Oblivion Stone by P-HarlequinEnterpri


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									Oblivion Stone
Author: James Axler

Spread across postapocalyptic North America, the nine great cities ruled by the alien-human hybrid
barons have crumbled...ushering in not defeat, but a new epoch of alien rule of Earth. But their assault is
threatened by a force of extraordinary humans, the Cerberus rebels, dedicated to freeing humanity from
the aeons of slavery that the alien Annunaki race have placed upon it.In Louisiana, a salvaged piece of
sentient spaceship signals the beginning of the long-awaited second salvo. In the wilds of Saskatchewan,
an Annunaki prince, genetically engineered as a machine of destruction, returns after 4500 years in
solitary confinement to seek vengeance against the father who betrayed him. As the self-proclaimed new
warlord of the Earth, his personal mission to harness its citizens to build his city and his army appears
unstoppable...as does his hate-filled quest to destroy the god-king Enlil, the mighty father who spawned
him in hate and fury.

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