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When you talk about fair trade and organic coffees, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Fair Trade Certified means cooperatives and their farmers get a fair price for the coffee they
produce. They are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffees which allows them to invest in
their crops and their communities. It likewise gives farmers access to pre-harvesting funds so
that they will be able to sustain their business. Green Mountain Coffees is an advocate of Fair
Trade. In fact, a lot of coffee companies have a full line of Fair Trade coffees which have been
enjoying popularity among coffee drinkers.

Here are some of the top Fair Trade Coffees from Green Mountain K cups

Colombian Fair Trade Select

The classically balanced coffee with fruity undertones creates a vibrant and complex flavor that
sits perfectly with a hearty breakfast. The brightness of the citrus-like aroma evens out the
acidity of the coffee. The sweet aftertaste is somewhat chocolatey.

Organic Espresso Blend

If you like the complexity of espresso then this is your coffee. This dark roast offers a complex
combination of smoky flavor, vanilla essence and hints of flowers and chocolates. It's a smooth
blend with a toasty edge. It's pleasingly buttery with no harsh bitter aftertaste.

Organic Heifer Hope Blend

Heifer Blend was created to support Heifer International's cause to alleviate hunger in the world.
They have extended assistance to farmers by helping them diversify their incomes. This coffee
blend has the sweetness of ripe fruit and a cozy chocolatey aftertaste.

Rain Forest Nut

Nutty coffee is what this blend is all about. The aromatic flavors of roasted cashew and Brazilian
nuts combined with vanilla bring out the mildly lingering subtle taste of light roasted coffee.

Wild Mountain Blueberry

Blueberry coffee, anyone? It's juicy, oh so sweet and mildly buttery. Fruit-flavored coffee is
quite tricky because not everyone would dare try out something fruity sweet in their cup of joe.
This one is a real treat especially for dessert lovers.

Fair Trade produces some of the finest coffees in the world and they're available in k cups!

Description: When you talk about fair trade and organic coffees, what's the first thing that comes to mind?