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									                                      S YNGENTA S PECIA L I S T C R O P S

                                      SKIRMISH – The solution for reliable weed
                                      control in peas and spring field beans
                                      T EC H N I C A L U P DAT E                                                     Spring 2008

                                         Weed Control Chart
              spring field beans (pre-emergence only) and peas (pre- and post emergence)

                                                    Pre-emergence (l/ha)
                                                                                                          Peas only (l/ha)
                                                                              SKIRMISH 0.75 +
                                                      SKIRMISH 1.0 +                                    SKIRMISH 0.75 +
   Weed Species            SKIRMISH 1.0                                      pendimethalin 1.5
                                                   pendimethalin 1.0 - 1.5                            bentazone 0.5 or 1.0
                                                                              + clomazone 0.2
 Annual meadow grass              S                               S                    S                         S

    Black-bindweed               MS                             MS/S                   S                         S

    Black Nightshade             MR                            MR/MS                   MS                       MS

       Charlock                   S                               S                    S                         S

 Chickweed – common               S                               S                    S                         S

        Cleavers                  R                               R                    S                         R

    Creeping thistle              S                               S                    S                         S

        Fat-hen                   S                               S                    S                         MS

     Fool’s parsley               S                               S                    S                         S

  Fumitory – common               S                               S                    S                         S

       Groundsel                  S                               S                    S                         -

 Hemp nettle – common             S                               S                    S                         S

       Knotgrass                 MR                              MS                   MS/S                      MR

       Mayweed                    S                               S                    S                         S

         Pansy                    S                               S                    S                         S

     Pale persicaria             MS                             MS/S                   S                         MS

    Poppy – common                S                               S                    S                         S

    Red dead nettle               S                               S                    S                         S

       Redshank                   S                               S                    S                         -

    Shepherd’s purse              S                               S                    S                         -

  Sow-thistle – smooth            S                               S                    S                         -

Speedwell – common field          S                               S                    S                         S

  Speedwell – Ivy leaf            S                               S                    S                         -

 Volunteer oilseed rape          MR                               S                    S                         S

SKIRMISH 1.0 l/ha + clomazone 0.2 l/ha gives improved cleaver control
Bentazone relates to 480 g/litre SC product: Use higher rate for weeds with two leaves or more in peas.
Pendimethalin relates to 400 g/litre SC product. Dose rates of partner products must comply with manufacturer supported
rates, either on label or SOLA. In order to use a partner product that may be supported by a SOLA, a copy of the SOLA
certificate is required.
                           Spring Field Beans                                                                                             Peas
               Features                                             Benefits                                             Features                    Benefits
 Broad spectrum, broad leaf                           Single product solution for                          Broad spectrum, broad leaf        One product solution for
 weed control                                         most situations                                      weed control                      most weeds

                                                                                                                                             Use either pre- or
 Pre-emergence applications                           Early weed removal                                   Uniquely flexible timing
                                                                                                                                             post-emergence in peas

                                                                                                                                             Wide, safe application
                                                                                                           One application rate for all
                                                      Approved on all spring field
 No varietal restrictions
                                                      bean crops (SKIRMISH alone)
                                                                                                           Simple soil                       Use on most soil types –
                                                                                                           recommendations                   see label

                                                                                                           No variety restrictions
                                                                                                                                             Use on both combining and
                                                                                                           No taint issues
                                                      Mixtures with clomazone                                                                vining peas
                                                                                                           (3 years at CCFRA)
 Flexible mixer partner for                           and/or pendimethalin are
 pre-emergence applications                           supported to enhance
                                                                                                                                             SKIRMISH + bentazone the
                                                      weed control                                         Excellent mixer for volunteer
                                                                                                                                             best for volunteer OSR
                                                                                                           OSR control
                                                                                                                                             control early post

                                                                                                                                             Excellent mixer with
 High level of crop safety                            Provides the best start
                                                                                                           Flexible mixer product            pendimethalin, clomazone
 pre-emergence                                        optimizing yield and quality
                                                                                                                                             and bentazone etc.

  In Brief                                                                  Agronomic tips
  •	 Approved on all varieties of                                           •	 For best results apply SKIRMISH pre-emergence of the weeds to a uniform
     combining and vining peas and                                             clod free, moist seedbed
     spring field beans                                                     •	 Approved on all soil types apart from lighter than coarse sandy loam
  •	 Ideal for use pre-emergence in                                            or OM > 10 %
     spring beans & pre and post                                            •	 Heavy rainfall soon after application can increase the likelihood of crop
     emergence in peas                                                         damage especially on lighter soils
                                                                            •	 SKIRMISH is rainfast within 2 hours of application. When mixed with
  •	 Can be mixed with approved
                                                                               bentazone allow 6 hours drying time
     formulations of pendimethalin
     and or clomazone in peas and                                           •	 Observe varietal restrictions on bentazone product labels. Apply SKIRMISH +
     beans and post emergence                                                  bentazone to healthy crops
     with bentazone in peas only                                            •	 When using any herbicide on peas post emergence of the crop check that
                                                                               there is sufficient leaf wax using the crystal violet test. Avoid spraying if there
                                                                               is insufficient wax or it is damaged. Use the crystal violet test as a routine with
                                                                               sequentially applied herbicides
                                                                            •	 Apply SKIRMISH as a medium quality spray in 200 l/ha of water

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SKIRMISH® is a Registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. SKIRMISH contains terbuthylazine + isoxaben (MAPP 08444).
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