The YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM will be held at by jwc45040


									Sponsored by: Archdiocesan Youth & Young Adult Ministry                                   Supports this Ministry

           The YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM will be held at
                    St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, OK.

          There is a $20 fee per person which includes lunch and leadership materials.

      Buckley Team will have “Let Your Light Shine” glow in the dark T-shirts on sale for $15

  You will be learning about: Always having the attitude of Christ, Time Management/
Organization, Brainstorming, How to Lead, Qualities of mentors, Personal Growth, Leading
                              Prayer Services and more…..

                    The program will be facilitated by the Buckley Retreat Team
       from St. Gregory’s University under the supervision of Diane Willis, Campus Minister .

               Registration deadline is Friday, January 22nd.
                   To register, fill out the registration form and mail with the $20 fee to:
                                         Youth & Young Adult Office
                                  PO Box 32180, Oklahoma City, OK 73123
                            Specific details will be sent to you prior to the event.

   NAME________________________________________________________ GRADE______ AGE_______

   ADDRESS_____________________________________ CITY_____________________ ZIP__________

   PHONE______________________ EMAIL___________________________________________________

   PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME______________________________________________________________


Phone: 405.721.9220            Fax: 405.721.5210             E-mail:

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