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									                                       THINGS TO SEE AND DO WHILE IN UTAH

Park City:                                                                   Utah has five Nation Parks
Want to visit a town that has a historical, frontier feeling?
Walk up and down “old town” Park City’s mail street. Park           Zion National Park:
City is home of the Sundance Film Festival, founded by              Massive cliff walls tower majestically a half mile above the
Robert Redford, to encourage young film makers. The ski             canyon floor. A river tumbles easily beneath cottonwoods
areas may not be open, but you can also visit the Utah              and wooded trails wind about the canyon and up its walls
Olympic Park where some of the 2002 events were staged.             to small pools and springs. Whether you hike its miles of
Twenty minutes east of Salt Lake City.                              trails or drive, you will be moved by Zion's beauty-300
                                                                    miles south of Salt Lake City & 160 miles north of Las
Vernal - Flaming Gorge:                                             Vegas located in the southwest corner.
Don't just walk the path of dinosaurs; touch, feel, hear, and
explore it at the new 22,000-square foot Utah Field House           Arches National Park:
of Natural History State Park Museum. You will also enjoy           A geological wonderland set in the high desert of
some spectacular vistas, such as Flaming Gorge reservoir-           southeastern Utah. The largest concentration of
at this northeastern Utah site.                                     sandstone arches in the world, some 2,000 in all.
                                                                    Simple actions of erosion over tens of thousands of
Price:                                                              years produced what appear to be purposefully
Price, Central Eastern Utah, has a Prehistoric museum,              sculpted formations.
Western Mining, Railroad museum, and lots more. In the
heart of “Castle Country” is Nine Mile Canyon. A step back
in time, of people who lived there centuries ago grace the
                                                                    Bryce Canyon National Park:
walls of its sheer cliffs. This canyon, filled with the best rock   This National Park contains a spectacularly beautiful series
art in the west, gives a view of life of the Archaic, Fremont       of "amphitheaters" filled with colorful, eroded red rock
and Ute people. This unique canyon is an international              forms. It cannot be adequately described in words, and is
treasure.                                                           only somewhat better represented with photos. A
                                                                    spectacular view is seen all year long.
Home to two Universities - Brigham Young University                 Canyonlands National Park:
operated and owned by the LDS Church and Utah Valley                This national park is wild, remote, inhospitable, and terribly
University, definitely worth a visit.                               beautiful. See an immense expanse of deep orange-red
                                                                    canyons and a wonderful array of superlative red rock
Ogden:                                                              formations. In addition to being a feast for the eyes, it
The world got a glimpse of the area during the 2002                 provides great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking,
Olympic Winter Games when Snowbasin hosted the                      4wd adventuring, and white water rafting.
downhill, combined and super-G events. Home of
Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Wolf Mountain. Stroll                Capitol Reef Nation Park:
the streets and shops and make like you just came off the           There are hiking opportunities and some good scenic
slopes unless of course you really did, then you will               drives. Early settlers in the region planted orchards of
experience that extra exhilaration.                                 cherries, apricots, peaches, pears and apples that are
                                                                    open for picking from late-June to October. The
Davis County:                                                       campground is pleasantly situated near the orchards in a
If you want to see the actual Great Salt Lake, you have to          grassy well shaded area.
go north of the City. Here you can go to Antelope Island, in
the southeastern portion of the lake and becomes a                           One of Utah’s National Historic Sites
peninsula when the lake is low. Like planes? How about a
visit to the Hill Aerospace Museum housing over 70 aircraft         Golden Spike National Historic Site:
and flying objects.                                                 This historic site witnessed one of the most important
                                                                    accomplishments of the 19th century. On May 10, 1869,
  Design you own visit.                                             officials of the Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific
  Go to and               Railroad met here to drive four symbolic spikes (two gold),
  and find hundreds of suggestions of places to visit,              celebrating the completion of the first transcontinental
  hotels to stay, restaurants at which to eat and even five         railroad. It marked the beginning to the end of American
  day weather forecasts for a particular place and city.            frontier.
                                  THINGS TO SEE AND DO WHILE IN SALT LAKE CITY

Utah State Capitol:
The impressive state capitol sits on the northern edge of         Wheeler Historic Farm invites visitors to remember
worn on a hill looking over the rest of the city. It’s granite    what it was like to visit the family farm for a special event
exterior was modeled after the U.S. Capitol; it’s interior is     like Christmas dinner or the harvest. The historic setting
polished marble. Some 40 acres of park land surround the          offers a trip back in time as visitors see what life was like
building. Tours are available.                                    on a 19th century farm in Utah. A variety of special events
This is the Place Heritage Park:                                  scheduled to coincide with the seasons, ranging from
Horses kick up the dusty road and children suck on                Halloween parties to spring planting festivals.
molasses candy in the living history village called Old
Deseret. A collection of more than 40 historic buildings,         Cathedral of the Madeleine:
include a schoolhouse, stores, hotel, and many others.            This beautiful Roman Gothic styled Cathedral of the
Interactive activities help convey the feel of an 1850 town       Madeleine has an extraordinary exterior and a splendid
in Utah.                                                          interior. Feel free to quietly browse. It is one of several
                                                                  notable buildings along South Temple Street, just east of
This Is The Place Heritage Park marks the spot on the east        downtown Salt Lake City.
side of town overlooking the Utah Valley where legend has
it Brigham Young declared "This is the right place. Drive         Temple Square is the most popular attraction in the
on." A monument erected in 1947 on the 100 year                   state with several million annual visitors. It occupies a
anniversary stands as the focal point of this park.               full city block in the heart of Salt Lake City. High walls
                                                                  surround the complex, with wrought iron gates
Liberty Park:                                                     providing ingress on all four sides. Within is the
In the center of Salt Lake City is this very attractive heavily   magnificent Mormon Temple, the Mormon Tabernacle
wooded large park. It features an aviary, a large pond with       and Assembly Hall, as well as various monuments,
paddle boats, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.                 statuary and two visitor centers.

Tracy Aviary:                                                     Bingham Canyon Copper Mine:
Have you ever seen a human imprinted bird? Interested?            Labeled the “Richest Hole on Earth,” where open-pit mining
Then this downtown aviary is the place to go. Housing             began in 1903, Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is the
more than 500 birds from 150 species, this is a great place       largest man made excavation on earth: more than 3/4 of a
to encounter birds up close and personal. Located in              mile deep and 2-1/2 miles wide, and is listed as a National
Liberty Park.                                                     Historic Site.

Red Butte Garden has over 150 acres of gardens with               The award-winning Visitors Center was moved,
walking paths and natural area with hiking trails, and offers     expanded and modernized during the winter to a new
four seasons of educational and recreational programs             site 300 feet lower within the huge Mine. The 6000
including concerts, festivals, children's programs, nature        square foot facility is filled with interesting exhibits and
outings and educational opportunities.                            displays, four video stations and a 90-seat theater
                                                                  showing a new 16-minute video.
Pioneer Memorial Museum:
The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers strive to preserve the         The Family History Library was founded in 1894 to
history of their pioneer ancestors. This group has one of         gather genealogical records and assist members of the
the country's most notable collections of pioneer artifacts.      LDS Church with their family history and genealogical
                                                                  research. It is the largest library of its kind in the world.
The Lion House - is the one time living quarters for
Brigham Young, renowned early leader of the Mormon                The collection includes over 2.2 million rolls of
Church. It is mainly used as a catered dining and reception       microfilmed genealogical records; 742,000 microfiche;
center. The Pantry is open to the public for lunch Monday         300,000 books, serials, and other formats; and 4,500
to Friday.                                                        periodicals. The library is open to the general public at
                                                                  no charge.

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