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					W .rose
Mon 5/17/2004
I am so disgusted by spyware! It invade s m y privacy and it along w ith adw are h as c aus ed m e to have to
reformat m y harddrive twice already this year by causing problems and not being able to remove som e of
it. My father is constantly having problems with his computer as well. W e can stop solicitors from calling
our h om e bu t we c an't sto p ad ware an d sp yware from com ing into our h om es! Th at is ridicu lous at best. I
can see ads in the paper, on tv, on billboards, and hear them on the radio; so, why would I want to see
them while I'm on m y com puter. I pay alot of m oney every mo nth for m y connection and be tween wo rk
and my family, I don't have time to weed thru all the spyware and manuveur around the adware!