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					Australia, Pacific Islands, & Antarctica

Physical Characteristics
• Wide range of vegetation, from tropical rain forests to desert scrub • Australia is mostly desert • The Great Dividing Range is located along the eastern coast of Australia • The Great Barrier Reef is located off the Northeastern coast of Australia

Physical characteristics cont.
• Australia’s isolation has resulted in unique animal life • Antarctica is the world’s coldest, driest, windiest continent: It is mostly icecap. • Pacific islands are mostly volcanic, coral or continental

Economic Characteristics
• Require air and water travel to bring goods and services to remote areas • Dry areas of Australia well suited to cattle and sheep ranching • upset of environmental balance, caused by the introduction of nonnative plants and animals • ranching, mining (primary activities)

Cultural Characteristics
• Pacific Islands are sparsely populated • Most of Australia’s population lives near the coast • Traditional culture continues to shape life in the Pacific Islands • Lifestyles range from subsistence farming to modern city living • Cultures reflect the mix of European and indigenous cultures (ex: Maori and aborigines) • Antarctica has no permanent residents

Cultural characteristics cont.
• Cities as centers of culture and trade
– Canberra ACT (Australian Capital Territory) – Sydney, Australia – Melbourne, Australia

• Cultural landscape
– – – – Sydney Opera House Cattle and Sheep station (Australia) Research stations (Antarctica) Thatched roof dwellings (Pacific Islands)

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