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Dear Truth Seeker,

Are you tired?

Tired of all the misinformation out there about 2012?

If you've done even one Google search on the topic you know what I'm talking about...

  The Mysterious Planet X will shift into earth's rotational path and collide with our planet!
  All life that isn't immediately destroyed will be flung from the surface and into space!

  An explosion of gravity will drag the planet earth to the center of the galaxy where it will be
  swallowed up by all the other planets and possibly even a massive black hole!

  A meteor will hit the earth, causing concurrent massive tsunamis . The impact will make the
  bombing of Hiroshima look like a ripple from a pebble tossed into a lake.

Bold claims... absolutely.

Anyone claims to know what's going to happen in the future... that's pretty bold on its
own. But to predict something this huge... this life-changing...

That's super bold.
  And that's not even the worst of it.

  Because the boldest claims of all are the ones put out by the skeptics and cynics. The
  boldest claims are the ones that deny anything at all will occur.

  Because... to say nothing is going to happen, means you're just not paying attention.

  Let me be clear about this...

  There is one thing that remains completely undisputed by anyone who is truly informed...
  “Every Major Religion... Minor Religions You've Never Heard Of... Non-Religious
  Spiritualists... And Even Atheists And Agnostics Agree...”

In 2012... something will happen.


Aaaah... that's the issue in dispute. That's the issue that is
causing all the debate.

And that's where you're having the most trouble deciding
what is fact... and what is pure Hollywood fiction.

I'll give you full access to that answer in just a moment.
                                                                   Satellite Photo Of New
                                                                   Orleans During Hurricane

  If any of the experts are right. If any of the learned historians I've researched are even
  close to being correct...

  The disaster we're facing in 2012 will make the one Todd and Gene lived through seem
  like just another Monday morning.
I'll get back to their story in just a second. Right now I want to talk
about you.

You're here reading this and that tells me something.

You're searching for the truth.

That's a good thing. A good sign. Because finding the truth isn't easy.

So many are relying on the media to tell them what to think and how        Nostradamus
to feel about 2012.                                                        Predicts 2012?


 The same media that has lied to you so many times before?

 The same media that has made numerous documentaries on the subject of 2012... a
 couple dramatic films... and even cable tv specials...

 If you think this would be a good place to look for the truth, you are wrong.

 You see “Hollywood” and their dodgy attempts to bring this subject to you proves only
 one thing...

 “Hollywood Doesn't Know Squat!”

 Heck... each of their own projects has a different ending! How is that supposed to inform

 It's the same with mainstream book publishers. All different ideas... each leaving out the
 stuff that doesn't sell their premise.

        Plus you have to know what fuels that media. It's greed.

        And sometimes the truth just isn't profitable.

        Sure... scare the people a little bit and they might buy more bottled water, canned foods and
        flashlight batteries...

 But if you dare to give them...

 “Too Much Truth...”
 They might also stop buying things like new cars... furniture... electronics. That could
 mean total collapse of the financial system.

 And the media can't have that, now can they?

On something as important as the 2012 age we're entering, it's paramount that you get all the
truthful information you can...

All the input from all the proven sources...
Even when one source contradicts another.

That's what I've done with “2012: The Official Countdown”.

You get all the angles... from all the true experts.

And it's written in a compelling way that not only gets you informed but it keeps you up to
date and allows you to make the ultimate decision.

It helps you decide for yourself.

It's not some book that will gather dust on a shelf until you turn around one day and it's
December 21, 2012... Too late to do anything about it.

The package you sign up for today is the ultimate source for all things related to 2012.
Because in 2012...

 “The Strong May Survive...
 But The Informed Can Actually Thrive!”
 And I'll personally show you how.

 But before even getting to that...

 You need to absorb all the information you can. You need to make choices about your
 life... about the lives of your family members.

 And you can't do that without having the whole truth at your disposal.

 We're not just talking about learning from the printed word... 2012: The Official
 Countdown is a multi-sensory package that travels with you, no matter where you go.

 In “2012: The Official Countdown” you'll discover...
The very real impending threat of worldwide domination stemming from 2012. And how
this takeover can be accomplished with no boots on the ground at all..

The mystery of the “modern mayans”... and how the History Channel and National
Geographic may have been lying to you all along...

Exactly where you DON'T want to be on that fateful date. And where your head MUST BE
in order to thrive once all is said and done...

How a decree from the Pope himself may be the reason the truth is so hard to find. And
you'll know how to cut through the muck to separate fact from fiction...

The way in which ancient and modern beliefs intersect on the topic of 2012. Yes... scientists
and Shamen on the same side for a change...
  Whether the US will survive this calamity... and what you can “bank on” when the entire
  financial system collapses. Will cash be king?

  How the Mayan Skywatchers worked backwards to discover the precise moment the planets
  would “reset.” Is this the big do-over the world needs?

  The down and dirty truth about how the calendar we have been using for centuries is so
  inaccurate we would have done better to just carve days into a tree trunk...

“But... isn't this just another scare like Y2K
that will just fizzle out and die?”

No. Y2k was a manufactured problem that was blown up to be bigger than it ever was.

Y2k was based on early computers not using a four digit date. The fear was that once we
reached Y2k these dumb boxes would interpret that to mean 1901... or even 0001.

A tiny software patch and voila... disaster averted.

2012 is based on historical anomaly, scientific fact and spiritual coincidence.

“But... nobody can really know when
the earth will end, right?”

I can only answer that for you by saying there are ancient people who thought they knew.
And when modern science digs into their ideas it makes some of the brightest minds on
the planet say... “Hmmmm... you know, it could be...”

Plus, when you look into just how accurate our modern calendars are, the predictions are
eerily more accurate then ever imagined.

“But... this stuff isn't in the bible. And if it's not
in the bible, it just ain't true!”

Who said this wasn't in the bible?

Which bible are you reading? Because... I promise you, it's in there.

And I'll show you where.

“UFOs... End Of Times Predictions... Men In Black... Secret Government conspiracies...
isn't all that Hollywood bunk?”

Many believe so.

But today there is real evidence that some of it's real. And in 2012: The Official
Countdown I help you separate the real from the fake... the wheat from the chaff... the
meat from the bone.

But ultimately I'm not going to force feed you an answer. By the time you devour the
information you're getting, you'll be able to tell me the answer.

“There are tons of so called experts on this subject. Why you, James? Why should
anyone listen to you?”
I'm only here to help.

I'm not trying to get anything from you. I'm not looking for “followers.” It's just that story
of Todd and Gene...

The hugeness of what's coming is frightening. And when facing something that big, I just
don't want you to end up being Gene.

That's why I'm here. That's why you're here.

And... to prove I'm only here to help I'm going to make the whole thing risk- free for you.
That's right...

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