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               “People like me who have learning
               disabilities, we look normal. You                                                 youthleadershipforum
               never know who we are so you
               always go along thinking you're all                                                        Advocacy   Transition   Technology
               alone 'cause no one else will tell
               you they have ADHD like I do. It's
               only times like this that you actu-
               ally see people come up and say
               they have ADHD. It shows you're
not alone.”        Derek

“We wouldn't be able to do
this without each other. All
of the delegates have
touched me in a way that I
can never, I can never feel
again and that I can never
describe.”      Nathan

                     “God made me this way. I             For more information, contact:
                     didn't just become deaf when         Donna Foster, Ability Advocate/
                     I got older for no reason. God              YLF Coordinator
                     chose me to be this way and            Ohio Governor’s Council on
                     just to know that God's gonna             People with Disabilities
                     use me, now that I finally         150 E. Campus View Blvd., Suite 150
                     love myself because I feel                 Columbus, OH 43235
                     accepted. I love you guys so
                     much you all taught me so           Telephone: (614) 438-1394 voice
much. You taught me to accept myself for who I                      1-866-579-5622 (VP)
am, just to go to college and not be ashamed.”                       Fax: (614) 985-9052
                                                       E-mail: Donna.Foster@rsc.state.oh.us
                                                      Web: http://gcpd.ohio.gov/YLF/index.html
                                                                                                  For Students With Disabilities
     Youth Leadership Forum For Students With Disabilities
    Mission Statement
The Ohio Youth Leadership Forum
(YLF) for students with disabilities
will provide career leadership training
for high school juniors and seniors
with disabilities. Young students with
disabilities will cultivate leadership,
citizenship, advocacy, a sense of inde-
pendence and social skills that will en-
hance their oppor-
tunity to become
effective leaders
for tomorrow. By                                                                            ♦ demonstrate the ability to inter-
                                                     WHAT IS THE YLF?
providing a                                                                                     act effectively with other stu-
framework of his-                                                                               dents;
tory, awareness,                           A four day leadership training program for
                                           11th and 12th grade high school students         ♦ are representative of Ohio in
peer support, and
                                           with disabilities. Many young people with            terms of geographic region, gen-
an atmosphere of
                                           disabilities now have more options and               der, and ethnicity.
                                           more challenges than at any other time in
the YLF of Ohio will gain vital access                                                                OUTCOMES
to assistive technology, community         our nation’s history. This forum is geared
support and civil rights.                  to prepare them to take advantage of the
                                           unprecedented opportunities and to fully      Student Delegates will:
       Vision Statement                    develop as constructive, contributing mem-       ♦   learn about choosing a career,
                                           bers of our society.                                 the history of disability as a
The vision of the Ohio Youth Leader-
                                                                                                culture, and resources;
ship Forum (YLF) for students with
disabilities is to enable students with        WHO PARTICIPATES IN YLF?                     ♦   identify existing barriers to per-
disabilities to serve as role models in                                                         sonal and professional success;
their community and the State of Ohio.     Young People Who Have Disabilities and           ♦   be introduced to professionals
It is through the Youth Leadership Fo-     Who:                                                 with disabilities;
rum that students will realize their
                                              ♦ demonstrate leadership potential;           ♦   develop a “Personal Leadership
ability, rights and obligation to pursue
meaningful employment and contrib-            ♦ demonstrate involvement in the                  Plan; to reach goals in educa-
ute to society.                                  community or extra-curricular activi-          tion, employment and the com-
                                                 ties;                                          munity.