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  Trader Agreement

Please complete the below so that Cancer Council staff can include it in the agreement between your business
and the charity. The agreement will then be sent out for you to approve and sign.

    Main Contact Details


Phone:(daytime hours)


    Business Details


Registered business name/s:

Full name of each director:

Nature of the business:

Business postal address:

Business street address: (if same as postal address write ‘as above’)

Business phone number:                                        Business fax number:

Business email address:

Business web address:

    Fundraiser Details

Percentage or dollar value of item to be donated:             %      OR    $                   per unit

Retail price of item/s:   $

Nature of the fundraiser:

Timeframe of fundraiser - From   (dd/mm/yyyy):                            To   (dd/mm/yyyy):

Timing of payments to The Cancer Council (monthly, quarterly etc):

Preferred payment method (cheque, BPAY etc):
Please read the below Community Fundraising Guidelines, and then
complete and return pages 1 and 2 to The Cancer Council Office.

Community Fundraising Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist groups              •   The CFR Coordinator is not authorised to use The
and individuals that are planning fundraising projects to              Cancer Council as its beneficiary charity until it has
benefit The Cancer Council NSW.                                        received the ‘authority to fundraise’ letter. Permission
                                                                       to fundraise is issued for a finite period, no longer than
These guidelines provide the basis for a fundraiser/event              12 months, and following the fundraiser/event the
to be organised by the Community Fundraising Event                     ‘authority to fundraise’ letter must be returned to the
Coordinator (CFR Coordinator) on behalf of The Cancer                  local or state Cancer Council office, along with the
Council NSW (hence forward The Cancer Council). If                     record of income and expenditure and accompanying
accepted, by signing and returning the previous page,                  receipts, and any used or unused receipt books, raffle
and completing the agreement and proposal, these terms                 books and ID badges.
and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between
The Cancer Council and the CFR Coordinator in relation to          •   The CFR Coordinator’s arrangements for the
the fundraiser/event.                                                  fundraiser/event should be planned with the
                                                                       approval of The Cancer Council. The Cancer Council
Organising the Event                                                   expects a reasonable level of regular liaison and
                                                                       information about the fundraiser/event.
•   The fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the CFR
    Coordinator’s name and is the sole responsibility of the
    CFR Coordinator. The Cancer Council is not able to take        Upholding The Cancer Council’s Standards
    a coordination role in all these activities and its officers
    cannot assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity,      Because of the nature of our organisation and the high
    or providing goods or services to assist the CFR               ethical standards under which we operate, there are some
    Coordinator in the running of the fundraiser/event.            events that we cannot be associated with. It is important
                                                                   to decide whether the fundraiser/event corresponds with
•   The volunteer “CFR Coordinator “ is defined as the             all The Cancer Council’s health messages and values.
    individual or organisation holding the fundraiser/event        Please consider:
    on behalf of The Cancer Council.
                                                                       -   Cancer and tobacco
•   If you have a business you may wish to donate a                    -   Cancer and sun exposure
    percentage of sales over a period of time to The Cancer            -   Cancer and obesity
    Council. It is essential that the percentage amount to
                                                                       -   Cancer and alcohol
    be donated is displayed on all printed materials relating
    to the promotion. You will need to contact The Cancer
                                                                   We also cannot endorse activities that involve:
    Council’s head office to make an arrangement that
    satisfies The Cancer Council and Office of Liquor,                 -   Amusement rides
    Gaming and Racing guidelines for working with a                    -   Animals or animal rides eg. rodeos, campdraft
    trader, and additional paperwork must be completed.
                                                                       -   Use of firearms or fireworks
Authorisation                                                          -   Aerial risks eg parachuting, paragliding, bungy
•   If the fundraising proposal has been successful,                   -   Motor vehicle and motor bike racing, including
    notification will be sent by post. If successful,                      car rallies
    The Cancer Council will issue you with an event                    -   Marine risks (any activity on the water including
    number, which should be used in all correspondence                     swimming)
    with The Cancer Council.
                                                                   unless the CFR Coordinator provides evidence of public
•   Any person or organisation fundraising in New South            liability insurance to cover themselves and their participants.
    Wales must, by law, have an ‘authority to fundraise’           The Cancer Council is unable to provide public liability
    letter. The Cancer Council will send the CFR Coordinator       insurance cover to CFR events and/or Coordinators.
    such an authorisation (sanction) letter confirming The
    Cancer Council’s involvement when:                             Promoting the Event
    -   We have received a written and signed application
    -   We are satisfied that the fundraiser/event will            •   If the CFR Coordinator wishes to utilise The Cancer
        produce a return of at least 60% income after                  Council name and/or logo on any materials or products,
        expenses have been deducted                                    the CFR Coordinator must obtain prior permission from
                                                                       The Cancer Council. Each piece of printed material,
    -   We are satisfied that the CFR Coordinator will supply
                                                                       including media releases, must by approved by The
        The Cancer Council with a complete record of
                                                                       Cancer Council. Printed material must be forwarded to
        income and expenditure, with supporting receipts
                                                                       The Cancer Council for approval prior to being printed
        and invoices, after the fundraiser/event’s conclusion
                                                                       or circulated. Permission for logo usage will attract
    -   We are satisfied that the fundraising activity fits in         conditions, negotiated between The Cancer Council
        with the aims and values of The Cancer Council                 and the CFR Coordinator, especially if the use of logo
    -   We are satisfied the fundraising activity is not a             is for marketing activities of an organisation, and a
        high risk activity                                             minimum donation amount may have to be guaranteed.
    Guidelines on how to use the logo are supplied if the logo        Fundraising Act and Regulations. Non-compliance with
    is provided to the CFR Coordinator.                               these regulations may jeopardise The Cancer Council’s
                                                                      right to fundraise, so we thank you for your help in
•   If the CFR Coordinator wishes to refer to or promote              these matters.
    “The Cancer Council, it must refer to The Cancer Council
    as “The Cancer Council NSW” The CFR Coordinator has           •   The information you give The Cancer Council will be
    no right to the name “The Cancer Council NSW”   .                 available to the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
                                                                      on request.
•   The level, mode and percentage of support for The
    Cancer Council must be explicitly stated on all materials     Record Keeping & Banking
    and correspondence relating to the fundraiser/event.
                                                                  •   Basic tips for record keeping: A simple way to keep track
•   Due to limited resources The Cancer Council cannot                of the financial details of your event is to keep a folder
    undertake media relations for the CFR Coordinator. Media          with a number of plastic sleeves. Use individual sleeves
    guidelines will be provided if the proposal is successful.        to keep receipts, bank deposit stubs, cheques donated,
                                                                      donor pledge/tally sheets, receipts. Make notes on the
Fundraising and the law                                               back of receipts if it is unclear as to what that money
                                                                      paid for.
The basic obligations of the Charitable Fundraising Act and
Regulations are to:                                               •   The Cancer Council cannot pay expenses incurred by
                                                                      you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from
•   Provide The Cancer Council with an accurate record                the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly
    of the income and expenses associated with your                   documented, and the total amount is initially deposited
    fundraiser following the fundraiser/event.                        into the bank account. (Total expenses must be less
                                                                      than 40% of total proceeds)
•   Keep accurate financial records, including the retention
    of receipts and invoices.                                     •   The Cancer Council can provide official receipts for
                                                                      approved events. Tax-deductible receipts can only be
•   Where expenses will need to be deducted from the                  issued to people donating money of $2 or more. Receipt
    gross income of the event, set up a separate bank                 and raffle books must be returned, whether completely
    account that mentions The Cancer Council’s name. ALL              or partially used, to The Cancer Council within four
    funds are to be banked into this separate bank account,           weeks of the fundraiser/event’s conclusion, along with
    and expenses can only be drawn out after all the money            all ID badges. They are legal and auditable documents,
    has been banked. The account must be closed after your            and are the responsibility of the CFR Coordinator. Our
    event. Monies raised should be banked directly into such          compliance with legal issues, such as those surrounding
    a bank account or into The Cancer Council’s own bank              receipts, ensures our continued permission to fundraise,
    account using a deposit slip. All accounts opened for             so we thank you for helping us in this way. If a receipt
    community fundraising purposes must have two                      book cannot be located, a signed affidavit stating that it
    signatories, approved by The Cancer Council, to                   has been lost must be provided by the CFR Coordinator.
    authorise payments relating to the event.                         The Cancer Council will provide the CFR Coordinator
                                                                      with complete guidelines for using receipts. It is the
•   Money raised, the ‘authority to fundraise’ letter, and            responsibility of the CFR Coordinator to familiarise
    details of your actual income and expenditure must be             themselves with these, and understand:
    returned to The Cancer Council within four weeks of the
                                                                      -   When a receipt can be issued, and to whom i.e.
                                                                          ticket purchases (eg raffle), entry to an event, dona-
                                                                          tions of good or services and auction purchases are
•   For fundraising purposes, a child is anyone under
                                                                          not tax deductible
    the age of 15 years. The minimum ages for children
    participating in an appeal (event) as a volunteer or              -   The legal implications of issuing receipts
    receiving payment are 8 years and 13 years respectively.
                                                                      -   The necessity of returning official receipts (used and
    There are specific codes of practice associated with
                                                                          unused) to The Cancer Council
    children in fundraisers/events that will be supplied to the
    CFR Coordinator should they check the ‘involving groups           -   Reconciliation of funds
    of children’ box.
                                                                  Please remember that the fundraiser/event will be held
•   The fundraiser/event must meet requirements of                to raise funds for non-tax deductible contribution, of the
    relevant laws and regulations. Please contact a local or      net proceeds of a fundraising activity, made to The Cancer
    state Cancer Council office if you need direction or          Council.
    guidance in this area.
                                                                  If you have any queries about your application, please
•   The financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record           contact the Community Relations Coordinator at your
    keeping and management of the fundraiser/event are            local Cancer Council office.
    the responsibility of the CFR Coordinator, and the
    CFR Coordinator must comply with the Charitable

                          Thank you for supporting The Cancer Council NSW –
                 your important contribution will help us in our mission to defeat cancer.