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Posted At: Monday, April 19, 2004 1:21 AM
Posted To: spywareworkshop2004
Conversation: Spyware Workshop - Comment, P044509
Subject: Spyware Workshop - Comment, P044509

I have read several articals on ad and spyware and there is a few things missed one of which is if you get
spyware in your pc due to agreeing to ula the companies that claim you can go to their web to remove
become rude in the fact that they claim you agreed but had they ask you out right to follow your web habits
they know you would not agree. I had adware in my pc and it is now all gone due to my pc crashing why it
crashed I will never know, anyway the adware and spy ware can and does slow down your pc your firewall
works harder to block popups and I know I get as much junk email in my box as I use to get adds in my
postal mail, all of which is written address to me useing my full name. The junk that I get is unreal and
though I block their addresses I now have filled my limit of allowable blocked addresses and the junk
keeps comeing. I now no longer download anything that is so called free as free it is not. So far my pc is
ad free {so my secrurity te! lls me} I know this won't help the cause much but I am for anyone to stop
people from getting or tkeing info. about me I don't want to give and the sooner it stops the better. Thank
you for hearing me out.