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									           Engineering & Natural Sciences
           On the Job                                                So
           Engineering and natural science man-                 met
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           agers plan and direct research, devel-         almo ty years           Ext
                                                        a lab st alway ago, the             ra
           opment, and production in large and                 coat. s brou         title e
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           small companies and research labs.          engin egun op t in the l t up the i ineering
                                                                                 ast tw mag
           They hire engineers, chemists, and         wom eering c ening to               od       e of manage
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           biologists. They manage and review       engins show thlevels of s are ac In fact, t the field
           the work in a business or lab and        wom eering a e results employmtively rec oday’s
                                                   45 p en. Altho nd scien : Nearly ent. Cur ruiting
           help determine salaries. They also     from ercent fo ugh that ce mana 25 percerent sta-
                                                         the o    r         ’s            g          n
           decide what workers and equip-                     ld steall occup still belo ers today t of all
                                                                     reoty    ation       w the        are
                                                                          pe.       s, it’s       a
           ment are needed to do certain jobs.                                               a lon verage o
                                                                                                  g    way   f

           Subjects to Study
           Math, physics, chemistry, shop and technology
           courses, computer skills, speech, business

           Discover More
                                                                                   Bachelor’s degree
           Ask to shadow your own school lab coordinator for                              +
           a day or two. What kinds of jobs does he or she
           perform on a regular basis? This might include                                              Education &
           supervising other workers and volunteers, keeping
           track of chemicals and other supplies, preparing
           workstations for students, and defragging comput-
           ers, in addition to teaching students.                                       $$$$$

           Related Jobs                                                                                 Earnings
           Engineers, mathematicians, agricultural and food
           scientists, biological and medical scientists,
           conservation scientists and foresters, atmospheric
           scientists, chemists and materials scientists, envi-                    Average increase
           ronmental scientists and geoscientists, physicists
           and astronomers, computer programmers, top
                                                                                                       Job Outlook

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