Second Youth Leadership Conference Held by jwc45040


									Second Youth Leadership                                                                   The Second Annual Youth Leadership
                                                                                          conference, held in June, was designed to
Conference Held                                                                           help teens learn leadership and problem-
                                                                                          solving skills that they will be able to use
                                                                                          throughout their lives.
   SMECO was among a number of Southern Maryland business community
leaders to sponsor the Second Annual Youth Leadership Conference in June. The

four-day conference was developed to help area teens develop leadership skills.
   Fifty Southern Maryland high-school students attended the conference held at
the St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Students received leadership training in the
areas of ethics, government, and communications. Activities included an ethics             That’s the
workshop, leadership game, and brainstorming sessions for planning and present-            Cooperative Difference
ing projects to benefit the community. Groups of students worked together on
presentations ranging from school climate and teen wellness to domestic violence
and homelessness. Each group gave its presentation on the last night of the con-              In 1937, when Franklin D. Roosevelt
ference to an audience made up of parents and family members.                               was president and the Great Depression
   A featured guest speaker at the conference was Olympic gold medalist                     was entering its eighth year, Southern
Dominique Dawes. Dawes encouraged students to envision their success: write                 Maryland had no electricity. Because
                                                down their goals, build relationships,      Southern Maryland was sparsely popu-
                                                and overcome setbacks. Pete Mahon           lated and without significant commercial
                                                of Charles County Public Schools            activity, it was not profitable for inves-
                                                conducted workshops on True                 tor-owned utilities to provide electric
                                                Colors, a dynamic personality               service to the area.
                                                assessment tool for building bet-
                                                ter communications and providing              That’s when a group of Southern
                                                insight into career choices.                Maryland residents decided to form an
                                                Representatives from the Calvert            electric cooperative. This illustrates one
                                                Crusade for Children conducted a            way electric co-ops are different from
                                                 session on developmental assets,           investor-owned utilities. Co-ops are
                                                 focusing on the internal assets that       generally formed to serve less densely
                                                 identify characteristics and behaviors     populated areas such as Southern
Dominique Dawes, right, speaks to a student
                                                 that reflect positive internal growth       Maryland.
at the second Southern Maryland Youth
Leadership Conference.                           and development of young people.
                                                 The goal of this session was to teach        The goal of electric cooperatives is
young people to make thoughtful and positive choices to be better prepared for              to provide safe, dependable power to
situations in life that challenge their inner strength and confidence.                       members at the lowest price possible.
   Other speakers were Dr. Michael Martirano, superintendent of St. Mary’s                  Because SMECO is a cooperative, our
County Public Schools; Maryland Delegate Michael Vaughn of Prince George’s                  margins—revenue minus expenses—are
County; motivational speaker Wardell                                                        retained to provide working capital for
Swann; Col. Tim Hutchins, superin-                                                          new construction and system improve-
tendent of the Maryland State Police;                                                       ments. These margins are refunded to
and Dr. Patrick Allen, chair of the                                                         customer-members in the form of Capi-
Social Science, Human Services, and                                                         tal Credits—another benefit you’ll never
Teacher Education Department at the                                                         see from an investor-owned utility.
                College of Southern
                 Maryland.                                                                    SMECO’s Capital Credit refunds for
                                                                                            2006 are credited to members’ bills in
                                                                                            July or August.

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                                                                Youth Leadership
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Teen Event and Concert                           Texas Holdr’Em Tournament                    10th Annual Parish Dinner
Sponsor: The 7:30 Club                           Sponsor: Indian Head Volunteer Fire          Sponsor: Sacred Heart Catholic Church
   September 2, 7-10 p.m.                        Department and Rescue Squad                     September 24, 1-6 p.m.
   Immaculate Conception Church                     September 16, 4 pm.                          Sacred Heart Parish Hall, La Plata
   Parish Hall, Mechanicsville                      Indian Head Firehouse, Indian Head        301-934-3656
301-884-0147 or e-mail                              Reservations strongly encouraged.                      800-337-2217 or e-mail

Fall Follies Crafts Show
                                                                                              County Fairs
Sponsor: Crafts Guild of St. Mary’s County       2006 Maryland
   September 9, 10 am-3 pm                       Lighthouse Challenge                         Charles County Fair
   September 10 (raindate)                       Sponsor: Chesapeake Chapter U.S.                September 14-17
   On the Square, Leonardtown                    Lighthouse Society and the Lighthouse           Fairgrounds, La Plata
301-994-2621                                     Organizations of Maryland                    301-932-1234 or visit
                                                     September 16-17, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 
Woodland Indian Discovery Day                        Lighthouse locations statewide
Sponsor: Historic St. Mary’s City                410-437-0741 or e-mail                       St. Mary’s County Fair
   September 9,                                                    September 21-24
   10 a.m.-5 p.m.                                                                                Fairgrounds,
   Indian Hamlet, Historic                       F. George Heinze III Golf Classic               Leonardtown
   St. Mary’s City                               Auction & Dinner                             301-475-8434
240-895-4990 or e-mail                           Sponsor: American Red Cross Southern                                    Maryland Chapter                             Calvert County Fair
                                                     September 22, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.                September 28-October 2
12th Annual Police                                   Swan Point Yacht and Country Club,          Fairgrounds, Barstow
and Community Day                                    Swan Point                               410-535-0026
Sponsor: Maryland State Police                       Reservations required.
   September 16, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                  1-888-276-2767 or visit
   210 Main Street, Prince Frederick   

Youth Leadership, Continued

Students who attended the Southern Maryland Youth Leadership Conference participated in seminars and team-building activities.

  The Youth Leadership Conference was sponsored by                                Lord and Tucker Management Consultants
the following:                                                                    Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
         American Association of University Women                                 Southern Maryland WorkSource
         Calvert County Chamber of Commerce                                       St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce
         Calvert County Department of Juvenile Services                           St. Mary’s County Public Schools
         Calvert County Public Schools                                            St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation, Parks
         Charles County Chamber of Commerce                                       and Community Services
         Charles County Public Schools                                            St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department
         College of Southern Maryland                                             Teen Court of St. Mary’s County
         Concerned Black Women of Calvert County                                  Titan Financial Services

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 of Southern Maryland Electric
 Cooperative (SMECO), you
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 could be entitled to a Capital
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 name in this publication, then
 complete the form included in
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                                                rized utility personnel. A meter base should never be pried
  May 2006
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