Administration Finance Section Bylaws

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					Bylaws of the Section on Administration and Finance

Article I: Name
This Section shall be known as the Section on Administration and Finance.

Article II: Purposes
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       a       To foster professionalism among NABE members who are responsible and/or directly involved in the
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               amnsrto adfnneo terrsetv brascain.

       b       To establish a forum in NABE for the exchange of information related to the administrative and financial
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               fntoso brascain.

       c       To provide educational programming to bar staff to enhance and improve the quality of the work product
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               i teaeso amnsrto adfnne

       d       To recognize the importance of sound administrative and financial procedures and practices as an integral
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               pr o brascainsrnt.

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               pertinent professional information between numbers.

Article III: Membership
Membership in the Section shall be open to any member of the National Association of Bar Executives, and whose
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June 1 - May 31.

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AtceI: Ofcr

       A.       lce fies
                h fies f h eto hl oss f hipro, iecaresn    ertr
               Teofcr o teScinsalcnito acaresn avc-hipro,asceay
                n  raue.

       B.      Qualifications and Terms of Office
                l fies ut e ebr f h eto. h em f fie hl e n er o h hipro, h
               Alofcr ms b mmeso teScin Tetr o ofc salb oeya frtecaresn te
                iecaresn h ertr n h raue. fies r o etitd o evn
               vc-hipro,tesceayadtetesrr Ofcr aentrsrce t srigasnl tr bt                                ige em u
               may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in any one office. The term of each officer shall begin
                t h ls f h eto’ nul etn ed uig h
               a tecoeo teScinsAna Meighl drn te                                NABE Annual Meeting following his
                r e lcin n otnig ni
               o hreeto,adcniun utlascesri eetdo qaiiducso s lce r ulfe.

       C.      Vacancies During Term of Office
                f h fie f h eto hipro eoe aat h iecaresn hl meitl
               I teofcso teScincaresnbcmsvcn,tevc-hipro salimdaey
                uce o h fie f hipro o h eann em f n te eto fie r oni et
               scedt teofc o caresnfrtermiigtr. I ayohrScinofcso Cuclsas
                eoe aat h oni a, t t icein pon nte eto ebr o ht fie o h
               bcm vcn,teCuclmy a isdsrto,apitaohrScinmme t ta ofc frte
               remaining term.
Article V: Duties of Officers

       A.     Chairperson
               h h i p r o h l r s d t l e t n s f h e t o n h l e f r l uis
              T e C a r e s n s a l p e i e a a l m e i g o t e S c i n a d s a l p r o m a l dte
                etiig o ht fie
               prann t ta ofc.

       B.     Vice-Chairperson
               h iecaresn hl sit h hipro n efrig h ucin f ht fie hn
              Tevc-hipro salass tecaresni promn tefntoso ta ofc we
               euse o o o
              rqetdt d s.

       C.      ertr
               h ertr hl ep iue f h eto, eod l te etnn
              T e s c e a y s a l k e m n t s o t e S c i n r c r a l o h r p r i e tmatters and perform
               uh te uis s h hipro f h oni hl iet
              sc ohrdte a tecaresno teCuclsaldrc.

       D.     Treasurer
               h raue hl ep eod f h iaca tnig f h eto, olc n ibre ud,
              Tetesrrsalke arcr o tefnnilsadn o teScin cletaddsus fns
              make a financial report at each meeting of the Section to the chairperson and/or the membership and to
              the NABE Executive Committee and perform such other duties as the chairperson or the Council
               hl iet

Article VI: Council
 h oni f h eto hl oss f h hipro, h iecaresn h ertr n h
TeCuclo teScinsalcnito tecaresn tevc-hipro,tesceayadte
 raue, oehr ih ie 5 tlre oni ebr lce y h eto. h tlre oni hl c s
tesrr tgte wt fv ()a-ag Cuclmmeseetdb teScin Tea-ag Cuclsalata
 ersnaie f h ebrhp n efr uh uis s h hipro f h oni hl iet oni
rpeettvso temmesi adpromsc dte a tecaresno teCuclsaldrc. Cucl
 ebr hl ev em f w er n h em hl e tgee o ht h em f o oe hn he 3
mmessalsretrso toyasadtetrssalb sagrds ta tetrso ntmr ta tre()
 ebr xie n er h oni hl ae eea uevso n oto f h far f h eto ujc o
mmesepr i aya. TeCuclsalhv gnrlspriinadcnrlo teafiso teScinsbett
the bylaws of the NABE and the Section.

Article VII: Committees

       A.     Committee on Special Projects
              A Committee on Special Projects shall consist of at least six (6) members one-third of whom shall be
               pone nuly y h hi o ev o                     em f he er 3 r ni
              apitdanal b teCart srefratr o treyas()o utlascesri apitd I                     ucso s pone. t
               hl e h uy f hs omte o osdr n eeo pca rjcs o mrvn rfsinl
              salb tedt o ti cmitet cnie addvlpseilpoet fripoigpoesoa
              competence to benefit the Administrative and Finance Section members with financial and administrative
              responsibility and any NABE member with a need or interest.

       B.     Committee on Technology
              A Committee on Technology shall consist of at least six (6) members one-half of whom shall be
               pone nuly y h hi o ev o                    em f he er 3 r ni
              apitdanal b teCart srefratr o treyas()o utlascesri apitd I                   ucso s pone. t
               hl e h uy f hs omte o eeo, anan n oio h etos e ie n itev n
              salb tedt o ti cmitet dvlp miti admntrteScin’wbst adlssr i
                                                                                                      il rvd
              order to promote communication between Section members. In addition,the committee w l p o i e
               nomto n sit n h eeomn f pca rjcs eaig o ehooy ht ol eei
              ifrainadass i tedvlpeto seilpoet rltn t tcnlg ta wudbnft
              Section members in their administrative duties and any NABE member with a need or interest.

Article VIII: Nomination and Election of Officers

       A.     Nominating Committee
              Prior to the Annual Meeting of the Section, the chairperson shall appoint a Nominating Committee of
               ie 5 ebr. h meit at hipro f h eto hl hi hs omte. t es
              fv ()mmes Teimdaeps caresno teScinsalcarti cmite A lat
              120 days before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall issue a general “call for nomina
              tions” to all members of the Section soliciting names of proposed nominees. Members of the Nominating
              Committee shall not be eligible for nomination as officers or Council members. The Nominating
                omte hl rpr               eot otiig t oiain o n addt o ah f h fie f
               Cmitesalpeaearpr cnann isnmntosfroecniaefrec o teofcso
               chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and members of the Council whose term(s) will
               expire. This report shall be mailed to each member of the Section, or published in the NABE Newsletter
                o ae                            or o h n u l e t n .
               n l t r than ninety (90) days pri t t e A n a M e i g

       B.      Additional Nominations
               Additional nominations for any office to be filled by election at the Annual Meeting may be made
                y umtig o h hipro f h oiaig omte, o ae hn it 6) as ro o h
               b sbitn t tecaresno teNmntn Cmite n ltrta sxy(0 dy pirt te
                nul etn, r y n lent edie eetd y h eto oni, rte ie eiin
               Ana Meig o b a atraedaln slce b teScinCucl awitnln ptto
                ind y t es ie 5 ebr f h eto ersnig ie 5 r oe mlyr. uh eiin
               sge b a latfv ()mmeso teScinrpeetn fv ()o mr epoes Sc ptto
                hl tt h ae f h addt n h oiin o hc e r h s o e oiae. oiain
               salsaetenm o tecniaeadtepsto frwihh o sei t b nmntd Nmnto
                f addts rm h lo t h nul etn hl o e emte.
               o cniae fo tefora teAna Meigsalntb pritd

       C.      Elections Committee
                n h vn f otse lcin h eto hipro hl pon n lcin omte
               I teeeto acnetdeeto,teScincaresnsalapita EetosCmite
               consisting of three (3) members of the Section, designating one of these members as chairperson of
               the committee.

       D.      Ballots and Voting in Contested Elections
                n h v n f o t s e l c i n h l c i n o m t e h l , o a e h n hry 3) as ro o
               I t e e e t o a c n e t d e e t o , t e E e t o s C m i t e s a l n t l t r t a tit (0 dy pirt
                                                                                                 rpr rte alt,
               the Annual Meeting, or by an alternate deadline selected by the Section Council, p e a e w i t n b l o s
               as determined by the Section Election Procedures, and mail them to all Section members determined to
                e n od tnig n h ae f h aln. opee alt hl e eund y al o h hi
               b i go sadn o tedt o temiig Cmltdblossalb rtre b mi t tecar
                esn f h lcin omte y ae eetd y h eto oni. alt o eund y h
               pro o teEetosCmiteb adt slce b teScinCucl Blosntrtre b te
                eintd ae hl o e one. n h vn ht addt ie
               dsgae dt salntb cutd I teeetta acniaeflsaptto t rnfroeo te                eiin o u o n f h
               Council seats, the names of all candidates slated by the Nominating Committee, as well as the name(s) of
                n eiin addt() n uh te nomto hl e ietd y h eto lcin rcdrs
               ayptto cniaes adsc ohr ifrainsalb drce b teScineeto poeue
                r h eto oni, hl e lcd n h alt h prpit ubr f addts eevn h
               o teScinCucl salb pae o teblo. Teaporaenme o cniae rciigte
               highest number of votes shall be declared elected to the Council for a two-year term commencing at the
               close of the Annual Meeting.

       E        lcin
                1 otse lcin. h lcin omte hl on n auae l alt eiee y h
               () C n e t d E e t o s T e E e t o s C m i t e s a l c u t a d t b l t a l b l o s d l v r d b t e
                   eintd ae eemnd l hlegs n usin rsn n oncin ih h ih o oe
                  dsgae dt;dtrie alcalne adqetosaiigi cneto wt tergtt vt;
                   n efr te cs o sue ar lcin o alt hl e pnd eoe h n f h
                  adpromohrat t asr afi eeto. N blossalb oee bfr teedo te
                   altn eid h eut f h oig hl e none s on s osbe t h nul
                  bloigpro. Tersl o tevtn salb anucda so a psil a teAna
                   etn. h addt eevn h lrlt f h oe at o ah oiin hl e elrd
                  Meig Tecniaerciigtepuaiyo tevtscs frec psto salb dcae
                   lce o uh oiin o evr n-er em r ni h et nul etn xet ht t
                  eetdt sc psto t sre aoeya tr,o utltenx Ana Meigecp ta a-
                  large Council members shall be declared elected to such position to serve a two-year term. The
                   el-lce fies hl ae fie t h ls f h at uies eso f h nul et
                  nwyeetdofcr saltk ofc a tecoeo tels bsns ssino teAna Me-
                   n. n h vn f             i oe hs rsn t h nul etn hl oe o ra h i.
                  ig I teeeto atevt,toepeeta teAna Meigsalvt t bektete

               (2) Uncontested Elections. Unopposed candidates shall be elected by motion at the Annual Meeting to
                         ev      n-er em r ni h et nul etn. npoe tlre
                        s r e a o e y a t r , o u t l t e n x A n a M e i g U o p s d a - a g Council members shall
                            e lce y oin t h nul etn o ev
                           b eetdb mto a teAna Meigt sreatoya tr.          w-er em

Article IX: Meetings
The Sections Annual and Midyear Meetings shall be held concurrent with the Annual and Midyear Meetings of the
National Association of Bar Executives. Regional meetings, seminars and Council meetings may be held during the
 nei t uh ie n lcs eintd y h hipro.
itrma sc tmsadpae dsgae b tecaresn
Article X: Quorum
 t eua etns f h etos h rsne f e 1) ebr hl osiue urm o h rnato f n
A rglrmeig o teScin,tepeec o tn(0 mmessalcnttt aqou frtetascino ay
 uies n hs eto.
bsns i ti Scin

Article XI: Dues and Voting Privileges
The dues of this section shall be set by the Section Council, and approved by the NABE Executive Committee. Dues
shall be payable on or before June 1. Each paid up member present at a general membership meeting of the Section is
 nild o n oe
ette t oevt.

Article XII: Amendments
        A.       oe
                These Bylaws shall be amended if two-thirds (2/3) of the members qualified to vote who are present at
                any regular or special meeting, approve such amendment(s), provided a quorum is present.

        B.       oie
                Copies of the proposed amendment(s) shall be forwarded to every eligible voting member of the Section
                 o ae hn wny 2) as ro o uh etn.
                n ltrta tet (0 dy pirt sc ameig

        C.      Approval.
                No amendment shall be effective until subsequently approved by the Executive Committee of the
                National Association of Bar Executives. The Section shall present its proposed amendments to the
                                                                                                 wny 2) as ro
                Executive Committee of the National Association of Bar Executives no later than t e t ( 0 d y p i r
                to the next scheduled meeting of the committee.

Article XIII: Effective Date of Bylaws
These Bylaws shall become effective upon their approval by the Executive Committee of the National Association of Bar

              tt f oiy
Article XIV: S a e o P l c
All actions of the Section on Administration and Finance are subject to the review and approval of the Executive Com-
 ite f h ainl soito f a xctvs
mte o teNtoa Ascaino BrEeuie.

Article XV:    Dissolution
 f hr hl e islto f n eto, n ud n h rauy f h eto hl e rnfre o h eea
I teesalb adsouino ayScin ayfnsi tetesr o teScinsalb taserdt tegnrl
funds of the National Association of Bar Executives.