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                 2007 PrO BOnO aWarD reCIPIent:
                 LESLIE M. BOOK

                 by Diana L. Leyden*

                 T     his year, the ABA
                       Section of Taxation is
                                                                                                                   Professor Book has also
                                                                                                               combined his sincere concern
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                 proud to present its Pro                                                                      for the rights of low income
                 Bono Award to Leslie Book,                                                                    taxpayers with his stellar aca-
                 Professor of Law, Villanova                                                                   demic skills to analyze, cri-
                 University School of Law.                                                                     tique and recommend changes
                 Through this award, estab-                                                                    in the collection due process
                 lished in 2002, the Tax                                                                       area, the IRS’s administration
                 Section recognizes one or                                                                     of the earned income credit,
                 more individuals or law                                                                       and the role of regulation of tax
                 firms that have provided                                                                      return preparers. His scholar-
                 meritorious pro bono service                                                                  ship has been cited by the
                 in the representation of low                                                                  National Taxpayer Advocate in
                 income taxpayers. The                                                                         her reports and is used by other
                 award is intended to                                                                          low income taxpayer clinics as
                 encourage pro bono activi-                                                                    teaching tools.
                 ties by all members through                                                                       Finally, Professor Book has
                 public recognition of the pro                                                                 contributed substantially to the
                 bono services of the annual                                                                   Tax Section’s work, serving as
                 award winners.                                                                                a past Chair of the Low Income
                     Professor Book exempli-                                                                   Taxpayer Committee and as a
                 fies the focus of the award                                                                   member of the Court
                 through teaching and men-                                                                     Procedure, Administrative
                 toring of students and attor-                                                                 Practice, Pro Bono, and
                 neys in direct representation                                                                 Nominating Committees. He
                 of low income taxpayers;                                                                      has directed and participated
                 writing about the Collection                                                                  in numerous submissions on
                 Due Process provision, the                                                                    topics that affect low income
                 Earned Income Credit, and                                                                     taxpayers, including the user
                                                      leSlIe BOOk
                 taxpayer rights; and partici-                                                                 fees for Offers in Compromise,
                 pating in and leading                                                                         the new partial payment rules
                 through the Tax Section in the               demic year and will succeed                    for Offers in Compromise, and
                 areas of pro bono representation and         Professor Michael Mulroney as the        changes to the regulations regarding
                 low income taxpayer issues.                  Director of Villanova’s Masters in       collection due process hearings.
                     Professor Book has been involved         Taxation program. In all of these pro-       Professor Book has made it a key
                 with pro bono representation of low          grams, Professor Book expends tre-       focus of his professional and personal
                 income taxpayers since 1997, when            mendous energy in training law           life to assist low income taxpayers by
                 he was the Director of the Quinnipiac students and new lawyers how to be              using his many talents. The Tax
                 University School of Law Federal Tax excellent advocates for taxpayers.               Section is proud to recognize his con-
                 Clinic. In 2000, Professor Book took         Many of his students remain active in    tribution with this award. n
                 over the Villanova University School         pro bono representation and low
                                                                                                       * University of Connecticut School of Law,
                 of Law Tax Clinic. He will be leaving income taxpayer clinics, a true tribute           Hartford, CT.
                 that position at the end of this aca-        to the impact he makes on them.

 a B a S E C T I O N O F Ta x aT I O N N E w S Q u a r T E r ly, v O l u m E 2 6 , N u m B E r 3 , S p r I N g 2 0 0 7

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