Digital Wideband Transmission System (DWTS), ANMRC-142 by kxo18838


									Digital Wideband Transmission System
(DWTS), AN/MRC-142
System Characteristics:
TAMCN:              A19557G
NSN:                5820-01-491-0162
Technology:         Digital
Spectrum:           UHF
                    1350-1850 MHz
Orientation:        Directional
Mobility:           HWMMV Mounted, stationary for use
Power:              MRC-142A, 3 Watts
Distance:           LOS
Operational Mode: Voice/Data
Encryption:         AN/KY-57, AN/KG-194
Quantity Fielded: 386
AAO:                464

AN/MRC-142B                                                AN/MRC-142C
TAMCN:              A19547G                                TAMCN:            A01537G
NSN:                5820-01-491-0215                       NSN:              5820-01-545-6691
Technology:         Digital                                Technology:       Digital
Spectrum:           UHF                                    Spectrum:         225-400 MHz
                    1350-1850 MHz                                            1350-2690 MHz
Orientation:        Directional                            Orientation:      Directional
Mobility:           HWMMV Mounted, stationary for use      Mobility:         HWMMV Mounted, stationary for use
Power:              MRC-142B, 60 Watts                     Power:            MRC-142C, 5 Watts
Distance:           LOS                                    Distance:         LOS
Encryption:         AN/KY-57, AN/KG-194                    Operational Mode: Voice/Data
Quantity Fielded:   18                                     Encryption:       AN/KY-57, AN/KG-194/KIV-7M
AAO:                18                                     Quantity Fielded: 0
                                                           AAO:              437

System Description: The AN/MRC-142 is a vehicular-
mounted integrated multi channel system providing two-     Lifecycle- Configuration Control:
way secure digital wideband transmission with two radios   Initial Fielding:               1993
per system. The AN/MRC-142A/B variants provides up to      Quantity Fielded:               MRC-142A: 386
a 576Kbs bandwidth LOS data path in the UHF range. The                                     MRC-142B: 18
AN/MRC-142B is designed for ship to shore LOS                                              MRC-142C: 0
communication and is complete with a RF amplifier and      Warranty:                       MRC-142C 2 years
SMAK antenna. The AN/MRC-142C is a replacement for         Logistics Support:              3 level (O-I-D)
the TAMCN A1955 variant. It can provide 25x the existing   Upgrades:                       Possible AN/MRC-
bandwidth over an increased frequency spectrum.                                            142B PIP
                                                           Variations:                     AN/MRC-142A
Locations:                                                                                 AN/MRC-142B
CE:      Comm Co, MHG                                                                      AN/MRC-142C
GCE:     Comm Co, Div                                      Legacy Equipment Substitute:    N/A
ACE:     MWCS                                              Lifecycle Status:               Stable
CSSE: Comm Co, H&S Bn                                      Expected Replacement System:    TBD
                                                           Expected Replacement Timeframe: TBD
Programmatic Information: AN/MRC-142C
Integrator:               SPAWAR Charleston
Contract Vehicle:         FFP
MCSC Acquisition Status: Post MSC
P3I:                      TBD
IOC:                      FY08
FOC:                      FY11
Fielding Plan:            Vertical
Unfunded Requirement:     TBD
Stated Need: ROC 256.1.2.
Operational Requirements Documentation (ORD): ROC
CCC.256.1.2, changes 1-7.
Concept of Employment: The AN/MRC-142 is generally
employed at or above the regimental level. It serves as a
flexible, reliable voice and data link in the USMC digital
backbone system. The AN/MRC-142 family has an Line-
of-Sight (LOS) operational range of 35 miles.
Operational Impact: The AN/MRC-142C’s enhanced
bandwidth management and data throughput capabilities
will enable other critical systems such as the TDN and the
AFATDS to be fully integrated into MAGTF operations
Cost:        Med
Schedule:    Low
Performance: Low
Status: TheAN/MRC-142A/B system has been fully
fielded and is now a legacy system. The AN/MRC-142C
system will commence fielding in FY08. Testing ongoing
to test possible replacement of AN/MRC-142B with
AN/MRC-142C technology.

                                                        Updated March 2008

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