2007 Session Tracking Chart (Colored Lines Passed) by kxo18838


									                               2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                 (Colored Lines Passed)

Chamber &    Sponsor(s)                            Description                                  Status          Impact       Florida
   Bill                                                                                                                       ARF
 Number                                                                                                                     Position
SLC 9       Schools &       Relating to VPK Program Enhancements: creating a              Temporarily                      Neutral
            Learning        chancellor of early learning w/in the executive office of     Postponed by
            Council         the governor; revising requirements for screening and         Schools & Learning
                            re-screening of child care personnel and pre-k                Council.
                            instructors; revising program requirements.
HB 21       Anderson;       Elderly Persons /Disabled Adult/ Abuse: reclassifies          House: Ref to        Amends      Support
            Baxley;         offense of aggravated abuse of elderly person or              Safety & Security;   825.102,
            Heller; Kiar;   disabled adult from second-degree felony to first-degree      Policy & Budget.     921.0022;
            Kravitz;        felony; amends provision re offense severity ranking          Fav. by Homeland       creates
            Porth; Sachs;   chart of Criminal Punishment Code, to conform; creates        Security & Public    943.17296
            Sands           provisions re training on identifying & investigating elder   Safety.              .
                            abuse for certified law enforcement officers to require       1St Reading 3/6/07
                            that training be completed by time certain, etc.              Died in Safety &
                                                                                          Senate: Ref to
                                                                                          Criminal Justice;
                                                                                          CF&E Affairs;
                                                                                          Criminal & Civil
SB 276      Margolis,                                                                     Justice Approp.
            Fasano                                                                        Died in Criminal
CS/HB 51    D. Davis,       Disabled Young Adult/Transition Svc. [SPCC];                  House: Ref. to                   Support
                            creates Health & Transition Services Program; assigns         HCC; Policy &
                            program for administrative purposes to Children's             Budget.
                            Medical Services in DOH; provides purposes of                 CS by Health
                            program; delineates target population; describes              Quality.
                            participating service providers & services that they are to   CS by HCC
CS/SB 394   Baxley          provide; provides for evaluation of program.                  Fav. by Policy &
            Wise            EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2007.                                   Budget Council.
                                                                                          Passed on 3rd

Revised May 14, 2007                                             1 of 25
                           2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                              (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                        reading 5/3/07.
                                                                                        Died in Senate
                                                                                        Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                        Health Policy;
                                                                                        CF&E Affairs; HHS
                                                                                        Favored by Health
                                                                                        CS by C,F,& E
                                                                                        Died in HHS
HJR 75      Allen and   Limitations on Assessments of Real                              Ref. to Govt.         Amends        Neutral
            Legg        Property: Proposes amendment to s. 4, Art. VII &                Efficiency and        Section 4,
                        creation of s. 27, Art. XII of State Constitution to apply to   Accountability        Articl VII
                        all real property limitations on assessments applied to         Council; Policy and
                        homestead property & require changes in assessments             Budget Council.       Creates
                        only if determined necessary by property appraiser              Ref. to Committee     section
                        based upon market data.                                         on State Affairs by   27, Article
                                                                                        Government            XII
                                                                                        Efficiency and
                                                                                        1st reading 3/6/07
                                                                                        Died in Committee
                                                                                        on State Affairs.
HB 99       Hooper      Charitable Public Solicitations: Creates "Iris Roberts          Ref. to Govt.                       Support
                        Act" to exempt certain nonprofit organizations from             Efficiency &
                        permit requirements related to obstructing streets or           Accountability .
                        roads for solicitation purposes, establish conditions           Ref. to Urban &
                        certain nonprofit organizations must meet in order to           Local Affairs by
                        solicit charitable donations on or along certain streets,       Govt. Efficiency
                        roads, & rights-of-way, & authorize local governments to        and Accountability.

Revised May 14, 2007                                          2 of 25
                               2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                  (Colored Lines Passed)

                            halt solicitation activities if conditions are not met.       Fav. by Urban and
                            Effective Date: July 1, 2007.                                 Local Affairs.
                                                                                          Fav. by Govt.
                                                                                          Efficiency and
                                                                                          Passed on 3rd
                                                                                          reading 4/12/07.
                                                                                          4/18/07 Sent to
                                                                                          senate: substituted
                                                                                          for SB1946, passed
                                                                                          on 3rd reading.
                                                                                          House ordered
HB 127      Nehr, Baxley,   Developmental Disabilities Inst. [SPCC]; provides             House:                Creates   Neutral
            Porth,          legislative intent; requires APD to give written notice to    Ref. to HCC; Policy   393.35    stance:
            Thurston        certain specified persons if agency proposes to close or      & Budget Council.               This is not a
                            reduce resident population of developmental disabilities      Ref. to Healthy                 platform
                            institution; requires Governor & Cabinet to hold public       Families by HCC.                issue, but
                            hearing & that notice of public hearing be given in           1st reading 3/6/07.             we support
                            specified manner; requires specified level of funding until   Fav, w/ 1                       families
                            plan is completed; creates family advisory council, etc.      amendment by                    having
                            EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.                            Healthy Families.               choices.
                                                                                          CS by HCC.
                                                                                          Died in Policy &
CS/SB 402   Fasano                                                                        Senate:
                                                                                          Ref. to C,F&E
                                                                                          Affairs; HHS
                                                                                          CS by CF&E
                                                                                          Died in HHS
CS/SB 230   Argenziano      Sexual Predators or Offenders [LPCC]; requires that           Ref. to Criminal      Amends    Support

Revised May 14, 2007                                               3 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                       information on Internet registry re said predators &          Justice; Education     Ch. 943,
                       offenders include link to conviction & case information, if   Pre-K - 12; Criminal   947.1405,
                       available; requires FDLE to report violations of              & Civil Justice        948.30,
                       supervision & arrests re-registration requirements for        Appropriations.        921.0022.
                       sexual predators & offenders; requires search of              Fav. w/ 1
                       National Sex Offender Public Registry before person           Amendment by
                       may work or volunteer at place where children regularly       Criminal Justice.
                       congregate, etc. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2007.                  CS by Education
                                                                                     Pre-K – 12.
                                                                                     CS by Criminal and
                                                                                     Civil Justice
                                                                                     Died on Calendar.
SB 268      Lynn       Psychotropic Medication; requires contract by HMO to          Ref. to Banking and     Amends     Neutral
                       cover said medication when prescribed as medically            Insurance; Health      641.31.
                       necessary by authorized physician to treat subscriber of      Policy; General
                       HMO. EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/01/2007.                              Government
                                                                                     Died in Banking
                                                                                     and Insurance.
SB 278      Margolis   Nursing Homes/Emergency Power System; provides                Senate: Ref. to        Creates     Support
                       legislative intent; requires AHCA to implement pilot          Health Regulation;     400.0627
                       program to increase emergency electrical power                Military Affairs &
                       capacity of nursing home facilities; provides criteria for    Domestic Security;
                       participation in program; provides conditions for             HHS
                       reimbursement of participating facilities; requires           Appropriations.
                       facilities to comply with current codes & standards when      Favored by Health
                       modifying emergency electrical power systems, etc..           Regulation.
                       EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.                            Favored w/ 4
                                                                                     amendments by
                                                                                     Military Affairs &
                                                                                     Domestic Security.
                                                                                     Died in HHS

Revised May 14, 2007                                        4 of 25
                                2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                  (Colored Lines Passed)

HB 347      Gelber, Porth,   Nursing Home Facilities: Requires AHCA to implement            House: Ref. to
            and Sachs        pilot program to increase emergency electrical power           HCC; Policy and
                             capacity of nursing home facilities; provides criteria for     Budget Council.       Creates      Support
                             participation & conditions for reimbursement; permits          Favored by Health     400.0627
                             agency to inspect certain facilities; requires facilities to   Innovation.
                             comply with current codes & standards when modifying           1st reading 3/6/07.
                             emergency electrical power systems; authorizes agency          Died in HCC.
                             to adopt rules; requires agency to prepare
                             reimbursement plan & present it to Legislature.
SB 292      Fasano, King     Elderly/Disabled Criminal Offenses: Provides for               Ref. to Criminal      Creates      Support
                             reclassification of felonies committed against elderly or      Justice; CF&E         775.0847;
                             disabled; provides for reclassification of misdemeanors        Affairs; Criminal     amends
                             committed against persons 65 years of age or older;            and Civil Justice     FS
                             provides for mandatory term of imprisonment for certain        Appropriations.
                             thefts against persons 65 years of age or older; provides      Died in Criminal
                             for mandatory term of imprisonment for certain acts of         Justice
                             exploitation against elderly person or disabled adult, etc.
SB 344      Wilson           Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education: revises                  Senate: Ref. to       Amends       Support
                             number of instructional hours that are required for            Education Pre-K -     1002.55,.6
                             school-year pre-K program delivered by private                 12; Education Pre-    3,.71
                             kindergarten provider; revises number of instructional         K- 12
                             hours that are required in order for student in said           Appropriations.
                             program delivered by public school or private pre-K            Died in Edu. Pre-K
                             provider to be considered full-time equivalent student in      – 12
                             Voluntary Pre-k Education Program, etc.
HB 1567     Gelber                                                                          House:                Amends
                                                                                            1st 3/6/07.           1002.55,.6
                                                                                            Ref. to Schools &     1,.63,.71,
                                                                                            Learning Council;     1007.23;
                                                                                            Policy & Budget       repeals
                                                                                            Council.              1002.65.
                                                                                            Ref. to K-12
                                                                                            Schools by Schools

Revised May 14, 2007                                              5 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                     & Learning Council.
                                                                                     Died in K — 12 .
SR 346      Fasano     Disability History & Awareness Weeks; recognizes              Filed 12/12/06.                       Support
                       October 1-15, 2007, as "Disability History & Awareness        2nd reading 4/20/07.
                       Weeks" & encourages public schools & universities to          Adopted
                       provide instruction on disability history, people with
                       disabilities, & disability rights movement.

SJR 378     Fasano     Residential & Commercial Property: constitutional             Ref. to Community      Amends s.      Support
                       amendment to apply to all residential & commercial            Affairs; Finance       4, Art. VII.
                       property the limitations on assessments of property at        and Tax; General
                       just value currently applicable only to homestead             Government
                       property.                                                     Appropriations;
                                                                                     Died in Community
CS/SB 382   Bennet     Workforce Innovation: authorizes regional workforce           Senate: Ref. to        Amends         Neutral
                       board to be direct provider of certain services, subject to   Commerce;              445.007
                       approval by board of county commissioners.                    Community Affairs;
                                                                                     Transportation &
                                                                                     CS by Commerce.
                                                                                     Died in Community

                                                                                     House: Ref. to
HB 675      Heller                                                                   Expansion &
                                                                                     Council; Policy &
                                                                                     Budget Council.
                                                                                     Ref. to Economic

Revised May 14, 2007                                        6 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                    Development by
                                                                                    Expansion &
                                                                                    1st reading 3/6/07.
                                                                                    Died in Economic
CS/SB 430   Saunders   Mental Health Facilities; requires mental health             Senate: Ref. to       Amends       Support
                       receiving & treatment facilities designated by DCFS to       CF&E Affairs;         394.461,
                       report financial & health service data to AHCA; requires     Health Regulation;    408.05,.06
                       AHCA to make certain health care data collected from         HHS                   1;
                       specified mental health care providers available to          Appropriations.       reenacts
                       consumers; requires that certain data be collected by        CS by CF&E            381.026
                       specified mental health care providers & submitted to        Affairs.              (4)(c).
                       AHCA each quarter; defines term "payer class", etc.          Favored by Health
                                                                                    Favored by HHS
                                                                                    Passed on 3rd
                                                                                    Sub. for HB 587.
                                                                                    Passed on 3rd
                                                                                    reading in House.
                                                                                    Ordered enrolled.
CS/HB 497   Gardiner   Personal Care Attendant Program: Directs Florida             House: Ref. to        Amends       Support
                       Association of Centers for Independent Living to             HCC; Policy &         413.402
                       administer personal care attendant program for persons       Budget Council.
                       with specified disabilities & revises provisions governing   Favored by Healthy
                       eligibility requirements for participation in program;       Seniors.
                       provides for review & revision of policies & procedures      1st reading 3/6/07.
                       by oversight group; increases percentage of revenues         Discussed in EDR
                       collected from persons who fail to remit sales tax           Revenue
                       deposited in Florida Endowment Foundation for                Estimating Impact

Revised May 14, 2007                                       7 of 25
                             2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                               (Colored Lines Passed)

                           Vocational Rehabilitation, to administer program;          Conference
                           provides for automatic enrollment for persons already in   3/17/07.
                           program established under 413.402                          CS by HCC.
                                                                                      Died in Policy &
                                                                                      Budget Council.

                                                                                      Ref. to Health
                                                                                      Policy; CF&E
                                                                                      Affairs; HHS
CS/SB 922   Wise                                                                      Appropriations.
                                                                                      CS by Heath
                                                                                      CS by CF&E
                                                                                      Died in HHS
CS/HB 509   Ausley,        Relating to Children & Youth Cabinet Act: Children &       House: Ref. to                Neutral
            Bucher,        Youth Cabinet Act; creates Children & Youth Cabinet;       HCC.
            Porth, Kiar,   provides legislative intent; provides organization,        Favored w/ one
            Meadows        membership, & duties & responsibilities of cabinet;        amendment by
                           provides for advisory board; requires cabinet to prepare   Healthy Families.
                           annual report. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2007.                 CS by HCC.
                                                                                      Passed on 3rd
                                                                                      Sub for HB 509 w/
                                                                                      amendment in
                                                                                      Passed on 3rd
                                                                                      reading in senate.
                                                                                      In house returning
                                                                                      Ordered Enrolled.
CS/HB 557   Randolph       Exceptional Disabled Student / Education: provides         House: Ref. to       Amends   Support

Revised May 14, 2007                                          8 of 25
                              2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                (Colored Lines Passed)

                           responsibility for cost of providing educational services    Schools & Learning    1003.57,
                           to exceptional student with disability who receives such     Council.              58
                           services in school district other than his or her assigned   Ref. to Education
                           school district.                                             Innovation &
                                                                                        Career Preparation
                                                                                        by Schools &
                                                                                        Learning Council.
                                                                                        1st reading 3/6/07.
                                                                                        CS by Education
                                                                                        Innovation and
                                                                                        Career Preparation.
                                                                                        Died in Schools &
                                                                                        Learning Council.

                                                                                        Ref. to Education
                                                                                        Pre-K - 12;
                                                                                        Education Pre-K -
CS/SB 2130   Constantine                                                                12 Appropriations
                                                                                        CS by Education
                                                                                        Pre-K – 12.
                                                                                        CS by Education
                                                                                        Pre-K – 12 Approp.
                                                                                        Passed on 3rd
                                                                                        Died in House
SB 890       Posey         Ad Val. Tax/Limitations/Property: applies to all real        Ref. to Community     Amends     Support
                           property the limitations on annual increase in property      Affairs; Finance      193.155
                           assessments, which limitations presently apply only to       and Tax; General
                           homestead property. EFFECTIVE DATE: Contingent.              Government

                                                                                        Died in Community

Revised May 14, 2007                                           9 of 25
                            2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                              (Colored Lines Passed)

SJR 888     Posey        Property Assessments/Limitations: constitutional            Ref. to Community     Amends        Support
                         amendment to provide that limitations on assessments        Affairs; Finance      section 4,
                         which currently apply to homestead property shall apply     and Tax; General      Article VII
                         to all real property.                                       Government
                                                                                     Approp.; Rules.
                                                                                     Died in Community
SB 910      Siplin       Health Access Plan for Children: creates Universal          Ref to Health                       Support
                         Health Access Plan for Children; requires DOH to            Policy; Banking &
                         administer plan; directs DOH to perform specified           Insurance; HHS
                         activities & responsibilities;                              Appropriations.
                                                                                     Died in Health
CS/SB 988   Argenziano   Jessica Lunsford Act-High-risk Offenders; requires          Senate: Ref. to       Amends        Support
                         distinctive markings for driver's licenses & ID cards       Crim. Justice; Edu.   Chs. 322,     Changes
                         issued to persons who are designated as sexual              Pre-K – 12; Govt.     775, 943,
                         predators or subject to registration as sexual offenders;   Ops.; Crim. & Civil   944, 1012.
                         revises background screening requirements for certain       Justice Approp.
                         non-instructional school district employees &               CS by Crim.
                         contractors; provides for submission of fingerprints;       Justice.
                         requires school districts to screen results of criminal     Favored w/ 2
                         records checks, etc                                         amendments by
                                                                                     Edu. Pre-K – 12.
                         NOTES: The Jessica Lunsford Bill amendments that            Favored w/ 1
                         were supported by Florida ARF last year are being           amendment by
                         proposed again by Senator Argenziano. The previous bill     Govt. Operations.
                         was SB #2280. The changes would eliminate duplicate         W/D from Crim. &
                         background screenings.                                      Civil Justice
                                                                                     Passed on 3rd
                                                                                     House: sub. for

Revised May 14, 2007                                         10 of 25
                            2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                             (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                     Passed on 3rd
                                                                                     Ordered Enrolled.
SB 990      Fasano       Disability History & Awareness; creates Pilot Project       Ref. to Education                 Support
                         for Disability History & Awareness in Hillsborough, Leon,   Pre-K – 12; CF&E
                         Pasco, & Pinellas Counties; provides for respective         Affairs; Education
                         county school boards to administer project; encourages      Pre-K – 12 Approp.
                         schools to cooperate with community-based
                         organizations; encourages postsecondary institutions to     Died in Edu. Pre-K
                         conduct & promote related activities.                       – 12.
SB 992      Health       Health Care Providers Licensure The proposed                Ref. to Health        Amends      Neutral
Committee   Regulation   amendments are conforming changes that apply to             Regulation.           chapter
Bill                     several health care programs licensed under Chapter         Favored by Health     408
                         400. If passed, Chapter 408, F.S., will become the          Regulation.
                         overall governing bill for licensure of health care         Passed in 3rd
                         programs. Other proposed changes include:                   reading 4/11/07.
                             • Repeal of Section 100.963, FS, on injunctive          House: Passed on
                                 proceedings;                                        3rd reading 5/4/07.
                             • Repeal of Section 400.965, FS, on actions by          Senate: Ordered
                                 agencies;                                           enrolled.
                             • Licensure fees to be at $234 per bed per Section
                                 400.962, FS

                         While the overall intent seems logical in that it makes
                         sense to streamline & seek consistency in licensing
                         procedures, we are concerned that ICFDDs will be
                         forced to comply with more restrictive standards such as
                         nursing home rules that may be contrary to the intent of
                         the program.
HB 1015     Bucher       Screening of Direct Service Provider: Screening of          House: Ref. to HC     Amends      Support
                         Direct Service Provider; exempts staff & employees of       C; Policy & Budget.   393.0655.
                         licensed comprehensive transitional education programs      Died in Healthy
                         for certain persons with developmental disabilities from    Families.
                         additional background screening by district school

Revised May 14, 2007                                        11 of 25
                           2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                             (Colored Lines Passed)

                        boards under certain circumstances.                           Senate: Ref. to
SB 1442      Baker                                                                    CF&E Affairs; Edu.
                                                                                      Pre-K - 12; Crim.
                                                                                      Favored By CF&E
                                                                                      Died in Edu. PreK-
CS/HB 1041 Bendross-    MCKay Scholarship/Autism Disorder: provides                   House: Ref. to        Creates     Support
           Mindingall   legislative findings & intent; establishes Magic City         HCC; Policy &         409.147
                        Children's Zone pilot project; provides for management        Budget.
                        by entity organized as corporation not for profit; provides   Favored w/ 1
                        purposes for project; provides geographic boundaries for      amendment by
                        zone; provides for election of board of directors; requires   Healthy Families.
                        board to enter into contract to develop business plan.        CS by HCC.
                                                                                      CS by Policy &
                                                                                      Passed 4/18/07.
                                                                                      Died in senate

                                                                                      Senate: Ref. to
CS/SB 1942   Joyner                                                                   Comm. Affairs,
                                                                                      CF&E Affairs; Govt.
                                                                                      Ops; HHS Approp.
                                                                                      CS by Com Affairs.
                                                                                      CS by CF&E
                                                                                      CS by Govt. Ops.
                                                                                      Died in HHS
HB 1073      Traviesa   Medicaid Managed Care Pilot: requires AHCA to                 House: Ref. to        Amends      Neutral
                        develop methodology for calculating risk-adjusted             HCC, Policy &         409.91211
                        capitation rates based on information in encounter            Budget Council.

Revised May 14, 2007                                        12 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                             (Colored Lines Passed)

                       database; requires that specified criteria be met prior to      Died in HCC
                       implementation of methodology; provides for use of
                       interim risk-adjusted methodology; provides phase-in
                       schedule for encounter-based methodology for
                       participating managed care plans, etc.
CS/SB 1828   Fasano                                                                    Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                       Health Policy; HHS
                                                                                       Favored w/ 2
                                                                                       amendments by
                                                                                       Health Policy.
                                                                                       CS by HHS
                                                                                       Died Pending
HB 1103      Ausley    Early Learning Office: creates Early Learning Office in         House: Ref. to       Creates    Neutral
                       Executive Office of Governor; provides for type two             Schools & Learning   14.2017;
                       transfer of Early Learning Office in AWI, Early Learning        Policy & Budget.     amends
                       Office in DOE, child care facility licensing responsibilities   Died in K-12         FS.
                       of DCFS to Early Learning Office in Executive of
                       Governor; provides requirements for credentials of pre-
                       kindergarten instructors; revises provisions re minimum
                       kindergarten readiness rate, etc.
SB 2506      Rich                                                                      Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                       Edu Pre-k – 12 ;
                                                                                       Govt Ops;
                                                                                       Transportation &
                                                                                       Econ Devt Approp.;
                                                                                       Edu. Pre-K – 12
                                                                                       Died in Edu. Pre-K
CS/HB 1107 Ausley      Child Care Quality Rating System: Child Care/Quality            House: Ref. to       Creates    Support
                       Rating System; establishes Florida's Sunshine State             Schools and          402.3012

Revised May 14, 2007                                         13 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                       Stars Quality Rating System, a voluntary rating system,        Learning; Policy &
                       in AWI; provides quality rating requirements for early         Budget.
                       learning programs, child care facilities, & facilities         Fav. by K-12.
                       participating in Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Education          CS by Schools and
                       Program; establishes voluntary pilot program in specified      Learning.
                       counties; provides financial incentives for advancement        Favored By Policy
                       in quality rating, etc. APPROPRIATION: $25,000,000.            & Budget.
                       EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.                             Died on Calendar

SB 2226     Rich                                                                      Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                      Edu. Pre-K - 12;
                                                                                      CF&E Affairs;
                                                                                      Transportation and
                                                                                      Econ. Development
                                                                                      Favored w/ one
                                                                                      amendment by
                                                                                      Edu. Pre-K – 12.
                                                                                      Died in C,F&E
SB 1116     Peaden     General health Care: authorizes DOH to provide loan            Senate: Ref. to       Support
                       repayment assistance & travel & relocation                     HHS
                       reimbursement to dentists who agree to serve 2 years in        Appropriations.
                       Fla. Health Services Corps; authorizes AHCA to pay for         CS by HHS
                       psychiatric inpatient hospital care to certain persons in      Appropriations.
                       certain treatment facilities or specialty hospitals; revises   Passed on 3rd
                       contract requirements for behavioral health care services      reading 4/12/07.
                       for Medicaid recipients, etc.                                  Sent to House:
                                                                                      Substituted with HB
                                                                                      7047, passed in 3rd
                                                                                      reading 4/12/07.
                                                                                      appointed in House

Revised May 14, 2007                                        14 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                             (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                        and Senate.
                                                                                        Committee report
                                                                                        adopted in both
                                                                                        Ordered enrolled.
                                                                                        Presented to
CS/SB 1124   Peaden    Agency for Persons with Disabilities: An act relating            Senate: Ref. to      Amends      Oppose
                       to HBCS for persons with developmental disabilities;             HHS                  393.0661,
                       requiring APD, in consultation with AHCA, to develop             Appropriations.      F.S.
                       and implement standards for a three-tiered waiver                CS by HHS
                       system for the purpose of serving clients with                   Appropriations.
                       developmental disabilities; providing requirements and           Passed in 3rd
                       limitations with respect to each tier; requiring APD to          reading 4/12/07.
                       seek federal approval as necessary to implement the              Sent to House:
                       waiver system; requiring the agency to adopt rules               passed at 3rd
                       providing eligibility criteria; deleting authorization for the   reading, In senate
                       agency to adopt certain emergency rules                          messages.
                                                                                        appointed in House
                                                                                        and Senate.
                                                                                        Committee report
                                                                                        adopted in both
                                                                                        Ordered enrolled.
                                                                                        Presented to
HB 1131      Heller    Relating to Public School Education: Public School               House: Ref to        Amends      Neutral
                       Education; provides that public school choice options            Schools &            Chs.
                       include academy programs in school district; requires            Learning; Policy &   1002,
                       DOE to develop plan for establishment of said programs           Budget.              1003,

Revised May 14, 2007                                          15 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                           (Colored Lines Passed)

                       in public schools; changes school grading system to        Died in 21st Century   1008,
                       school performance system; specifies school                Competitiveness.       1011,
                       performance categories & basis for designating such                               1001.42,
                       categories; changes Florida School Recognition                                    1012.2315
                       Program to Every Child Matters Program, etc.                                      .
SB 2578      Deutch                                                               Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                  Education Pre-K –
                                                                                  12; Education pre-
                                                                                  K – 12 Approp.
                                                                                  Died in Edu. Pre-K
                                                                                  – 12 .
HB 1173      Ausley    Florida KidCare Program: expands application of Fla.       House: Ref. to         Amends       Support
                       Kidcare program to include all uninsured, low-income       HCC; Policy &          Ch. 409,
                       children; specifies funding sources for health benefits    Budget .               624.91.
                       coverage for certain children; revises provisions re       1st reading 3/6/07.
                       enrollment in Fla. Kidcare program; removes restriction    Died in HCC.
                       on participation in Fla. Healthy Kids program; increases
                       age for eligibility for coverage under Fla. Kidcare
                       program under certain circumstances, etc.
CS/SB 1740   Fasano                                                               Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                  Health Policy;
                                                                                  Banking &
                                                                                  Insurance; HHS         Amends
                                                                                  Appropriations.        409.811,.8
                                                                                  CS by Health           132,.8134,
                                                                                  Policy.                .814,.818,
                                                                                  Died in Banking &      624.91
SB 1186      Lynn      Persons with Disabilities Agency: Transfers APD            Ref. to CF&E           Amends       Oppose
                       from Children and Family Services Department to AHCA       Affairs; Health        20.197
                       Effective 7/1/07.                                          Regulation; Govtl
                                                                                  Ops; HHS Approp.
                                                                                  Died in C,F&E

Revised May 14, 2007                                      16 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

SB 1196     Ring       Disabled/Mentally Ill Defendants [SPCC]: requires that       Ref. to CF&E          0916.1        Support
                       certain developmentally disabled & mentally ill              Affairs; Criminal     45
                       defendants who do not meet criteria for involuntary          Justice; HHS          0916.3
                       residential commitment be placed on electronic               Appropriations.       03
                       monitoring while residing in community; requires DCFS        Died in C,F&E
                       & APD to monitor such mentally ill & developmentally         Affairs.
                       disabled defendants respectively; requires department &
                       agency to prepare reports concerning defendants'
                       incompetent to proceed, etc. Amends 916.145.303.
SB 1216     Wise       Homestead Exemptions/ Disabled Persons: provides             Ref. to Community     Amends        Support
                       homestead exemption for real estate used by person           Affairs; Finance &    196.101
                       who is totally & permanently disabled due to paraplegia      Tax; Genl Govt
                       or hemiplegia; removes requirement that totally &            Appropriations.
                       permanently disabled person must be in wheelchair.           Favored by
                                                                                    Community Affairs.
                                                                                    Died in Finance &
                                                                                    Tax .
HJR 1237    Gelber     Universal Children’s Healthcare: constitutional              House: 1st            Creates s.    Support
                       amendment to require that adequate provision be made         Reading 3/6/07.       27, Art. I.
                       by general law to guarantee that every child in state has    Ref. to HCC; Policy
                       available, accessible, & affordable comprehensive,           & Budget Council.
                       quality health care, including basic dental & vision care,   Died in Healthy
                       effective no later than July 1, 2010.                        Families by HCC.

SJR 2586    Rich                                                                    Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                    Health Policy;
                                                                                    Banking & Ins.;
                                                                                    Died in Health
HB 1341     Precourt   Relating to John M. McKay Scholarships: John M.              House: Ref. to        Amends        Support

Revised May 14, 2007                                       17 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                       McKay Scholarships; authorizes John M. McKay                  Schools &             1002.39.
                       Scholarships for students to attend home education            Learning; Policy &
                       programs & alternative schools; revises student eligibility   Budget.
                       requirements for scholarships & eligibility requirements      Died in Edu
                       for school or program participants; authorizes John M.        Innovation &
                       McKay Scholarship to fund certain community-based             Career Prep.
                       services for public school student with Autism Spectrum
                       Disorder, etc.
SB 1642     Fasano                                                                   Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                     Edu Pre-K – 12;
                                                                                     CF&E Affairs; Edu
                                                                                     Pre-K – 12 Approp.
                                                                                     Died in Edu. – Pre-
                                                                                     K – 12 .
HB 1371     Altman     Relating to Governor’s School for Science &                   House: Ref. to        Creates     Neutral
                       Technology: Governor's School for Science &                   Schools &             1002.371.
                       Technology; creates said school; requires Fla. Virtual        Learning; Policy &
                       School to manage & control said school; provides that         Budget.
                       school is a public school for selected students in grades     Favored by Edu
                       9 through 12 who enroll in school & reside on school's        Innov & Career
                       premises; provides for location of school in Brevard          Prep.
                       County; states mission of school; exempts said school         Fav by Schools &
                       from certain requirements concerning curriculum &             Learning.
                       operations in Fla. School Code, etc.                          Died in Policy &

SB 2598     Wise                                                                     Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                     Edu Pre-K – 12;
                                                                                     Edu Pre-K – 12
                                                                                     Fav. by Edu Pre-k
                                                                                     – 12.
                                                                                     CS by Edu. Pre-K –
                                                                                     12 appropriations.

Revised May 14, 2007                                       18 of 25
                                2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                  (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                        Died Pending
HB 1417     Baxley, Allen,   Individual Personal Private Property Protection:           House: Ref. to         Creates   Neutral
            Altman, Culp,    creates "Individual Personal Private Property Protection   Envt & Na Res.         790.251
            Evers, Grant,    Act of 2007"; prohibits public or private entity from      Unfavorable. by
            Hays, etc.       prohibiting customer, employee, or invitee from            Envt & nat res.
                             possessing any personal private property that is legal
                             product when such product is lawfully possessed &
                             locked inside or locked to private motor vehicle in
                             parking lot, etc
SB 2356     Peaden,                                                                     Senate: Ref to
            Baker                                                                       Criminal Justice;
                                                                                        CS by Crim.
                                                                                        Fav. by Judiciary.
                                                                                        Died On Calendar
                                                                                        for 2nd reading.
SB 1482     Olerich          Medical Trust Fund / APD: creates said trust fund          Ref. to CF&E                     Support
                             within APD; provides for uses & sources of funds;          Affairs; Health
                             provides for annual carry forward of funds; provides for   Policy; HHS
                             future review & termination or re-creation of fund.        Appropriations.
                                                                                        Died in C,F&E
CS/SM       Peaden           State Children’s Health Insurance Program: urges           Senate: Ref to                   Support
1506                         Congress to reauthorize State Children's Health            Health Policy.
                             Insurance Program to continue to provide federal           CS by Health
                             funding for Florida KidCare program.                       Policy.
                                                                                        2nd reading 3/29/07.
                                                                                        adopted, passed.
                                                                                        House Substituted
                                                                                        for HB 889,

Revised May 14, 2007                                             19 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                     Senate: Passed,
                                                                                     ordered enrolled.
HB 1569      McKeel    Charter Schools increases period of time during which         House:                Amends     Support
                       certain charter school instructional personnel may            Ref. to Schools &     121.091,
                       participate in FRS DROP; extends such participation to        Learning.             1002.33
                       certain school district pre-kindergarten instructional        Favored w/ 1
                       personnel; prohibits unlawful reprisal against charter        amendment - K-12.
                       school by school's sponsor; provides for relief & for         CS by Schools &
                       monthly distribution of funds to said schools; provides       Learning.
                       declaration of important state interest, etc.                 Passed on 3rd
                                                                                     Died in Senate

                                                                                     Senate: Ref. to
                                                                                     Edu Pre-K – 12;
                                                                                     Govt. Ops; Edu
                                                                                     Pre-K – 12
SB 2878      Wise                                                                    Appropriations.
                                                                                     Died in Edu. Pre-K
                                                                                     – 12.
HB 1597      Ford      Home/Community-Based Waiver Project: requires                 House: 1st Reading               Support
                       APD & AHCA to establish pilot project for certain clients     3/8/07.
                       who are currently served through federal waivers for          Ref. to HCC; Policy
                       Medicaid home & community-based services & family &           & Budget.
                       supported living services; provides requirements for pilot    Died in HCC.
                       project; requires APD to submit report to Governor,
                       Legislature, & legislative committees; requires legislative
                       approval for further expansion.
CS/SB 1826   Gaetz                                                                   Senate: Ref to
                                                                                     CF&E Affairs;
                                                                                     Health Policy; HHS
                                                                                     CS by CF&E

Revised May 14, 2007                                       20 of 25
                               2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                 (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                           Died in Health
CS/SB 1604   Argenziano     Sexual Offenders and Predators: revises sexual                 Senate: Ref. to                   Support
                            predator criteria; requires such predators to register with    Crim Justice;
                            FDLE through sheriff's office; deletes provisions allowing     Judiciary.
                            certain predators to have predator designation removed         CS by Crim Justice.
                            after specified period; revises criteria for sexual offender   CS by Judiciary.
                            designation; requires development & maintenance of             Discussed in EDR
                            system to provide automatic notification of registration       Crim Justice Impact
                            information re such predators & offenders to public, etc.      Conf 4/20/07 9:15
                            Amends FS.                                                     a.m. 2103 C.
                                                                                           Passed on 3rd
                                                                                           House sub. for HB
                                                                                           665, Passed.
                                                                                           Senate: ordered
CS/SB 1970   Governmental   Administrative Procedures Act: Medicaid Waiver                 Ref. to Govt Ops;     Ch 120,     Neutral
Committee    Operations     hearings will be conducted by DOAH and not DCF for             Gen Govt              163.3177,
Bill                        Medicaid Waiver clients. This amendment addresses              Appropriations.       186.508,
                            APD’s ability to appeal DCF hearings rulings regarding         CS by Govt Ops.       380.06,
                            Medicaid decisions.                                            Fav by Gen Govt       388.4111,
                                                                                           Appropriations.       393, 403,
                                                                                           Passed on 3rd         408.039,
                                                                                           reading.              409.285,
                                                                                           Died in House         456.073,
                                                                                           Messages.             458.345,
                                                                                                                 1002 F.S.
CS/SB 1976   Governmental   Competitive Solicitation of Contract: requires that            Senate: Ref. to       Amends      Oppose
             Operations     additional types of contracts by state agencies be             Govt. Ops, Gen.       287.057
                            procured by competitive solicitation.                          Government

Revised May 14, 2007                                             21 of 25
                          2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                            (Colored Lines Passed)

                                                                                      CS by Govt Ops.
                                                                                      Fav by Gen Govt
                                                                                      Passed on 3rd
                                                                                      reading 4/19/07.
                                                                                      House: Passed on
                                                                                      3rd Reading 5/2/07.
                                                                                      Senate refused to
                                                                                      Died in messages.
SB 2302     Wilson     Fiscal Responsibility Task Force/ Disabled: creates            Ref. to CF&E                     Support
                       Task Force on Fiscal Responsibility for Services to            Affairs; HHS
                       Persons with Developmental Disabilities to evaluate            Appropriations.
                       expenditure of Medicaid funds appropriated for services        Died in C,F,&E
                       provided to persons with said disabilities; provides for       Affairs.
                       membership & reimbursement for per diem & travel
                       expenses; directs that task force be staffed by
                       Governor's Office of Policy & Budget; requires that data
                       & information be provided by DCFS, AHCA, & APD, etc.
SB 2468     Wilson     Transitional Services: establishes said grant program          Ref. to Education                Neutral
                       within DOE; specifies type of student for whom program         Pre-K – 12; CF&E
                       is intended; requires project to fund staff development &      Affairs; EduPre-K –
                       ongoing third-party evaluation of results; requires that all   12 Appropriations.
                       applicants use Transition Service Integration Model;           Died in Edu. Pre-K
                       requires that applicants provide statement of how they         – 12.
                       plan to sustain or expand program after end of grant.
SB 2470     Wise       Relating to John M. McKay Scholarship/Continuing               Senate: Ref. to       Amends     Support
                       Participation: JMM Scholarship/Continuing                      Edu Pre-K – 12;       1002.39.
                       Participation; authorizes students who, due to their           Edu Pre-k – 12
                       disability, are not able to maintain regular & direct          Appropriations..
                       contact with private school they are attending on              Died in Edu Pre-K
                       scholarship to continue to participate in JMM Program.         –12.
SB 2600     King       Transition for Disabled Students: creates said                 Ref. to Edu Pre-K –   Creates    Support

Revised May 14, 2007                                        22 of 25
                               2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                  (Colored Lines Passed)

                            program to provide continuity in education of students          12; Govt Ops;         1002.371
                            with disabilities who formerly received scholarships            Finance & Tax; Edu
                            under John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with              Pre-K – 12
                            Disabilities Program; provides eligibility criteria for         Appropriations.
                            students & private schools to participate in program;           Died in Edu Pre-K
                            requires DOE notify parents of program; provides                – 12.
                            eligibility requirements for private schools that participate
                            in program, etc.
SB 2792     Health and      Relating to Appropriations: Appropriations; provides            Filed as Committee               Support
            Human           moneys for annual period beginning July 1, 2007, &              Bill 3/28/07.
            Services        ending June 30, 2008, to pay salaries, & other                  Died, not
            Appropriation   expenses, capital outlay - buildings, & other                   introduced.
            s               improvements, & for other specified purposes of various
                            agencies of State government.
SB 2800     Fiscal Policy   Relating to Appropriations: General Appropriations;             Senate: 3rd                      Support
            & Calendar      provides moneys for annual period beginning July 1,             reading 4/12/07,                 except for
                            2007, & ending June 30, 2008; pays salaries, & other            passed.                          Conforming
                            expenses, capital outlay - buildings, & other                   Sent to House: sub               Language
                            improvements, & for other specified purposes of various         for HB 5001,
                            agencies of State government.                                   passed on 3rd rdg,
                                                                                            in rtn senate mess.
                                                                                            Conf committee
                                                                                            appointed by
                                                                                            Senate and House.
                                                                                            Committee report
                                                                                            adopted in both
                                                                                            Ordered enrolled.
                                                                                            Presented to
SPB 7008    Health Policy   Florida Kidcare Program; revises various provisions of          Work shopped by       Amends     Support
Proposed                    Kidcare; revises certain requirements for screening             Health Policy.        ch. 409,
Committee                   applicants to program; provides duties of AHCA & DOH;                                 624.91

Revised May 14, 2007                                              23 of 25
                              2007 Session Tracking Chart
                                                (Colored Lines Passed)

Bill                       establishes Kidcare Consolidation Pilot Program within
                           specified counties; provides for AHCA to administer pilot
                           program in coordination with DCFS; requires AHCA to
                           enter into contract for evaluation of said program, etc.
HB 7067     Healthcare     Relating to Model Fixed Payment Svs Delivery                  Filed 3/23/07.      Amends    Oppose
            Council        System for People w/ Developmental Disabilities:              Died in Policy &    409.912
                           requires AHCA to implement fed waivers to admin model         Budget.
                           fixed-payment services delivery system for Medicaid
                           recipients w/ developmental disabilities; provides for
                           implementation of system on pilot basis in certain areas
                           & for mandatory enrollment in system pilot areas;
                           requires ACHA to receive specific auth prior to expand
HB 7145     Pickins,       Relating to Education/Failing Schools:                        Ref. to Calendar.             Support
            Altman, Nehr   Education/Failing Schools; expresses intent to create         Discussed during
                           program to enhance failing schools; clarifies that tax        Revenue
                           credit program applies to students in families having         Estimating Conf.
                           limited financial resources; prescribes obligations of        4/13/07.
                           school districts to inform parents about failing schools;     Passed on 3rd
                           authorizes students at such schools to attend high-           Reading.
                           performing school in same district; establishes eligibility   Sub for SB 2380.
                           for nonpublic school participation, etc.                      Passed on 3rd
                                                                                         Died in Returning
CS/HB 7189 Healthcare      Relating to Florida KidCare: FL Kidcare; conforms             CS by HCC.                    Support
           Council         provisions to changes made by FL Kidcare act; provides        Passed on 3rd
                           that no cause of action shall arise against Florida           reading.
                           Healthy Kids Corp. for failure to make certain services       Died in Senate
                           available; authorizes program to provide premium              messages
                           assistance to certain children under certain
                           circumstances; requires corp. to establish penalties or
                           waiting periods for reinstatement of coverage under
                           certain circumstances & subject to appropriation, etc.

Revised May 14, 2007                                           24 of 25
                       2007 Session Tracking Chart
                             (Colored Lines Passed)

Revised May 14, 2007                  25 of 25

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