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                                  Peter Alexiadis
                                  T: +32 2 554 72 00
                                  F: +32 2 554 70 33
                                  Avenue Louise 480
                                  1050 Brussels, Belgium
                                  Antitrust, Trade Regulation and Electronic Communications

Peter Alexiadis is the founding partner of the Brussels office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He has
practised Community law in Brussels since 1989, where his practice is split between competition law,
communications policy, and intellectual property law. He is the holder of postgraduate legal
qualifications from the Universities of London, Sydney and Thessaloniki.

His competition practice focuses on merger control, Article 82 EC actions, advising clients on the
intellectual property/antitrust interface, and vertical distribution and licensing practices under Article
81 EC. He was lead counsel to two of the world's largest announced mergers, Vodafone/AirTouch and
WorldCom/Sprint, and led the successful Gibson Dunn team in the MCWorldCom v Commission
appeal before the CFI.

Peter's intellectual property practice consists primarily in advising clients on the interface between
intellectual property rights protection and competition law, especially as regards to innovative products
and services. He was one of a handful of European legal experts to be invited by the United States' DoJ
and FTC in May 2002 to give testimony on Hearings on "The Antitrust and Intellectual Property
Interface" in Washington DC.

His communications practice spans all aspects of regulation, policy and competition law affecting the
sector, and is divided between advice for, and the defence of, private companies, and counselling to
government institutions regarding policy development and enforcement strategy. He has led the Gibson
Dunn teams bringing Article 82 EC actions regarding discriminatory pricing (mobile sector) and anti-
competitive bundling practices (fixed line sector), and has unique experience in defining
markets/assessing market power under the new EU regulatory framework across a number of Member
States. Peter has been the project leader in a number of landmark regulatory, competition and policy
studies for the European Commission and served as external counsel to DG Competition's
Telecommunication Unit over the period 1999 to 2002.

He lectures and writes regularly on competition law and communications policy, and is the EC affairs
editor of the European Intellectual Property Review and Utilities Law Review. Peter is LLM course
coordinator of the "Competition Law and Regulated Network Industries" course at King's College,
London, a visiting lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and a visiting lecturer in
intellectual property law at the ULB's annual seminar. He is acknowledged as a leader in his field in
competition law and communications law, is listed as one of the leading attorneys in the world on
communications sector issues, and was rated as one of the 'Star Laterals of the Year 2004' by The
American Lawyer when joining Gibson Dunn.

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