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   What is
•The “popcorn” of the writing world is
onomatopoeia, or sound effect words.

•Onomatopoeia is just the tool a writer
needs to describe sounds made by
common objects, animals, or nature.
      Sound Words
•Sound words are used to create
specific sounds or moods.
•These can give your stories,
poems, plays, or comic strips just
the right zing!
        Animal Sounds

• Cow

• Cat

• Pig
         People Sounds

• Baby

• Person snoring

• 4th grader eating
        Machine Sounds

• Telephone

• Car

• Chainsaw
         Hitting Sounds

• Bat

• Drum

• Boxing
          More Sounds

• Blast

• Bird

• Keyboarding
Putting Onomatopoeia to
• When Hollywood makes a movie, an
  artist creates special sound effects
  so the action will seem real.
• Onomatopoeia, especially when read
  aloud, can make your writing come
  alive just like sound effects in the
Fasten your seatbelts,         Loose change and sunglasses,
All hands inside,              Fly from your pocket.
Everyone aboard for the        Swoop round the sharp bend,
Roller coaster ride!           Twisting in a loop,
Click-clack, click-clack       Scream like a Banshee,
Creeping up the hill,          Yelling out a whoop!
Daredevil laughter,            Sail down the valleys,
Ready for the thrill.          Race up the hills,
S-L-O-W-L-Y, S-L-O-W-L-Y       Nothing else can equal
Cresting to the top,           Roller coaster thrills.
Hands start to tremble,        Clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
Hearts almost stop.            Round the final bend,
Plunge down the steep slope,   Why does every roller coaster
Faster than a rocket,          Have…to…have…an…end?
Onomatopoeia, My what a
                                 I think that when you’ve
word! It means every
                                 read this list, you’ll get the
sound effect you have ever
                                 main idea…All these crazy
heard. Crash, crunch, zing,
                                 sound effects are
zip, meow, munch, roar, rip,
                                 onomatopoeia! Once you
sizzle, crackle, splat,
                                 learn to say that word you
kerplunk, bang, clank, woof,
                                 kind of want to yell it, but
thunk, hiss, whiz, oink,
                                 even though you yell the
moo, pong, ping, bong, bing,
                                 word I bet you cannot spell
sniff, snap, cough, achoo,
                                 it! You can learn to spell
dong, ding, pong, ping,,
                                 this word in just a single
bong, bing, zap, zing!
       Start off with a “BANG”!
Onomatopoeia-The use of words whose
sound makes you think of their meaning.
•   Buzz              •   Smack
•   Zip               •   Gulp
•   Slurp             •   Crush
•   Snip              •   Drip
•   Pop               •   Creek
•   Ding              •   Sizzle
•   Hiss              •   Snap
 Summarization of what
    we have learned
• Onomatopoeia is used to bring to life a
  story, poem, play, or movie.
• Onomatopoeia, or sound effects greatly
  enhances the author’s writing.
• Onomatopoeia helps you think of the
  meaning of the sound.
• Onomatopoeia describes sounds made by
  common objects, animals, or nature.
• Onomatopoeia is fun to use and spell!
      Creating Onomatopoeia
  Here’s a chance to create crazy sound
   effects and put those sounds into
1. Bacon cooking--sizzle
2. A crying baby—waaa!
3. A newborn kitten—meow
4. A window breaking—crash!
 To my little chickadees!

Way to go! I love you
 all very much!
 Thanks for making
 teaching so special!
 A round of
 applause to you all!