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AC/DC                                                                    Beatles, The                                                     Chicago                                                           DeJohnette, Jack
Rockscore                                                                Rockscore 2                                                      Transcribed Scores Vol. 2                                         Collection
Back in black, Hell's bells, Highway to hell, Touch to much,             Can't buy me love, Get back, Ticket to ride, We can work it      Call on me, Canon, Does anybody really know what time it          14 Transkriptionen der bekanntesten DeJohnette-
Rock 'n Roll Damnation, For those about to Rock, Flick of                out, Good day sunshine, Got to get you into my life.             is? Feeling stronger every day, Free, Just you 'n me, Man         Kompositionen als Partitur
the Switch                                                               #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   vs. Man: The end, No tell lover, Old days, Once upon a            #Noten
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                           700 32,80 DM                                                     time, Saturday in the park, Searchin' so long                     5994 45,80 DM
419 33,80 DM                                                                                                                              #Noten
                                                                         Beatles, The                                                     6908 63,80 DM                                                     Doors, The
BBM                                                                      The Red Book                                                                                                                       Rockscore, New edition
Around The Next Dream                                                    All you need is love, Back in the USSR, Good day                 Chick Corea                                                       Riders on the storm, Hello I love you, Light my fire, Back
Waiting in the wings, City of gold, Whre in the world, Can't             sunshine, The long and winding road, Michelle, Paperback         Inside Out                                                        door man, Crawling king snake, Fire, Love me two times
fool the blues, High cost of loving, Glory days, Why does                writer, Please please me                                         Inside out, Make a wish, Stretch it, Kicker, Child's play, Tale   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
love (Have to go wrong)? Naked flame, I wonder why (Are                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                of daring                                                         750 36,80 DM
you so mean to me)? Wrong side of town.                                  2487 29,80 DM                                                    #Noten
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                                                                                            2071 24,80 DM                                                     Dylan, Bob
1671 35,90 DM                                                            Ben Folds Five                                                                                                                     Rockscore
                                                                         Ben Folds Five & Sel. Naked Baby Fotos                           Clapton, Eric                                                     Knockin' on heavens door, Lay lady lay, Quinn the eskimo,
Beatles, The                                                             Jackson cannery, Philosophy, Julianne, Where's summer            Journeyman                                                        If not for you, Just like a woman, I'll be your Baby tonight
21 Full Score Transcriptions                                             B? Alice childres, Underground, Sports and wine, Uncle           Pretending, Anything for your love, Bad love, Running on          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
All you need is love, Back in the USSR, Come together,                   Walter, Best imitation of myself, Video, The last polka,         faith, Hard times, Hound dog, No alibis, Run so far, Old          774 36,80 DM
Eight days a week, Eleanor Rigby, Good day sunshine, A                   Boxing, Tom and Mary, Eddie Walker, Emaline, Bad idea,           love, Breaking point, Lead me on, Befor you accuse me.
hard day's night, Hello goodbye, Here comes the sun, Hey                 #Basstab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Basstab                                               Eagles, The
Jude, I feel fine, Lady Madonna, Let it be, The long and                 8702 53,80 DM                                                    691 45,00 DM                                                      Hotel California
winding road, Michelle, Paperback writer, Penny lane,                                                                                                                                                       Hotel California, Life in the fast lane, New kid in town,
Something, Strawberry fields forever, Ticket to ride,                    Ben Folds Five                                                   Clapton, Eric                                                     Pretty maids are on the row, The last ressort, Try and love
Yesterday.                                                               Whatever And Ever Amen                                           Pilgrim                                                           again, Victim of love, Wasted time, Wasted time (reprise) xc
#Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                         One angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces, Fair, Brick, Song          My fathers eyes, River of tears, Pilgrim, Broken hearted,         #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
5753 65,80 DM                                                            for the dumped, Selfless cold and composed, Kate, Smoke,         One chance, Circus, Going down slow, Falls like rain, Born        111 49,90 DM
                                                                         Cigarette, Steven's last night in town, Battle of who could      in time, Sick and tired, Needs his woman, She's gone, You
Beatles, The                                                             care less, Missing the war, Evaporated                           were there, Inside of me.                                         Europe
Complete Scores Box Set                                                  #Basstab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    Out Of This World
A day in the life, A hard day's night, A tast of honey, Across           7779 52,80 DM                                                    6849 66,80 DM                                                     Superstitious, Let the good times rock, Open your heart,
the universe, Act naturally, All I've got to do, All my loving,                                                                                                                                             More than meets the eye, Coast to coast, Ready or not,
All together now, All you need is love, And I love her, And              Blackmore, Ritchie                                               Clapton, Eric                                                     Sign of the times, Just the beginning, Never say die, Light
your bird can sing, Anna, Another girl, Any time at all, Ask             Rockscore, Bandscore                                             Rockscore 1                                                       and shadows, Tower's callin', Tomorrow
me why, Baby it's you, Baby you're a rich man, Baby's in                 All night long, Knocking at your backdoor, Mean streak,          Lay down Sally, Bad love, Miss you, Layla, I can't stand it,      #Noten
black, Back in the USSR, Bad boy, Because, Beiing for the                Long live Rock & Roll, Since you've been gone, Mean              #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    1914 37,90 DM
benefit of Mr. Kite, Birhtday, Blackbird, Blue jay way, Boys,            Streak, A Gypsy's kiss, Can't happen he                          606 32,80 DM
Can't buy me love, Carry that weight, Chains, Come                       #Basstab, Noten                                                                                                                    Europe
thogether, Cry baby cry, day tripper, Dear prudence, Devil               690 35,80 DM                                                     Clapton, Eric                                                     Prisoners In Paradise
in her heart, Dig a pony, Dig it, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Do you                                                                                Rockscore 1 (Midiausgabe mit Disk)                                All or nothing, Bad Blood, Girl from lebanon, Halfway to
want to know a secret? Doctor Robert, Don't bother me,                   Bowie, David                                                     Lay down Sally, Bad love, Miss you, Layla, I can't stand it,      heaven, Homeland, I'll cry for you, Little bit of lovin',
Don't let me down, Don't pass me by, Drive my car, Eight                 Alladine Sane                                                    #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    Prisoners in paradise, Seventh sign, Talk to me
days a week, Eleanor Rigby, Every little thing, Everybody's              Watch that man, Aladdin Sane, Drive in saturday, Panic in        2010 46,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
got something to hide except me and my monkey,                           detroit, Cracked actor, Time, The prettiest star, Let's spend                                                                      1442 37,90 DM
Everybody's trying to be my baby, Fixing a hole, Flying,                 the night together, The Jean genie, Lady grinning soul.          Clapton, Eric
Fool on the hill, For no one, For you blue, Get back, Getting            #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Rockscore 2                                                       Fast Track - Guitar 1
better, Girl, Glass onion, Golden slumbers, Good day                     476 51,90 DM                                                     After midnight, Badge, Tell the truth, Too bad, Forever           Songbook 2 mit CD
sunshine, Good morning good morning, Goodnight, Got to
                                                                                                                                          man, The shape you're in.                                         Santana: Evil ways - Spencer Davis Group: Gimme some
get you into my life, Happiness is a warm gun, Hello                     Bowie, David                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    lovin' - Van Morrison: Gloria, Have I told you lately - Elvis
goodbye, Help! Helter skelter, Her majesty, Here comes the
                                                                         Hunky Dory                                                       414 32,80 DM                                                      Presley: Jailhouse rock - Rolling Stones: Time is on my
sun, Here there and everywhere, Hey hey hey hey, Hey
                                                                         Changes, Oh your pretty things, Eight line poem, Life on                                                                           side - Russell/Medley: Twist and shout - The Ventures:
bulldog, Hey Jude, Hold me tight, Honey don't, Honey pie, I                                                                               Clapton, Eric
                                                                         mars, Kooks, Quicksand, Fill your heart, Andy Warhol,                                                                              Walk don't run. Jeder Song ist auf der CD enthalten. Durch
am the walrus, I call your name, I don't want to spoil the
                                                                         Song for Bob Dylan, Queen bitch, The beewlay brothers.           Rockscore 2 (Midiausgabe mit Disk)                                Regelung der Balance kann die Gitarre weggeblendet
party, I feel fine, I me mine, I need you, I saw her staning
                                                                         #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   After midnight, Badge, Tell the truth, Too bad, Forever           werden. Gitarre und Bass in Tabulatur, Tasten und Drums
there, I should have known better, I wanna be your man, I
                                                                         497 49,90 DM                                                     man, The shape you're in.                                         in Noten.
want to hold your hand, I want to tell you, I want you, I will,
                                                                                                                                          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
I'll be back, I'll cry instead, I'll follow the sun, I'll get you, I'm   Bowie, David                                                     2011 46,80 DM                                                     8264 35,80 DM
a loser, I'm down, I'm happy just to dance with you, I'm
looking through you, I'm only sleeping, I'm so tired, I've got           Pin ups
a feeling, I've just seen a face, If I fell, If I needed someone,        Rosalyn, Her comes the night, I wish you would, See Emily        Clapton, Eric                                                     Ferry, Bryan
In my life, It won't be long, It's all too much, It's only love,         play, Everthing's alright, I can't explain, Friday on my mind,   Unplugged Rockscore                                               Collection
Julia, Kansas city, Lady Madonna, Let it be, Little child,               Sorrow, Don't bring me down, Shapes of things, Anyway            Alberta, Befor you accuse me, Hey hey, Layla, Lonely              Dance away, Love is the drug, More than this, Slave to
Long long long, Long tall Sally, Love me do, Lovely Rita,                anyhow anywhere, Wher have all the good times gone?              stranger, Malted milk, Nobody knows you when you're               love, Street life, Avalon, Oh yeah, Same old scene, Virginia
Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Maggie mae, Magical                       #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   down and out, Old love, Rollin' and tumblin', Running on          plain, Kiss and tell
mystery tour, Martha my dear, Matchbox, Maxwell's silver                 498 69,90 DM                                                     faith, San Francisco bay blues, Signe, Tears in heaven,           #Noten
hammer, Mean Mr. Mustard, Michelle, Misery, Money,                                                                                        Walkin' blues.                                                    1691 55,90 DM
Mother nature's son, Mr. Moonlight, No reply, Norwegian                  Bowie, David                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
wood, Not a second time, Nowhere man, Ob-la-di-ob-la-da,                 Ziggy Stardust                                                   415 53,80 DM                                                      Fleetwood Mac
Octopus's garden, Oh darling, Old brown shoe, One after                  Five years, Soul love, Moonage daydream, Starman, It ain't                                                                         Rumours
909,Only a norhtern song, PS I love you, Paperback writer,               easy, Lady sturdust, Star, Hang on to yourself, Ziggy            Coverdale & Page                                                  Don't stop, Dreams, go your own way, Gold dust woman, I
Penny Lane, Piggies, Please Mr. Postman, Please please                   Stardust, Suffragette city, Rock 'n' Roll suicide.               Coverdale & Page                                                  don't want to know, Never going back again, O Daddy,
me, Polythene pam, Rain, Revolution, Revolution 1,                       #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Absolution blues, Don't leave me this way, Easy does it,          Second hand news, Songbird, The Chain, You make loving
Revolution 9, Rock and Roll music, Rocky Raccoon, Roll                   2347 53,90 DM                                                    Feeling hot, Over now, Pride and joy, Shake my tree, Take         fun
over Beethoven, Run for your life, Savoy truffle, Sexy                                                                                    a look at yourself, Take me for a little while, Waiting on you,   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Sadie, Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, Pepper's                   Brecker Bros., The                                               Whisper a prayer for the dying.                                   122 46,90 DM
lonely hearts club band (Reprise), She came in through my                ...And All Their Jazz                                            #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
bathroom window, She loves you, She said she said, She's                 15 Jazz Transkriptionen für Trompete, Saxophon und               1427 50,90 DM                                                     Foo Fighters
a woman, She's leaving home, Slow down, Something,                       kleines Ensemble: DBB, Grease piece, I love wasting time                                                                           Foo Fighters Score
Strawberry fields forever, Sun king, Taxman, Tell me what                with you, Keep it steady, Levitate, Lovey lady, Night fly, Oh    Cult, The                                                         This is a call, I'll stick around, Big me, Alone & easy target,
you see, Tell me why, Thank you girl, The ballad of John                 my stars, Rocks, Slick stuff, Sneakin' up behind you, Some       Ceremony                                                          Good grief, Floaty, Weenie beenie, Oh George, For all the
and Yoko, The continuing story of Bungolow Bill, The end,                skunk funk, Sponge, Twilight                                     Bangkok rain, Ceremony, Earth mofo, Full tilt, Heart of soul,     cows, X-static, Wattershed, Exhaused.
The inner light, The long and winding road, The night                    #Noten                                                           If, Indian, Sweet salvation, White, Wild hearted son,             #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
before, The word, There's a place, Things we said today,                 7385 51,80 DM                                                    Wonderland                                                        6529 58,90 DM
Think for yourself, This boy, Ticket to ride, Till there was                                                                              #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
you, Tomorrow never knows, Twist and shout, Two of us,                   Brown, James                                                     1203 41,90 DM                                                     Gambale, Frank
Wait, We can work it out, Wht goes on? What you're doing,                Rhythm Section mit 2 CD's                                                                                                          Artist Transcriptions
When I get home, When I'm sixty four, While my guitar                    Think, I don't mind, Out of sight, Papa's got a brand new        Cult, The                                                         Awakening, Calafia, Forgotten but not gone, High 5, Humid
gently weeps, Why don't we do it on the road? Wild honey                 bag Pt.1, I got you (I feel good), Don't be a dropout, Cold      Pure Cult                                                         beings, Kuranda, Leave ozone alone, Luna rotation, Mr.
pie, With a little help from my friends, Within you without              sweat, I can't stand myself, I got the feelin', Lickin-stick-    She sells sanctuary, Fire woman, Lil' devil, Spiritwalker,        Hollywood line, Obrigado fukuaoka, Obsessed for live,
you, Words of love, Yellow submarine, Yer blues, Yes it is,              Licking-stick, Give it up or turnit a loose, Mother popcorn,     The witch, Revolution,m Wild hearted son, Love removal            Robo-roo, Samba di sonwhere, Schmooze, Stay with me
Yesterday, You can't do that, You know my name, You like                 Funky drummer, Get up I feel like beeing a sex machine,          machine, Rain, Edie (Ciao baby), Heart of soul, Love, Wild        #Noten
me too much, You never give me your money, You won't                     Got to getcha, Funky woman, Super bad Pts 1&2, Talkin'           flower, Go west, Resurrection Joe, Sun king, Sweet soul           2798 45,00 DM
see me, You're gonna loose that girl, You've got to hide you             loud & saying nothing, Hot pants Pt.1, Make it funky Pt.1,       sister, Earth mofo.
love away, You've really got a hold on me.                               Papa don't take no mess Pt.1, The payback DIE SONGS              #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    Genesis
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                           SIND IN EINZELNE PARTS - JE NACH INSTRUMENT                      77 36,90 DM                                                       Rockscore Midi-Edition
413 151,80 DM                                                            UNTERTEILT                                                                                                                         Abacab, Mama, Turn it on again, Follow you, follow me
                                                                         #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Cult, The                                                         #Noten
Beatles, The                                                             3891 84,90 DM                                                    The Sonic Temple                                                  757 53,80 DM
Rockscore 1                                                                                                                               Sun king, Fire woman, American horse, Edie, Sweet soul
All my loving, Day tripper, A hard days night, I feel fine, If I         Chicago                                                          sister, Soul asylum, New York city, Autmatic blues, Soldier       Heavy Metal Mixed Bag
fell, I want to hold your hand, Let it be, Paperback writer,             Transcribed Scores                                               blue, Wake up time for freedom, Medicine train                    Sampler - 3 Bücher zum Superpreis
Please please me, She loves you, Something, Yesterday.                   Beginnings, Loneliness is just a word, Make me smile, Now        #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    Metallica: Blackened, Master of puppets, One - Tesla:
2te Gitarre nur in Noten.                                                more than ever, Poem for the people, Questions 67 and 68,        1202 52,90 DM                                                     Cumin' atcha live, 2 late 4 love - Van Halen: Feels so good,
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                           The road, To be free, 25 or 6 to 4                                                                                                 Source of infection, Sucker in a 3 piece - Guns 'N' Roses:
699 32,80 DM                                                             #Noten                                                           Deep Purple                                                       Paradise city, Sweet child o' mine, Welcome to the jungle. 1
                                                                         6259 66,80 DM                                                    Black Night                                                       Buch Guitartab - 1 Buch Basstab - 1 Buch Drum-Notation.
                                                                                                                                          Einzelausgabe                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
                                                                                                                                          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    5222 40,00 DM
                                                                                                                                          7515 20,90 DM
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      Kenny G                                                          Marley, Bob                                                     Prince
Are You Experienced?                                               Breathless                                                       5 Scores                                                        Purple Rain
Hey Joe, Stone free, Purple haze, 51st anniversary, The            The joy of life, Forever in love, In the rain, Sentimental, By   No woman no cry, I shot the sheriff, Get up stand up, Is this   Let's go crazy, Take me with U, The beautiful ones,
wind cries Mary, Highway chile, Manic depression, Red              the time this night is over, end of the night, Alone, Morning,   love, Jammin'                                                   Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, When doves cry, I would die
house, Can you see me, Love or confusion, I don't live             Even if my heart would break, G-Bop, sister rose, A year         #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  4 U, Baby I'm a star, Purple Rain
today, May this be love, Fire, Third stone from the sun,           ago, Homeland, The wedding song - mit gesondertem Teil           9894 36,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Remember, Are you experienced?                                     für Saxophon!!                                                                                                                   231 39,90 DM
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   #Noten                                                           Meat Loaf
3226 66,80 DM                                                      2799 55,90 DM                                                    Bat Out Of Hell, Bandscore                                      Purple Rainbows
                                                                                                                                    Bat out of hell, You took the words right out of my mouth,      Sampler, Bandscore
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      Kenny G.                                                         Heaven can wait, All reved up with no place to go, Two out      Deep Purple: Speed King,Child in time,Strange kind of
Axis Bold As Love                                                  The Moment                                                       of three ain't bad, Paradise by the dashboard light, For        woman, Smoke on the water, Black Night, Fireball,
Spanish castle magic, She' so fine, EXP, Up from the skies,        Songbook zur CD                                                  crying out loud, Dead ringer for love                           Highway star, Woman from Tokyo, Perfect Strangers,
Wait until tomorrow, Ain't no telling, Little wing, If 6 was 9,    #Noten                                                           #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Hush; Rainbow: Since you been gone, I surrender;
You got me floatin', Castles are made of sand, One rainy           5203 53,80 DM                                                    191 79,00 DM                                                    Whitesnake: Fool for your loving, Here I go again; Dio:
wish, Little Miss Lover, Bold as love                                                                                                                                                               Rock'n Roll children ; Graham Bonnet: Night Games
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   LA Guns                                                          Megadeth                                                        #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
5111 66,80 DM                                                      Cocked & Loaded - Selections                                     Rust In Peace                                                   1226 63,90 DM
                                                                   17 crash, The ballad of Jayne, Give a little, I wanna be your    Holy wars...The punishment due, Hangar 18, Take no
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      man, Letting go, Magdailaine, Malaria, Rip and tear,             prisoners, Five magics, Poison was the cure, Lucretia,          Queen
Band Of Gypsies                                                    Showdown, Slap in the face, Sleazy come easy go, Electric        Tournado of souls, Dawn patrol, Rust in peace...Polaris         Classic Queen
Changes, Machine gun, Message of love, Power to love,              gypsy, Shoot for thrills                                         #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  A kind of magic, Bohemian Rhapsody, Under pressure,
We gotta live together, Who knows                                  #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   7886 58,90 DM                                                   Hammer to fall, Stone cold crazy, One year of love, Radio
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   4992 34,80 DM                                                                                                                    Ga Ga, I'm going slightly mad, I want it all, Tie your mother
4563 69,80 DM                                                                                                                       Moody Blues                                                     down, The miracle, These are the days of our lives, One
                                                                   Led Zeppelin                                                     Keys Of The Kingdom                                             vision, Keep yourself alive, Headlong, Who wants to live
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      2nd Album, Bandscore                                             Say it with love, Bless the wings, Is this heaven? Say what     forever, The show must go on
Best Of..                                                          Whole lotta love, What is and what should never be, The          you mean, Lean on me, Hope and pray, Shadows on the             #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Purple haze, Fire, The wind cries Mary, Hey Joe, All along         lemon song, Thank you, Heartbreaker, Living loving maid,         wall, Once is enough, Celtic sonant, Magic, Never blame         234 86,90 DM
the watchtower, Stone free, Crosstown traffic, Manic               Ramble on, Moby Dick, Bring it on home.                          the rainbows for the rain.
depression, Little wing, If 6 was 9, Foxy lady, Bold as love,      #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Queen
Castles made of sand, Red house, Voddo child (slight               509 68,90 DM                                                     2587 35,00 DM                                                   Greatest Hits 1
return), Freedom, Night bird flying, Angel, Dolly Dagger,                                                                                                                                           Another one bits the dust, Bycycle race, Bohemian
Star spangled banner                                               Led Zeppelin                                                     Moore, Gary                                                     Rhapsody, Crazy little thing called love, Don't stop me now,
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   3rd Album, Bandscore                                             After Hours                                                     Fat bottomed girls, Flash, Good old fashioned lover boy,
6597 69,80 DM                                                      Immigrant song, Friends, Celebration day, Since I've been        Cold day in hell, Don't you lie to me, Story of the blues,      Killer Queen, Now I'm here, Play the game, Save me,
                                                                   loving you, Out on the tiles, Gallows pole, Tangerine, That's    Since I met you baby, Separate ways, Only fool in town,         Seven seas of rhye, Somebody to love, We are the
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      the way, Bron-y-aur stomp, Hats off to Roy Harper.               Key to love, Jumpin' at shadows, The blues is alright, The      champions, We will rock you, You're my best friend,
Blues                                                              #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   hurt inside, Nothing's the same.                                #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Hear my train comin', Voodoo chile blues, Hear my train,           510 54,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  235 79,90 DM
Once I had a woman, Bleeding heart, Born under a bad                                                                                624 48,90 DM
sign, Red house, Catfish blues, Voodoo chile blues, Manish         Led Zeppelin                                                                                                                     Queen
boy, Bleeding heart, Jelly 292, Electric church Red house,         4th Album, Bandscore                                             Nirvana                                                         Greatest Hits 1 & 2
Hear my train comin'                                               Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The battle of evermore, Stairway       In Utero                                                        Another one bits the dust, Bycycle race, Bohemian
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   to heaven, Misty mountain hop, Four sticks, Going to             Serve the servants, Scentless apprentice, Heart-shaped          Rhapsody, Crazy little thing called love, Don't stop me now,
148 53,80 DM                                                       california, When the levee breaks.                               box, Rape me, Frances farmer will have her revenge on           Fat bottomed girls, Flash, Good old fashioned lover boy,
                                                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Seattle, Dumb, Very ape, Milk it, Penny royal tea, Radio        Killer Queen, Now I'm here, Play the game, Save me,
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      511 68,90 DM                                                     friendly unit shifter, Tourette's, All apologies.               Seven seas of rhye, Somebody to love, We are the
Concerts                                                                                                                            #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  champions, We will rock you, You're my best friend, A kind
Fire, I don't live today, Red house, Stone free, Are you           Led Zeppelin                                                     7045 54,90 DM                                                   of magic, Under pressure, Radio ga ga, I want it all, I want
experienced? Little wing, Voodoo child (Slight return),            5th Album, Bandscore                                                                                                             to break free, Innuendo, Itäs a hard life, Breakthru, Who
Bleeding heart (Blues in C#), Hey joe, Wild thing, Hear my         The song remains the same, The rain song, Over the hills         Nirvana                                                         wants to live forever, Headlong, The miracle, I'm going
train a comin', Foxey lady.                                        and far away, The crunge, Dancing days, D'yer mak'er, No         Nevermind                                                       slightly mad, The invisible man, Hammer to fall, Friends will
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   quater, The ocean.                                               Smells like teen spirit, In bloom, Come as you are, Breed,      be friends, The show must go on, One vision.
2322 59,00 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Lithium, Polly, Territorial pissings, Drain you, Lounge act,    #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
                                                                   512 57,90 DM                                                     Stay away, On a plain, Something in the way.                    237 142,00 DM
Hendrix, Jimi                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Electric Ladyland                                                  Led Zeppelin                                                     7044 54,90 DM                                                   Queen
Crosstown traffic, Voodoo chile, All along the watchtower,         Coda                                                                                                                             Greatest Hits 2
And the gods made love, Have you ever been (Electric               We're gonna groove, Poor tom, I can't quit you baby,             No Doubt                                                        A kind of magic, Under pressure, Radio ga ga, I want it all, I
Ladyland), Little Miss Strange, Long hot summer night,             Walter's walk, Ozone baby, Darlene, Bonzo's montreux,            Tragic Kingdom                                                  want to break free, Innuendo, It's a hard life, Breakthru,
Come on, Gypsy eyes, Burning of the midnight lamp, Rainy           Wearing and tearing.                                             Spiderwebs, Excuse me Mr., Just a girl, Happy now?              Who wants to live forever, Headlong, The miracle, I'm going
day dream away, 1983, Moon turn the tides gently, gently           #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Different people, Hey you, The climb, Sixteen, Sunday           slightly mad, The invisible man, Hammer to fall, Friends will
away, Still raining still dreaming, House burning down,            6213 56,90 DM                                                    morning, Don't speak, You can do it, World go 'round, End       be friends, The show must go on, One vision.
Voodoo chile.                                                                                                                       it on this, Tragic kingdom                                      #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   Led Zeppelin                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  236 76,90 DM
726 65,80 DM                                                       Off The Record                                                   5255 56,80 DM
                                                                   Whole lotta love, Heartbreaker, Immigrant song, Black dog,
Hendrix, Jimi                                                      Rock and roll, Stairway to heaven                                Noir Desir                                                      Innuendo
Radio One                                                          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   5 Scores                                                        Innuendo, I'm going slightly mad, Headlong, I can't live
Love or confusion, Stone free, Purple haze, Hey Joe, Foxy          5225 49,00 DM                                                    Marlene, Sweet Mary, A L'arrière des taxis, Tostaky, Aux        without you, Don't try so hard, Ride the wild wind, All god's
Lady, The burning of the midnight lamp, Stone free, Radio                                                                           sombres Héros de l'amer                                         people, These are the days of our lives, Delilah, The
one theme, Day tripper, Killing floor, Drivin' south, Catfish      Led Zeppelin                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  hitman, Bijou, The show must go on
blues, Wait until tomorrow, Hear my train comin', Hound                                                                             7275 37,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
                                                                   Physical Graffiti
dog, Fire, I'm you Hoochie Coochie man, Spanish castle                                                                                                                                              2403 51,90 DM
                                                                   Black country woman, Boogie with stu, Bron-y-aur, Custard
magic.                                                             pie, Down by the seaside, Houses of the holy, In my time of      Oasis
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                   dying, In the light, Kashmir, Night flight, Sick again, Ten      Definitely Maybe
800 45,00 DM                                                       years gone, The rover, The wanton song, Trampled under           Rock 'n Roll Star, Shakermaker, Live forever, Up in the sky,    Off The Record (1st Album)
                                                                   foot.                                                            Columbia, Supersonic, Bring it on down, Cigarettes &            Keep yourself alive, Doing all right, Great king rat, My fairy
Inxs                                                               #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   alcohol, Digsy's dinner, Slide away, Married with children.     king, Liar, The night comes down, Modern times
Rockscore                                                          513 69,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Rock'n'Roll, Son and daughter, Jesus, Seven Seas of rhye
Burn for you, Dancing on the Jetty, Original sin, The one                                                                           1936 46,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
thing, The swing                                                   Led Zeppelin                                                                                                                     2402 87,00 DM
#Noten                                                             Remasters Vol. 1 & 2                                             Oasis
776 33,80 DM                                                       Whole lotta love, Heartbreaker, Communication breakdown,         What's The Story Morning Glory
                                                                   Babe I'm gonna leave you, What ist and what should never         Hello, Roll with it, Wonderwall, Don't look back in anger,      Rock Legends
Jethro Tull                                                        be, Thank you, I can't quit you Baby, Dazed and confused,        Hey now, Some might say, Cast no shadow, She's electric,        Another one bites the dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy
Rockscore                                                          Your time is gonna come, Ramble on, Travellin' riverside         Morning glory, Champagne supernova                              little thing called love, Fat bottomed girls, Killer Queen, We
Locomotive Breath, Aqualung, Living in the past, A new day         blues, Friends, Celebration day, Hey hey what can I do,          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  are the Champions, We will Rock you, Your' re my best
yesterday, Cross-eyed Mary,                                        White summer/Black mountain side, Black dog, Over the            3244 46,80 DM                                                   friend
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                     hills and far away, Immigrant song, The battle of evermore,                                                                      #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
772 33,80 DM                                                       Bron-y-aur stomp, Tangerine, Going to California, Since I've     Oldfield, Mike                                                  2401 56,90 DM
                                                                   been loving you, D'yer maker, Gallows pole, Custard pie,         Tubular Bells II
John, Elton                                                        Misty mountain hop, Rock and Roll, The rain song,                Sentinel, Dark star, Clear light, Blue saloon, Sunjammer,
Rockscore                                                          Stariway to heaven..........Kashmir, Trampled under foot,        Red dawn, The bell, Weightless, The great plain, Sunset         The Show Must Go On
Crocodile Rock, Don't go breaking my heart, I guess that's         For your life, No quarter, Dancing days, When the levee          door, Tattoo, Altered State, Maya gold, Moonshine               Einzelausgabe
why they call it the blues, I'm still standing, Saturday night's   breaks, Achilles last stand, The song remains the same,          #Noten                                                          #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
all right for fighting, The bitch is back.                         The years gone, In my time of dying, In the evening, Candy       1303 53,90 DM                                                   7532 19,90 DM
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                     store rock, The ocean, Ozone baby, Houses of the holy,
416 33,80 DM                                                       Wearing and tearing, Poor Tom, Nobody's fault but mine,          Pantera                                                         R.E.M.
                                                                   Fool in the rain, In the light, The wanton song, Moby            Vulgar Display../Cowboys From..Select.                          Drive
                                                                   Dick/Bonzo's Montreux, I'm gonna crawl, All my love.             Cowboys from hell, Walk, This love, Fucking hostile,            Einzelausgabe
                                                                   #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                   Heresy, Domination, Mouth of war, New level, Primal             #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
                                                                   1649 179,00 DM                                                   concrete Sledge, Psycho holiday                                 7520 19,90 DM
                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
                                                                                                                                    634 64,90 DM
R.E.M.                                                          Santana                                                           U2
Losing My Religion                                              Off The Record                                                    Pride (In the name of love)
Einzelausgabe                                                   Evil ways, Black magic woman, Let the children play, She's        Einzelausgabe
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  not there, Persuasion, Sampa Pa Ti, Europa, Dance Sister          #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
7527 17,90 DM                                                   dance                                                             6176 14,90 DM
                                                                #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
Radiohead                                                       647 44,90 DM                                                      U2
Radio Song                                                                                                                        Rockscore
Einzelausgabe                                                   Shadows, The                                                      I still haven't found.., Pride, Sunday bloody sunday, The
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Hits Of.., Bandscore                                              unforgettable fire, Where the street have no name
7531 17,90 DM                                                   Apache, Atlantis, Kon-Tiki, Geronimo, Foot Tapper , Dance         #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
                                                                on, F.B.I., Guitar Tango, Riders in the sky, Rise and fall of     418 33,80 DM
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                           flingel blunt, Shindig, Wonderful land
Blood Sugar Sex Magik                                           #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                  Van Halen
Apache Rose Peacock, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Breaking            269 69,90 DM                                                      Off The Record
the girl, Funky Monks, Give it away, The Greeting song, I                                                                         Jump, Panama, Hot for teacher, House of pain, Dancing in
could have lied, If you have to ask, Mellowship Slinky in B     Simply Red                                                        the street, Running with the devil , Oh pretty woman, Dance
Major, My lovely man, Naked in the Rain, The Power of           Stars                                                             the night away, Somebody get me a doctor, Spanish fly,
Equality, The Righteous and the Wicked, Sir Psycho Sexy,        Something got me started, Stars, Thrill me, Your mirror,          Erruption
Suck my kiss, They' re Red Hot, Under the bridge                She's got it bad, For your babies, Model, How could I fall,       #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Freedom, Wonderland.                                              1494 40,90 DM
7955 58,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
                                                                272 52,90 DM                                                      Whitesnake
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                                                                                             Off The Record
Californication                                                 Smiths, The                                                       Whitesnake sounds, Crying in the rain, Bad boys, Still of
Around the world, Californication, Easily, Emit remmus, Get     Louder Than Bombs                                                 the night, Here I go again, Give me all your love, Is this
on top, I like dirt, Otherside, Parallel universe, Porcelain,   Is it really so strange? Ssheila take a bow, Shoplifters of the   love, Children of the night, Straight for the heart, Don't turn
Purple stain, Right on time, Road trippin', Savior, Scar        world unite, Sweet and tender hooligan, Half a person,            away.
tissue, This velvet glove                                       London, Panic, Girl afraid, Shaespeare's sister, William it       #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  was really nothing, You just haven't earned it yet baby,          2348 40,90 DM
9993 58,80 DM                                                   Heaven knows I'm miserable now, Ask, Golden lights,
                                                                Oscillate wildly, These things take time, Rubber king, Back       Yellow Jackets
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                           to the old house, Hand in glove, Stretch out and wait,            Songbook
One Hot Minute                                                  Please please please let me get what I want, This night           Evening dance, Foreign correspondent, Galileo,
Warped, Aeroplane, Deep kick, My freinds, Coffe shop,           has opened my eyes, Unloveable, Asleep.                           Greenhouse, The hornet, Impertial strut, Indian summer,
Dea, One big mob, Walabout, Tearjerker, One hot minute,         #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                  Indigo, Invisible people, Postcards, Prayer for El Salvador,
Falling into grace, Shallow be thy game, Transcending.          1878 51,90 DM                                                     River waltz, Sandstone, Seven stars, Sightseeing, The
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                                                                                    spin, Spirits, Storytellers, Whistle while you walk, Wisdom.
4463 66,80 DM                                                   Springsteen, Bruce                                                Das Ganze in einem DIN A 4 Ordner mit über 300 Seiten,
                                                                Rockscore                                                         einzeln entnehmbar.
Rolling Stones, The                                             My home town, Born in the USA, Cover me, Dancing in the           #Noten
Classics 1 & 2 Box, Bandscore                                   dark, Downbound train, Glory days, I'm on fire, No                6359 89,00 DM
Brown sugar, Tumbling dice, Angie, It's only Rock & Roll,       surrender
Fool to cry, Miss you, Emotional rescue, Start me up,           #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                  Young, Neil
Undercover of the night, Harlem shuffle, Highwire, Almost       783 33,80 DM                                                      Harvest
hear you sigh, Dirty work, Mixed emotions, Not fade away,                                                                         A man needs a maid, Alabama, Are you ready for the
It's all over now, Sympathy for the devil, The last time,       Spyro Gyra                                                        country, Harvest, Heart of gold, Old man, Out on the
Satisfaction, Get off my cloud, 19th nervous breakdown,         Best Of..                                                         weekend, The needle and the damage done, Ther's a word,
Paint it black, Have you seen your mother baby, Let's           Catching the sun, City kids, Freetime, Heliopolis, Incognito,     Words.
spend the night together, Ruby tuesday, We love you,            Joy ride, Morning dance, Shaker song                              #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
Jumpin' jack flash, Honky tonk woman                            #Noten                                                            1992 67,90 DM
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  2903 42,00 DM
254 98,90 DM
                                                                Steely Dan
Rolling Stones, The                                             Transcribed Score
Classics Vol. 2 (Score)                                         Do it again, Reelin', In the years, Black friday, Aja, Rikki
Brown sugar, Tumbling dice, Angie, It's only Rock & Roll,       don't lose that nunber, Peg, My old school, Kid
Fool to cry, Miss you, Emotional rescue, Start me up,           charlemagne, Deacon blues, Hey nineteen
Undercover of the night, Harlem shuffle, Highwire, Almost       #Noten
hear you sigh, Dirty work, Mixed emotions.                      4564 58,80 DM
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten
2042 65,90 DM                                                   Stern, Mike
                                                                Original Scores
Rolling Stones, The                                             After you, Another way around, Chromazone, Jigsaw,
Classics Vol.1 (Score)                                          Loose ends, Mood swings, Time in place, Upside downside
Not fade away, It's all over now, Sympathy for the devil,       #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
The last time, Satisfaction, Get off my cloud, 19th nervous     1887 67,90 DM
breakdown, Paint it black, Have you seen your mother
baby, Let's spend the night together, Ruby tuesday, We          Sting
love you, Jumpin' jack flash, Honky tonk woman                  Rockscore
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Consider me gone, Englishman in N.Y., Fragile, If you love
2041 65,90 DM                                                   somebody set them free, Straight to my heart, The secret
                                                                marriage, They dance alone (Gueca solo).
Rolling Stones, The                                             #Noten
Exile On Main Street - Selections                               1227 36,80 DM
Rocks off, Rip this joint, Shake your hips, Casino boogie,
Tumbling dice, Torn & frayed, Turd on the run, Ventilator       Sting
blues, Black angel, Happy, Soul survivor, Let it loose, Just    Ten Sumoner's Tales
wanna see your face                                             If I ever loose my faith in you, Love is stronger than justice,
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  Fields of gold, Heavy cloud no rain, She's too good for me,
8645 58,90 DM                                                   Seven days, Saint Augustine in hell, It's probably me,
                                                                Shape of my heart, Something the boy said, Epilogue
Rolling Stones, The                                             #Noten
Rockscore 1                                                     531 58,80 DM
Jumpin' Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Woman, Satisfaction,
Brown Sugar, Get off of your cloud, Paint it Black, She' s so   Texas
cold, Start me up, Time is on my side                           Southside
#Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                I don't want a lover, Tell me why, Everyday now, Southside,
417 32,80 DM                                                    Prayer for you, Faith, Thrill has gone, Fight the feeling, Fool
                                                                for love, One choice, Future is promises
Rolling Stones, The                                             #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
Rockscore 2                                                     2113 41,90 DM
Gimme shelter, 19th nervous breakdown, The last time,
Street fighting man, Sympathy for the devil, Tumbling dice.     The 70's
#Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                Rockscore
640 33,80 DM                                                    Deep Purple: Smoke on the water; Dire Straits: Sultans of
                                                                swing; Jethro Tull: Aqualung; Derek & the Dominoes: Layla;
Santana                                                         AC/DC: Rock' n' Roll
Greatest Hits - Bandscore                                       #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
Evil ways, Jingo, Hope you're feeling better, Samba pa ti,      780 33,80 DM
Persuasion, Black magic woman, Oye como va,
Everything's coming our way, Se a cabo, Everybody's             Toto
everything                                                      Best of.. Bandscore
#Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten                                Childs anthem, Georgy Porky, Hold the line, 99, Rosanna,
6910 66,80 DM                                                   Africa. (Vocal, Gitarre, Keyboards, Bass & Drums)
                                                                #Guitartab, Bassnoten, Drumnoten
                                                                1648 48,00 DM

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