MS and Wounded Warrior Project Big Winners at Bartram by jwc45040


									             The Official Newsletter of Bartram Trail Golf Club for May 2009
       Editor / Publisher / Writer: Scott Skadan   Junior Pages Writer / Columnist : Dee Ramp

          MS and Wounded Warrior Project
    Big Winners at Bartram Trail Golf Club in April
  Bartram Trail Golf Club
proved once again that we
have a very benevolent mem-
bership, along with a tremen-
dously supportive community
here in Columbia County as
two tremendous charity tour-
naments raised nearly $5,000
for two extremely worthwhile
charities in April.

  Maria wants to thank all of
the Bartram Trail members       Wounded Warrior Project Tournament Director, Maria Henry
who came out to support her       with members of our military that volunteered at the event
tournament that began as her
senior project as Augusta State University, but grew to be much, much more, as
she was able to raise over $1,900 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

                                   One week later, Bartram Trail was at it again as the
                                “Walkin’ and Golfin’ for MS and Cathy” tournament was
                                staged at Bartram Trail. The tournament was not just a
                                fundraising golf tournament, ir also included a team of
                                friends rallying around a friend and his family who are
                                battling the dreaded disease. Cathy Ozden, the wife of
                                Bartram Trail G.C. member Brian Ozden, has been bat-
 Terri Zeyfang and Susan Skadan tling MS for a number of years. Last year Brian organized
   at the MS Walk in Augusta
                                a team of walkers, and golfers to raise money for a cure.
This year, we were at it again, and combined, the walk and golf tournament
raised over $3,000 for MS! Nice Job, Bartram Trail...
                         Bartram Trail Golf Club
                              May Birthdays
          Stephanie Bennett   May 4       Tyler Phares        May 19
          Paul Baldwin        May 6       Doug Coleman        May 20
          Gary Dorn           May 6       Glen Howard         May 21
          Brad Cheek          May 9       Carter Loftis       May 23
          Stephanie Sidow     May 10      John Carney         May 23
          Hunter Guilbeau     May 11      Eddie Huff          May 26
          Russell Jeter       May 13      Brad Canady         May 26
          Paul Hutcheson      May 14      William Nelson      May 26
          Bob Prange          May 16      Tom Blanchard       May 28
          Ed Harrell          May 17      Don Autry           May 30
          Chip Allen          May 18      Steve Pokrywka      May 31
          Mike Hyde           May 19      Yves Latrimouille   May 31

       Happy Birthday from Bartram Trail Golf Club!!!

  The 6th Annual Fatz Café Spring Golf Classic will take place
Wednesday, May 13th at Bartram Trail Golf Club. The tourna-
ment will feature a Captain’s Choice format with a shotgun
start at 12 Noon.
  The cost of the tournament is $240 per team, or $60 per indi-
vidual player.
   Each player will receive a free lunch provided by Fatz Café,
Free Beverages on the course and a complimentary sleeve of
                                                                       Jenny Clark
  There will be great prizes as well including Closest to the Pin,
Longest Drive, and many more on course competitions.
   All proceeds benefit the Jenny Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund, a non-profit
organization that has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships for deserving Colum-
bia and Richmond County high school seniors.
Superintendent’s Corner... From Jeff Lloyd

    “...we’ll be aerating on May 20th, and adding fertilizer as well…”

   What’s Happening on the course in May…
     - We will be punching holes on May 20th so hopefully the weather will not let me

       - We will also be applying a fertilizer application to the entire course, so look out for some tougher shots out
         of the rough this summer.

       - We’ll be fixing the washed out cart paths, and mowing the native areas around the golf course as well

       - As always, as the weather warms up be on the lookout for snakes in the areas surrounding the course. If you
         hit into woods, or areas near Euchee Creek, bring a club with you...always while you hunt for errant golf

       On the Homefront
       - If you have not put down fertilizer for your lawn, now is the time, and if you have, just sit back and enjoy
         your hard work.

       - If you need help with your yard, contact me at the office (706) 21—4682.

   Bartram Trail Men’s Golf Association Spring Golf Trip
                    To Fripp Island…

            Left to right, Lonnie, Bob Prange, Rayne Johnstun, Jeff Lloyd, Robby Watson, Pete Hamilton,
                             Carter Murphy, Rob Zeyfang, Scott Skadan and Brian Ozden

The Bartram Trail Men’s Golf Association’s Spring Golf to Fripp Island was a tremendous success!
BTGC Head Superintendent Jeff Lloyd was the overall champion after four rounds at Fripp Island’s
Ocean Creek and Ocean Point courses.
              Upcoming Events at Bartram Trail Golf Club
Date            Event                                         Time
Wed. May 13     Jenny Clark Memorial Tournament (Fatz Café)   12 N Shotgun

Thurs. May 14   David Newton Outing                           1:30p Shotgun

Sat. May 16     GA. PGA Junior Tour                           8am

Sun May 17      GA. PGA Junior Tour                           8am

Mon. May 18     Western Carolina Seniors                      9am

Sat. May 30     PARS Junior Tournament                        8am

Sun. May 31     PARS Junior Tournament                        8am

Mon. June 1     GSGA Junior Sectional                         8am

Mon. June 8     AAJGA                                         8am
             Robby Watson                                                         Lee Henry

                               Tips From The Pros
           “Keys to a successful putting stroke...”
1. Body weight is not on the heels or the toes, but on the middle of the feet

2. The position of your head should be directly over the ball or behind the ball slightly, but never in
   front of the ball (that is between the ball and the hole)

3. Feet, hips and shoulders should be aligned at your target not the hole

4. A good putter always accelerates his or her putter through the ball, this makes the ball roll with a
   consistent pace and line.

Keeping these keys in mind should decrease your number of three-putts and increase your birdies!

Call the Bartram trail pro shop to book your next lesson at 706-210-4681

 Check-In for the Wounded Warrior Project Golf Tournament            BTGC Assistant Pro Lee Henry shown here sup-
                 At Bartram Trail Golf Club.                            porting his wife Maria’s tournament.
                 Lots Starting at $61,000
              Home Sites Starting at $289,900
           Community Pool Opening in Summer 2009

                Contact Our Sales Office
                   at 706-863-0265
       Nita Boeglen    Kelly Gates      Jerry Dean

       New Dawgfight
    Tee Times Announced
   Beginning the Week After the Masters
The Bartram Trail Dawgfight Times will be as
              Thursdays, 5:00pm
               Fridays, 12 Noon
              Saturdays, 9:00am
              Sundays, 10:00am
  This does not affect the Senior Dogfights
                           Bartram trail
                   Senior Men’s Golf Association

                                       By: Larry Nichols For May 2009
 This month the seniors skipped the first Tuesday, which was Master’s week and got rained out the
second Tuesday. On that second Tuesday we had 70 dedicated golfers show up even though the
weather forecast was iffy. We teed off and got in anywhere from 2 to 4 holes before the rain and
lightning started and cancelled the days play. The most disappointed golfer was George DeGraff.
George started on number 9 and eagled the hole. He was looking forward to a great day and two
holes later it was done.
   We did play the following week and the team of Willie Hutto, Don Head and Domenick Testi
won first place. Don Head, as well as being on the first place team also won best performance by
pulling 39 points and won a closest to the pin. He picked up a cool $70 for this trifecta. We had 90
players that day, 88 paid players, and the kitty was fat; his timing was perfect. Don is one of our
most faithful members. Born and raised in Brunswick, Ga he came to Augusta many years ago to
go to work for Babcock and Wilcox. Now retired at the relatively young age of 63, he qualifies as
one of our limber back members. Good playing Don; keep it up. Carl Pilcher eagled number 6 that
day also. Number 6 is not where you would normally think eagle but Carl is another of our limber
backs and a good golfer. He nearly drove the green and chipped it in for a routine eagle. On the last
Tuesday of the month the guys went wild. Ed Brown shot a 69, Bob Wolfe shot a 73 and those two
combined with Bill Lewis and Jerry Hottle for the winning team score of +28. Bob was plus 14
himself and Wayne Wiggins was plus 10. David Williams, playing with us for only the second time
had two birdies and eagled 17. Some pretty good playing.
   Jeff Lloyd and crew have the course in great shape, weather is turning around and our turnout
keeps growing. We did welcome some new members this month; Vince Dwan, Domenick Testi (he
didn’t waste any time getting into the winners circle) and David Williams. Welcome to the organi-
zation men.
    So far this year we have had 7 golfers win over $100; they are Charles Doolittle, John Carney,
George Greiner, Ron Engvoldsen, Tom Paris, Bill Patterson and Jim Walsh. I feel certain that when
this weeks stats are compiled that Don Head will probably join that group. The player of the year
competition is currently led by Jim Walsh with 56 points, closely followed by Tommy Slay, Hardy
Wylie and Bob Wolfe all with 50 points or more. The year is young yet and I am sure the lead will
change hands a number of times throughout the year. Our hole-in-one pot is up to $590. It is about
time for somebody to make one. Bruce Williamson is out of town Tuesday next and that is usually
when somebody makes one.
    One event of note this month was the Golf for the Wounded Warrior Project Tournament spon-
sored by Maria Henry. Maria, wife of Assistant Pro Lee Henry, sponsored the tournament for a
senior class university project and reports the tournament was a great success and raised significant
money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Our group sponsored two holes; one was sponsored by
Don Autry in our name and one by the guys kicking in. We also had several teams in the tourna-
ment. Good job Maria! And kudos to those of you men who contributed or played for supporting
such a worthy project.
Walkin’ and Golfin’ for MS and Cathy…
      What a Great Weekend!!!
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                              “Dee’s Corner”
                 Yabba Dabba Doo, What Do I Choose?
                                       By: Dee Ramp
                                   Bartram Trail Golf Club

    Home is where the heart is and Bartram Trail is living proof of that. We
have so much junior talent coming out of our club, they are getting recog-
nized just about everyplace they play. That brings me to the topic of choice
this month. There is the SJGT, Georgia Junior Golf Tour, AJGA, AJGA
tours, and local courses hosting junior events throughout the summer and
now we have a new tour to choose from. The Augusta Junior Golf Magazine
is hosting their first ever magazine tour. Dates of the event are from May
thru December and the age groups are same as most of the local courses
ranging from 8 and under up to 18. Keep an eye of this tour and register on
line to play in some if not all of the events. One thing about the AJGM tour,
all of the tournaments are local and cost for each event is $25.00 and one of
the events will be held at Bartram Trail and that date is July 23. For more
information about this tour, go online and register at or email ei-
ther way you will get connected.
   The 2009 generation has all of the latest technology when it comes to
club and club selection, shoes, hats, belts, pants/shorts, therefore I want to
emphasize the importance of “dress to impress” not only for yourself but
everyone around you. Set a good example, feel good about yourself and you
will learn to love the “ground beneath your feet” whether It’s in the fairway,
the bunker or on the green. To coin a phrase I have heard all my golfing life
but don’t know who said it is “free the body and thrill the soul” shoot for
that under par score you have been searching within yourself. If it’s there it
will be forthcoming. Golf will always have compelling stories each and
every time the game is played so play it to the fullest with the most dignity
that is within you. Encourage each other, be kind, be upbeat, help look for a
lost ball, enjoy bragging rights and don’t lose your focus in golf or in life
and you will succeed. Come play Bartram Trail “where golf is seriously
Walkin’ and Golfin’ for MS and Cathy…
      What a Great Weekend!!!
    Bartram trail Senior Men’s Golf Association

                                            By: Don Autry

Friday April 3rd
The course was a little wet but we had 16 players venture out to test the turf. As usual, we also had
several players score well. Don Autry came in with a 74, while John Carney shot a 75. Rod Luce,
76, and Don “Duck” Herron had a 77.
Here are the results:
1st Place: Jimmy Story          +4
2nd Place: John Carney          +3
3rd Place: Don Autry            +2
Par 3 Closest to the Pin’s
Ed Brown (2), John Carney, and Jimmy Story

Wednesday, April 15th
We were limited to cart path only due to rain on Monday and Tuesday, but there was some good golf
played by several of our members. Gary Dawkins shot a 71, and pulled 42 points, Don Autry shot a
72, while Ed Brown and Rod Luce had 73’s.
Here are the results:
1st Place: Gary Dawkins    +8
2nd Place: Don Autry       +5
3rd Place: Rod Luce & Jim Dawkins +1
Par 3 Closest to the Pin’s
Ed Brown, Victor Briggs and Don Autry. We had a first on #14 today with Ed Brown and Don Autry,
playing in different groups, sharing closest to the pin honors. Their shots ended up the same distance
from the hole.

Friday, April 17th
Here are the results:

1st Place: Hugh Bennett     +4
2nd Place: Bob Wolfe        +3
3rd Place: Jim Walsh & Larry Nichols +2

Par 3 Closest to the Pin’s
Rod Luce, Tommy Slay, Victor Briggs and Bob Wolfe
  Bartram trail Senior Men’s Golf Association

                                        By: Don Autry

Wednesday, April 22
Low round of the day went to Rod Luce with a smooth 73. Duck Herron and Victor Briggs
came in with 75’s. Victor shot a 34 on the back after a 41 on the front, nice job Victor!
Here are the results:

1st Place:   Duck Herron, Victor Briggs and Larry Langley     +5

Closest to the Pin’s
Fred Warner, Tommy Slay, Victor Briggs (2)

Friday, April 24th
Low round of the day was a nice 72 from Tommy Slay. He shot 39 on the front and they turned
it on with a 33 on the back. Victor Briggs continued his hot play with a 73. Ed Brown was his
“Steady Eddie” self with a 75
Here are the results:

1st Place: Don Head +8
2nd Place: George Fritsche +6
3rd Place: Bill Nelson and Tommy Slay +5

Closest to the Pin’s
Carl Morton, Bill Nelson, Charlie Doolittle and Don Head

Wednesday, April 29th
The low rounds of the day went to Ed Brown and Don Autry who each came in with 74’s. Rod
Luce had a 75 and Don Head came in with a 76.
Here are the results:

1st Place: Don Head +7
2nd Place: Larry Langley +5
3rd Place: Jack Jones +4

Closest to the Pin’s
Don Head, Ed Brown, Don Autry and Larry Langley

   2009 Summer Junior Clinic Schedule
                    Bartram Trail Golf Club

            Instructors: Lee Henry and Hunter Maynard

Mission: To provide fundamental and intermediate instruction to juniors
             in the CSRA in a kid-friendly, fun environment.

 Instructional Topics: Driving, Irons, Short Game, Putting, and Rules of Golf

  Cost: $75 per junior includes instruction, prizes, range balls, and beverages

                         Time:  8am-10am
                     Monday-Thursday June 1-4
                     Monday-Thursday June 22-26

                    Monday-Thursday July 20-23
                     Monday-Thursday August 3-6

      Evans High’s Jacob Tilton Takes Region Title
            Bartram Trail G.C. member fires 67 at Jones Creek

                       HOW HE FARED: Aided by 30 on his first nine, Tilton shot
                       67 Tuesday at Jones Creek to win the Region 3-AAAA indi-
                       vidual title. Tilton, an Armstrong Atlantic State signee, had
                       the best score by six shots in a field that included four ACC
                       or SEC signees. He missed a 6-foot uphill putt on No. 18 --
                       a shotgun start had him begin his round at No. 10 -- that
                       would have been good for an opening 29. Tilton played with
                       a bulky brace on his left ankle; he broke it three weeks ago
                       playing basketball.
                       TILTON ON TILTON: "I didn't think I was going to be ready.
                       I spent two weeks (bed-ridden) and was also on crutches.
                       The week before region, I was able to hit golf balls again.
                       Tried to work hard that last week. ... I got off to such a good
     Jacob Tilton      start I was able to focus a little better. When you get off to a
                       good start, it's easy to keep it going."
                       WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: "Jacob has as much natural
                       ability as any golfer in the area. He's a great shotmaker that
                       can hit any shot you think of. ... He's always been a bit
                       emotional. (Tuesday) he was steady in a sense that he did-
                       n't come off as excited. I think that helped him, especially
                       (on the last nine holes)." -- coach Mike Bibee

     Evans H.S. Girls Take Region 3-AAAA Title at Jones Creek
Evans 224                Josey 261
Heather Hammack 100      Keturah Mingledolp 110
Allison Vick 124         LaToya Crafton   151

Cross Creek 249          A.R. Johnson 381
Cheyenne Curry 122       Theadora Myers 165
Naoimi Flinchum 127      Whitney Griffin 216

                               Greenbrier Wolf Pack Golf News

                         GREENBRIER HIGH SCHOOL TAKES BOTH
                            TITLES AT THE OAKS COURSE IN
                                    COVINGTON, GA

As Kurt Aschermann, Jr., Sports writer of the Rock Dale Citizen Newspaper said, “It’s always tough to de-
fend a regional championship. It’s even tougher to do it with an inexperienced team that’s facing a jugger-
naut”. He was talking about the Green Machine from Greenbrier High School who with unstoppable force
shot a 292 to sweep the 2-AAAAA Region tournament. Second place team, Luella shot a 350.

Low medalist for the tournament was Bartram Trail Golf Club member, Cody Shafer of Greenbrier. All other
four players whose scores counted for the Wolfpack are sophomores, except junior Kyle Hope. Greenbrier
will play for State honors in Jekyll Island May 4.

Cody Shafer (72) Medalist
Taylor Gove 73
Kyle Hope 73
Robert Robertson 74

The Greenbrier Girls also brought home the regional trophy and are too headed to State at Jekyll Island.
Ivy Mischell was Low Medalist for tournament as well.

Greenbrier Girls
Ivy Mischell (89) (Medalist)
Jordan Padgett 93
Stephanie Bennett 93

  Bartram Trail’s Stephen Hill Named MVP of Green-
           brier Middle School Golf Team
  Congratulations to Bartram Trail’s own Stephen Hill, who was named
the MVP of the Greenbrier Middle School golf team. Stephen won the
award for the second consecutive season.
   Stephen will undoubtedly be a factor for the Greenbrier High School
Wolf Pack golf team next season. It’s hard to believe he’s just an 8th
grader. He’s already a low single-digit handicap golfer with unlimited po-
tential. Stephen is constantly challenging himself by playing in tourna-
ments, and is even a regular in the Dawgfight on Saturday’s to keep him-
self sharp. I hope he can find more Saturday Junior tournaments...he’s
wearing us out!

 Columbia County Middle School Championship Tournament Results
School       Player      Score Player      Score   Player     Score   Player     Score   Total
Greenbrier Allen         42    Hill         38     Hershkowitz 42     Tulley     43      165
Stallings Is. Kountakis 36*    Ramsey       42     Douglass     41    Kim         48     167
Riverside Guilbeau       42    Watson      40      Canady       43    Steminer    52     177
Evans        Griffin     41     Poss        49     Hague        43    Leedom      48     181
Columbia Spivey          43     Johnston    45     Johnson      51    Guyer       72     211

School       Player      Score Player      Score   Player     Score   Player     Score   Total
Stallings Is. Harrison   47*
Columbia     Reynolds    54
Riverside    Shiver      59
Greenbrier   Hope        54    Cochran     60

*Denotes Medalist

            Columbia County Middle School Golf Teams
    We previously shared the Greenbrier Middle School Golf Team, here are
         Evans, Columbia and Harlem Middle School team members

Evans Middle School Golf Team        Columbia Middle School Golf Team
Boys                                 Boys
 Charles Griffin                        Ty Guyer
 Jon Hague                              Colin Johnston
 Tres Poss                              Walker Johnson
 Gunner Stever                          Jackson Sample
 Matt Davis                             Grant Sandlin
 Steven Leedom                          Garrett Spivey
 Travis Martin
 Nolan Johnson
 Austin Leverett

Girls                               Girls
 Candace Wakefield                    Samantha Mims
 Jamine Stone                         Danielle Reynolds

Coach David Phillips                Coach Blake Adams

Harlem Middle School Golf Team
 Caleb Johnson            Chaise Dukes                    Carson Gurley
 Tyler Beard              Kenneth Richardson
 Chance Lonergan          Noah Bemisderfer
 Mason McDaniel           Franklin Neal
 Hunter Ripper            Matt Logue
 Nolan Lambert            Jacob Williams
 Dakota Nale              Evan Strang
 Garrett Parsons          Austin LeDoux
 Ethan Strang             Jesses Brantley

Coach Susan McDonald
   Asst. Pro Lee Henry Offers Golf Club Services
         Golf Club Services Price List
All prices are per grip and include installation and supplies
                           Golf Pride
                      Tour Velvet- $5.00
 Decade multi-compound: red/yellow/green/blue- $8.50              Lee Henry
                           DD2- $7.00
                      Velvet Cord- $8.50
    Winn Grips                                       Lamkin
    G8 Rave - $7.00                              Crossline- $5.00
    AVS- $7.00                               Crossline Full-Cord- $7.00
                                                 Dual Density- $8.00
    Dynamic Gold Iron - $15.00 / with Sensicore - $19.00
    Dynamic Gold Iron 3-pw - $120.00 / with Sensicore - $152.00
    Rifle stepless iron individual- $23.00
    Rifle Spinner Wedge- $25.00
    Rifle flighted iron – $170 per set 3-pw
    Rifle Project X iron- $300 per set 3-pw
    Shaft Puring extra $12.00 per shaft

   Aldila NV or NVS 55, 65, 75 grams- $105.00
   Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue/Red- $80.00
   Graphite Design YS-6- $85.00
   UST V2- $85.00
   Dynamic Gold Wood shaft- $20.00
   Rifle Wood Shaft- $27.00
   Prolaunch Hybrid- $52.00
   YS Hybrid- $80.00
   Fujikura Banzai Hybrid shaft- $80.00
   Other Fujikura shafts available

           Bore-thru graphite woods are an additional $10.00 per club
                       Shaft Puring extra $12.00 per shaft
                  Shaft shortening/lengthening- $5.00 per club
                    Other shaft and grip options are available;
                 please email me for a quote @
                                     Bartram Trail CDC

                                      Mission Statement

Whereas the Bartram Trail Golf Course has been built in public-private partnership as a not-
for-profit, upscale daily fee golf course, open to the public, and eventually, after repayment of
the debt on the course, becoming an asset of Columbia County, the Bartram Trail CDC
(Community Development Corporation) Board, as the owner and directing authority of the
golf course, establishes the following Mission Statement:


To consistently provide the greatest possible golfing experience to all players.


While meeting all financial obligations throughout the term of its ownership, the Bartram
Trail CDC resolves to commit itself to:

   The quality of the golf course,
   The quality of the golf programming,
   The quality of the golf course staff,
   The quality of service provided to players,
   The environmental stewardship of the land,
   The preservation and continual improvement of the asset, and
   Being a good corporate citizen of Columbia County.

Approved by the Bartram Trail CDC Board, June 28, 2006

                                 A. Montague Miller

                                 Larry N. Hollington

                                 Pierce Blanchard
                                 Board Member

                                 Pat Farr
                                 Board Member

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