-young finally marry, 35 years after         in 1995, she became a production assistant and then an
                                       to fall in love. In 1971, the population of Vietnamese students in North Korea        they first met.                                                  assistant producer on films like Swallowtail Butterfly, Quartet
Sean SHIN                              has risen to 600, and Vinh is one of them.                                                                                                             and Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust. She also worked as a
                                                                                                                             DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                             casting director on films such as Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo
Writing Credit:                        One day in Pyongyang he met a North Korean woman named Soo-young.               He                                                                     Drift and Aegis. She also produced the films Graduation
LEE Yoon-ki
                                       was 23, she was 24 and he fell in love at first sight.   He yearned to talk to her,   This film is about two lovers who can’t meet when they           and Shinkokyu no Hitsuyo among others. In 2003, she
Production Company:                    but when they passed each other he couldn’t find the words and quickly looked         want to see each other, who can’t talk on the phone when         established Esprit Inc.
Esprit Inc.                            away. Even though he spoke fluent Korean he could not bring himself to speak          they want to hear each other’s voice, who can’t even
                                       to her. The problem was not language, it was that both the Vietnamese and             exchange letters. And yet their love endures this situation      Born in Seoul, Korea, Sean SHIN first graduated from the
HAF Goals:                             the North Korean governments forbade relationships with foreigners, let alone         for over 30 years. Is it really possible to love someone so      department of Japanese Language at Korea Inha University
Funds, Sales agents
                                       marriage.                                                                             deeply, especially today? I live in the 21st century, and it     in 1993 and went on to study Japanese Culture and
Contact:                                                                                                                     is hard for me to imagine how deep, genuine and true their       Language at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
Esprit Inc. (TOYOYAMA Yuki)            Finally he can contain himself no longer and arranges an “accidental” meeting         love must be. But their love is true, just like this story is    He then started working as a coordinator shooting music
                                       with Soo-young in one of the empty halls of the factory where they work.              true.                                                            videos and documentary films in New Zealand and Japan.
                                       “Are you happy?” he asks her. She’s astounded yet responds, “I’m happy.”                                                                               He moved to Japan in 2001, worked in various producers’
Mansion Hiroodai #414, 1-1-35 Hiroo,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012             And that was their entire encounter, but afterwards she fell for Vinh in return,      The most basic human right is to live. In reality, we endure     roles on films such as Virgin Snow (2006), The Boat (2009)
JAPAN                                  secretly looking for him every day at the factory. No one could know they were        so much due to national ideology and Vinh and Soo-young          and Higanjima (2010). He was appointed as the chief
                                       in love and since they had to keep their relationship secret, they chose Soo-         endure so much due to their situation, but their sincerity       producer of media company Sevenseas Holdings in Tokyo
Tel: + 81-3-5468-6833
                                       young’s home for their rendezvous. But Vinh’s time in North Korean comes              and bravery shows us the real meaning of love, and their         in 2009.
Email:              to an end in 1972 and he has to return to Vietnam. Reluctantly, they say              love had the power to change their states. This film project
                                       goodbye.                                                                              began with the idea of introducing this powerful and             PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                                                                                                             touching story to as many people as possible. To me, the
                                       Back in Hanoi, Vinh can’t forget Soo-young. One day he receives a letter              only way to settle the complicated issues of this world are      Esprit Inc was founded to plan and develop film projects
                                       from her in which she tells him that she, too, misses him deeply. Secretly they       through individual acts of love and peacemaking.                 as well as to provide production support and to import and
                                       correspond for years. Vinh gets chances to go to North Korea in 1978 and                                                                               export films, television programs and multi-media content.
                                       1982 and each time he meets her for brief encounters during which they renew                                                                           Its projects include Dear Comrade (working title) and
                                                                                                                                                                                              Golem Running.

46                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        47
The Enchanter                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hong Kong / China / Macau

KWOK Tsz-kin                                INTRODUCTION                                                                           Sean and tells him he wants to retire, but soon afterwards         kung-fu comedy tribute to Hong Kong’s classic martial arts
                                                                                                                                   Sean is attacked and killed. Swearing to avenge his                films of the 70’s and 80’s, and he recently finished work on
                                            Hong Kong has a long tradition of conman and gambling films, running all the           dead partner, Jack tracks down the one-armed conman,               Frozen, a fantasy romantic comedy.
                                            way back to the 1970’s. But The Enchanter is a new twist on this tradition that        but grants him a last-minute reprieve when the con artist
                                            also comments on the nature of illusions, on magic and on filmmaking itself.           says he can arrange for Jack to challenge an international         PRODUCER
                                            Magic is the hardest art in the world because it tells the audience from the           gambler who has enough money to support Sean’s wife.
                                            beginning that it is fake; the pleasure lies in the audience’s desire to be tricked.                                                                      Teddy CHEN has been involved in Hong Kong filmmaking
                                            Nowadays, many people regard being tricked as bad, but to reject this desire           Jack agrees to the match and triumphs easily. Before he            for almost two decades. His early career saw him take
                                            is to reject all fantasy. This has led to a rush to embrace materialism at the         leaves, he gives the one-armed conman a large chunk of             roles both in front of and behind the camera as an actor,
                                            expense of the intangible satisfactions in life such as happiness and spirituality.    his winnings. Deeply moved, the conman calls off a hit             screenwriter, assistant director and producer. CHEN
                                            The Enchanter hopes to pit these two competing human urges against one                 he had ordered on Jack but it’s too late – while getting off       directed his first film in 1991, and soon achieved critical
                                            another.                                                                               the ferry, Jack is stabbed to death. He makes it to Choi           and commercial success with his third film, Twenty
                                                                                                                                   Yee’s house just in time to perform one final trick, conjuring     Something, in 1994, followed by the action thrillers
                                            SYNOPSIS                                                                               up a snowstorm that covers the room, the streets, all of           Downtown Torpedoes and Purple Storm. He directed
                                                                                                                                   Lantau and, finally, the giant Buddha which disappears at          Jackie CHAN’s The Accidental Spy and founded Sum-
Genre: Drama                                Jack is a stage magician turned professional gambler working in Sean’s                 last into the snow. All that remains is a thin trickle of bright   wood Productions in 2005. His most recent film was
Format: 35mm                                gambling den to detect cheaters and card sharps while using sleight of hand            red blood, flowing from Jack’s dead body. He is finally at         Bodyguards & Assassins.
Estimated Running Time: 103 min.
                                            to fleece wealthy customers. He once had ambitions to be a professional                peace.
Budget:                                     magician, but none of the Macau casinos would hire him. He finally stumbled                                                                               PRODUCTION COMPANY
US$ 2,480,000 (HK$ 19,344,000)              across Sean and, without any other direction, that’s where he stuck. The only          DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT
                                            passion he has left in his life is for Sean’s wife who suffers from almost total                                                                          Veteran filmmaker Teddy CHEN has been working as both
                                            paralysis. Jack is always conjuring up flowers for Sean to give his wife, but no       We’ve all experienced the mysterious power of magic. The           a producer and director under his Sum-Wood Productions
Teddy CHEN
                                            matter how much Sean begs to learn the trick, Jack keeps telling him, “A good          first person who saw moving lights and shadows projected           Ltd banner for several years. In 2005, CHEN founded
Writing Credits:                            magician never reveals his secrets.”                                                   on a silver screen thought it was magic; when people first         Sum-Wood Productions and directed Andy LAU’s Wait
PANG Ho-cheung                                                                                                                     heard voices over the telephone, or music came out of a            ‘til You’re Older which was Hong Kong’s second highest-
LAU Ho-leung
                                            One day, a gambler who has lost everything hands Jack and Sean the deed                box called “radio,” they thought it was magic.                     grossing Chinese language film that year. CHEN is best
YEUNG Sin-ling
YIM Ka-yee                                  to his house and then kills himself. Jack is wracked with guilt and he heads                                                                              known for combining artistic and commercial elements with
                                            for the dead man’s home on Lantau where he discovers the man’s son, Egg,               Life can be simple; and magic is not necessarily always            innovative ideas and he views Sum-Wood as a platform
Production Company:                         a 20-year-old with the mind of a ten-year-old. Egg’s father left his son in the        performed by a great magician. If someone can make you             for new and future filmmakers across the expanding Asian
Sum-Wood Productions Limited                care of the Buddhist temple, but Egg yearns to return home. Jack earns Egg’s           happy, make you forget about your worries for a while,             market.
HAF Goal:                                   eternal devotion when he performs a few simple magic tricks to cheer him               make you forget your heartbreak and sorrow, that person is
Funds                                       up. Long ago, Egg’s dad told his son that he’d only become smart when the              your magician.
                                            enormous Lantau Buddha disappeared, and ever since then Egg has been
Contact:                                    obsessed with figuring out a way to pull this off. Jack promises to use his            DIRECTOR
Sum-Wood Productions Limited
                                            magic to make it happen one day.
(Eric TANG)
                                                                                                                                   KWOK Tsz-kin started his film career as an art director,
Address:                                    Back at the gambling hall, Jack arrogantly exposes a conman working the                became a scriptwriter and finally an assistant director for
8/F, Hay Nien Building, 1 Tai Yip Street,   tables, furious that this predator thought he could work his turf. Without a           Wilson YIP (Sha Po Lang, Ip Man). His directorial debut
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
                                            word, Sean chops off the conman’s arm and sends him packing. Then, on his              in 2007, The Pye-Dog, won multiple awards, including
Tel: +852-27363111                          way home, Jack is ambushed by thugs hired by the conman and Sean tells                 Grand Prize at Japan’s Asian Marine Film Festival and
                                            him to go into hiding. And so Jack heads to Lantau Island once more.                   Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards.
Email:                                                                                               In 2008, he completed The Moss, which participated
                                            Egg has been eagerly awaiting his return, hanging around the grocery store /           in Seoul’s Chungmuro International Film Festival and
                                            knitting club of Choi Yee, a girl who suffers from excessive sweating, which           Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, winning
                                            forces her to lead an “air conditioned life.” But now her air conditioner is           several awards including Best New Director from the Hong
                                            broken and she’s miserable. Jack arrives, fixes the air conditioner and the            Kong Film Directors Guild and Best New Director at the
                                            three form an odd kind of family. Under their peaceful influence, Jack contacts        Hong Kong Film Awards. His latest film, Gallants, is a

50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             51
Exit to Exist                                                                                                                                                                                                                 South Korea

JEON Yun-su                        INTRODUCTION                                                                       DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                           My Wife Got Married (2008), a controversial film that was
                                                                                                                                                                                     a much-talked-about sensation and which drew almost
                                   Best-selling novel, Shoot Me in the Heart, has sold over 100,000 copies in its     There are two types of people in a mental hospital: those      two million admissions at the box office. It also won Best
                                   first month of publication, receiving outstanding support from Korea’s leading     who are locked up because they are crazy and those who         Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for its star SOHN
                                   authors and the judges at the 5th Segye Literary Awards. It was praised for        are going crazy because they are locked up. Exit to Exist      Ye-jin. ZHU is currently producing Exit to Exist, the film
                                   its elaborate structure, the vigorous characters who seemed to breathe on          is about two men who were exiled from the world and            adaptation of a bestseller novel that won the 5th Segye
                                   the page, and its humor and realism based on much detailed research and            are fighting to return to it. This is a film about a journey   Literary Awards.
                                   observation. But most of all, it was acclaimed because it was a powerful story.    undertaken by two 25-year-old men fighting ferociously
                                                                                                                      and heroically against their own destinies.                    PRODUCTION COMPANIES
                                   Director JEON Yun-su plans to turn this popular novel into a film adaptation,
                                   saying, “I want to make a touching human drama that can bring hope to the          I hope Soo-myung and Seung-min’s escape from the               Founded in 2008, Jupiter Film made a strong debut with
                                   tough and depressing times of today.” The film is focused on two men trapped       mental hospital will give hope and encouragement to            My Wife Got Married, a controversial box office sensation.
                                   in a mental hospital, and it will follow their courageous journey all the way to   people who have lost faith in the world today. For those       Its founder and CEO, Peter ZHU, aims to produce timely
                                   the end. Exit to Exist sends a message that we are all owners of our own lives     young people who stand boldly against the fate that is         films that capture the current trends while remaining
                                   and it gives true consolation, courage and encouragement to young people           handed to them, I hope this film will be an emotional and      relevant to future audiences. In addition to Exit to Exist,
Genre: Drama                       living in the world today.                                                         heartfelt song of cheer. I dedicate this film to Seung-min     the company is looking into many genres of novels and a
Format: 35mm                                                                                                          who should be flying in the sky even at this moment and        variety of other content for its future productions.
Estimated Running Time: 110 min.
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                           Soo-myung, a man who requires a remarkable amount of
Budget:                                                                                                               courage just to live his life every day.                       Sidus FNH is a fully-integrated entertainment company and
US$ 5,000,000 (HK$ 39,000,000)     “There are two types of people in a mental hospital: those who are locked                                                                         Korea’s leading production house. Founded in 1995, its
Funds Secured:                     up because they are crazy and those who are going crazy because they are           DIRECTOR                                                       library contains more than 65 motion picture titles including
US$ 4,000,000 (HK$ 31,200,000)
                                   locked up. I'm the first type. Seung-min is the second type. I was trying to                                                                      the award-winning international hits Memories of Murder,
Producer:                          escape from my life. Seung-min was trying to face his, dead on. We were            Born in Seoul in 1971, director JEON Yun-su graduated          Volcano High, Il Mare, Save the Green Planet, A Moment to
Peter CHU                          like aliens from two different planets. Other than the fact that we were both      from Joong-Ang University with a major in film studies.        Remember, Rikidozan, Musa, A Dirty Carnival, Like a Virgin,
                                   25 years old, we had nothing in common. The possibility of our lives crossing      His graduation short film, Goodbye New-School Seoul,           Lump Sugar and Tazza: The High Rollers. Sidus FNH is the
Writing Credits:                                                                                                                                       th
                                   paths was practically zero. If something didn't drag us to the same spot at the    won several awards at the 10 Korean Original Short Film        film and media business arm of KT (Korea Telecom) Group-
JEON Yun-su
Peter CHU                          same time on that cruel, ill-fated day, we would never have met. So I guess        Festival. His next short film, Nothing Special Happened,       Korea’s leader in the telecommunication, satellite, mobile,
                                   you could call this testimony on destiny." - Soo-myung.                            caused a stir within the industry with its take on how         and IPTV business.
Production Companies:                                                                                                 people so quickly forget what seems to be a major tragedy.
Jupiter Film, Sidus FNH            LEE Soo-myung is a long-time survivor of schizophrenia who’s been in and           He worked as an assistant director on The Gingko Bed
HAF Goals:                         out of psychiatric hospitals for six years. Paragliding pilot, RYU Seung-min,      and Shiri under the direction of KANG Jae-gyu. His first
Funds, Pre-sales                   is a different story, having been committed by a panel of “experts,” a casualty    feature film, Le Grand Chef, was adapted from a popular
                                   of a battle over his family’s inheritance. With nothing in common other than       comic book series and became a huge hit. His most
Contact:                           the fact that they are both 25 years old, destiny brings the two men together      recent film Portrait of a Beauty, in which he depicted the
Sidus FNH
                                   at a remote mental hospital in Kangwon-do. The people around them are              legendary painter SHIN Yun-bok as a cross-dresser, was
(PARK Ju-young)
                                   either patients who have come to the mental hospital for help with their various   also a box office success.
Address:                           psychiatric problems or hospital personnel who think of the patients as a
Trees Building, 10th Floor, 70-6   bunch of "crazy bastards.” After each repeated attempt to escape, the patients     PRODUCER
Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu,
                                   receive electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT) and become more and more
Seoul, 135-010, South Korea
                                   devastated and weak. But on the 100th day since their arrival at the mental        Peter ZHU is a veteran film marketer and producer who has
Tel: +822-33938615                 hospital, Seung-min and Soo-myung finally succeed in getting out. Now, the         worked on over 200 films including My Sassy Girl, Friend
                                   man who was locked up because he was crazy and the man who is going                and The Lord of the Rings as a marketing chief at Film
                                   crazy because he was locked up have one last shot at returning to the world.       Room. He made his producing debut with the provocative

54                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             55
Floating Lives                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vietnam / Singapore

NGUYEN Phan Quang Binh             INTRODUCTION                                                                          His first feature film, Song of the Stork (co-directed with      MTV Asia, Jonathan has built a strong understanding of
                                                                                                                         Jonathan FOO), received the Best Feature Film award from         the cultural sensitivities and preferences of young people
                                   Based on NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Tu’s best selling short story The Boundless                  the Milano Film Festival, Italy in 2002 and was invited to       across Asia. In his work, he has created numerous regional
                                   Rice Field, winner of the Best Short Story prize from the Vietnam Writers’            participate in many other film festivals around the world,       shows including Kan-Yi-Kan, the winner of a 1999 Asian
                                   Association in 2007 and the ASEAN Literature Award, Floating Lives will draw          including the Paris Film Festival, the Taormina Film Fest,       Television Award for the best magazine programme. A
                                   audiences into the colorful daily life of unsophisticated peasants making their       the Montreal Film Festival, the Quebec Film Festival, the        Master graduate in Media, he was Executive Producer and
                                   living in the beautiful but unforgiving landscape of the immense and mysterious       Bangkok Film Festival and the Singapore Film Festival.           Producer for the Singaporean feature film The Teenage
                                   Mekong Deltas; characters whose strength, flaws and beauty – as they search                                                                            Textbook Movie released in November 1998, which topped
                                   for the sustenance of life and love – tear at one’s heart.                            Quang Binh was one of ten directors chosen from more             the local box office charts for a month. The film went on to
                                                                                                                         than 500 entries all across Asia to receive funds from           be the first Singaporean film to be offered an international
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                              National Geographic U.S. to produce the 30 minute                syndication contract by Cinemax.
                                                                                                                         documentary Love Market in the Clouds (2002). His work
                                   Set in the exquisitely beautiful Mekong Delta of Vietnam, this film tells the story   in television has brought innovative ways of producing           PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                   of Mr. VU and his children: his daughter Nuong and his son Dien. VU, a man            reality shows and television dramas to Vietnam, where
                                   wounded by his wife’s infidelity, burned down his house and all his memories          he is one of the first and few directors of reality television   Vietnam Studio is a film and video production and post-
Genre: Drama                       of the past. He restarts his life with his two children, living on a boat in a        programs. His talent search reality show, Cung Uoc               production company, founded in 1996. With offices in
Format: 35mm                       nomadic existence among the labyrinthine canals of the Mekong. He is in exile         Mo Xanh, was voted the best show in Vietnam in 2004.             Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it produces many television
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                   not because of the war – which is now only a distant memory in Vietnam - but          Quang Binh is also the Executive Producer of The White           shows such as Sunday at Home, The Lyrics Board, The
Budget:                            from the modern life and materialism that he sees as the reason for his wife          Silk Dress, a feature film which is the official selection       Price is Right and MTV Music. Each year, Vietnam Studio
US$ 457,600 (HK$ 3,569,280)        giving into the temptations of self-indulgence.                                       for the New Currents Section of the Pusan International          produces approximately 300 hours of local dramas
Funds Secured:                                                                                                           Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival and the Mannheim         including the Vietnamese versions of Ugly Betty and Full
US$ 361,600 (HK$ 2,820,480)
                                   Twisted and made bitter by her betrayal, but still an attractive man, VU takes        Heideberg International Film Festival.                           House.   It also worked with Mega Media to produce the
Executive Producers:               his revenge through his abuse of the women who fall in love with him and,                                                                              first Vietnamese-Singaporean co-production, Song of the
NGO Thi Bich Hanh                  increasingly, against his own daughter who is growing up to look more and             PRODUCERS                                                        Stork, which was released theatrically in Vietnam, France,
Jonathan FOO                       more like her mother. VU is now a man who can no longer believe in love, an                                                                            Japan and the United States, and The White Silk Dress,
                                   attitude that has affected his son and daughter, who are becoming emotionally         NGO Thi Bich Hanh became a published writer at the               which was selected for the New Currents section of the
Writing Credits:
NGUY Ngu                           twisted, inheriting their father’s hatred, distrust and coldness. It is only when     age of 13. She was a producer and scriptwriter for the           Pusan International Film Festival 2006.
NGUYEN Ho                          the children rescue Suong, a prostitute, from being beaten by a mob of                television series Cultural Address and Blue Forever as well
                                   outraged women and, despite their father’s disapproval, take her into their life      as being the executive producer for most of Vietnam’s top        Mega Media is the most established independent
Production Companies:              and form a surrogate family around her, that Suong’s physical and spiritual           game shows including The Price is Right, Name That Tune          media company in the South East Asia region and the
Vietnam Studio
Mega Media                         healing allow the children - and perhaps their father – to achieve their own          and Pyramid. She was one of the executive producers of           only company in SEA to cover the entire media content
                                   healing and their own reconciliation with love.                                       the feature film The White Silk Dress as well as Song of the     workflow in High Definition. It has become the latest
HAF Goals:                                                                                                               Stork, a co-production between Vietnam and Singapore.            broadcaster in Singapore, and the leading High Definition
Funds                              DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                                                  Working as the vice president of Vietnam Media Corp for          channel provider and producer in the region.     Being the
                                                                                                                         sales and acquisitions, she has been actively involved in        first company in Singapore to acquire High Definition
Vietnam Studio                     This film portrays the life of a family separated from the mainstream of modern       many activities to promote Vietnamese films internationally      facilities and pioneer HD product workflows, Mega Media
(NGUYEN Thi Bao Mai)               society, yet it contains within its microcosm the complex layers and dramas of        and she was named as the Honorable Advisor for the Asian         has co-produced HD programs with Voom HD Networks,
                                   all human relationships: conjugal life, sexual trauma, and the failures and bonds     Film Awards.                                                     the world’s largest HD producer. With the introduction
                                   of fatherhood, brother and sisterhood. It is about a unique social stratum in                                                                          of the new IPTV service, mio TV in 2007, the company
18th Floor, Prime Center,
53 Quang Trung Str.,               a remote place in Vietnam with unspoken traditions, customs and lifestyles.           Jonathan FOO is currently the Managing Director and              became Singapore’s second broadcaster providing a total
Hanoi, Vietnam                     But most of all, it is the universal story of a family whose members must find        Executive Producer of Mega Media Pte Ltd in Singapore,           of six channels on this new platform. Mega Media has
                                   strength and direction in each other to navigate their way through the choices        where he oversees the production of television projects.         produced many feature films such as Kawin LARIS Sold
Tel: +844-3943413
                                   and consequences in humanity.                                                         The company currently has clients such as the Television         out Marriage, High Cost of Living, Unarmed Combat, S-11,
Email:                                                                                                  Corporation of Singapore, Arts Central and Channel News-         Song of the Stork, The Teenage Textbook and television
                                   DIRECTOR                                                                              Asia. Before joining Mega Media, Jonathan was formerly           shows Singapore Slingers, SAFRA Football Championship,
                                                                                                                         the Executive Producer for MTV Asia. He was responsible          Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Ultra Eye Singapore.
                                   NGUYEN Phan Quang Binh started his directing career in 1996. He initially             for overseeing all creative output for MTV’s 3 channels in
                                   spent 15 years studying the fine art of painting at the Hanoi Fine Arts College.      Asia. Tasked with the localization and regionalization of
58                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  59
Housekeeping                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lebanon

Mazen KHALED                         INTRODUCTION                                                                         DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                             PRODUCERS

                                     Housekeeping is about the changing Middle East.            It is about parents and   Everything gets dirty, but Lebanese houses are kept              Paul LEE was born in Hong Kong and graduated from
                                     their experiences with their children’s sexual identity, and the interplay among     obsessively clean, usually with the help of a cleaning lady.     the University of Toronto. Since 1991 he has curated and
                                     repression, fantasy, sexuality, and parenthood. Set in present day Beirut, it is     But Housekeeping is about more than just cleaning houses         programmed film festivals around the world. He has also
                                     the story of Farida, a strong-willed, middle-aged Kurdish cleaning woman in a        – it is also about cleansing our minds. It is about getting      produced many films by first-time filmmakers, such as
                                     posh neighborhood who has come to believe that she shares the same values,           into the dusty cracks between the different spaces in the        Jenni OLSON’s The Joy of Life, which premiered at the
                                     traditions, and lifestyle as her upper class clients. But underneath it all she’s    social net and washing them out, exposing what’s there.          Sundance Film Festival, as well as Dominique CARDONA
                                     not who she thinks she is. By the end of the film, this loving mother who is         The tensions between all the different parts of society will     and Laurie COLBERT’s Below the Belt which premiered
                                     totally devoted to her family, will turn on her only son, and stab him to death.     be portrayed in Housekeeping, through the interactions of        at the Berlin International Film Festival. His own short
                                                                                                                          a large, lively cast of characters.                              films, Thick Lips Thin Lips, These Shoes Weren’t Made for
                                     SYNOPSIS                                                                                                                                              Walking and The Offering have won over eighty awards,
                                                                                                                          The film itself will unfold on three parallel levels: the main   and screened at hundreds of international film festivals.
                                     As the film opens, the audience sees the world as if it's a dream. There’s a         story of Farida, filmed in a naturalistic manner; flashbacks     He also handles International Marketing for the Cinema
                                     child here, who may or may not be Farida, the main character. Are these her          or dreams such as in the first scene that reveal themselves      Development Fund in Kyrgyzstan, and for the Swedish film
Genre: Drama, Musical                memories? The film fades out and into the present, everyday life of Farida,          slowly and obliquely; and the actual studio drama of the         distributor, Glimz AB.
Format: 35mm, HD                     a middle-aged cleaning woman living in a nice Beirut neighborhood, who is            reality show that will be shot in the high drama, high gloss
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                     obsessed with a reality show cast in the mold of American Idol. Her favorite         manner of a live television event. The music sung by the         Fadi GANNI was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He studied
Budget:                              contestant is a sexy female singer who has been burning up the stage with her        contestants on the show will be modern covers of classic         at the American University of Beirut and graduated from
US$ 495,000 (HK$ 3,861,000)          provocative dance numbers.                                                           Arabic songs of the 50’s and 60’s, many of which have            Concordia University in Montreal. Mr. GANNI is a CPA and
Funds Secured:                                                                                                            lyrics deemed too racy or controversial to be sung today.        has been working in the investment and the auditing and
US$ 100,000 (HK$ 780,000)
                                     An independent woman, Farida has built a living for herself and her family           I will be working with local and international musicians to      training fields for more than 20 years. He recently joined
Producers:                           through sheer force of will. She cleans houses for several clients from different    repurpose and re-record these songs, to shake off the dust,      forces with ii Films with his valuable financial consulting
Paul LEE                             social spheres: Madame Nadia, an upper class woman whose son is planning             and to match them to the psychological and emotional             experience.
Fadi GANNI                           on marrying a foreign woman and whose late husband helped Farida get the             states of the film’s characters.
                                     lease to her apartment on the same posh street where they live; Hazem, a                                                                              PRODUCTION COMPANY
Writing Credit:
Mazen KHALED                         gay man in his 30’s; the ASWADS, a couple with two young daughters and a             At its heart, Housekeeping is about motherhood, a vital
                                     terminally ill mother. Farida feels like she’s one of them, part of their circle.    subject in the Arab world, where mothers are put on              ii Films is a Beirut-based company dedicated to the
Production Company:                                                                                                       pedestals, and not treated as normal human beings with           creation of a new cinema scene in Lebanon. It offers
ii Films                             She learns just how shallow their connection is now that her lease is up and         wants and needs, but as inhuman avatars of virtue and            support to young filmmakers through technical assistance,
HAF Goals:                           her landlord is raising the rent. Faced with eviction and a humiliating retreat to   modesty. Not so in Housekeeping. Here we will shatter            produces feature films based in Lebanon, and presents
Funds, Co-producers,                 her husband’s village in eastern Syria, she seeks help from her clients, but all     the taboos that surround motherhood, and also look at the        workshops, screenings and film festivals. ii Films also
Sales agents, Pre-sales              they do is express non-committal sympathy. They expect her to listen to their        changing face of masculinity in the Arab world.                  provides logistical support for foreign film crews working in
                                     problems and help them with their issues, but they pay her for that. They’re                                                                          Lebanon.
ii Films (Mazen KHALED)
                                     not her friends; they won’t lend her money, and they won’t try to influence her      DIRECTOR
                                     landlord. The only people she has any real solidarity with are those of her own
Address:                             social level to whom she previously felt superior.                                   Mazen KHALED studied public policy and political
Hamra Main Street,                                                                                                        studies both at the American University of Beirut and
Strand Building, 3rd Floor.
                                     The one thing everyone loves to talk about is the TV show. The show’s three          at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Fluent
PO Box: 113-5875. Beirut, Lebanon.
                                     months match Farida’s final three months in her apartment, and the show              in English and Arabic, he worked as a creative director
Tel: +961-1741148                    is building to a climax at the same time that she faces eviction. The show’s         at various advertising agencies, directing television
                                     results are constantly being broadcast on the news; and as the tension mounts        commercials and corporate films. He is one of the
                                     in Farida’s life, she becomes increasingly desperate, as the fate of her favorite    founders of EXIST, an arts collective in Beirut, and has
                                     contestant becomes more desperate as well. Both of them are reaching                 directed numerous short films, most recently My Queer
                                     crisis points where one may be voted off the show, and the other may lose            Samsara which premiered at the 39th International Film
                                     everything she has worked for her entire life.                                       Festival Rotterdam, and Mohammed and the Wings, which
                                                                                                                          he shot in February 2010.

62                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   63
I Love You So Much                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Taiwan

Leon DAI                              INTRODUCTION                                                                        searches for him, but can’t find him. Convinced that she is     PRODUCER
                                                                                                                          losing her mind, she looks in Mo-Mo’s room and finds him
                                      I Love You So Much describes the cruel nature of an intimate relationship.          asleep in his crib. Gazing at her sleeping child, a child who   Devoting herself to the film business since 1995, LIU Wei-
                                      The more intimate the relationship, the more hurtful it can be, which is why        is incapable of pain but who causes her pain every day, Li      Jan’s film career encompasses distribution film production
                                      domestic violence seems so much worse than an assault committed by a                cannot resist her maternal instinct and she holds Mo-Mo in      and festival and media coordination. She has introduced
                                      stranger. In this film, domestic violence is examined through the problems          her arms tenderly, as a smile creeps across her lips.           not only a great quantity of films, but also great quality
                                      faced by Mo-Mo, a child who is physically unable to feel any pain and who, as                                                                       films, to Taiwan including movies by Francois TRUFFAUT,
                                      a consequence, regularly hurts himself and others. Mo-Mo’s mother, XU Li,           DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                            Leo CARAX , and Krzysztof KIESLOWSKI. She has also
                                      was raised by an abusive mother, and the damage done to her is echoed in her                                                                        successfully brought high quality Chinese films to Taiwan
                                      relationship with her son and her husband, Shi-Wei.                                 Media stereotypes have given the idea that domestic             including Wind of September and Spider Lily. Mrs. LIU
                                                                                                                          abuse is limited to physical violence between a man and a       began her career in film production, producing Au Revoir
                                      SYNOPSIS                                                                            woman and that domestic abuse only happens to the lower         Taipei and In Case of Love in 2009.
                                                                                                                          classes, the undereducated and socially borderline families.
                                      “Please believe me - all that I do, I do in the name of love.                       According to statistics, however, female and child victims      Production Company
                                                                                                                          of domestic violence are simply more likely to be reported
Genre: Drama                          When you were six you were diagnosed with the inability to feel pain, and from      and abuse is not limited to the physical, it can range from     Atom Cinema was founded in Taipei in 2005 with the
Format: 35mm                          then on you could not live normally like other children: you weren’t afraid of      mental abuse to extreme financial control. The role of          goal of bringing high quality European and American art
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                      heights, of blades or of hurting yourself, but at the same time, you were able to   victim and perpetrator can sometimes be interchangeable,        house films to Taiwanese audiences. The company has
Budget:                               hurt others.”                                                                       shifting between two people in a relationship.                  distributed such acclaimed films as Mysterious Skin, Love
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)                                                                                                                                                             Songs, Paranoid Park, Persepolis, Control and Once, and
                                      Mo-Mo cannot feel pain and so that is how he expresses himself: either trying       I Love You So Much is not a traditional film about domestic     has also released its own DVD series featuring classic
                                      to hurt himself or hurting others. His parents, Shi-Wei and XU Li are constantly    violence. The main story is about a husband and his wife,       works by renowned international filmmakers like François
LIU Wei-Jan
                                      on edge, terrified for their son’s safety and unable to teach him, because how      Shi-Wei and XU Li, but it is also about the relationship        TRUFFAUT, Lars Von TRIER and Werner HERZOG. In
Writing Credit:                       can you teach a child who cannot be physically punished? Li’s mother is a           between XU Li and her mother. And, at the same time, it’s       2008, Atom Cinema expanded into film production with the
Leon DAI                              money-hungry scam artist, who shamelessly tries to con money from them at           about Mo-Mo, their son, who is diagnosed with a disorder,       Taiwanese feature film In Case of Love by LIN Yu-Kai and
                                      every opportunity. Shi-Wei works all the time to provide for his wife and son.      which causes him to hurt himself and others                     Au Revoir Taipei by Arvin CHEN.
Production Company:
Atom Cinema                           Li tries her best, but she cannot reach her son. The pressure she and Shi-Wei
                                      face is unbearable, and every day it gets worse.                                    DIRECTOR
HAF Goals:
Funds, Pre-sales                      Terrified that Mo-Mo might hurt or even kill other people without understanding     Leon DAI is an award-winning actor and director from
Contact:                              what he’s doing, Li becomes paranoid and self-destructive. Meanwhile, her           Taiwan. He holds a degree in directing from the National
Atom Cinema                           mother is constantly trying to borrow money from the couple. The pressure           University of the Arts in Taipei and has acted in more than
(LIU Wei-Jan)                         gets to be too much and finally Shi-Wei snaps and attempts to kill himself          30 films, working with directors such as KE Yi-Cheng,
                                      and Mo-Mo in a car accident. He fails, and his suicide attempt results in even      Edward YANG, LIN Cheng-Sheng, and CHUN Meng-Hung.
                                      more money woes. Unable to bear it, he walks out on his family. Without her         DAI’s directorial debut, the short film Summers (2001),
Room 807, 8F.-5, No.6 Hengyang Rd.,
Taipei 100 Taiwan                     husband’s support, Li gives up. She lets Mo-Mo do as he pleases, even when          was invited to compete at Clermont-Ferrand International
                                      he accidentally hurts himself.                                                      Short Film Festival. In 2002, he was invited by Teddy
Tel: +886-223701666                                                                                                       CHEN to direct his feature debut Twenty Something Taipei
                                      Finally, in a desperate act, Li abandons Mo-Mo in a department store, picking       (2002), the second-highest grossing film in Taiwan that
                                      up a stranger and going to a motel with him. Afterwards, she is guilt-ridden        year. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (2009) is DAI’s second feature,
                                      and breaks down in the shower, racing back to the store but to no avail: Mo-        which won eight awards at the 46th Golden Horse Awards
                                      Mo is gone. She reports him missing, and then goes to confront her mother,          (including Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best
                                      venting years of rage on her. But her mother responds with physical and verbal      Original Screenplay) and the Taipei Film Festival (including
                                      violence and Li crumbles before her savagery. Broken, she returns home and          the Grand Prize).
                                      notices that some things have been moved. Thinking Shi-Wei has returned she

66                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               67
Lights of Darkness (working title)                                                                                                                                                                                                       China

ZHAO Ye                           INTRODUCTION                                                                           and he lashes out, shocking her when he says that he’s         in 2008, New Currents Sections; Best Cinematography
                                                                                                                         the one who tracked down and killed the conman. But            at the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival; and the
                                  Based on a true story, this tale of murder and kidnapping is about how ordinary        when the mother reports this to the police, the boyfriend      Distribution Award at the 2009 IndieLisboa International
                                  people react to an extraordinary situation. As China presents a proud and              disappears and suddenly she becomes their prime suspect        Independent Film Festival, among many others.
                                  sophisticated image to the world, how does this image reflect, refract, amplify        in the murder of the conman. She’s on the edge of falling
                                  and contradict the ordinary story of its average citizens? As the actual parents       apart when a note arrives leading her to a construction site   PRODUCER
                                  who lost their daughter said in their television interview, after they found her       where she finds a plastic bag. Inside are her daughter’s
                                  remains it was Chinese New Year and the fireworks they watched on TV were              remains.                                                       Born in China, Helen CUI, an American citizen, holds a
                                  so bright, so beautiful, it was as if she was sending them a message. As if this                                                                      Master’s Degree in film studies. She co-founded Tianlin
                                  national celebration was also a private moment that belonged to them alone.            It is Chinese New Year again. CCTV news reports that           Limited (Hong Kong) in 2000 and has served as Managing
                                                                                                                         the police have successfully resolved a double murder          Director of Tianlin Film Productions (Beijing China) since
                                  SYNOPSIS                                                                               case with the help of the victim’s parents; the murderer       2006. She was a committee member for the 2008 China
                                                                                                                         is the ex-boyfriend of the female victim and he is wanted      Independent Film Festival with Tianlin Film Productions
                                  Beijing, China. A perfectly ordinary family: a mother, who is semi-retired,            by police throughout the country. The sound of fireworks       as one of the collaborators. She financed and produced
                                  a father who is a few years from retirement and their daughter who just                outside drowns out the news report. The mother looks out       Jalainur and Tattoo (by director WANG Liren). She was
Genre: Drama, Thriller            graduated from university. Her boyfriend is one of the fortunate few who have          the window. The lights in the darkness of the sky wink as      also involved in the film Good Cats directed by YING Liang,
Format: 35mm                      landed a good job with a foreign company. But when the daughter moves in               though waving at her, like a spirit.                           handling world sales.
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                  with her boyfriend, she has a huge fight with her parents and they do not talk
Budget:                           for several months. Finally, the mother goes to her new apartment to make              DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                           PRODUCTION COMPANY
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)     peace. There she learns from the boyfriend that her daughter moved out
                                  weeks ago.                                                                             The economic and urban development of China is                 Tianlin Film Productions includes Tianlin Limited (Hong
                                                                                                                         advancing rapidly, even in the face of the global economic     Kong) and Tianlin Film Production (Beijing, China); Helen
Helen CUI
                                  Crime always goes up at the end of the year and with the New Year                      crisis. The normal, everyday life of ordinary people as        CUI is the founder and the Managing Director of the
Writing Credits:                  approaching, her parents fear the worst. They report their daughter missing            it is portrayed in this film shows a different side to the     companies. She is the sole financier and producer of
Helen CUI                         but the officer in charge tells them that their case is common and their               media image of China. The protagonist loses her only           both Jalainur and Tattoo. She is also involved in the
                                  daughter will be back when she runs out of money. Mother teaches herself               daughter and the police officer doesn’t have enough            development of Lights of Darkness, Soup, an official
Production Company:               to use her daughter’s old computer and offers a reward for information. A              leads to conduct his investigation; it is only one case of     selection of the Film and TV Promotion Plan of the Taipei
Tianlin Film Productions          stranger contacts them claiming to have information, but he turns out to be a          thousands that happen every day. This story crosses all        Golden Horse Film Festival. Other projects include the
                                  scam artist.                                                                           the different groups in the urban population of present day    documentary Neon City and the feature films Don’t Expect
HAF Goals:                                                                                                               China: the promising, well-educated young generation,          Praises and New Policeman Story.
Funds, Co-producers,
Sales agents                      Unexpectedly, the boyfriend shows up at the house of the old couple. The               migrant laborers struggling to survive, older parents who
                                  police have cleared him as a suspect, and they tell him about the conman who           should be thinking of retirement but are instead forced to
Contact:                          stole their money. During the New Year, the parents get a phone call from the          give up everything to rescue their child. They all seem at
Tianlin Film Productions          police to identify a body. Terrified it’s their daughter, they go to the station but   a loss, even the justice system, when confronted with this
(Helen CUI)
                                  find out the dead body is of the conman, instead.                                      complicated situation, appears to break down. The key
Address:                                                                                                                 point of the movie is not the solving of the case, but the
Rm.1515, Chaoyang Park W. Rd.,    By now both parents look far older than their age. They have quit their jobs           emotional ordeal all these people undergo, focusing on the
100026, Beijing China             to sell newspapers in the morning and search for their daughter the rest of the        angst and resignation of people in the face of tragedy.
                                  day. A stylish young woman, a regular customer at their newsstand, follows
Tel: +86-13701268200
                                  the mother home one day, taking off her sunglasses to reveal that she has lost         DIRECTOR
Fax: +86-1080462805               one of her eyes. She says that her boyfriend often mentions the old couple
                                  and claims that he used to date their daughter. When they fight, he threatens          ZHAO Ye was born in 1979 and graduated from the Beijing
                                  her fate would be similar to that of his ex-girlfriend.                                Film Academy in 2004. That same year he directed his first
                                                                                                                         short animated film, Cai Wei. His debut feature, Ma Wu
                                  The mother goes to the police, but the stylish young woman is nowhere to               Jia (2007) screened at numerous international film festivals
                                  be found and the officers refuse to investigate the boyfriend again. Using all         and won the Best Picture Award at the China Independent
                                  their savings, they investigate the boy themselves, and discover him living            Film Festival. His second feature Jalainur (2008) won the
                                  in a suburban home. The appearance of the mother puts pressure on him,                 Fipresci Prize at the13th Pusan International Film Festival
70                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              71
Mama Eva                                                                                                                                                                                  Hong Kong / China / Switzerland

Kit HUNG                          INTRODUCTION                                                                       noise. I came out to them when I was 19 and was kicked         the co-production market at the Berlin International Film
                                                                                                                     out of the house and didn’t speak to my mother for six         Festival. Mama Eva is his second feature film project.
                                  Mama Eva is a light-hearted musical about a 50-year-old Chinese mother. It is      years. Then, one day, she called me in Chicago. She had
                                  the story of how a woman changes when she encounters the generation gap,           found a DVD of my short film about growing up gay in a         PRODUCERS
                                  of the conflict between traditional and modern values and of the realization of    Chinese family, I Am Not What You Want, in a store and
                                  the massive gulf between East and West. It’s a film that examines the meaning      watched it. We talked for hours and I realized how much        Kit HUNG (See above).
                                  of "family values" in the 21st century and in Chinese society, and it also shows   she had changed.
                                  how difficult it is for a 50-year-old woman to change when her values, her                                                                        Chet LAM is one the most versatile performers in Chinese
                                  ideals and all her notions of normalcy are challenged.                             She is retired now and, after spending years as a white-       pop music and one of the most successful independent
                                                                                                                     collar worker paying off our apartment, she suddenly has       artists in the Chinese music industry both in terms of
                                  SYNOPSIS                                                                           free time and spends a lot of it just hanging out. When I      album sales and popularity. Identifying himself as more
                                                                                                                     talk to her I feel like she knows more about pop culture       of a cultural worker than an entertainer, LAM has started
                                  This is a character-driven story, and the character in question is Eva WONG,       and politics than I do. She has accepted my foreign-           many new trends in Hong Kong, as well as in Mainland
                                  a middle-aged mother of two, who is right in the middle of going through           born boyfriend, and become my friend. None of these            China. He started his own label, LYFE Music, in 2003 and
                                  menopause. Her son, Ricky, is 30 and has just come out as gay to his family.       changes happened due to any outside influence or some          its albums were distributed by Warner Music and East
Genre: Drama, Musical             Her daughter Jessy is much younger than Ricky but she’s managed to trump           sudden dramatic event. They didn’t happen because of           Asia Records. In 2005, he began presenting shows for
Format: HD                        him by announcing that she’s marrying a black man in Switzerland.                  anything I said. They came about because she decided           up-and-coming artists such as FAMA, Wildchild and My
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                                                                                                     that she wanted our family to be closer and so she had         Little Airport. He has also participated in film and theater
Budget:                           Preparing to attend her daughter’s wedding, feeling like her happy, traditional    to come to terms with who we all were and not who she          productions, including W Theater, launching the trend of
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)     family is collapsing around her, Eva’s memories open up and she is suddenly        wanted us to be.                                               theatrical performers crossing over to pop music, a wave
Funds Secured:                    surrounded by a fantasy of her other daughter: Jessy’s twin sister who died                                                                       that includes musical artists like Denise HO, Fiona SIT and
US$ 100,000 (HK$ 780,000)
                                  before she was born. Eva envisions the entire life of this daughter who never      Mama Eva is about this transition in my mother’s life, and I   Eason CHAN.
Producers:                        was, imagining her growing up and becoming the perfect, filial child. Haunted      hope to paint a portrait of a typical Chinese woman in her
Chet LAM                          by her dead daughter’s soul, Eva starts seeing and hearing things that aren’t      50’s confronting a changing world, but instead of showing      PRODUCTION COMPANY
Kit HUNG                          there, all of it offering her access to an imaginary but near-perfect reality      how hard life is with all its problems and heartbreak, I
                                  whose lure is so strong and so intoxicating that it puts her 32-year marriage in   want to present the story in a light-hearted way. I want to    Keep In Touch Company is a young production company
Writing Credit:
Kit HUNG                          jeopardy.                                                                          push the possibilities of mixing theatrical and cinematic      based in Hong Kong focused on international film and
                                                                                                                     experiences and create something located somewhere             video production. They work with overseas partners from
Production Company:               After overcoming the obstacles, Eva and her family finally arrive Switzerland,     between the stage and the screen. And so this will be a        Germany, Switzerland and China. Their last production,
Keep In Touch Company             and apart from Jessy's fiancé who is waiting in the airport, there's another       musical featuring eight to ten songs that will be composed     Soundless Wind Chime, was represented by the French
HAF Goals:                        person: Jessy's daughter, who looks identical to Jessy when she was small.         in collaboration between myself and the songwriter, ranging    sales agent WIDE Management. Soundless Wind Chime is
Funds, Co-producers,              Eva finally realizes that the daughter she has seen in her imagination             from pop songs to big band tunes to electronic music.          currently under the umbrella of MEDIA Program and SWISS
Sales agents, Pre-sales           is her own granddaughter.                                                                                                                         FILM's Foreign distribution fund in Europe, and has been
                                                                                                                     DIRECTOR                                                       sold to more than 10 countries worldwide.
                                  This is a story about how parents project what they want onto their children,
Keep In Touch Company
(Kit HUNG)                        a humorous, gentle take on the generation gaps and cultural conflicts that         Born in 1977, Kit HUNG’s short films have won numerous
                                  arise when people with different values and background all come together           awards and played at over 60 international film festivals,
Address:                          in the same family. It is a musical, but Eva will not participate in the musical   from the Berlin International Film Festival to the San
4A, 5 Sharp East Street,
                                  numbers. Instead, the film’s eight to ten songs represent the modern world         Francisco International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
                                  and all its new values that repulse Eva and that don’t fit in with the perfect     His first feature film, Soundless Wind Chime (2009), was
Tel: +852-67689197                family life she once envisioned for herself. The musical numbers are where the     a Swiss-Chinese co-production that was nominated for
                                  film plays out the idea that Eva is a woman at war with herself.                   the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.
                                                                                                                     HUNG also won Best Director at the 13th LesGaiCineMad
                                  DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                                               – Madrid International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, as
                                                                                                                     well as Best New Director at the Turin LGBT International
                                  Mama Eva is partly autobiographical. I grew up in a family dominated by            Film Festival. Soundless Wind Chime has been sold for
                                  women. My father was quiet while my mother and grandma made all the                worldwide theatrical and DVD release and was selected for

74                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           75
Mythteries (Shinpi)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Japan

TEZKA Macoto                       INTRODUCTION                                                                      DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                             PRODUCER

                                   This is a fairy-tale for adults - a movie about a mystery that has been kept      This is an art house film told as a fairy tale and directed      HIRASAWA Sho is the first Japanese producer to join ACE
                                   secret for millions of years. Its structure is based on Alice in Wonderland and   with a visually stylized approach. I want to give life to        (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen). He has more than 20 years
                                   the film is full of references to characters from Lewis CARROLL’s book, using     a singular cinematic vision that will stand shoulder to          of experience gained from his extensive global career in
                                   them to show the cultural differences between Japan and Europe, with Japan        shoulder with timeless works by Alain RESNAIS and                film and television based in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London
                                   representing Wonderland itself. Shot in Japan, most of the crew is French         Stanley KUBRICK. The story is set in an imaginary Tokyo          including his time as an integral member of the pioneering
                                   and the resulting film will give the audience a foreigner’s take on Tokyo. Marc   that has been specially constructed for this film. I don’t       team that launched STAR TV, a News Corp company
                                   CARO of Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children and British musician           want to set it in actual Japan because of the vast scale of      (NYSE: NWS) where he successfully established STAR
                                   John FOXX (front man of the band Ultravox!) will both participate, with CARO’s    the story, taking place over millions of years.                  TV's presence in Japan during the early days of satellite
                                   visual style and FOXX’s music pushing this film into the realm of the truly                                                                        broadcasting in Asia.
                                   expressionistic.                                                                  One of the ideas for the film is that there were advanced
                                                                                                                     civilizations in existence in prehistoric times around the       PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                          world, and one of their bases was in Japan. I want to
                                                                                                                     experiment and create a classic Japanese style (sense            PaxEterna Limited is an independent film and television
Genre: Mystery Fantasy             French director Lee FATALE has not shot a film in years after losing her          of simplicity, minimalism/conceptualism, metaphor and            production company established in 2004 by Japanese
Format: 35mm                       daughter, Marie. But one day she dreams of her dead daughter alive                tradition) blended with elements of modernism and an             producer, HIRASAWA Sho. The company has been
Estimated Running Time: 120 min.
                                   somewhere in Japan and so she decides to shoot a new film there in hope           authentic artistic sensibility.                                  developing various projects and productions including
Budget:                            of achieving some kind of closure. She decides to film in West Shinjuku, the                                                                       Room of Dreams, a sci-fi picture directed by SONO Sion,
US$ 5,000,000 (HK$ 39,000,000)     most mysterious spot in Tokyo, historically built on a delta to accommodate       This film will see fantastic locations integrated with real      which was awarded Cineclick Asia Award at the Pusan
Funds Secured:                     dense traffic. Now it’s a neighborhood of underground labyrinths where there      locations and the story will be about a city that has existed    Promotion Plan 2007 and selected for CINEMART 2008,
US$ 1,500,000 (HK$ 11,700,000)
                                   are numerous sudden deaths and inexplicable disappearances and where              for a million years. The fantasy world will be digitally         and FOUJITA, a biopic of the world-famous French-
Producer:                          psychological problems and hallucinations run rampant. It’s a dark, urban         composed and, in particular, the huge underground relics         Japanese painter, with Arsam International in France,
HIRASAWA Sho                       forest where insanity rules and people suddenly become mentally unstable as       appearing in the climactic scenes will be the iconic images      AsmicAce Entertainment and Sedic International in
                                   if they’d been enchanted by fairies.                                              of the film. I will use CGI to heighten the audiences’           Japan, which was selected for Paris Project 2008. The
Writing Credit:
                                                                                                                     immersion in the reality of the movie but still leave space      company is also producing English language television
TEZKA Macoto
                                   Emi is Lee’s young assistant and Japanese interpreter. She is overwhelmed         for their imagination. In my movie Hakuchi (1999), which         programs, developing documentary projects and providing
Production Company:                by her work, but as she gets to know Lee she becomes fascinated by her            won major praise for its special effects, I only employed        consultation services for global TV stations such as NHK
PaxEterna Limited                  beauty and confidence. Emi’s feelings curdle into jealousy when Lee becomes       a minimal amount of CGI technology, less than 4% of the          and Bloomberg Television.
                                   attracted to a Japanese man. A special bond between these two women from          entire movie. Nowadays, the cost of CGI is a small fraction
HAF Goals:
Funds, Co-producers,               two different countries develops – is it friendship, respect, or love?            of what it was and technology has dramatically improved
Sales agents                                                                                                         so we can deliver real magic to the screen, making it richer
                                   But the film is in trouble. Interview requests are all refused and a cult or a    and more appealing, while keeping down the costs of post-
Contact:                           criminal gang of some kind seems to be involved. Lee and Emi escape from          production.
PaxEterna Limited
                                   a series of insane deathtraps and find themselves in an underground world
                                   beneath West Shinjuku: a high tech facility full of relics from various ages of   DIRECTOR
Address:                           Japan’s history, stored there as well are a mysterious circle of stones.
1-1-16-A607, Meguro, Meguro-ku,                                                                                      TEZKA Macoto shot his first 8mm film in high school and
Tokyo, 1530063, Japan
                                   It appears that there was an ancient global culture covering the Earth and        it won several awards. He went on to produce videos and
Tel: +81-3-5436-2992               Japan was the location of one of its advanced bases. Through a religious          television for MTV while still a university student. In 1985,
                                   ceremony, this mysterious race could manipulate space and time. Lee and           he made his first feature film and has since produced many
Email:      Emi’s presence were planned thousands of years before because the energy          short and experimental films. His 1999 film Hakuchi: the
                                   emitting from Lee’s body was necessary to operate these ancient machines.         Innocent was an official selection of the Venice International
                                   The ceremony from ancient times takes place once more and we see a vision         Film Festival. He also directs and produces concerts, CDs,
                                   that takes us five thousand years into the future.                                comic books, animated films and gives many lectures all
                                                                                                                     over Japan. He is currently CEO of Neontetra and on the
                                                                                                                     Board of Directors of Tezuka Production.

78                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           79
Nanjing East Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Taiwan / USA

Arvin CHEN                             INTRODUCTION                                                                              Months later, Weiming is selling scooters and taking              PRODUCERS
                                                                                                                                 English classes while Yuluen is working for another trading
                                       This film is about the central conflict between ambition and love, set against            company. Weiming goes to the airport every night trying           LEE In-Ah is a producer based in Los Angeles and Cologne.
                                       the backdrop of the economic boom of the “Four Asian Tigers” (Singapore,                  to spot Pei at the international terminal and, at long last, he   Prior to establishing LeeLee Films with writer/director
                                       Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan) - a transitional period that saw Asia open up to            finally sees her in a group of China Airline stewardesses.        Grace LEE, she was head of production at Reverse Angle
                                       the Western world, while developing at an alarming rate, similar to modern day            He confesses his feelings for her, but she just keeps on          Productions, owned by Wim WENDERS and his partner,
                                       China. Nanjing East Road satirizes contemporary capitalism with a mixture of              walking through the departure gate. Dejected, he watches          Peter SCHWARTZKOPFF. She was production executive on
                                       romance, humor and tragedy set during the Taiwanese economic miracle.                     her plane take off and then, after a few minutes, she             WENDERS’ Soul of a Man, and the executive producer at Wim
                                                                                                                                 reappears next to him.                                            WENDERS Productions for commercials and music videos for
                                       SYNOPSIS                                                                                                                                                    clients such as Audi, Barilla and Afri-Cola. Her producing
                                                                                                                                 DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                              credits include Don’t Come Knocking, starring and written by
                                       Taipei, 1981. The middle of the Taiwan Miracle. A whole new world has suddenly                                                                              Sam SHEPARD and directed by Wim WENDERS and Land
                                       emerged and with it a generation of young men and women obsessed with                     Nanjing East Road began with my fascination for 1980’s            of Plenty also directed by WENDERS, as well as Grace LEE’s
                                       financial success. Among them are Weiming and Yuluen, two ambitious young                 Asia during the economic boom of the “Four Asian Tigers.”         Best of the Wurst and The Grace Lee Project. Her upcoming
                                       sales representatives who work for one of the thousands of trading companies              Coming from a multicultural background, I’m especially            projects include In the Miso Soup with Wim WENDERS,
Genre: Romantic Comedy                 that have popped up all over the island. Armed with rudimentary English and an            interested in stories of intersecting cultures and this era       Whirrrrrr by award winning cinematographer Phedon
Format: 35mm                           assortment of creative scams, these kids spend their days connecting foreign              seemed rife with possibilities for great drama. The world         PAPAMICHAEL, and Letter to Matschek with Niels MUELLER.
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                       buyers with local manufacturers, earning a substantial commission in the process.         of our film is Taipei during the early 1980’s, an absurd city
Budget:                                But while Yuluen wants women and money, Weiming has more complicated                      of high rise office buildings, business hotels, western-style     LUI Oi-Leng is currently based in London with AV Pictures
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)          motivations. Years ago, he was in love with Xiao-Rong whose family disapproved            restaurants, piano bars and lounges.                              Limited, where she handles international film sales to key
                                       of his background and forced their break-up.                                                                                                                European and Asian territories. She was previously Head of
                                                                                                                                 I’ve always wanted to make a film dealing with the                Distribution at Cathay-Keris Films, the film distribution arm
LUI Oi-Leng                            One day while waiting for their call list (illegally obtained information about foreign   central conflict between ambition and love, set against a         of Cathay Organization – one of the largest cinema circuits
                                       buyers), their boss, Mr. GOK, brings in a new batch of sales girls. Yuluen is smitten     backdrop of economic flux – the greatest example being            in Singapore and Malaysia . At Cathay, Oi-Leng was also
Writing Credit:                        with Pei, while Weiming finds her privileged upbringing and education (she speaks         Billy WILDER’s The Apartment. Though it’s important that          responsible for the re-launch, marketing and programming
Arvin CHEN
                                       perfect English) off putting. However, he reluctantly agrees to let her accompany         the film addresses the effects of the era’s rapid economic        of The Picturehouse – Singapore’s first and only arthouse
Production Company:                    them on their sales runs across the city. It’s on one of these runs that they meet        development and its implications for modern Asia, the             cinema – and she also managed the Cathay Classics film
greenskyfilms                          Jim and Aaron, purchase reps from an American department store chain and                  core of the film is the emotional development of the young        library of 400 titles, seeking sales, distribution and remake
                                       Yuluen hatches a scheme for him and Weiming to set up their own trading outfit            Taiwanese men and women trying to find a place for                opportunities. Prior to joining the film industry, Oi-Leng was a
HAF Goals:                             behind Mr. GOK’s back and milk this foreign cash cow.                                     themselves in this fast-changing society.                         consultant with McKinsey and Co. and she graduated with an
Funds, Co-producers,
Sales agents, Pre-sales                                                                                                                                                                            Anthropology degree from Princeton University . Oi-Leng is a
                                       Weiming is hesitant, but then he runs into Xiao-Rong who has moved to Taipei for          DIRECTOR                                                          producer of Arvin CHEN’s first feature film, AU REVOIR TAIPEI,
Contact:                               school. Determined to win her back, he agrees to Yuluen’s plan and they embark                                                                              which premiered at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival in
greenskyfilms                          on a mission to wine and dine Aaron and Jim, who demand all kinds of kickbacks,           Arvin CHEN is a Chinese-American filmmaker based in               2010.
(LEE In-Ah)
                                       while poaching Mr. GOK’s manufacturers who also have their own Byzantine                  Taiwan. He grew up in the Bay Area, but moved to Taipei
Address:                               terms and conditions. In the middle of all this, Weiming embarks on his own wine          to apprentice with renowned Taiwanese filmmaker Edward            PRODUCTION COMPANY
Hansaring 78, 50670 Cologne, Germany   and dine campaign to win back Xiao-Rong. But on a business trip to Singapore,             YANG (Yi Yi, A Brighter Summer Day). In 2006, his short
                                       Weiming forges a romantic connection with Pei, instead.                                   film, Mei, won the Silver Bear at the 57th Berlin International   greenskyfilms was founded in 2006 by producers LEE
Tel: +49-2213555580
                                                                                                                                 Film Festival, as well as honors from the Director’s Guild of     In-Ah, Philipp STEFFENS, Lynn SCHMITZ, and Thomas
Email:          The clock is ticking, the Americans haven’t committed to a deal and any minute            America and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.      BRETTSCHNEIDER. The associates of greenskyfilms are
                                       Mr. GOK will find out what’s been going on. Pei, who has been sleeping with               He recently completed production on his first feature film, Au    developing several television series and films for German
                                       Aaron, discovers that the Americans have no intention of doing a deal but                 Revoir Taipei, which was produced by Wim WENDERS and              television as well as international feature and documentary
                                       when she tells Weiming he loses his temper and crushes her dreams in return,              was selected for both the 2007 Pusan Promotion Plan as well       films. With projects set in Germany, France, Canada,
                                       telling her that her American Romeo has a wife back home. Pei is crushed and              as L’Atelier de Cannes in 2008, the film premiered at the 60th    Taiwan, Greece and Africa, they specialize in international co-
                                       leaves. Mr. GOK discovers their plan and fires them. Weiming realizes that it             Berlin International Film Festival.                               productions and work with writers and directors including
                                       was Pei he wanted all along, but Aaron tells him that she has become a flight                                                                               Wim WENDERS, IM Sang-soo, Phedon PAPAMICHAEL and
                                       attendant and could be anywhere in the world by now.                                                                                                        Dominique DERUDDERE. They also engage in television
                                                                                                                                                                                                   design, high-end motion graphics and corporate film
82                                                                                                                                                                                                 production.                                                   83
Past Love                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thailand / USA

Lee CHATAMETIKOOL                    INTRODUCTION                                                                       Past Love shows four “heroes” dealing with crisis in the          PRODUCER
                                                                                                                        only way they know how and with the only tools they have:
                                     Kicking off in 1997 when the Thai government was forced to float the baht in       karaoke videos, television commercials and American               Born in Thailand in 1976, Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG
                                     order to save the economy, Past Love is about flight, both real and imagined,      pop songs. The characters are trapped in a world of               graduated from the MFA film program at Columbia
                                     in a nation at the center of the Asian Financial Crisis. Burdened with debt,       constructed images and while they may at first try to             University in 2006 and her thesis film, Graceland, became
                                     many Thai investors chose to “fly”, hurling themselves off buildings when the      escape and face reality, in the end they can only seek            the first Thai short film to be included as an Official
                                     crisis was at its worst. This film is about the lives of four people impacted      shelter in their imaginations.                                    Selection of the Cannes Film Festival (Cinéfondation).
                                     by one of these suicides. Flashing back to 1985, when Thailand started its                                                                           She also directed Lunch, as part of the Breakfast, Lunch,
                                     transformation from an agricultural backwater into a newly industrialized          DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                              Dinner trilogy, co-directed by three Asian female directors
                                     country, Past Love draws on the director’s extensive experience as an editor,                                                                        from China, Thailand, and Singapore, which is scheduled
                                     presenting its scenes and characters as fragments of found footage assembled       If 1985 was Thailand’s first love, then the 1997 crash was its    for a release in 2010. SUWICHAKORNPONG’s first feature,
                                     into a narrative, depicting the wild extremes of hope and despair that tore        first broken heart. This film is about the nation’s love affair   Mundane History (original title The Sparrow), was presented
                                     Thailand apart between 1985 and 1997.                                              with American capitalism played out through the lives of its      at HAF in 2007 and received support from the Hubert
                                                                                                                        half-Thai/half-American protagonists. Instead of focusing         Bals Fund at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.
                                     SYNOPSIS                                                                           on a linear narrative, Past Love will incorporate the “plot” as   Recently, she has been active as a producer, producing
Genre: Drama                                                                                                            just another element alongside interviews, music videos, rock     three short films directed by up-and-coming Thai directors.
Format: HD                           A businessman, crushed by debt, jumps off a building in 1997.                      ballads, news footage and television commercials. Through
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                                                                                                        this layered approach, I hope to find a way to tell the complex   PRODUCTION COMPANY
Budget:                              He is the father of Mutt, a half-Thai/half-American man in his late 20’s, and      story of this period in Thai history, and in Mutt and Sai’s
US$ 400,000 (HK$ 3,120,000)          Nic, his 18-year-old brother. Past Love then flashes back to 1985 when             romance, without reverting to nostalgia.                          Electric Eel Films is a production company based in
Funds Secured:                       Thailand began its economic transformation, when Mutt graduated from high                                                                            Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 2006 by a group of up-
US$ 125,000 (HK$ 975,000)
                                     school and moved to America, leaving behind his girlfriend, Sai. In the US         Past Love is about the choices we make and the                    and-coming independent filmmakers, it is a small but
Producer:                            he became a currency trader on Wall Street, stuck in a series of dead-end          diminishing pool of options that remain as we get older.          high quality production house specializing in independent
Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG               relationships, while Sai gave up her modeling career and started a successful      18 represents a time of hope, when everything seems               films and working with a network of filmmakers including
                                     market research firm. Using his dad’s suicide as an excuse, Mutt moves back        possible. 30 marks the point of no return, when the rest of       Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG (screenwriter/director),
Writing Credit:
                                     to Thailand and into the house where he grew up. His relationship with his         our lives have been determined. I chose to overlap these          Soros SUKHUM (producer) and LEUNG Ming-kai (director/
                                     brother, Nic, is cold and distant, but the two work together in silence to pack    personal stories with the nation’s history as I see 1985 and      cinematographer).
Production Companies:                up the now-empty house.                                                            1997 as Thailand at ages 18 and 30. Today, our country
Electric Eel Films                                                                                                      is dealing with the repercussions of choices it made in its       Houdini Studio opened in 2002 to meet the needs of
Houdini Studio                       While packing, Mutt discovers a box of recorded love letters Sai sent him on       youth, but it’s too late to turn back the clock.                  Thailand’s growing independent film community. Starting
HAF Goals:                           cassette while he was in the US. Overwhelmed by nostalgia, he listens to them                                                                        as a bedroom studio with one editing system, it has since
Funds, Co-producers,                 while, from the other room, Nic listens too. Nic’s only escape is spying on his    DIRECTOR                                                          grown into a full-service post-production facility offering
Sales agents, Pre-sales              neighbors in a new condo building from the roof of his house, and he mostly                                                                          picture editing, sound design and color correction. Starting
                                     loves watching Poupee, a new tenant living in a furnished room while attending     Lee CHATAMETIKOOL has worked as a film editor and a               with Mundane History and now Past Love, it is venturing
                                     the University of Bangkok. Every night she sings 80’s karaoke alone in her         post-production producer in New York and Bangkok while            into producing independent films for the first time.
Electric Eel Films
(Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG)             room, and Nic starts to imagine the two of them starring in karaoke videos         also producing his own short films. His 2000 short, Miami
                                     together.                                                                          Strips, Hollywood Dream, was runner-up for the Ratana
Address:                                                                                                                Pestanji Award for Best Thai Short Film and has screened
15/6 Anarak Building,
                                     Meanwhile, Sai’s life is not as successful as it looks. She appears on talk        at numerous festivals around the world. In 2001, he
Silom Soi 3 (Soi Pipat),
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500,              shows during the day to talk about her company’s bold future and to extol her      moved from New York to Bangkok to work on Apichatpong
Thailand                             belief that consumerism is the highest form of democracy and a leveling force      WEERASETHAKUL’s first narrative feature, Blissfully
                                     for women’s rights. But at night she goes home to a luxury condo she can’t         Yours. Since then he has edited many of the most
Tel: +66-897289411
                                     even afford to furnish. The bank is moving to foreclose, and her loan agent will   significant Thai films of the last ten years including Aditya
Email:   only renegotiate the mortgage if she goes out to dinner with him. Pushed to        ASSARAT’s Wonderful Town, Kongdej JATURANRASMEE’s
                                     the breaking point, she has consumerist dreams, fantasizing that her condo is      Midnight, My Love and several films for Apichatpong
                                     finally fully furnished.                                                           WEERASETHAKUL including Tropical Malady, Blissfully
                                                                                                                        Yours and Syndromes and a Century for which he won
                                                                                                                        Best Editor at the Asian Film Awards.
86                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 87
Private Party of the Dead                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hong Kong

CHUI Tien-you                            INTRODUCTION                                                                          “Since there are things in the world which cannot be            as the Grand Prize at the World Film Festival of Bangkok
                                                                                                                               ascertained, there are indeed some worldly things that are      and the Best Film Orient Express Award at the Oporto
                                         We are always running away from our mistakes and our responsibilities.                unascertainable.”                                               International Film Festival. His seventh film, Trivial Matters,
                                         Whenever something goes wrong, our first reaction is denial. We don’t care                                                                            adapted from his short story collection of the same name,
                                         if our guilt haunts us or not, we just want to wipe away the evidence of our          The world is unpredictable. We are living in a world that       was nominated for Best Director, Best Supporting Actor
                                         mistakes. Private Party of the Dead is about what happens when someone                appears logical, but in truth we can’t tell what’s going to     (Eason CHAN), Best Screenplay Adaptation and Best
                                         makes a mistake and covers it up, blaming someone else, who covers it up              happen next. Try making plans for tomorrow, and you will        Make-up & Costume Design at the 45 th Golden Horse
                                         by blaming yet another, who, repeats the vicious cycle. And so the waves of           find many surprises. Most of them unpleasant.                   Awards. He completed his slasher film, Dream Home as
                                         responsibility radiate out from this simple accident, like ripples on a pond after                                                                    well as Love in a Puff, a comedy starring Miriam YEUNG
                                         you throw in a stone.                                                                 We work our heads off daily. Apart from staying alive, what     and Shawn YUE. PANG has started producing films
                                                                                                                               else is there?                                                  by new directors in recent years, most lately, Lover's
                                         SYNOPSIS                                                                                                                                              Discourse a romantic comedy co-directed by Derek TSANG
                                                                                                                               DIRECTOR                                                        and Jimmy WAN.
                                         Yan is a drug dealer. Out drinking and partying, he hooks up with Ting and
                                         gets the shock of his life when he wakes up in the morning next to a dead             CHUI Tien-you began his career in 1999 when director Fruit      PRODUCTION COMPANY
Genre: Drama                             body. It is not Ting’s, but Ting’s boyfriend’s corpse. Ting tells Yan that they       CHAN cast him in a commercial then gave him a small part
Format: Red                              came back to her apartment, Yan got high, flew into a rage and killed her             in his film, Little Cheung. After graduating from secondary     Making Film Productions Limited was established in 2001
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                         boyfriend.                                                                            school and studying in Japan, CHUI appeared in Lawrence         by producer/director PANG Ho-cheung and producer
Budget:                                                                                                                        AH MON’s Gimme Gimme and Carol LAI’s Glass Tears                Subi LIANG. The company has since been active in
US$ 513,000 (HK$ 4,001,400)              Confused and terrified, Yan would almost believe her story except for one             in 2000. In 2002 he started the boy band Shine with his         the development and production of feature films and
                                         small fact: he never touches his own stash. Ever. Confronting Ting, she               partner, WONG You-nam, and they immediately won many            commercials. In 2004, the company produced the Hong
                                         breaks down and admits that she killed her boyfriend and was trying to frame          major music awards. He also appeared in Summer Breeze           Kong Arts Festival drama, Recycled, starring Karen MOK,
PANG Ho-cheung
                                         him. Then, using an incriminating polaroid as leverage, she forces Yan to help        of Love and The Mummy Age 19 before playing the role of         directed by PANG Ho-cheung and produced by Stanley
Writing Credit:                          her dispose of the body anyway.                                                       Aaron KWOK’s adult son in Patrick TAM’s award-winning           KWAN. In the same year, the company’s first feature
CHUI Tien-you                                                                                                                  After This Our Exile. In 2008, he received the Rising Star      film, Beyond Our Ken, directed by PANG, was named
                                         Fortunately for Yan, in the midst of all this he gets a call from his customer,       Award from the Asia Pacific Actor’s Network of the 13           one of the 10 most popular Chinese movies of the year
Production Company:
Making Film Productions Limited          Roast Pork Keung. Seeing his chance, Yan uses Ting’s frame-up on Roast                Pusan International Film Festival. He also collaborated         by the Hong Kong Film Critics Association. In 2005, the
                                         Pork Keung, and it works perfectly: the poor sucker is instantly convinced            with Malaysian director HO Yuhang in At The End of              company produced AV, which was an official selection of
HAF Goals:                               that he got high and killed Ting’s boyfriend. Yan skips off, leaving Roast Pork                                                         nd
                                                                                                                               Daybreak, which won an Asian Film Award at 62 Locarno           the 8th Deauville Asian Film Festival and its remake rights
Funds, Co-producers,                     Keung to clean up his mess.                                                           International Film Festival in 2009 and was the Hong            have been acquired by Hollywood. In 2007, the company
Sales agents, Pre-sales
                                                                                                                               Kong Asia Film Festival closing film. In addition to acting,    produced Exodus, which was selected to compete in the
Contact:                                 Things go smoothly. Roast Pork Keung is set up and forced to dispose of the           CHUI has written columns for various newspapers and             55th San Sebastian International Film Festival where it won
Making Film Productions Limited          dead body, but there's no way to predict human behavior. Roast Pork Keung             several scripts. In 2006 he was invited by the Hong Kong        the Best Cinematography Award. Same year, the company
(PANG Ho-cheung)                         asks Yan to kill Ting in order to cover up what he thinks is his crime. Now, Yan      Performing Artistes Guild to shoot a short film called Ten      fully financed the feature film Trivial Matters, which received
                                         is trapped: he can't tell Roast Pork Keung the truth, but he can't let Ting die.      for the Phoenix TV 10th Anniversary.                            multiple Golden Horse nominations. In 2010, the company
Room 1202, Tung Sun Commercial Centre,                                                                                                                                                         has produced Dream Home and Love in a Puff.
194-200 Lockhart Road,                   DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                                                  PRODUCER
Wanchai, Hong Kong
                                         “We make mistakes. We run away from the consequences. Is that so wrong?”              Born in 1973, PANG Ho-cheung is one of Hong Kong’s
Tel: +852-28381067
                                         Human minds are unfathomable. Mistakes are called crimes. Things people               most acclaimed young directors. In 2001, he made his
Email:              do out of fear or cowardice are called evil. People who break the law are             directorial debut with You Shoot, I Shoot which won
                                         labeled psychopaths or villains. Have you ever thought that many things               the Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia
                                         happen beyond our control? If we were the characters in this story, we might          Awards. In 2003, his second feature film, Men Suddenly in
                                         realize that life forces us into situations that we can’t foresee and that we can’t   Black, won the Best New Director at the Hong Kong Film
                                         avoid. Are we then psychopaths or villains?                                           Awards. In 2006, Isabella, won the Silver Bear for Best Film
                                                                                                                               Music at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival, as well

90                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         91
Samurai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   India / USA

Dev BENEGAL                            INTRODUCTION                                                                            saw Jean Pierre MELVILLE’s Le Samourai and it was love at       to sold-out crowds. It will open the Generation 14 plus
                                                                                                                               first sight, a love that became an obsession over the years.    competition section at the 60th edition of Berlinale, the
                                       A lonely assassin who has never been caught finds himself infatuated with a             Why? I wasn’t a hitman or a samurai. Maybe it was the           Berlin International Film Festival 2010.
                                       Bollywood diva, only to realize that she is his next assignment. His obsession          solitary figure lost in the enormous city that haunted me, or
                                       with the starlet forces him to question his samurai code of honor and                   the film’s ambiguous morality.                                  PRODUCER
                                       everything that he stands for. This is Samurai, director Dev BENEGAL’s, urban
                                       thriller set in Bombay that plays out as a chess game between an elusive hit            And then there was Bollywood. The mother of all film            See above.
                                       man, the glittering world of show business, the shadowy underworld and the              businesses, joined like a Siamese twin to the underworld.
                                       law. An homage to Jean Pierre MELVILLE’s crime classic, Le Samourai.                    It was a world I saw up close as I began making my own          PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                                                                                                               films. My friends getting shot at, guns jamming, bullets
                                       SYNOPSIS                                                                                exploding, directors clambering out of bathroom windows,        Passionate about entertaining the world with original
                                                                                                                               hanging from sewer pipes, hiding in strip malls in Los          stories and characters, August Entertainment’s inaugural
                                       The cold and ruthless killings of several Bollywood studio heads has Jeff               Angeles. It was funny and hair-raising at the same time.        production, Road, Movie, was officially selected for L’Atelier
                                       DACOSTA written all over them but the Chief of Police is frustrated. DACOSTA            Yet the lure of the films was too strong to keep my buddies     de Cannes in 2006. The film was completed in 2009
                                       is an expert hitman who has never been arrested because he’s so hard to                 away. They kept coming back to Bombay for more. And             and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival
Genre: Noir Thriller                   catch and because his alibis are always rock solid. He’s also something of a            the underworld kept wanting more from them.                     that same year. It was an official selection of the Tokyo
Format: 35mm                           freak with his obsession with fashion, his bespoke suits hand tailored in Hong                                                                          International Film Festival and of the 1st Doha Tribeca Film
Estimated Running Time: 90 min.
                                       Kong, his love of weapons and his elegant lifestyle.                                    And then it hit me. Here were the two worlds collapsing         Festival. It will open the Generation 14 plus competition
Budget:                                                                                                                        into one another. Here was the story waiting to be              section at the 60 th edition of Berlinale, the Berlin
US$ 4,500,000 (HK$ 35,100,000)         But unlike his earlier assassinations, DACOSTA has left a clue this time and it’s       told. MELVILLE’s hitman was reborn in Bombay as Jeff            International Film Festival 2010. Intent on discovering new
Funds Secured:                         eating at the Chief. Why did Jeff let the superstar actress see him? And why            DACOSTA or Jeff from the coast - a smooth operator              voices and new talent, August Entertainment produces
US$ 3,375,000 (HK$ 26,325,000)
                                       didn’t she identify him in the line-up? It is six days until the Chief retires and he   who haunts Bollywood. He is a killer who lives by a code        short feature films by first-time filmmakers for global
Producer:                              is determined to arrest DACOSTA at all costs, and so a cat and mouse game               and who is being hunted by the Chief of Police. Living in       distribution through its maverick program, 24x7 Making
Dev BENEGAL                            ensues. The noose is tightening around DACOSTA, but the hitman is hard to               the intersection of the roller coaster world of Bollywood       Films™
                                       catch and hard to kill because he follows the rigorous code of the samurai:             films, the underworld and the unstoppable city by the sea
Writing Credit:
                                       “One who is a samurai must, before all things, keep constantly in mind, by              – Bombay - the two men find they share a similar moral
                                       day and by night, the fact that he has to die. That is his chief business.”             universe. What separates them is ultimately a fine line
Production Company:                                                                                                            between reason and madness. This finally is the noir story
August Entertainment                   Someone will betray DACOSTA, but who? The underworld Don who hired                      that had to be told; the Bombay noir I had to make.
                                       him? The film mogul he is stalking? The streetwalkers who provide him with
HAF Goals:
Funds, Sales agents                    his alibis? The Bollywood diva who witnessed his crime? Because DACOSTA                 DIRECTOR
                                       has uncovered a secret, one that unnerves the Don who hired him so much
Contact:                               that he puts out a contract on DACOSTA. With both the police and the                    Dev BENEGAL’s first feature, English, August, is
August Entertainment                   underworld gunning for him, DACOSTA has nowhere to go.                                  acknowledged as a landmark in contemporary Indian
(Sopan MULLER)
                                                                                                                               cinema, inspiring a new generation of independent
Address:                               As the game reaches checkmate, and the story reaches its climax, both the               Indian filmmaking. His second feature, Split Wide Open,
#803 / 804 S. Keer Complex,            hunter and the hunted know, "There is no solitude greater than a samurai's,             chronicled the water wars in Bombay and premiered at
Bhandar Gully,                         except perhaps that of a tiger in the jungle."                                          the Venice International Film Festival. Between them, the
Mahim, Mumbai 400 016. India
                                                                                                                               two films have won seven international awards and were
Tel: +91-22-2432-1932                  DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                                                    the first Indian films to be distributed to major theatrical
                                                                                                                               success by 20th Century Fox. His third feature, Road,
Email:   My dream was to make films. I left school, ran away from home and came to               Movie was officially selected for L’Atelier de Cannes in
                                       Bombay, the birthplace of almost a thousand films each year. There I knew               2006, was completed in 2009 and subsequently premiered
                                       no one, so I decided I’d pursue my other dream: to learn French. I joined the           at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was a huge
                                       Alliance Français and became a member of its Ciné Club. It was there that I             hit at several international film festivals where it played

94                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        95
A Sense of Honey                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Japan

SUZUKI Seijun                         INTRODUCTION                                                                          DIRECTOR                                                        Born in 1965, KANDA Yuji began his film career as a child
                                                                                                                                                                                            actor and in high school he started directing films, which
                                      The fantastic and alluring world created by an aging novelist and a mysterious        Born in Tokyo in 1923, SUZUKI Seijun started his career         were screened at the acclaimed PIA Film Festival in Japan.
                                      young woman who is actually a goldfish, slowly moving past mere passion and           as an assistant director at Shochiku’s Ofuna Studio             KANDA founded a theater company during his college
                                      crossing the line that separates life and death. It is a one-of-a-kind film that      before becoming a full-fledged director at Nikkatsu. He         years and took a long hiatus from the entertainment
                                      breaks the boundaries between dream and reality, love and sex, life and death         went on to make several seminal action films. After the         business. He returned to the film industry at the age of 32
                                      that could only be created by one of cinema’s most influential, experimental          release of Branded to Kill starring SHISHIDO Joe in 1967,       and is now working at the casting agency Gambit. He was
                                      and revered high stylists, SUZUKI Seijun.                                             SUZUKI distanced himself from the film industry to work         the associate producer of two of SUZUKI Seijun's films -
                                                                                                                            in television. He returned to theatrical films with A Tale of   Pistol Opera and Princess Raccoon - as well as of HARADA
                                      SYNOPSIS                                                                              Sorrow in 1977. He acquired a new fan base in 1980 with         Masato's The Shadow Spirits. He also produced Ubume
                                                                                                                            Tsigoineruwaizen, a film which went on to receive several       no Natsu by JISSOUJI Akio.
                                       “Good morning, uncle.” Every morning, a beautiful girl appears before the            awards including an Honorable Mention at the Berlin
                                      aging novelist. “What do you want so early in the morning?” The novelist asks,        International Film Festival, as well as winning Best Film and   HIRATA Mikihito was bor n in 1957 and began his
                                      the peevish tone of his voice not completely hiding his joy. In truth, the young      Best Director at the Japanese Academy Awards. A master          career at Nikkatsu in 1985. In 1988 he joined Geneon
                                      girl is an incarnation of a goldfish the novelist bought and released in a pond in    in the Japanese film industry who has also influenced           Entertainment, acquiring Western films for distribution while
Genre: Drama                          his backyard. In goldfish years she is only three, but in human years she says        many renowned directors overseas, his bizarre imagery           producing Japanese films. In 1995 he founded Panorama
Format: 35mm, HD                      she is probably around twenty years old. Always referring to herself as “Myself”,     and experimental yet stylish filmmaking is known as the         Communications and served as CEO for 11 years, in 2006
Estimated Running Time: 95 min.
                                      the girl is needy and spoiled, but the novelist cannot help but want to fulfill the   “Seijun Aesthetic.” In 2006 he received the 24th Kawakita       he became the Vice President. He is in production of the
Budget:                               bewitching creature’s every desire. His devotion can be described as a mixture        Film Award for directing.                                       American remake of the Japanese series Kamen Rider
US$ 2,200,000 (HK$ 17,160,000)        of kindness towards the young, compassion for an irreplaceable friend, and                                                                            Ryuki. He also helped producing the Tomie franchise and
Funds Secured:                        affection for an ideal woman. The girl, on the other hand, is eager to toy with       PRODUCERS                                                       director OIKAWA’s hit horror film Shrill Cries of Summer
US$ 120,000 (HK$ 936,000)
                                      the novelist’s emotions. She makes coy suggestions such as “Make me your                                                                              (2008) and the sequel Shrill Cries - Reshuffle.
Producers:                            lover, why don’t you?” and she rocks his heart with her passionate plea, “Tonight     KITO Yukie started her career at JVC Entertainment Inc.
KITO Yukie                            is my very first night so you must be gentle with me.” With each passing day,         in Los Angeles. In 1999 KITO joined the Tokyo-based             PRODUCTION COMPANY
KANDA Yuji                            the strange bond between the girl and the novelist continues to deepen.               Media Suits Inc. where she worked with directors Mira
HIRATA Mikihiko
                                                                                                                            NAIR, Richard LINKLATER and David CRONENBERG. In                Founded by award-winning producers NARITA Naoya and
Writing Credit:                       While the novelist has assumed that he and the owner of the goldfish store            2004 she joined Entertainment Farm as the Managing              HIRATA Mikihiko in 2003, Arcimboldo Inc. aims to produce
MUROO Saisei                          where the girl was raised are the only two people aware of her true identity,         Director of the International Division and partnered with       quality and innovative films by both new and veteran
                                      one day a woman named TAMURA Yuriko appears before them and reveals the               Fox Searchlight and India’s UTV to finance Mira NAIR’s          directors. NARITA Naoya, who started at Nikkatsu, is an
Production Company:                   truth. Yuriko is a ghost who died 15 years ago, and she too had a relationship        The Namesake. She went on to produce Ethan HAWKE’s              experienced producer and his acclaimed films include
Arcimboldo Inc.
                                      with the novelist. Suspecting Yuriko’s feelings for the novelist, the goldfish girl   The Hottest State, which premiered at the 2006 Venice           Night at Nude by ISHII Takashi(1993), L’amant by HIROKI
HAF Goals:                            tries to bring the two together. But the emotional gulf between them cannot           International Film Festival. She also produced the              Ryuichi (2004) and God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand by
Funds, Sales agents, Pre-sales        be bridged. And soon, another female ghost besides Yuriko appears in the              award winning film Tokyo Sonata with one of the leading         KANEKO Shusuke (2006). Together with HIRATA Mikihiko,
                                      novelist’s life.                                                                      international film/TV/video sales organizations, Fortissimo     who also started his career at Nikkatsu and worked on
Contact: KITO Yukie
                                                                                                                            Films. Directed by the world-renowned master of horror          many films with NARITA, Arcimboldo has been producing
Address:                              DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                                                  and suspense, KUROSAWA Kiyoshi, Tokyo Sonata                    films with a variety of talent over the past six years and
3-11-12 Shinjuku #703, Shinjuku-ku,                                                                                         premiered at the 61st Cannes International Film Festival        garnered much critical acclaim for films like Bakushi by
Tokyo 160-0022 Japan                  In the restless and claustrophobic world that we live in today, personal              and won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section.        HIROKI Ryuichi (2008) which was an official selection of the
                                      freedom exists only as an illusion. In fact, illusions are the only way we have       The film also won Best Film at Osian’s Cinefan Festival of      Rotterdam International Film Festival and they also enjoyed
Tel: +81-335613121
                                      left to resist the shackles placed on us by others. A Sense of Honey is a             Asian and Arab Cinema and was an official selection of          commercial success with Shrill Cries of Summer (2008) and
Email:            story about illusions that transcends time and space to erotically delineate          the Toronto International Film Festival, the San Sebastian      Shrill Cries - Reshuffle (2009) by OIKAWA Ataru.
                                      the wet, glistening contact of flesh between a middle-aged novelist confined          International Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival.
                                      to his manuscript and a goldfish confined to a glass bowl. Through this story
                                      I hope to not only provide a refreshing prescription for the congestion of our
                                      contemporary culture, but also present the beautiful poem of life and death
                                      to the general masses which consist of both old and young, of both male and
                                      female spectators.

98                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    99
The Straits                                                                                                                                                                                                                  China / Taiwan

WANG Tung                              INTRODUCTION                                                                       Finally, 60 years later, Shengpeng tells Xiaofengxian the       PRODUCERS
                                                                                                                          secret that has been gnawing at him all these years.
                                       The Straits tells the story of the changes, struggles and hardships that           Captain MA was his best friend and he shot him for              Terence CHANG worked for Johnny Mak Productions, D&B
                                       the ordinary people of Taiwan have endured over the past six decades. It           desertion. Before he died, MA gave Shengpeng his                Films, and Tsui HARK’s Film Workshop before forming
                                       is intimate, depicting moving family sagas, tragic romances and lifelong           wedding band, hoping he could return it to his wife             Milestone Pictures with director John WOO in the 1980’s.
                                       friendships, and it is also an epic, showing the mass migration across the         one day. Now, Shengpeng hands that duty over to                 This inaugurated a 20-year partnership that saw them
                                       Strait, and the war between the Nationalist Army and the Chinese Communists.       Xiaofengxian, and so Xiaofengxian embarks on a journey          create the acclaimed films Once a Thief, Hard-Boiled and
                                       The commercial elements will encourage younger generations to learn more           that unexpectedly finds him in the deserts of Northwest         Face/Off. Producing films like Mission: Impossible II, Anna
                                       about the history of Taiwan and to honor the iron will demonstrated by the         China.                                                          and the King and The Big Hit, CHANG has become the
                                       ordinary people of that extraordinary era. Written by KUO Cheng (scriptwriter                                                                      most successful Chinese producer in Hollywood. In 2008,
                                       of Red Cliff), The Straits will feature distinguished actors from Taiwan, Hong     DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                            he produced Red Cliff which has gone on to be one of
                                       Kong and China and it will be an artistic film with huge box office potential.                                                                     the biggest Chinese box office successes of all time. In
                                                                                                                          In 1949, CHIANG Kai-shek led the Nationalist Government’s       2008, he established Stellar Entertainment Group, an artist
                                       SYNOPSIS                                                                           army and their families out of China, across the Formosa        management company with the goal of grooming the next
                                                                                                                          Strait and into Taiwan where he declared Taipei the capital     generation of Asian stars.
Genre: Drama                           It is the end of 1949 and the Nationalist Army is being pounded by Chinese         of the Republic of China. My family was amongst the two
Format: 35mm                           Communist artillery shells. Snow is falling on Shengpeng’s unit, trapped           million Chinese immigrants who followed him. I was seven        David TANG was a film reporter for the United Evening
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                       in a small town while covering the Nationalist Army’s retreat. Captain MA          years old and the feelings of separation and of taking          News for twenty years, while also serving as a consultant
Budget:                                and Shengpeng are in command of a machine gun battalion, but when the              refuge in a new land left an indelible mark on my mind.         to the Government Information Office. He started
US$ 8,000,000 (HK$ 62,400,000)         Communist Army launches a massive attack, Captain MA panics and flees.                                                                             producing films in 2006 and in just three years he has
Funds Secured:                         Shengpeng threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t stand his ground, but MA                              th
                                                                                                                          In 2009, as the 60 anniversary of this mass immigration is      produced several critical and commercial successes such
US$ 1,000,000 (HK$ 7,800,000)
                                       keeps running and Shengpeng is hit in the chest by a piece of shrapnel.            approaching, many documentaries and television dramas           as Blood Brothers, Silk, and Red Cliff Part II. In 2008,
Producers:                             Dazed, he raises his pistol and fires.                                             are being made to commemorate that crucial year which           TANG established artist management company Stellar
Terence CHANG                                                                                                             proved to be a turning point in the history of modern China.    Entertainment Group Ltd. with actress Michelle YEOH and
David TANG                             A mansion in the center of town has become the Nationalist Army’s command          For me, the time has come to do what I have been longing        producer Terence CHANG. His most recent production is
                                       center and the military chef, HUANG, and his two assistants are packing up as      to do all my life and make a film set during this time,         My Fair Gentleman, a romantic comedy starring Kelly LIN
Writing Credit:
KUO Cheng                              the shelling gets closer. The assistants desert just as a wounded Shengpeng        depicting the events of 1949.                                   and SUN Honglei and martial arts film Jianyu Jianghu.
                                       stumbles into sight. Right at the same time, Private Fan runs out of the house
Production Company:                    shouting that has just found a kid hiding in a wardrobe.                           DIRECTOR                                                        PRODUCTION COMPANY
Renaissance Films

HAF Goal:                              Xiaofengxian starts telling his story: “On the day I walked out of that wardrobe   WANG Tung is one of the most important modern Taiwanese         Renaissance Films was founded by David TANG in July,
Funds                                  I got three fathers.” One is HUANG, one is Shengpeng and one is Private FAN.       film directors. During a career which spans three decades,      2009. The aim of the company is to produce quality,
                                       Xiaofengxian tells them he was playing hide and seek with his mother and           he has directed eleven films and worked as production           Chinese-language films and provide new opportunities for
Contact:                               fell asleep. Their hearts sink because they know that his family has fled. The     designer in over a hundred. He apprenticed under                promising talent.
Renaissance Films
                                       shells are coming closer and so the wounded Shengpeng leads this ragtag            renowned Taiwanese directors including LI Hsing, King HU
(TSAO Yu-ling)
                                       band of survivors away from town.                                                  and LI Han-hsiang and gradually established his reputation
Address:                                                                                                                  as a production designer. He got his chance to direct the
4F, No. 18, Lane 321, Yangguang St.,   2008. Xiaofengxian is 67 years old. He takes his son, Shengkui, on a train trip    film If I Were for Real in 1980 and in 1983 his adaptation of
Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan 114
                                       to Lanzhou. A Mongolian girl, Taogesi, is intrigued by their presence and so       HUANG Chun-ming’s novel, A Flower in the Rainy Night,
Tel: +886-226571577                    Xiaofengxian tells her his story.                                                  was a box-office hit that revived the career of its lead
                                                                                                                          actress, LU Hsiao-fen. It was followed by Run Away, a
Email:     1949. He arrives in Taiwan with his three fathers. HUANG and FAN get               realistic martial arts film that became WANG’s signature
                                       married, but Shengpeng remains single. Occasionally Xiaofengxian sees him          work. In 2002, he began making 3D animated films and
                                       brooding over a gold wedding band and assumes that he left his wife behind in      Fire Ball, released in 2005, was the first Taiwanese 3D
                                       China. This band of men become closer than blood relatives as they struggle        animation. In addition to directing, WANG has served as
                                       to survive and make their way in Taiwan. Eventually they all settle down and       the Chairman of the Golden Horse Awards and he received
                                       start families. All except for Shengpeng.                                          the National Award for Arts in 2007.

102                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               103
Teenage Wildlife                                                                                                                                                                                                                                China

LI Jingyi                             INTRODUCTION                                                                          whores. Once, Wanwan hides a friend from the cops, and          of youth.
                                                                                                                            he is then jailed for harboring a criminal. His family has to
                                      This film is a musical about China’s affluent second generation.                      bail him out of jail.                                           The theme of the film is “belief”. Despite others doubting
                                                                                                                                                                                            you, you should always have faith in yourself and always
                                      This is a generation of young people born after China’s reform in the 1980’s,         1999. Wanwan is depressed and refuses to go out. His            believe there is a group of people just like you.
                                      about a generation whose parents are entrepreneurs who have worked hard               family sends him to the army. The life of a soldier is
                                      and accumulated massive wealth. Wanwan, the hero of this film, is a typical           hard, but leaving never crosses his mind; because he            DIRECTOR
                                      representative of this second generation, growing up in Guizhou, Guangzhou            dreams that one day he can be saluted by his own squad.
                                      and Beijing. Like all second-generation kids, he is disoriented and rebellious,       However, a secret assignment – executing criminals and          LI Jingyi was born in Guizhou province in 1982. In 2006, he
                                      but also an independent thinker. He tries to find his own life instead of             seeing dying people – has taken a toll on Wanwan’s soul,        graduated from the department of Musical Theatre of the
                                      following the way paved by his parents.                                               and he leaves the army.                                         Beijing Dance Academy. He appeared in many television
                                                                                                                                                                                            serials, taking the lead role in dramas like Ma La Jiao Tao
                                      SYNOPSIS                                                                              Afterwards, Wanwan’s father tells him to learn English          and You Are My Legend. In 2008, his first song, Phoenix,
                                                                                                                            because the family business is going global. But Wanwan         debuted in the top ten on the charts.
                                      2002. Beijing. In a deluxe karaoke room, Jelly, a fashion editor, is introducing      refuses, and starts traveling alone around the country. On
Genre: Drama, Musical                 two rich second generation boys to some pretty models. All the girls swarm to         a ship, he encounters a girl from his old modeling agency.      PRODUCER
Format: HD                            the flashy Dawei, and Wanwan is left alone, bored and lost in thought. The next       Enrolled in a music academy, she tells him about life on
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                      day Jelly gets yelled at by the girls: Dawei was wearing nothing but counterfeit      campus. Wanwan is fascinated and he, too, decides to            JIA Zhang-ke the director, producer, and writer, was born
Budget:                               designer clothing. Jelly ridicules them for not picking Wanwan, the true rich kid.    enroll in a music academy.                                      in 1970 in Shanxi Province. He attended the Department
US$ 1,100,000 (HK$ 8,580,000)                                                                                                                                                               of Screenwriting and Cinema Studies of the Beijing Film
Funds Secured:                        Wanwan decides to move to Beijing. In his luggage, he finds a diary he has            2002. Beijing. Jelly brings breakfast over to Wanwan’s place    Academy in 1993 and became a screenwriter in 1995. His
US$ 550,000 (HK$ 4,290,000)
                                      kept since childhood.                                                                 and persuades Wanwan not to work too hard on the entrance       first feature film Xiao Wu won the Wolfgang Prize and the
Producer:                                                                                                                   exam. Frankly, Wanwan does not stand a chance of passing        NETPAC Award of the 48th Berlin International Film Festival
JIA Zhang-ke                          1980’s in Guiyang. His family ran a taxi company and one day Wanwan was               it. “Let your family pay for a passing grade,” Jelly says.      Young Filmmakers Forum. In 2004, he was awarded the
                                      kidnapped. Instead of being scared, he was excited to be on an adventure, escaping                                                                    French Literature and Art Knight Medal. In 2006, his film
Writing Credit:
                                      only when the kidnappers started fighting amongst themselves.       After that, his   Sitting on a bus, Wanwan sees sleepy commuters and              Still Life received the Golden Lion Award at the 63rd Venice
LI Jingyi
                                      parents sent him to a private elementary school in Guangzhou for his safety.          college students earnestly reading. He writes in his diary,     Film Festival, followed by his short film Cry Me a River
Production Company:                                                                                                         “I must succeed in at least one thing!” He looks up and         and Nelson YU Lik-wai’s Plastic City, which JIA produced,
Xstream Pictures                      1988. Guangzhou. Wanwan thinks the guys who kidnapped him are cool, so                seems to see other passengers dancing happily.                  were also premiered at Venice in 2008. In that same year,
                                      he starts a gang at school. His sworn enemy is ZHANG, a teacher determined                                                                            24 City and Cry Me a River were screened at BFI 52nd
HAF Goals:
Funds, Co-producers                   to give him detention. After organizing a singing and dancing strike at school,       DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                            London Film Festival. JIA Zhang-ke’s main filmography
                                      Wanwan becomes wildly popular. Even ZHANG becomes his friend and the two                                                                              also includes Platform, Unknown Pleasures and The World.
Contact:                              spend lots of time in ZHANG’s office chatting. But when ZHANG starts catching         This story is partly based on my life. I was born in the 80’s   JIA’s writings: Jia’s thought and Interviews with Chinese
Xstream Pictures                      other students doing wrong, Wanwan is blamed for ratting out his classmates           and my parents struggled hard and set many expectations         Workers.
(Eva Yee-wei LAM )
                                      and he realizes that ZHANG has taken revenge by framing him. All those kind           on me. They hope I can inherit their wealth, wisdom and
Address:                              conversations were a trap. He literally beats ZHANG’s eyes out of his head and        life experience, but I was born rebellious. I wanted to find    PRODUCTION COMPANY
Suite 303, Blk 7, Jin Qiu Jia Yuan,   runs away.                                                                            my own path outside the plans that they set for me.
No. 6 Zhi Chun Road, Haidian,                                                                                                                                                               Xstream Pictures was created by JIA Zhang-ke, CHOW
Beijing 100088, China
                                      In 1994, Wanwan’s father has started a real estate business. Wanwan goes              The timeline of the story follows the growth of Wanwan in       Keung and YU Lik-wai. It has offices both in Hong Kong
Tel: +86-10-82350984                  back to Guiyang and he starts another gang, carving out his own turf from local       Guizhou, Guangzhou and Beijing. This film develops from         and Beijing. Its aim is to explore and to promote talented
                                      gangsters. At a party, Wanwan meets YANG Yu and soon he starts to date her.           narration without a beginning and an ending. I want its         Chinese directors. The first production of Xstream Pictures
Email:              Later on Wanwan becomes increasingly wild. He leaves his family to live with          form to play against the theme. The cinematography, set         was JIA Zhang-ke’s The World, a co-production of Office
                                      YANG Yu. Wanwan is 16.                                                                design, editing, music and costumes highlight the contrast      Kitano, Lumen Films and Shanghai Film Studio. The most
                                                                                                                            between essence and appearance. Important things                recent production of Xstream Pictures: JIA Zhang-ke’s
                                      In 1997, Wanwan’s father has expanded the family business to Hong Kong.               are overlooked, while unimportant things are stressed.          24 City was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in
                                      To earn a living, Wanwan starts a model management company. As he fights              The hero feels lost in wealth, rebels because of love, and      2008. YU Lik-wai’s Plastic City was in competition at the
                                      dirty and has been in the modeling business, the boss at a night club asks him        falls into sweet decadence. Goodness stands the test of         Venice Film Festival 2008. Emily TANG’s Perfect Life won
                                      to be his manager. Since then, Wanwan works among bosses, gangsters and               tradition. Success and failure are just the passing whims       the Dragons and Tigers Award of Vancouver International
106                                                                                                                                                                                         Film Festival 2008.                                     107
Twins (Kaluha)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Philippines

Sherad Anthony SANCHEZ              INTRODUCTION                                                                            DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                                The harm of narrative reduction is a struggle I explore in
                                                                                                                                                                                                rendering what I think is a genuine and sincere experience
                                    Folktales and urban legends collide, fragment and reveal themselves in Twins            The people of Mindanao have kept stories about ethnocide            of my hometown, Mindanao, and myself. It is what my
                                    (Kaluha), a film about the loss of innocence, the perversion of folk myths,             and salvages secret. Although these stories have been               previous two films have explored, playing with both
                                    the murder of native communities and family dysfunction. These issues and               present ever since the MARCOS era, they have never                  concrete structure and abstract form in an attempt to
                                    problems simmer beneath the seemingly peaceful surface of a community,                  entered the mainstream national awareness. During                   render an experience of Mindanao that is genuine, at least
                                    reflecting the larger problems festering in the country as a whole. Twins will          the MARCOS era, an elite feudal family headed the                   for me.
                                    take an unusual method to revealing its truths, using the nuances of character          Panamin project whose ostensible aim was to educate
                                    to provide a glimpse of the bigger stories that are too grim and dangerous to           and civilize ethnic tribes in remote areas. In fact, this           DIRECTOR
                                    be addressed directly.                                                                  project was a land grab from native peoples. It was
                                                                                                                            supposedly discontinued, but is still being used by logging         Sherad Anthony SANCHEZ was born in 1984, and
                                    SYNOPSIS                                                                                corporations and feudal families who falsely denounce               completed several short films in his junior year of university.
                                                                                                                            ethnic communities as Communist rebels to justify                   His first short, Apple, premiered at the International Film
                                    The lush fields of Siargao on the southern island of Mindanao are home to the           their extermination. Rural salvages are performed by                Festival Rotterdam, and during his senior year he went on a
                                    small town of Barangay Carmen where dust from the dirt roads blots out the              paramilitary gangs, while in the cities they use zoning to          leave of absence to shoot his first feature film, The Woven
Genre: Alternative                  mist from the vast fields. Rumors are swirling that the Manobo farmers living           uproot communities and force them into ghettos.                     Stories of the Other, after winning a grant from Cinema
Format: HD                          in the surrounding mountains are slowly disappearing, being “salvaged” – local                                                                              One Originals in 2006. This film won numerous prizes at
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                    slang derived from “salvation” and used to describe vigilante murders. When             The silence of Barangay Carmen is as disturbing as the              international film festivals including One Future Preiss at
Budget:                             people go missing, the older people in the community cover up their murders             murders. The silence here is caused by more than fear.              the Munich International Film Festival and it was nominated
US$ 140,000 (HK$ 1,092,000)         by saying they’re lost in the mountains.                                                Silence becomes a villain, suppressing and limiting human           for seven awards by Gawad Urian, the Filipino Film Critics
Funds Secured:                                                                                                              existence, a symptom of something more complex. It is               Association, and won Best Picture and Best Director.
US$ 53,205 (HK$ 414,999)
                                    Weeds are overrunning everything.                                                       not an end in itself but a means through which communities          SANCHEZ is currently shooting his second feature film,
Producer:                                                                                                                   are corrupted.                                                      Imburnal, while writing and producing Kolorete, both for
Ronald ARGUELLES                    In a field on the border of the town the twins, Ina and Tiring, are nestled in                                                                              Cinema One Originals.
                                    a mango tree. Suddenly their idyll is broken by the shouts of an older man              The film’s delicate boy is a Tiyanak, often portrayed in
Writing Credit:
                                    calling for them. The girls run towards him, through the long cogon grass that          Filipino cinema as a creature of horror but in Twins we             PRODUCER
Sherad Anthony SANCHEZ
                                    whips across their bodies. They arrive at the dilapidated kubo (a nipa hut on           will adopt a different approach, portraying the Tiyanak
Production Company:                 stilts) where they live with their Uncle Kadyo and his wife, Aunt Edna. But             as a catalyst for events rather than a direct cause of fear.        Ronald ARGUELLES is the head of cable for Cinema
Salida Productions                  something strange is stirring beneath the banal routines of this family.                An aspect of Twins will critique the Tagalog version of             One and has produced approximately 25 titles over the
                                                                                                                            this creature, and redeem it from its horrific depiction by         past five years, including The Woven Stories of the Other
HAF Goals:
Funds, Co-producers                 Edna is struggling with menopause and works as a habal-habal driver                     restoring its mystical aspects and integrating it with the          and Imburnal. He also produced Altar by Rico IIARDE,
                                    (a motorcycle taxi common in rural areas). She drives furiously, ferrying               stories of “salvage.”                                               Tambolista by Adolf ALIX, Jr., Romeo and Juliet by Connie
Contact:                            passengers from the town to the foot of the mountains. From there, Kadyo,                                                                                   MACATUNO and many more. He was a consultant for the
Sherad Anthony SANCHEZ              working as a porter and local guide, peddles hikers and vegetables into the             I see the Tiyanak as a metaphor for the spirit of the tribes        Asian Film Awards.
                                    deep mountains.                                                                         who have been slaughtered for their ancestral lands. This
Unit 303-B, #98 Xavierville Ave.,                                                                                           figure becomes the embodiment of the force that haunts              PRODUCTION COMPANY
Loyola Heights, Quezon City,        Day and night, the twin sisters escape to their favorite mango tree, which              the guilty. Folk literature will be the catalyst that reveals the
Philippines 8000                    provides a refuge from their strict guardians. One night, in their tree, they are       complex of guilt, silence and abandonment in a domestic             Salida Productions has produced three co-productions
                                    visited by a delicate boy and when Ina wakes up the next morning she finds              setting that traverses both the social and personal                 with Cinema One Originals over the past three years. They
Tel: +63-9278223838
                                    that her sister, Tiring, has disappeared. As Edna copes with the loss of her            dimension of the film.                                              are The Woven Stories of the Other, Kolorete and Imburnal.
Email:     period, Ina copes with the loss of her sister by refusing to accept that she is “lost                                                                       The group is composed of various artists and community
                                    in the mountains,” and journeys into the secret, myth-filled mountains to find          Juxtaposing Ina’s loss of her sister and Edna’s lost of her         developers in Mindanao.
                                    her. And both women will come to unravel the secrets hidden in the fields of            menstrual capacity, Twins will explore the twists and turns
                                    Siargao.                                                                                of their psyches, jumping from one dimension to another
                                                                                                                            in an attempt to examine the culture whose silence, greed
                                    It is difficult to keep the weeds out; let the mists and the dust cover them in         and folklore have become concealed weapons that are
                                    peace.                                                                                  destroying this seemingly idyllic town.

110                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        111
Women and Children First                                                                                                                                                                                                  Malaysia / Japan

HO Yuhang                         INTRODUCTION                                                                           DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                            Born in 1984 in Hiroshima, Japan. SUGINO Kiki graduated
                                                                                                                                                                                         at Keio University, majoring in economics. She is an actress
                                  A woman lives a serene family life with her husband and their child. After             The female protagonist in the story, though obviously a         repped by Stardust Promotion, who made her screen debut
                                  a strange abduction incident involving their child, she realizes that her life         femme fatale, has some interesting atypical qualities unlike    in the Korean film One Shinning Day, followed by KIM Ki-
                                  is being invaded by an invisible stranger. The stranger then becomes a                 what this role usually calls for. The black humor lies in the   duk’s Time. In 2008, she starred in her first Japanese film
                                  blackmailer who pries into her secret past. To protect her family from knowing         terrible work a mother/housewife has to do so that she          Clearness by SHINOHARA Tetsuo and produced a short
                                  anything about it, she will do anything, including killing.                            could get her normal life back. The terrible work involves      film called Exhalation by Malaysian director Edmund YEO,
                                                                                                                         quite a bit of bloodshed, which is necessary to shield her      in which she also had a starring role.
                                  SYNOPSIS                                                                               man (husband) from knowing the damning secret past
                                                                                                                         of hers. At the end, it is indeed very bloody to live and       PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                  Ana lives a happy and stable but slightly boring life as a housewife. Her seven-       maintain even a mundane and serene life.
                                  year-old autistic son is the light of her life. Her husband has worked for the                                                                         WA Entertainment was founded in 2008 by SUGINO Kiki
                                  same company for the last eight years. While his busy schedule exhausts him,           DIRECTOR                                                        a Japanese-Korean actress /producer and ONO Kousuke,
                                  he is a devoted family man.                                                                                                                            a Japanese producer. It is a production company mainly
                                                                                                                         HO Yuhang was born and raised in Petaling Jaya, just            for the international co-production of movies. Their film
Genre: Film Noir                  They have heard about a possible treatment for autism. It is called animal             outside the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. He worked        project Forget-me-not with the late Yasmin AHMAD, was
Format: HD                        therapy. So one day the couple brings the son to a pet shop to look for a dog.         in television production and in 1999 he made the six-part       selected for the Pusan Award of the Pusan Promotion Plan
Estimated Running Time: 85 min.
                                  The kid soon disappears. Moments later, they find the kid locked inside a car.         documentary series Semangat Insan: Masters of Tradition.        in 2008. They have just finished shooting the short film
Budget:                           No one is able to obtain any information from the kid about what had actually          His debut feature, Min, followed in 2003 and although           Exhalation directed by Malaysian director Edmund YEO,
US$ 500,000 (HK$ 3,900,000)       happened. No suspect is found. The only information they could get from the            it was made for television, it was invited to many film         produced and starring SUGINO Kiki.
                                  police is that the car is stolen.                                                      festivals and won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival des
                                                                                                                         3 Continents in Nantes, France. His subsequent features
ONO Kousuke
SUGINO Kiki                       After this strange episode, Ana senses that something has changed in her daily         and shorts have been invited to an ever-widening circle
                                  life. She could be overreacting but she definitely feels that there is an invisible    of festivals and have won several more prizes, including
Writing Credit:                   stranger stalking and watching her. Her husband, however, senses nothing.              the NETPAC and the Tiger Award for Best Short at the
HO Yuhang
                                  Since none of it is life-threatening the police can’t do anything and dismiss it all   Rotterdam International Film Festival. His 2006 film,
Production Company:               as harmless pranks.                                                                    Rain Dogs, was widely seen across Asia and was also an
WA Entertainment Inc                                                                                                     official selection of many international film festivals. In
                                  Many years ago, she was the girlfriend of a four-person gang who pulled a              2008, he was one of three finalists for Martin SCORSESE's
HAF Goals:                        heist on another band of thieves. It was a dog-eat-dog scenario. After the             mentorship in an arts initiative sponsored by Rolex. His
Funds, Sales agents, Pre-sales
                                  heist, the gang split up and disappeared for good in different parts of the            new film At the End of Daybreak won the NETPAC prize in
Contact:                          country. Ana and her boyfriend, the gang leader, started a new life together.          the Locarno Film Festival 2009 and also the Taipei Golden
WA Entertainment Inc              And one fine day, he choked to death on a fishbone. Ana took their remaining           Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress.
(ONO Kousuke)                     money, changed her name, moved to a new place and met her present

                                  husband. She used to think giving birth to an autistic child was some kind of          PRODUCERS
6-9-14 Tsujido, Fujisawa-shi,     a punishment for her former life of crime, but her love for the child overcame
Kanagawa-ken 251-0047 Japan       everything. She loves being a mother. She loves every single thing about her           Born in Tokyo, 1963, ONO Kousuke worked for Toho, in
                                  totally ordinary life.                                                                 charge of merchandising and publishing. He won the
Tel: +81-9016021599
                                                                                                                         Kadokawa Angel Award in 2006 for the planning of the
Email:    Now, a vicious and vengeful man from her past has found Ana. He is her dead            film Tea Fight. In 2008, he produced two films, Clearness
                                  lover’s younger brother who was also part of the gang. He had squandered his           directed by SHINOHARA Tetsuo, and the Japan-Taiwanese
                                  loot and had murdered the remaining gang members to steal their shares. He             co-production Tea Fight. In 2008, he founded a movie
                                  hated his brother and he had always wanted Ana to be his.                              production company WA Entertainment with actress /
                                                                                                                         producer SUGINO Kiki.
                                  All alone and with her family at stake, Ana will have to put a stop to this
                                  madness and settle her past problems once and for all. To protect her family
                                  against this new threat she will do anything, even if it means planning the
                                  perfect murder…
114                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              115
Written in Red                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hong Kong

Koan HUI                           INTRODUCTION                                                                       Still convinced that Scarlett somehow did it, Dean storms       DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                      home, opens the door to his apartment, and another door
                                   The great psychologist Carl JUNG once said, “When an inner situation is not        appears. He opens that door only to find another door.          Koan HUI started as an assistant director to Tsui HARK
                                   made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual    Kicking down door after door her realizes that this must        working on films like Once upon a Time in China,
                                   remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the         be a hallucination and he shakes it off just in time to find    Swordsman II and Dragon Inn. Over the years, he received
                                   world must act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.” Written in      himself on the edge of the roof. One more door and he           extensive practical training from Tsui HARK, covering all
                                   Red is a 3D, psychological thriller exploring the battle between our conscious     would have fallen to his death.                                 areas of film production: scriptwriting (The Blade, Black
                                   reality and the hidden shadows of our unconscious minds. A novelist at the                                                                         Mask, Time & Tide), visual effects (Legend of Zu, Era of
                                   mercy of her unconsciousness and a detective interested only in “reality” cross    Racing to Scarlett’s apartment he turns it inside out           the Vampires), editing and art direction. In early 2000, he
                                   paths, and because each is unaware of their suppressed shadows, they will          and finds a dream notebook under her pillow. In it is a         started the visual effect and animation company, Chibi
                                   ultimately destroy one another.                                                    description of Vin’s bizarre death in the elevator. Dean        (Digital Vision), which was responsible for the visual effects
                                                                                                                      demands to know who else has seen the notebook,                 work on 2046, Sha Po Lang and Dragon Tiger Gate.
                                   SYNOPSIS                                                                           Scarlett swears she’s the only one and without a word           Written in Red is his directorial debut.
                                                                                                                      Dean pulls his gun and shoots her. She dies, still protesting
                                   At an abandoned hospital a cop discovers a bound and gagged nurse.                 her innocence.                                                  PRODUCER
Genre: Action Thriller             He frees her and she leads him into the hospital, finally arriving at the old
Format: Red, 3D                    operating theater. He stops in shock when he sees a huge pile of dead bodies       A few days pass and the case seems to be finished. A            FUKAZAWA Hiroshi started his film career working
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                   all in various stages of decay and the nurse suddenly turns on him and slides      frumpy maid arrives at Scarlett’s house to do her cleaning      as a personal assistant to the legendary composer
Budget:                            a syringe into the back of his neck and he feels his body growing colder and       and after the cop on duty takes down her particulars he lets    James WONG. His first short film, Traffic Jam, won the
US$ 2,500,000 (HK$ 19,500,000)     colder and colder...                                                               her retrieve her belongings and go. She rounds the corner       Distinguished Award of the Hong Kong Independent Short
                                                                                                                      and smiles to herself, cruelly. In her hand hides Scarlett’s    Film & Video Awards in 1996. After his documentary
                                   ...and a woman wakes up in front of her opened refrigerator. Shaken, she           notebook. No one even noticed this woman before, but it’s       debut, Development Hell, premiered at the 31st Hong Kong
                                   walks to her bedroom and finds a stack of papers in her own handwriting,           clear that the murders won’t stop here.                         International Film Festival he joined Media Asia, the studio
Writing Credit:                    already describing the dream she just had. She faxes them over to the                                                                              responsible for internationally acclaimed films such as
FUKAZAWA Hiroshi                   newsroom. The woman is Scarlett, a writer of a popular thriller series in          DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT                                            The Warlords, The Assembly and Andrew LAU’s upcoming
                                   the paper. There’s an office boy, Vin, in the newsroom whose only job is                                                                           martial arts film, Legend of Chen Zhen.
Production Company:
Blu Monkey Films
Ghostsoup                          to decipher her terrible handwriting. All of Scarlett’s stories come to her in     Our Shadow is everything that we repress in our
                                   vivid dreams she has been having since she was young. But now people are           unconscious mind. It can be a source of inspiration when        PRODUCTION COMPANY
HAF Goals:                         starting to die in ways she has described in her stories and dreams.               we are in touch with it, or the source of our destruction
Funds, Co-producers,                                                                                                  if we deny it. Scarlett accepts her unconscious as the          Established in 2004, GHOSTSOUP is a diversified
Sales agents, Pre-sales
                                   The police suspect that one of Scarlett’s fans has become a copycat killer         wellspring of her creativity. For Dean, his Shadow is the       production house founded by FUKAZAWA Hiroshi
Contact:                           but the detective in charge, Dean, thinks Scarlett is the perpetrator. No one      source of the intuitive leaps that have let him solve his       and focused on producing Asian-language film and
Blu Monkey
Ghostsoup Films                    believes that this neurotic woman could commit murder, but Dean has solved         high profile cases. But he refuses to acknowledge his           documentaries. Its credits include the highly acclaimed
(FUKAZAWA Hiroshi)                 so many bizarre cases, he takes no chances. He arrests Scarlett and finds          Shadow, and so his pride has curdled into arrogance and         documentary, Development Hell.
                                   that the lady not only sleepwalks but also has a borderline personality with       his eagerness to break big cases has decayed into an
FlatVancouver Mansion, Bldg,
8A B, 1/F Wah Mow Ind.             schizophrenic symptoms. She could be committing crimes in her sleep with           obsession that has blinded his judgment.
6 Kingston Road
202-204 Choi Hung Road,            no memory of them after she wakes up. Convinced, Scarlett begs the police
Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Causeway Bay, HK                   to lock her up.                                                                    Everyone has a Shadow of some type, and I am excited to
                                                                                                                      use cinematic language to express these abstract states
Tel: +852-23200981
                                   But while she’s in police custody, another murder takes place, this one            that lie somewhere between reality and dreams. After all,
Email:         resembling the dream that opened the film. Since that installment hasn’t been      film is kind of a dream itself, a mystery that hypnotizes us
                                   published yet the police suspect someone in the newsroom and they quickly          into believing that a lie is the truth.
                                   target Vin. They search his house, which is a shrine to Scarlett, decorated like
                                   the rooms in her novels, full of models of her most famous murder scenes. Vin
                                   claims he’s just a fan but the police don’t buy it and he runs. He reaches the
                                   elevator but begins to hallucinate and has a gruesome accident that sees him
                                   crushed to a pulp. Case closed. The police free Scarlett.

118                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             119
Youth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Israel

Tom SHOVAL                                 INTRODUCTION                                                                           didn’t die in vain. Now they know who is responsible.           member of the Baboon Group he directed the 2002 short
                                                                                                                                  Now they have more experience. When Ori Eder is                 Van Gogh in Tel Aviv. He has also directed several award-
                                           Youth is an attempt to describe the shared inner world of two brothers who             walking calmly back to his car their gaze follows him. The      winning music videos. He currently teaches cinema at the
                                           decide to take their fate into their own hands. By realistically following             intentions of the brothers are clear, their point of view and   Sam Spiegel School. Youth is his first feature film.
                                           their daily routines, Youth will get under the brothers’ skin to expose their          their souls are finally one.
                                           psychological workings and inner beings. The elements that define their                                                                                PRODUCER
                                           existence – their family, their neighborhood, their country, the world itself – will   DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT
                                           be as crucial to the story as the brothers’ own nervous heartbeats.                                                                                    Gal GREENSPAN is a young film producer born and
                                                                                                                                  My intention is portraying Yaki and Shaul’s connection          raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. During his years in the first film
                                           SYNOPSIS                                                                               and point-of-view to the viewers. I want to show how            production track of the Sam Spiegel School of Film and
                                                                                                                                  social realities affect their connection to each other and      Television GREENSPAN produced several short films
                                           Yaki and Shaul are two teenage Israeli brothers living with their parents, Moti        test it. For example, the fact that the brothers share a        including Shred of Hope by Tom SHOVAL in 2007. After
                                           and Paula, in a small apartment in Petah Tikva - a satellite town of Tel Aviv.         bedroom due to the family only being able to afford a small     his graduation, GREENSPAN went on to open his firm,
                                           The brothers have a strong, almost telepathic, connection. Like all Israeli boys       apartment requires them to share intimate experiences that      GREENproductions and produce two short films, Passing
                                           at 18, Yaki, the eldest of the two, is excited and nervous to be drafted by the        deepen their connection.                                        Shadow by Shimon SHAI (2008) and To Kill a Bumblebee
Genre: Art House                           IDF. The family lives on a tight budget since Moti, their father, lost his job.                                                                        (2009), which won Best Short Film at the Haifa International
Format: 35mm                               Paula, their mother, is the only responsible adult left in the house but despite       I also intend to explore the meaning of being a good son.       Film Festival.     That same year he produced Dan
Estimated Running Time: 100 min.
                                           her attempts to make ends meet the family is falling apart. And so Yaki and            From the brother's perspective, desperate times call for        WOLMAN’s feature film, Gai Oni as well as independently
Budget:                                    Shaul hatch a plan.                                                                    desperate measures – they commit violent actions in an          produced It’s Never Too Late by Ido FLUK.
US$ 1,450,000 (HK$ 11,310,000)                                                                                                    attempt to save their family. The line between devoted
Funds Secured:                             As Yaki goes into training, Shaul begins a daily routine of following a beautiful      brothers who are the pride of their parents and the boys        PRODUCTION COMPANY
US$ 15,000 (HK$ 117,000)
                                           young girl home from school. He is infatuated with her, filming her every move         who hold a terrified girl hostage is almost non-existent.
Producer:                                  on his cell phone camera. He sends the clips to Yaki at the army base. On his                                                                          GREENproductions is a young film production company
Gal GREENSPAN                              first weekend leave, Yaki arrives home fully equipped from the army – Including        What begins as a realistic family drama turns into a            dedicated to the creation of quality art house films of
                                           his M-16 rifle. The family welcomes him back with great pride, but the brothers        kidnapping film. It is an attempt to shake the foundations      promising young Israeli writer/directors which offer both
Writing Credit:
                                           don’t waste any time on novelties. They immediately execute their plan to              on which the traditional drama rests. Youth is an               innovation and excitement to its audiences. The company
                                           kidnap the beautiful young girl Shaul has been following. They lock her in their       angry film. Its goal is to raise questions about artistic       specialises in feature length productions and documentary
Production Company:                        building’s basement.                                                                   interpretation and to take a moral position that questions      films. It manages a library of award-winning shorts, and
GREENproductions                                                                                                                  our assumptions about cinema and society. Most of all, the      has several productions underway with a collection of
                                           Yaki and Shaul demand a high ransom from the girl’s father, who is a rich man.         film depicts the texture of everyday life in Petah Tikva, my    handpicked directors.
HAF Goals:
Funds, Co-producers,                       While at home with their parents, the brothers are a source of pride, but in the       home town, and shines a light on the Israeli middle-class,
Sales agents, Pre-sales                    basement they are violent, aggressive and cold, beating the girl mercilessly,          a population that is being eroded by recent government
                                           venting their rage and frustrations on her. Difficulties arise and after some          reforms and accelerated capitalism.
Contact:                                   nerve-wracking hours they decide to let her go before Yaki returns to the
                                           miltary base. At her release they run into trouble again when the girl turns her       DIRECTOR
                                           head and gets a glimpse of Yaki’s face.
Address:                                                                                                                          Tom SHOVAL was born in 1981 in Israel. He graduated
34 Allenby Street,                         Upon returning to base Yaki is terrified, hoping he and Shaul will not be traced.      from the Sam Spiegel School for Cinema and Television in
Tel Aviv 63325, Israel
                                           A few weeks later he is called into his commander’s office. Convinced he has           2007. Two of his short films, The Hungry Heart and Shred
Tel: +972-35166868                         been found out he considers defecting but is too afraid. Inside the office, his        of Hope, played at film festivals around the world, winning
                                           commander tells him that his father has committed suicide; crushed beneath a           numerous prizes such as Best Film at the Pisticchi Film
Email:   mountain of debts he was too proud to ask for help.                                    Festival in Italy and the Stella Artois Grant for Best Short
                                                                                                                                  Film. He is one of the founders of the Baboon Group, a
                                           The family sits shiva (the Jewish tradition of seven days of mourning) and Ori         collective of young directors coming together to create
                                           Eder, their landlord, comes to pay his respects and tells Paula that he has            short films and rejecting government support in order
                                           forgiven all her family’s debts. His words are like knives in the brothers' hearts     to achieve creative freedom. Their films have shown at
                                           – all the risks they took are invalidated with this simple sentence. Their father      festivals worldwide and in selected Israeli theaters. As a

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