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					                             American Bar Association
                  Section of Real Property Probate and Trust Law

                           Strategic Planning Project Grid

   Updated October 17, 2007 to Incorporate Staff, Leadership and Standing
                           Committee comments

   Ref.                 Task                    Responsibility to   Implementation Schedule and
                                                 Monitor and                  Notes

1. Improve Service to Profession and Public [CLE (all are CLE related except 1K)]

1A           Repackage, sell, and promote        CLE Committee     1. Both TE and RP have
FOCUS        CLE to reach larger, non-                              instituted monthly
ITEM         active member and non-                                 teleconferences and attendance
             member base;                                           has been good (about 5500
             Expand distance learning                               registrants in 2007-2008
             opportunities, including                               representing Section revenues
             teleconference CLE programs                            of over $230,000); 2. A
             within both Divisions,                                 teleconference series is being
             explore audio pod-casting                              presented in 2007-2008 from
             [combining prior 1A and 1G]                            the Young Lawyers Institute in
                                                                    2007; 3. Sessions from the
                                                                    spring meeting have been made
                                                                    available as teleconferences; 4.
                                                                    Materials from spring and fall
                                                                    meeting have been made
                                                                    available on the website; 5.
                                                                    Materials – audio and written -
                                                                    from teleconferences are
                                                                    available through ABA
                                                                    Video webcasting is still
                                                                    impractical in most instances
                                                                    due to cost and other factors,
                                                                    but audio teleconference with
                                                                    webcast for written materials is
                                                                    possible. Video web-casting
                                                                    from a live meeting is VERY
                                                                    expensive and results in poor
                                                                    quality for the remote viewers.
                                                                    The preferred method for video
                                                                    casting is to deliver the
                                                                    program live from a studio
                                                                    (ABA-CLE has studios in
                                                                    Chicago and DC). We have

 Ref.               Task                    Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule and
                                             Monitor and                    Notes
                                                                  discussed this delivery method
                                                                  and it would be great for a
                                                                  program that benefits from
                                                                  visual aids and that will have a
                                                                  very high attendance (over
                                                                  1000 participants)

1B      Continue to explore joint               Officers         Blossoming relationship with
FOCUS   initiatives and                         Planning         Young Lawyers Division
ITEM    communications with other                Committee        (including YLI at Spring
        Sections and professional                Study Group to   Meetings and teleconferences
        organizations (Related to                study            from those sessions);
        Item 2D)                                 relationship     RP Division will present an RP
                                                 with YLD         program at the YLD 2008
                                                Planning         Spring Meeting;
                                                 Committee        TE and RP Divisions both
                                                 Study Group to   participate in Synergy
                                                 study            Summits; Presentation of Estate
                                                 relationships    Planning Basics program at
                                                 with other       National Bar Association
                                                 groups           meeting; Exploring increasing
                                                                  relationship with AICPA and
                                                                  other outside groups

1C      Develop CLE programs on                 CLE Committee    Not much done here.
FOCUS   negotiating skills and                  Young Lawyers    Focus on increased cooperation
ITEM    interpersonal skills for                 Institute        with Law Practice Management
        younger lawyers (e.g.,                                    Section
        business etiquette; tips for                              This is a focus area for TE
        public speaking)                                          Division in 2007-2008

1D      Explore benefits of liaisons            Planning         Planning Committee Study
FOCUS   with parallel sections of state          Committee        Group for 2006-2007
ITEM    and local bar associations              Standing         continuing to coordinate liaison
         Review other Sections                  Committees       opportunities, especially
           local bar initiatives                                  making speakers available
         Analyze benefit of                                      regarding NCCUSL projects.
           sharing/providing CLE                                  Preparing live program in
           programs and speakers                                  Chicago, Real Estate 101. Use
           with local bar associations                            as bridge to working with local
         Analyze coordination                                    bars.
           opportunities with                                     Community Outreach Program
           NCCUSL/Uniform Acts                                    can partner with affiliated local
         Develop a target contact                                bar associations
         Develop a specific
           message to use in the
     Ref.               Task                      Responsibility to      Implementation Schedule and
                                                   Monitor and                     Notes
               Assign oversight for these
                projects to an existing
                committee/task force or to
                a newly created one if

1E          Continue to obtain more                   ABA staff         On-going effort; have
            favorable rates for hotels,                                  continued discounts for young
            registration, and other matters                              lawyers
            for young lawyers

1F          Target CLE for different                  CLE Committee     On-going effort; eCLE is a
            audiences: basic, cost-                                      major way of addressing this;
            effective, high end, and                                     on-line skills training program;
            sophisticated                                                Young Lawyers Institute for TE
                                                                         and RP Divisions in 2007; YLI
                                                                         teleconference series; planning
                                                                         underway for 2008 YLI; on-line
                                                                         skills training program;
                                                                         (Formal “tracking” at live
                                                                         meetings has diminished in
                                                                         programming other than YLI)

1G          Continue the high quality                 CLE               On-going effort
            expert level CLE that                      Committee, with
            includes national luminaries               input from
            as speakers                                Planning
1H          Continue to develop and                   Community         On-going effort; Community
            expand general training                    Outreach          Outreach programs are
            opportunities for minority                 Committee         expanding into new cities; New
            lawyers                                   CLE Committee     course on guardianship for New
                                                                         York in 2007; Community
                                                                         Outreach coordinating day of
                                                                         activities to introduce high
                                                                         school students to law including
                                                                         example law school classes
1I          Develop ways to increase                  Planning          On-going effort; include down-
            attendance and revenues for                Committee         loadable forms in program
            CLE programs                              CLE               materials
1J          Develop ways to use                       Planning          On-going effort; expanded
            meetings and other venues to               Committee         Fellows Program; Increase
            locate and nurture new                    Committee on      participation of young attorneys
            leadership and to create sense             Groups and        on programs (See Item 4F)
            of connection                              Committees
1K          Continue to increase                      Probate and       On-going effort; have been very
            credibility and experience                 Trust Division    active with blanket authority
Ref.               Task                 Responsibility to   Implementation Schedule and
                                         Monitor and                  Notes
       with IRS, Treasury personnel,      Groups            submissions to the IRS and
       and regulatory agencies          Gatekeeper         Congressional leaders
                                          Task Force

 Ref.                Task                 Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule and
                                         Monitor and Report               Notes

2. Improve Communications Within the Section and Outside the Section. [Communications
Committee predominantly]

2A    Improve the marketing                 CLE Committee      On-going effort; but brochure
FOCUS perspective for the Section,          Communication      development is extremely time
ITEM  including the marketing of             Committee          consuming for the CLE
      CLE meetings, and have                Planning           volunteers; Planning group has
      someone responsible for                Committee          been formed to coordinate
      overall marketing                     Section Office     detailed plans for 2008 Spring

2B    Provide high quality                  Publications       On-going effort; need to
FOCUS information to all members,            Committee          enhance committee and group
ITEM  including non-active members          CLE Committee      websites
                                            Group Chairs
                                             (web pages for
                                             within each

2C    Keep "FAQs" sections of               Technology         This needs work; focus item to
FOCUS website fresh (high level of           Committee          TE Division FAQs for 2007-
ITEM  public visits)                                            2008

2D    Continue outreach to ACREL,           Officers           On-going effort
FOCUS ACTEC, ACMA, ICSC, YLD,               Planning
ITEM  Synergy Summits, AICPA,                Committee          The two Divisions are each
      National Bar Association               (Subcommittee is   involved in a Synergy Summit
       and other relevant                    studying this)     with other related professional
      professional groups (Related to       Communication      groups. Gatekeeper Initiative is
      Item 1B)                               Committee          an example of how these groups
                                                                can interact (but not necessarily
                                                                agree) on pressing current
                                                                issues that transcend such

2E       Continue to develop strong         Division Vice      On-going effort; we need to
         communications between              Chairs             better communicate to Group
         Group Chairs and Vice-Chairs,      Group Chairs and   Chairs at the time of their
         SCMs and CLE Committee              Vice-Chairs        appointment their obligation to
                                            SCMs               create CLE; CLE annual
                                            CLE Committee      calendar developed; Develop
                                                                organizational chart of staff,
                                                                Groups, Committees

 Ref.                Task                  Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule and
                                          Monitor and Report               Notes

2F      Improve and institutionalize         Planning           Institution of RPTE eREPORT;
        the information flow through          Committee          focus on getting recurring
        the Section with the new E-          Publication        reports from Groups for
        publication, consolidating the        Committee          eREPORT; On-going effort
        current Bulletin, E-Dirt and E-      Communication
        State                                 Committee

2G      Reduce redundancy of                 Officers           There is now much less
        information presented at             Chairs of          redundancy at meetings; very
        Section meetings                      Standing           little repetition from Subcouncil
                                              Committees         meetings into Council meetings

2H      Coordinate implementing new          Communication      Ongoing effort
        Section name                          Committee

2I      Continue to develop formal           Officers           On-going effort
        coordination and                     Consider using
        communication among                   Council members    Quarterly conference calls of all
        Standing Committees                   who are not        standing committees are an
                                              SCMs. Need to      example of current
                                              identify non-SCM   communication efforts
                                              Council members
                                              who would be
                                              interested in
                                              assuming this
2J      Continue to assist and reach         Section Chair,     ABA media person constantly
        out to the press on appropriate       Chair-Elect and    funnels reporter interview
        topics                                Division Vice-     requests; Groups have
             a. consider training for         Chairs             responded to most of those
        communications with press            Communication      requests; Need focus to being
                                              Committee          more proactive in getting out
                                             CLE Committee      messages from the Section.
                                                                 There are media training
                                                                 opportunities, but we have not
                                                                 done a good job pushing our
                                                                 leaders to take advantage of
                                                                 those opportunities

 Ref.               Task                 Responsibility to Implementation Schedule and
                                        Monitor and Report               Notes
2K      Target market directly to        Communication    Young Lawyers Institute at
        young lawyers (Related to         Committee        2007 Spring Meeting; Planning
        Items 1A, 1B, 1C, 1E, 1F, and                      underway for 2008 YLI; YLI
        4G)                                                teleconference series being
                                                           implemented in 2007-2008;
                                                           eCLE also accomplishes this
                                                           goal; pod casting will enhance
                                                           efforts; consider developing our
                                                           CLE product for use by large
                                                           law firms in in-house training

  Ref.                Task                   Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule
                                              Monitor and

3. Improve Section Operations [Committee on Groups/Planning Committee/Officers]

3A        Strengthen Section ties with       Section officers   On-going effort; have worked
FOCUS     Tax Law Section and Law                                with Tax Section on Fall CLE
ITEM      Practice Management Section                            meeting, patent issues,
                                                                 charitable planning issues,
                                                                  and several other projects; have
                                                                 worked with LPM on various
                                                                 initiatives; focus on practice
                                                                 management issues for Section
                                                                 members and coordination with
                                                                 LPM Section

3B        Train Group Chairs in CLE          CLE Committee      On-going effort at Fall
FOCUS     and group management               Committee on       Leadership meeting; Group
ITEM                                          Groups and         Chair quarterly conference
                                              Committees         calls; First conference call of
                                                                 the year focuses on “best
                                                                 practices” training;
                                                                 Development of “Groups and
                                                                 Committees Best Practices”
3C        Monitor Communication              Planning           On-going effort; address
          Committee's activities in           Committee          specific goals with
          marketing, media and general                           Communications Committee

3D        Develop continuity by              Section Chairs     Review at Planning Committee
          implementing the strategic         Planning           meetings in Fall, Spring and
          plan                                Committee          August; Add implementation
                                                                 items to Policy and Procedures

3E        Encourage an annual            May take various        On-going effort; may need to
          committee work product         forms, such as CLE,     reinstate some form of
                                         forms for website,      committee reporting; ;
                                         and articles for        encourage at least one Probate
                                         Section publications.   & Property article and one
                                         Group chairs should     teleconference form each Group
                                         logically have this     each year

3F        Conduct and evaluate                Group Chairs      On-going effort; has been
          programs at Group level with        SCMs              implemented since Spring 2005
          all substantive committee           CLE Committee     meeting
          involved                            Planning
     Ref.               Task                    Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule
                                                 Monitor and

3G          Develop Master Calendars for        Committee on       On-going effort
            Standing Committees and              Groups and
            Leaderships                          Committees

3H          Draw on the talents of past         Officers           On-going effort
            leadership to achieve Section       Planning
            objectives                           Committee

3I          Improving quality and               Publications       Section Advisory Committee
            quantity of submissions to           Committee          monitor and follow up on
            Real Property, Trust and            Section Advisory   suggestions and make contacts
            Estate Journal                       Committee          with prospective authors;
                                                                    Student writing competitions
3J          Improve appointment process         Officers           Adopt approach of a 2-year
            with more regular time frames                           cycle of appointments with a 4
                                                                    year maximum as a particular
                                                                    Committee Chairs or Vice-
3K          Continue to focus on ABA            Officers           On-going effort
            Standing Committee

     Ref.                 Task                  Responsibility to   Implementation Schedule
                                                 Monitor and

4. Increase Quantity and Diversity of Section Membership [Membership/Diversity

4A              Develop an outreach        Planning and             On-going effort; tried but
                program to major law firms Membership               not successful; Membership
                                           Committees               Committee says most active
                                            Develop a target       persons come from small
                                              list of firms         firms; Utilize ABA staff
                                            Develop a list of      person in charge of outreach
                                              Section leaders       to large law firms; Involve
                                              to make contact       former chairs/leaders in
                                            Develop a              membership outreach
                                              specific message      (including to large firms)
4B              Increase opportunities to   Groups                 On-going effort; utilized
                new young lawyers to        Committee on           young lawyers as
                speak and teach               Groups and            moderators at Spring 2007
                                              Committees            Young Lawyer Institute and
                                            CLE Committee          at teleconference series of
                                                                    basics programs from YLI;
                                                                    Membership Committee
                                                                    can't make this work;
                                                                    Committee on Groups and
                                                                    Committees should direct
                                                                    groups and committees to
                                                                    implement. Put a new
                                                                    young lawyer on each
                                                                    Roundtable and make
                                                                    him/her responsible for
                                                                    keeping the discussion
                                                                    Make this a part of Group
                                                                    Chair training

4C              Encourage every active           All leadership    On-going effort; New
                Section member to bring                             member competition
                one new person to next
                meeting (whether from
                his/her own firm or another

4D              Develop opportunities to         Membership        On-going effort; focus on
                attract more diverse              Committee         options for next year’s
                lawyers to existing              CLE Committee     spring meeting;
                meetings                                            Network with specific
                                                                    diverse attorneys;
                                                                    Co-sponsor with minority
     Ref.              Task                    Responsibility to     Implementation Schedule
                                                Monitor and
                                                                    bars in DC for spring
                                                                    Co-sponsor with minority
                                                                    bars for Joint Fall Meeting;
                                                                    Use Community Outreach
                                                                    program as a gateway to
                                                                    Section participation
4E          Analyze means to increase           Planning           In-House Counsel Task
            involvement on in-house              Committee          Force report approved and
            counsel in Section and              Membership         formation of In-House
            benefits of developing in-           Committee          Counsel Special Committee
            house counsel group                 In-House
                                                 Counsel Special
4F          Provide more opportunities          Planning           On-going identification of
            for involvement by                   Committee          ABA task forces (e.g. IP/EP
            "official family" members           Section Officers   Task Force; Attorney-Client
                                                                    Privilege Task Force)
4G          Determine what young                YLN Network        On-going effort; ABA
            lawyers want from the               Membership         studies on this topic have
            Section either through               Committee          been shared with
            focus groups or other               Fellows            Membership Committee.
            methods                                                 YLN has instituted programs
                                                                    at live meetings to try to get
                                                                    young lawyers involved

4H          Encourage attorneys to              Membership         Organized and presented
            practice in real estate and          Committee          Careers Program in Chicago
            trust and estate law and                                at ABA Headquarters for
            acquaint them with                                      law students seeking careers
            advantages of Section                                   in trust and estate law or real
            membership                                              property law

 Ref.                Task                 Responsibility to   Implementation Schedule
                                         Monitor and Report

5. Prior Initiatives Deemed Completed

5A       Encourage more uniform
         quality in CLE

5B       Develop Mission Statement for
         each Division