09-10 Committee Appointments by osp18113


									ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
09-10 Committee Report

ENVIRONMENT                                  2009-2010                      09-10        09-10 VC     Draft Action
                                                                          Leadership    Master List      Plan
Agricultural Management                      Alan J. Sachs
Air Quality                                  Angela Morrison Uhland         Uhland          X              X

Climate Change, Sustainable Development,   Frank Friedman                                   X
and Ecosystems                             Mary Ellen Ternes
Endangered Species                         Christian L. Marsh
                                           Daniel J. Rohlf
Environmental Disclosure                   Scott D. Deatherage
Environmental Enforcement and Crimes       Tracy D. Hester                  Hester
Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts   Michael David Freeman                            X
Environmental Transactions and Brownfields Amy L. Edwards                                   X              X

International Environmental Law                Roger R. Martella, Jr.                       X
                                               James W. Rubin
Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to- Mark N. Duvall
Site Remediation                               James M. Redwine
Smart Growth and Green Buildings               Scott J. Sachs                               X
State and Regional Environmental               John R. Jacus
Superfund and Natural Resource Damages         Connie Sue Martin                            X
Waste Management                               Thomas Michael Bruen        Kenefick         X
                                               Andrew Michael Kenefick
Water Quality and Wetlands                     Carol L. Lear
                                               Philip G. Mancusi-Ungaro

ENERGY AND RESOURCES                         2009-2010                      09-10        09-10 VC     Draft Action
                                                                          Leadership    Master List      Plan
Carbon Trading and Energy Finance            Roger D. Feldman                               X
                                             Lyle D. Larson
Energy and Natural Resources Litigation      Dawn A. McIntosh                               X              X
Energy and Natural Resources Market          Jeffery S. Dennis
Energy Infrastructure and Siting             Kathy G. Beckett
Forest Resources                             Candace D. Johnson
Hydro Power                                  Sonya L. Baskerville
Marine Resources                             Robin K. Craig                                 X
Mining                                       Rhett Billingsley            Billingsley       X
                                             Roy Westin Fuller              Fuller
Native American Resources                    Constance L. Rogers           Walker           X
                                             Jana L. Walker
Nuclear Power                                Tamar Jergensen Cerafici
                                             Tyson R. Smith

Oil and Gas                                Kim Harb
                                           W. John English, Jr.
Petroleum Marketing                        A. Christopher Young
Public Land and Resources                  Sam Kalen
Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources C. Baird Brown
                                           Michael J. Zimmer
Water Resources                            Wendy Bowden Crowther           Crowther          X              X
CROSS PRACTICE COMMITTEES                  2009-2010                        09-10        09-10 VC     Draft Action
                                                                          Leadership    Master List      Plan
Alternative Dispute Resolution               Edna R. Sussman                                X
Constitutional Law                           Norman A. Dupont                               X
                                             Patricia Ross McCubbin
Environmental Impact Assessment              Philip Karmel
Ethics                                       Pamela R. Esterman           Esterman
                                             Vicki J. Wright
Homeland Security                            Michael J. Penders                             X
In-House Counsel                             James M. Stuhltrager                           X
Innovation, Management Systems, and          Leah Dundon
Science and Technology                       ?

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