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					Scheduling to Enhance Law School
               Mission and Values

                 Southwestern Law School
                    Los Angeles, California
                                      Doreen Heyer
         Associate Dean for Academic Administration
                                     Austen Parrish
                     Vice Dean and Professor of Law
                           An Overview

1. The Mission
2. Enhancing the Mission
3. Nudging Others?
1. Southwestern’s Mission
                                        The Mission

             Our Formal Mission Statement

 “The mission of Southwestern Law School is to produce
  highly-skilled graduates who are capable of integrating
theory and practice to meet the challenges of the twenty-
   first century. Through excellent faculty committed to
       promoting the highest level of professionalism,
      Southwestern seeks to create a vibrant academic
  community with a student-centered approach to legal
                                           The Mission

               Southwestern: Who We Are…

•   100 Year History: established in 1911, as the second
    law school in Los Angeles, in the heart of Los Angeles.
•   Clear Founding Mission: founded on strong academic
    and scholarly ambitions, with a mission of providng
    access to underrepresented groups.
•   Strength in Diversity: one of the most diverse schools
    in the nation.
•   Changes in Legal Education: recognized
    for our curricular innovations.
                                         The Mission

     Recent History: A Period of Remarkable Change…

•   Facilities Expansion: $30 mil. campus expansion in late
    1990s, plans to build student housing and 5-6 additional
    campus buildings over next 4-5 years.
•   Curricular Reform: revamped first-year and upper
    division curriculum over past 5 years.
•   Tremendous Growth in Faculty Hiring: a significant
    amount of lateral and entry-level hiring.
                                           The Mission

          Focusing on Two Aspects of the Mission

•   Theory to Practice: A Lawyer’s Law School

•   Flexibility and Choice: Scheduling for Non-traditional
2. Enhancing the Mission
                                  Enhancing the Mission

               Enhancing “Theory to Practice”

•   A three track legal writing program (“LAWS”).
•   A first-year elective.
•   A January Intersession.
•   Capstone courses.
•   Floating mini-term courses.
•   Clinics, externships, practicums.
                                Enhancing the Mission

             Enhancing Flexibility and Choice
•   PLEAS: a 4-year, part-time program for students with
    child-care or elder-care responsibilities.
•   SCALE: a 2-year, accelerated skills program.
•   Evening: a 4-year, part-time program for working
•   An Online LL.M. Program: an online LL.M. program in
    Entertainment and Media Law.
•   Dual Degrees: a 4-year MBA/JD and MAM/JD program
    with Claremont; and a 3-3 program with Cal. State
    Dominguez Hills
3. Nudging: Practical Considerations
                               Practical Considerations

               Challenges to Implementation
•   Complexity of scheduling….
•   Challenges with co-curricular activities….
•   Challenges with academic support….
•   Challenges with facilities/space….
•   Faculty buy-in (and staff too!)….
•   Importance of strategic planning….
Happy to discuss more if helpful…

     Doreen Heyer
     (213) 738-6801

     Austen Parrish
     (213) 738-5728