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Part One: Overview of RM File and RM to iMovie Converter

As you know, RM file is Media file used by RealPlayer; contains

audio or video data or a link to a streaming media file, which is

played back as it is downloaded; commonly used for Internet radio

and Internet videos.

Some Real Media files can be played using VLC media player.

However, if you want to import RM files to iMovie for further

editing, it becomes tough. As to this, a professional RM to iMovie

converter, which capable of converting RM files to iMovie

supported formats, seems to be necessary. iOrgsoft RM to iMovie

converter   is   excellent   in   converting    RM        to   iMovie

MPEG-2/MPEG-4, RM to iMovie DV, RM to iMovie HDV, which

makes a possibility to import RM files to iMovie 08/09.

Part Two: Guide on how to Convert RM to iMovie on Mac

With following four steps, you will easily convert your RM files to
iMovie compatible format.

   Free download and launch RM to iMovie converter

   Click Add Files to load RM files for RM to iMovie conversion

on Mac

    Click Profile drop-down list to set output format, below it select

an output folder
Note: Select output format MPEG-4 Movie (*mp4) for smaller size.

Select output format DV format for best video quality.

   Click Convert Button to Convert RM video to iMovie files.
Part Three: Tip&Tricks on iMovie

Tip 1. Import Converted RM Files to iMovie for Further


   Launch iMovie, go to File > Import movies.

   Browse through movies to find the converted RM video files.

Click Import.

Tip 2. Split a Project in Two

When you split a video clip, you simply break it into two clips,

preserving both parts. You can then delete the part you don’t want or

save it to use elsewhere in your movie.

To split a video clip:

   Select a clip in the Clips pane, clip viewer, or timeline viewer.

   Drag the playhead in the scrubber bar to the frame where you

want to split the clip.

   Choose Edit > Split Video Clip at Playhead.

A new clip immediately appears.

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