FuYang JinDing orders an integrated casting and rolling plant

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             Düsseldorf, February 1, 2010

             Order for SMS Meer
             FuYang JinDing orders an integrated casting and rolling plant
             of the CONTIROD® type for the production of copper wire rod

             FuYang JingDing Non-Ferrous Metal Material Ltd., China, a company
             belonging to XinXing Pipes and a manufacturer of high-quality steel
             pipes, has placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for the supply
             of a complete plant for the production of copper wire rod.

             The continuous casting and rolling plant of the CONTIROD® type will
             be installed at a new plant in Fu Jang City, Zhejiang Province.

             The wire rod mill forms part of XinXing Pipes' strategy of enlarging its
             portfolio into copper wire rod production by installing this modern line.
             The annual production capacity is150,000 t of high-quality copper
             wire rod produced from copper cathodes. The CONTIROD® line is
             designed for an output of 25 t per hour and ensures high productivity
             to meet the growing market demand for copper wire rod.

The plant comprises state-of-the-art machinery with the newly
designed gas control system of the SMS Meer shaft melting furnace,
providing high melting capacity with lower gas consumption rates at
the same time. The modular-designed Hazelett twin-belt caster
provides high flexibility with its melting section of 90 by 60 mm. The
twelve-stand rolling mill with individual frequency-controlled, power-
saving AC drives and integrated coil compactor and foil-packing
equipment reduces the plant size to the required dimensions and
offers ideal process control and flexibility.

All the named features will make this line one of the most modern
and economic copper rod plants in the world. Commissioning of the
plant is scheduled for the beginning of 2011.

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