What is a Wellness Coach

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                                 What is a Wellness Coach?
                                        By: Melody Mayo, MS, NCC

        As a wellness coach, I am asked this question almost daily. I usually
 respond analogously by saying, “It’s a similar idea to why you would hire a
 basketball coach to improve your basketball skills. If you want to improve your
 wellness skills, you hire a wellness coach.” A basketball coach will provide you
 with an objective perspective to help you make specific improvements to your
 technique that could dramatically improve your game. The same goes for
 wellness coaching. You may be unaware of areas in your life you could alter
 slightly that would have dramatic impact on your lifestyle balance, which would
 be one example of a way wellness coaching could help you.
        The role of a wellness coach is multi-faceted. Your wellness coach will act
 as a partner to collaborate with you on working towards your own unique and
 optimal state of well-being. A wellness coach differs in approach from a personal
 trainer or a nutritionist in that they will work with you from a non-prescriptive
 standpoint, which means they will not tell you what direction is best for you to go
 in. Rather, they will encourage and empower you to make the choices that are
 most appropriate for you and your individual situation. Your wellness coach will
 essentially work with you on how to incorporate healthy habits into your life
 instead of what habits to create.
        Through the supportive and self-empowering environment provided by a
 wellness coach, you can learn what kinds of things you may personally
 experience each time you undergo making changes in your life. Developing a
 history of success over time creates positivity towards change and thus gives
 you more incentive to continue making healthier decisions all on your own. By
 mentally preparing yourself to handle change, you will set yourself up for many
 future successes.
        As you gain clarity about your own personal health values, and align your
 behaviors with these values, your sense of purpose will be heightened. By living
 in congruence with your values, you are also allowing yourself the opportunity to
 grow in your confidence and self-worth. The more you value your life and your
 health, the better you will take care of yourself in mind, body and spirit.