A resolution ratifying the purchase of property by the by kos90500


Post Office Box 547
Nolensville, Tennessee 37135


 A resolution ratifying the purchase of property by the Town located on Nolensville
  Road, adjacent to Gregory Park, Williamson County Tax Map 56L, Group "D",
                                      Parcel 1.

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville, Tennessee contacted the Town
of Nolensville with a proposal to sell approximately 1.607 acres adjacent to Gregory Park
in Nolensville, Tennessee town limits; and,

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Government stated that the 1.607 acres would be sold to
the Town of Nolensville for $8,500.00; and,

WHEREAS, the Town of Nolensville is subject to the provisions of the “Municipal
Purchasing Law of 1983”; and,

WHEREAS, on September 2, 1999, Ordinance #99-17, the Town of Nolensville
established an amount of $10,000.00 for purchases without public advertisement and
competitive bidding; and,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the
Town of Nolensville who acknowledge and concur that:

Section 1. The action of the Town in purchasing 1.607 acre tract of land on Nolensville
Road for $8,500.00 from the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson
County, Tennessee is hereby ratified by this Board.

RESOLVED this __7th__ day, of September, 2006.

                                            Walter T. Dugger, III, Mayor

Cindy Lancaster, Town Recorder

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