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									Dear Park Visitors,
       I am very sorry that I am not around this weekend to provide programs for you, but I am
leaving you with some ideas and suggestions of things to see while you are here. I hope you have
a wonderful visit at the park.

Doug Hauser
Interpretive Naturalist, Prophetstown State Park

      Suggestions of things to see and do here at Prophetstown State Park

   1. Visit the pond. If you brought your gear and have a license, there is a variety of different
      kinds of fish to try and catch in the pond. While you are there, you might run across some
      frogs (or at least hear them), as well as turtle(s), and a beaver has been seen swimming in
      the pond on at least a couple of occasions.
   2. Travel trail 1 beginning at the Meadowview Comfort Station and head across the main
      road in the park. You will travel through some prairie and then enter a thicket. Be on the
      lookout for wildlife! As you exit the thicket, you will open up onto part of the fen. This is
      a good place to see a few wildflowers as well as look for a number of different bird
      species. You can eventually choose to head towards the campground or continue on into
      the fen, but it may be wet through here.
   3. Travel trail 1 beginning in the Meadowview parking lot by the trail 1 sign. This will take
      you through what was once part of a Christmas tree farm. Look and listen for the wildlife,
      especially if you go in the evening. As you exit the trees, you will open out onto part of
      our prairie. It is quite a change with that tall Big Bluestem grass surrounding you. You
      can take trail one all the way across the main road and down into the fen area if you like
      or take a trip along trail 2.
   4. Travel trail 2. You can pick this trail up in several places, but one suggestion is to pick it
      at the Prairie View picnic area by the Blazingstar shelter. You can take trail 2 through the
      prairie along a fence row all the way to the woods. Once you go into the woods, you will
      eventually start walking along Harrison Creek. Be sure to stop at the observation deck to
      see what is going on. There are a variety of birds and I have seen a muskrat along here as
      well. You can also read about the Wabash Torrent while you are here. Trail 2 continues
      on by the pond, goes near part of the fen, and through a grove of sycamores before
      meeting up with trail one to take you back to where you began.
   5. Visit Historic Prophetstown. Admission here is included in your admission to the park. In
      addition to the farm, they have a beautiful prairie with its own trail system. Don’t forget
      to stop by the replica Indian village!

While this list isn’t all inclusive, it should give you a good start. Whatever you end up doing, I
believe you will have a great time here at Prophetstown State Park. Enjoy!

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