What's New in Christmas Tree Weed Control

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					What's New in Christmas Tree Weed Control.

The years of cheap and effective residual weed control are now consigned to history with the
departure of atrazine, simazine and diuron.
The options now are to rely on regular applications of glyphosate, which although potentially more
time consuming, is still relatively inexpensive, or consider using one of the established or more
recently introduced residual herbicides.
A summary of the pre emergence annual weed control options for March / early April application is

Product                     Rate £/ha     Over Comments
                            lit/ha        Trees
Revoked Use
simazine + diuron           3 + 1 £15     Yes    No longer available

Established Residual Pre Emergence Products
propyzamide (Kerb Flo) 1.25 £37 Yes Good on grass plus some annual weeds
metazachlor (Butisan S)    2.5  £50 Yes Most annuals including annual willowherb
pendimethalin (Stomp)*     3.3  £50 Yes Most annuals including cleaver, but not annual
                                            willowherb. Likely to be revoked in 2013
oxidiazon (Ronstar Liquid) 4.0  £100 No     Most annuals including annual willowherb.
                                            Some contact action.
napropamide Devrinol)      7.0  £130 Yes Most annuals including annual willowherb
                                            Was to be revoked by EC – but now reprieved

New Options – Residual Action before Weed Emergence
flazasulfuron (Chikara)**** 150gm     ?    Offlabel approval applied for in Germany
                                           Wide range of grasses and annual broadleaves
                                           Perennials - dandelion, bindweed, buttercup,
                                           sowthistle, clover, and rosebay willowherb

New Options – Mostly Foliar Action for May Use on Small Emerged Weeds
rimsulfuron (Tarot)**       50gm        ?     Used in Denmark to control emerged annual
                                              broadleaves. Moderate couchgrass control.
carfentrazone-ethyl (Shark) 0.33        ?     Small annual broadleaved weeds only, including
                                              annual willowherb.

New Options – Foliar and Residual Action
diflufenican + glyphosate** 3.0          ?       Trade name “Pistol”. Possible February appn.
                                                 over trees, or April / May as an inter-row spray
                                                 Will control established annual & perennial weeds
flumioxazin (Sumimax)*** 0.1              ?      Many annual weeds including annual willowherb.
                                                 Contact foliar action on small weeds.
prosulfocarb (Defy)**       5.0           ?      Used in Denmark. Useful grass control. Some
                                                 foliar contact activity on small weeds

* Current offlabel use
** May currently be used under the long term offlabel arrangements
*** SOLA exists. Download from CR site before use
**** No longer be used under the Long Term Arrangements & no offlabel in UK at time of writing.
If no * then the product has a label recommendation

May 2009