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					                                                                                             April 2009

                                                                                       H e y 
                                                                                       d u d e s 
                                                                                       a n d 
Hello       la d i e s and
gentlemen, what’s news?
                                                                                       The  New 
Things have been pretty                                                                Guy  here. 
crazy around here over                                                                 For those  of  you  who 
the last few months with                                                               weren’t  around  over 
many school groups coming                                                              summer,  I’m  Elliot, 
in every week.                                                                         pleased  to  meet  you. 
The summer holiday camps                                                               I’m  the  new  Youth 
feel like ages ago now, but                                                            Work  Co­ordinater 
really it was only two             Youth Leadership Training 2009                      here  at  camp  taking 
months ago, if we didn’t get
around to thanking you for
                                                                                       over  the  rei  ns  from 
coming to help out….then a   We have just sent out the registration form for           the  much  loved  Stu 
belated thank YOU!           Leadership Training 2009— ’P lugged                       Crabtree.  (BIG  shoes 
Without you being willing                                                              to  fill)    I’m  a  proud 
                             In’ (24th—26th of April). If you didn’t get a
to give up your time to help                                                           Ulverstone    boy  born 
out and serve God by         form or know of some people that would                    and  bread  but  have 
serving these kids we        benefit from an awesome weekend of hanging                b e e n   l i v i n g   i n 
wouldn’t be able to run      out with a bunch of amazing people, some                  Launceston  for  the 
these camps.
                             incredible teaching and a whole heap of fun, let          past  couple  of  years 
At the moment we are just
getting         ready    for us know and we would love to post you out a               studying  at  uni.  I 
Leadership Training, we are  form. We have some amazing speakers and                   gotta  say  its  great  to 
really excited about this                                                              be  back  on  the  coast 
                             workshops lined up so this will be a weekend
weekend, and hope to see                                                               wi th  the  most. 
you there.
                             that you will NOT want to miss..                          Working  here  at 
For me, I’m keeping myself                                                             camp  has  been 
pretty busy with work,                                                                 amazing  and  I  have 
youth group and hanging              It may seem like a while away, but before         been loving getting to 
out with friends in between       you know it June camps will be upon us. If you       know  you  guys  and 
all of that. I’m heading up       are in grade 9 or 10, you should definitely
to Brisbane at Easter to
                                                                                       hanging  out,  so 
                                  come to Zeal, it will be a great week and one        thanks  for  welcoming 
catch up with some friends,
                                  you don’t want to miss out on.                       me  and  being  such 
and go to Easterfest which
is a big Christian music          For those in year 11 and older we would love to      an  awesome  bunch. 
festival, should be sweet.        have you to come and help out. If you are keen       Without  you  guys 
You may have noticed that         to spend a week hanging out with some                camp  could never be 
our leaders newsletters are awesome kids and serving the kingdom of          G o d ,   the  awesome  place it 
quite a bit smaller than            then shoot us an email or call to let us know.     is  today.  We  have 
previous, but it still has           We don’t know you are interested unless you       heaps  of  crazy  big 
some          important              tell us.
information, sweet photos
                                                                                       ideas  for  the  year 
and an article, for you guys
                                         Senior Mixed 7/8 (Sailing the                 ahead  so  stay  tuned 
to check out and apply to                          Seven Seas) :                       and  start  getting 
your lives.                              Monday 1st—Friday 5th of June 2009            excited  about  them 
That’s       it                                                                        because I’m a billions 
from      me,                                                                          percent  sure  you  are 
take care.                                 Senior Mixed 9/10 (Zeal) :                  going to love what we 
                                         Monday 8th—Friday 12th of June 2009           have up our sleeves. 
                                                                                       Have a good one! 

this                        What’s coming up?- Leadership Training and June camps, plain and
                                          simple…., photos from the summer
I think we live in a world          find it. Sometimes I think       than look at the beauty in        and who know they have
that      is        searching.      the    world   searches   too    the simplest moments in           purpose.     LIVE    IT    OUT!
Searching for meaning.              hard, the answer is right        life—a    smile,      a   hug     There is no point keeping it
Searching for purpose.              there in front of them. He is    between            friends,       to    yourself,         that ’ s
Searching for something             displayed so evidently in        someone       giving      their   selfish.    God doesn ’ t ask
real—that won ’ t let them          day to day life, just look at    sandwich to that person           us to go to church, but to
down.                               creation. But instead of         living on the streets that        BE    the     Church.        He
The weird thing is that             seeing this, they think it       hasn ’ t eaten in days.           doesn ’ t ask us to be a
most people don ’ t know            must           be    more        Jesus is in those simple          people who are all talk, He
what they are looking for.          complicated than this or         moments, as well as the           calls us to BE His hands
You can see it how they go          choose to look at the chaos      chaotic ones.                     and feet.
from    person       to   person,   rather than the beauty.          You don ’ t have to look          Show those people that are
from thing to thing to see if       Even Christians make it          hard to see God, you ’ v e        searching     that   there    is
this time it will satisfy them.     more     complicated      that   just go to have your heart        something out there that
Our     world        looks    for   what it has to be.        We     open, not closed.                 they are looking, that their
meaning        in   drugs,   sex,   focus on the chaos and           For   those     who    already    search isn ’ t meaningless..
rock and roll and they              wonder where God is in           know God, who know what
wonder why they don ’ t             that ( He is in it ) rather      it ’ s like to feel hopeful

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