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									With the Boys
Author: Jake MacDonald

Whether he's duck-hunting as a kid with his father, eking out a living as an outdoor guide, tracking
bonefish in the Bahamas with various eccentric companions, doing a little urban fishing with a close pal,
eating fresh-cooked caribou, or meeting up with guys he's known since boyhood for their annual hunting
trip, Jake MacDonald shines a light on what happens when men get together in groups of two, three, or
20. Love and loss figure in these true stories, as do other pains of being mortal, but there's also much joy
in MacDonald's recounting of his 50-plus years of male pursuits. The congeniality and color of
MacDonald's prose brings these adventures vividly to life, whether he's trying to survive a dicey helicopter
ride to the barren lands, a bleary-eye crack-of-dawn breakfast of bacon and eggs, or a day trip to an
ocean full of circling sharks.

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