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					                              Wellness Coach
                              Job Description

Essential Functions
  • Provide telephonic coaching, counseling, consultation and information and
     referral services to clients managing various chronic health conditions
  • Assess participant needs and theory of change utilizing a holistic point of
  • Utilize readiness for change, locus of control assessments and
     productivity measures to guide care
  • Communicate, as needed, with service delivery partners, physicians, and
     other health professional to provide case coordination and develop a plan
     of care that facilitates the efficient use of health care resources
  • Review pertinent medical history, current diagnosis, and pharmaceutical
     data via information database system
  • Assist participant in forming solutions for presenting problem and co-
     define and determine realistic goals with participant
  • Provide client interventions using plan of care
  • Intervene effectively with participants who are in crisis
  • Determine potential for null or negative outcome and adjust coaching
     accordingly using the SIGNAL System®
  • Cleary explain, on participant’s level, how the SIGNAL System® will act to
     assist with determining further need of care and to assist in determining
     participant progress within total care system
  • Determine and provide relevant community and/or healthcare resources
     that help support participant’s theory of change and effective and efficient
     medical utilization
  • Promote wellness and provide education regarding preventative care
  • Effectively assess, coach and graduate clients from care, resulting in
     appropriately managed caseloads
  • Make reports to appropriate authority figures in cases of abuse, neglect, or
     in cases of imminent danger
  • Demonstrates the ability to locate and link a participant to community and
     healthcare resources
  • Demonstrates an awareness and working knowledge of labor laws and
     disability laws
  • Document client activities and coaching/counseling sessions in
     established clinical format using PC technology
  • Attend scheduled and periodic meetings, trainings and other job-specific
     events as required
  • Provide intake and scheduling duties as required

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   •   Use TASKE, Navigator, Microsoft office software, Quick Conference,
       Intranet and Internet and other applicable software to manage client and
       call center demands and needs
   •   Maintain current licensure in good standing, seek professional
       development and meet all licensure requirements
   •   Meets minimum contract standards for reach and enrollment rates, call
       returns and mailings
   •   Meets the operational expectations as described in expectations outlined
       in PDS
   •   Provides capacity as defined and is able to work a flexible schedule
   •   Carries the on-call pager as needed
   •   Demonstrates ability to multi-task by performing any one or all
       simultaneously of the following:
           o Effective clinical service
           o Assessment of clinical Outcomes/Process scores and apply them
              to a session in the moment
           o Operational awareness through responding to instant messaging
           o Communication to peers regarding needs for support
           o In the moment research and/or consultation, applying the
              information gathered to a session in the moment
   •   Communicates proactively and effectively with participants, peers, and
   •   Works collaboratively within a team setting to provide positive Outcomes
       for participants, peers, and overall operations
   •   Other duties as assigned

Minimum Skills and Qualifications
   • Masters degreed in a helping profession
   • Current licensure in one or more: LPC, LMFT, LCSW or equivalent
   • Experience in the areas of Depression, Disability/Return to Work, Chronic
     Pain, Obesity and Substance Abuse preferred
   • Have demonstrated clinical ability to:
        o Build a therapeutic relationship with client
        o Assess client’s needs
        o Provide clinical and coaching service with competence in a variety
            of clinical techniques and/or models that matches the client’s theory
            of change
        o Determine potential for null or negative outcome and adjust
            counseling accordingly
        o Determine and provide relevant community and/or healthcare
            resources that help support client’s solution for change
        o Help client work towards forming solutions for presenting problem
        o Establish a plan of action with client
        o Work within a team of professionals in a way that supports a
            positive clinical outcome for all clients

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    •   Demonstrate ability to multi-task including managing a multi-line phone
        system; use of multiple, concurrent software programs and responding to
        a variety of interpersonal tasks and requests.
    •   Demonstrate computer competency including use of Microsoft Office and
        Microsoft Windows
    •   Knowledge of mental health laws and ethics
    •   Ability to perform the following with or without reasonable
           o Provide telephonic and web-based coaching services using PC and
                multi-line telephonic technology
           o Sit up to 10 hours at a time with minimal breaks
           o Read, write and speak, with or without reasonable
                accommodations, and communicate effectively via these mediums.
           o See a computer screen and read small type
           o Understand verbal commands and information transmitted via the
                telephone, in person or through written language
           o Sit, stand, bend and lift up to 40 pounds
           o Type using standard keyboard

Physical Demands
  • Ability to meet with associates in their cubicles and/or meeting rooms.
  • Ability to sit for periods of greater than 3 hours without a break
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds
  • Ability to communicate over telephone

Note: The functions and/or duties of this job may change at any time for any or no reason with or
without notification.

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