SEER Education Plan 2007-2009

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                                      SEER EDUCATION PLAN: 2007-2009

                        To be Presented to SEER Council at Winter 2008 Meeting

A.        Introduction, Purpose and Scope of Plan

This Plan is designed to guide the work of SEER’s ESG over the ABA years 2007-2009. The
purpose of the Plan is to support the Section Chair’s goal of maximizing the Section’s role as the
premier forum for environment, energy, and resources attorneys. We also will focus on making
connections – emphasizing and thinking about how educational programs support membership
initiatives and publications efforts, and the involvement of young lawyers and law students.

This Plan is “evergreen.” As issues evolve and mature, and as new information is gathered, the
Plan will be updated.

As part of this Plan’s implementation, we will update the Standards of Excellence for
Programming (a SEER document), look at what other Sections do (e.g., Section of Litigation,
information gathered by Claudia at SOC); and update other support documents for program
planning (including making them technology-friendly – such as can the QT form be made an
interactive online form that can be submitted electronically; same for the cosponsorship form and
other relevant forms?). We also will be seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact of
SEER meetings.

B.        ESG Mission Statement and Responsibilities

The mission of the Education Service Group is to lead, coordinate, support, oversee and promote
the Section’s educational programs, in order to maintain and improve the quality, delivery,
profitability, and value of Section CLE programs. (Adopted San Francisco, CA, 8/07)

The ESG will remain true to this Mission Statement by undertaking the following

     1. Develop and update an ESG Plan (this document)
     2. Provide support, guidance and training to program planning committees and chairs
     3. Provide coordination among programs regarding scheduling, topics, speakers, venues,
     4. Provide a forum for sharing ideas among those planning the Section’s CLE programs
     5. Facilitate communication with and from the Section’s committees regarding CLE
     6. Develop, maintain and communicate high quality standards for the Section CLE
     7. Research and implement innovative delivery methods for programming
     8. Facilitate and coordinate timely teleconferences on topics of interest to Section members
        and other lawyers
     9. Assist in promoting Section programs so as to maximize attendance and ensure

Draft SEER Education Service Group Strategic Plan
      10. Work with the Special Committee on Sponsorships with respect to sponsor participation
          in Section programs
      11. Oversee and approve Section co-sponsorships of programs sponsored by other entities
      12. Review and make recommendations to the Council on issues relating to educational
      13. Liaison with the Membership and Publications Service Groups (MSG and PSG) 1

C.         Live Stand-Alone Programs (for each, discuss focus/goals, venue, timing, content,
           changes/improvements, interaction with committees and branding/marketing)

           1.       Fall Meetings 2008/2009

Under the leadership of Fall Meeting 2008 Chair Jonathan Khan, primary goals include:
recognition and integration as appropriate of Native American issues; outreach to and
involvement of new members, young lawyers, and law students; and enhancement of the
program content to yield value to our members. Consideration is being given to whether the
meeting should have a “theme” and whether it should be developed and promoted as family

ESG also will work with the Chair for Fall Meeting 2009, Vicki Wright, to identify goals for this
meeting, to be held in Baltimore, MD.

An advisory group of past Fall Meeting Chairs, led by George Wyeth, is now active and
available to provide input to future Chairs.

The basic practice series will be evaluated – and also whether new lawyer features could be
incorporated into other meetings. The Young Lawyers Division has expressed interest in
continuing its work with SEER on the basic practice series.

           2.       Water Law 2008/2009

Under the leadership of Wendy Crowther and Jeff Kray, Water Law 2008 is focused on
integrating and involving all who practice in the water field (including those who are on the east
coast and involved in water quality). A larger role for sponsors has been executed for this
program. Emphasis has also been placed on high-quality papers, with the first time
implementation of the “best papers” award at Water Law. Effort has been placed in increasing
the participation of the environmental and Native American communities. A timely brochure
should maintain solid attendance at this popular program.

Once a Chair is identified for Water Law 2009, we will work with this Chair to build on these

    This includes recognition of Best Papers at meetings (with PSG) and acknowledgement of first time attendees at
       conferences, promotion of Young Lawyer involvement, and other MSG efforts.

Draft SEER Education Service Group Strategic Plan
          3.         Annual Conference on Environmental Law 2008/2009

Under the leadership of Kathy Beckett, emphasis for the Annual Conference on Environmental
Law in 2008 is being placed on involving Committees, enhancing the sponsorship experience,
and offering high-quality programs. Jim May as Vice Chair is already highly engaged in
planning which should make leadership transitions for this meeting relatively seamless.

The meeting will be held at Keystone under contract in 2009 as well. ESG also will work with
Section staff and Council to determine whether relocation of this meeting to another ski-oriented
destination makes sense. On-site evaluation of alternative sites will be conducted in 2008.

          4.         Eastern Water Resources Conference 2008

Under the leadership of Michelle Diffenderfer and Timothy Weston, emphasis for this program
is on building a strong core educational experience, evaluating venue, and branding this meeting
(as there is nothing else like it).

          5.         Regional Programs 2008/2009

The State and Regional Cooperation Committee is working on focused QTs in Region 8 and 9.
Building and enhancing relationships with state environmental bars, and finding ways to
cooperate rather than compete, will be important. A Region 2 program is also underway.

          6.        ABA Annual Meeting 2008/2009

Under the leadership of Michael Gerrard, the Section has been selected for a high-profile
“Showcase” CLE program on climate change. This program is co-sponsored with a number of
other Sections. This will build on the climate change resolution we plan to take to the House of
Delegates at the mid-year meeting.

D.        Teleconferences 2008/2009

Over the next two years we will focus on developing QTs that are relevant, well-planned, draw
solid numbers of attendees, and show SEER as the premier forum for environment, energy, and
resources lawyers. We also will be managing carefully efforts to plan more than one QT on a
particular topic (“series”). Thus far, multiple QTs are planned on the subjects of climate change
(8 in ABA year 07-08); brownfields (4 in ABA year 07-08); and nanotechnology (3 in ABA year
07-08). The first climate QT was very successful.

Effort also will be placed on ensuring that adequate lead time is available for all QTs to
maximize marketing opportunities.

Pricing structures that are flexible and maximize attendance will be explored (e.g., use of “cost”
rate of $30 for government, academic, and non-profit attorneys for climate QTs; allowing ELS’

Draft SEER Education Service Group Strategic Plan
to participate for a flat rate of $50 in all 8 calls). We also will explore the viability of a reduced
pricing structure for young lawyers and law students. We would like to enhance our relationship
with NAELS.

Finally, we will focus on managing co-sponsors for QTs, building relationships with other ABA
sections and outside ABA entities, and even reinvigorating the use of host sites where
appropriate to provide networking and membership cultivation opportunities.

E.        New Ways of Delivering Section Educational Programming

The ESG will be researching ways to expand and further the reach of our educational programs,
such as webinars; podcasts; web chats with speakers; wikiis; dial ins; and other distribution
mechanisms. As these delivery mechanisms are explored, this Plan will be updated. We believe
that these methods will be particularly appealing to young lawyers. Also, the Administrative
Law Section allows members to “dial in” to panel presentations (such as at the mid-year ABA
meeting) for a fee. This also is worth exploring.

F.        Co-Sponsored Programs

The Section is increasingly faced with requests for co-sponsorship of programs offered by
outside entities. The ESG will review the issue of co-sponsorship and seek to identify criteria
that promote the selection of the most beneficial co-sponsored program options.

G.        Program Materials

ESG will develop a number of mechanisms to ensure that we obtain quality papers from speakers
(e.g., co-authors or co-panelists contributing to a single paper). ESG also will address the format
of materials (books vs. CDs); website access/posting; and the best papers selection. Awards for
high-quality student work will be evaluated as well.

H.        Interaction with Committees

ESG will work closely with SEERs many committees to achieve its goals. ESG is furthering
solid communication between ESG and Program Vice Chairs by holding monthly calls with the
Vice Chairs immediately after the monthly ESG call.

I.        Program Marketing

ESG will work to determine new and improved ways to market our educational programs –
including by e-Mail, targeted contact, posting on key websites, and personal outreach where
appropriate. We will make a special effort to coordinate with the Young Lawyers Division,
which has expressed interest in coordinating more closely with SEER on events (e.g., YLD puts
together publications and targeted lists that track upcoming programs by practice area).

J.        Section Sponsors

The ESG recognizes the critical role of ensuring that our Section Sponsors receive the best
experience possible, so that they choose to return as Sponsors. ESG will work closely with Jim
Draft SEER Education Service Group Strategic Plan
Arnold and the Special Committee on Sponsorships to maintain clear goals for sponsors, to
evaluate use of sponsorship revenues; and to achieve other key goals of our the Special
Committee on Sponsorships.

K.        CLE Credit

ESG will work with the Ethics Committee and Section staff to ensure that SEER educational
programs meet State ethic criteria, determining whether our QTs could offer CLE in appropriate
cases, and other relevant CLE issues as identified by Section staff.

Draft SEER Education Service Group Strategic Plan