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									Spartan Warrior Workout
Author: Dave Randolph

Designed to produce chiseled muscle, Spartan Warrior Workout employs hardcore techniques to turn
motivated athletes into battle-ready warriors. Everyone knows the difference between merely being in
shape and possessing a jaw-dropping physique that is envied by men and highly desirable to women.
This program is designed specifically to push trainers over that edge. Spartan Warrior Workout uses a
highly unorthodox and rigorous approach to traditional strength exercises for greatly increased muscular
endurance. When combined with its targeting of key muscle groups for extreme strength training, the
results are simply awesome. The arms and shoulders are sculpted with pull-ups and kettlebell lifts; the
chest is chiseled through push-ups and bench presses; and the abs and legs are shaped with a rotating
routine of jumps and weighted sit-ups. In just one month, the advanced program creates biceps, pecs,
and abs that could stop an army. The program also prepares readers for strength training with specific
diet and nutrition plans, and the book concludes with the ultimate Spartan physical challenge.
Author Bio
Dave Randolph
Dave Randolph is a certified fitness trainer who runs IronBody Fitness. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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