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									We can fight joint aches.
Advices from a patient.
I want to meet a readers with a remedies alternative medicine ,which a best helps in
arthritis,arthrosis,radiculitis,osteochondrosis,inflammations in a knee joints.
All they are simple in cooking.Created by Julja8/19/20103:38:56 AM
             Introduction.                                      Joints move when a muscle on one
1.What is arthritis.                                            side of a joint contracts and pulls on
2.1. How The Joint Works                                        the tendons that attach to a bone on
3. How Arthritis Affects The Joints                             the other side of the joint.
                                                       How Arthritis Affects The Joints
                                                       The word arthritis means joint inflammation.
We all have mornings when we wake up a                 Inflammation, a natural part of the body's
bit stiff. We all know the achy feeling that           response to injury and infection, is a
comes from working too hard in the garden,             complex process that produces swelling,
sitting too long at the computer or sleeping           pain, warmth and redness. But inflammation
in an awkward position. And, from time to              is not only a response to injury, it may
time, we have all suffered pain because                perpetuate injury as well. Significant
we've lifted a heavy object in a slightly              problems arise when inflammation is
wrong way. Even a particularly ferocious               persistent, intense or recurrent or spreads
sneeze can cause a twinge of discomfort.               to other areas of the body.
But arthritis goes far beyond these                    Joints and the surrounding areas become
occasional aches and pains.                            inflamed for a number of reasons, including
The condition that we commonly refer to as             trauma, disease, infection or merely wear
arthritis includes a number of diseases that           and tear, which naturally occurs over time.
result in inflammation, pain and stiffness,            Many forms of arthritis are thought to result
primarily in the joints and connective                 from the uncontrolled inflammation of an
tissues. Connective tissues are the                    autoimmune disease, in which the body's
supporting structures for joints, such as              defense mechanism malfunctions and
muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.             attacks its own tissues. At other times, the
In many cases, these diseases affect other             joint area becomes inflamed and tender for
parts of the body as well. Arthritic disorders         no apparent reason.
may be are chronic, but some, such as                  When joints become arthritic, swelling
gout, are intermittent. The conditions that            causes stiffness, rigidity and tissue damage.
are truly inflammatory (that is, with actual           Pain, which is the body's signal that
joint inflammation present) cause warmth               something is wrong, occurs as the joint is
and swelling, whereas others are                       moved to the brink of its own limits. As
degenerative, in which cartilage lining the            mobility decreases, the muscles
joint wears out and the amount of                      surrounding the joint also weaken, allowing
inflammation is minor.                                 for further injury to the joint. Over time, the
How The Joint Works                                    cartilage breaks down, the bone erodes and
     1. The ends of bones meet at the joint,           the joints become misshapen. It is this
          where they are cushioned by                  process, regardless of the source, that may
          cartilage, a layer of smooth pliable         develop in the worst forms of arthritis.
          tissue. Around many of the larger            There are more than 100 different types of
          joints, such as the knee, hip and            arthritis, and each has its own characteristic
          shoulder, there is a pad-like sac or         symptoms and its own course. In addition,
          cavity called the bursa, which is            the way in which the disease progresses
          lined with cells similar to those lining     varies from individual to individual. If you
          the joint. In addition to acting as a        suffer from an arthritic condition, you will
          buffer to reduce friction between the        most likely experience pain and limited
          muscle, tendon tissue and bone, this         movement at the involved sites. In chronic
          inner lining produces a fluid, synovial      forms of arthritis, there may be times when
          fluid, that keeps the joints lubricated      the disease is active (flares) and times
          and provides nutrients. Ligaments            when it is inactive (remission). Depending
          connect and support bones to keep            on the specific condition and how severe it
          them in proper alignment, whereas            is, arthritis can interfere with even the most
          tendons connect muscles to bones.            ordinary activities, such as walking,
We can fight joint aches.
Advices from a patient.
I want to meet a readers with a remedies alternative medicine ,which a best helps in
arthritis,arthrosis,radiculitis,osteochondrosis,inflammations in a knee joints.
All they are simple in cooking.Created by Julja8/19/20103:38:56 AM
dressing or bathing. In the most                       a half glass fromage.
inflammatory types of arthritis, such as               Grease ache place vegetable oil,after mass
rheumatoid arthritis, pain and stiffness are           add on a cleaning fabric and close skin.
more severe in the morning or on certain               Or fix.
days. Sometimes symptoms disappear                     Warm.
completely for considerable stretches of               Keep 1 hour,after take off,rub a sift
time, only to flare up again later.                    fabric,wrap and go to bed.
Chapter 1.                                             That healing doing 15 days.
Begin healing joint aches.                             7.Cut 1 tbl.sp.herb wormwood,add 1 glass
1.9recipes for healing joint,knee,spine                vodka.
aches.                                                 Infuse and after rub ache places.
           Chapter 1.                                  8.25 gr.cones Humulus lupulus add 1 glass
1.Take 1 table spoon cutting leaf golden               spirituse,infuse 3 days in a dark room.
tendril ,mixing with 50 gr bishofit and infuse         Filter and rub aches.
7 days.                                                Or ointment cook.
In a morning,and lunch doing rubbing a                 25 gr cones Humulus lupulus add 1 glass
mass data ache places,after warm wraping.              hot water for a full cover,boil 5 min.and
And before night do compress or rubbing                infuse,closing 8 hours.
,like you want,and with that healing drink             Filter,mix with Vaseline or nutrition lard like
decoction from a twigs raspberry.                      1 to 4 ,like 1 part decoction in 4 part lard.
2. Add on a cabbage leaf mass from 1 table             9.A few twigs calendula with a
spoon honey and vinegar,after leaf fix to              roots,leafs,flowers in hot water full
ache place,warm,and go to bed.                         covered,infuse 15 min,after apply swelling
3.In 1/3 hal l.bottle add petals yellow                joints a whole herbs,from a top add fabric
sunflower and add to a top vodka.                      weting in infusion,wrap cellophane,and
After add bottle in a dark place for 2 weeks.          warm.
1 times in a few days shake infusion.                  Swelling is fighted fastly for 10 procedures.
4.Add cologne in a ark bottle glass,add 5                       Conclusion.
pieces pepper red bitter,add 3 percent                 We are meet with a patient s experiences in
iodine,and 2 bottles valeriana.                        healing joint aches.
Shake mass,infuse 1 days.                              Consult with your doctor about selecting for
Apply masss ,like a net on ache places or              you a most effective recipe or recipes.
rub.                                                   Don’t forget use a remedies,do exercises
Best before night doing,after warm.                    and diet observing with self-massage.
In a feeling burn before grease place oil and                                 Good health to you!
again wrap.
Not wash a water.
5.0.5 kg.lemons woth peels and 250 gr
cleaning onion,garlic,black radish.
All to mince meat,mix,add in 1l.jar,mix,all
mass add in 3l.jar,after pour over cold water
boiling to a top,infuse in a dark place 21
days,filter after in other bottle.
In a jar with mass add 1 l.boiling water,and
infuse 1 day.
After mix both masses and filter.
Receiving mass use on an empty stomach 2
table spoon to the end remedy,not lost a
Be careful that mass avoid use
If you having stomach,intestine problems.
6.Shred half glass black radish,and mix with

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