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									Langelier Water Balance

   Test Kits for Swimming Pools.
     Water Testing Made Easy.
  Langelier Water Balance Test Kits for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool testing is not just about                                                  Ordering Information
separate parameters. Ensure your pool water                                              FG-K27739-KW: Water Balance Test Kit Basic
is balanced, avoiding scale and corrosion by                                             Medium black plastic case containing:
carrying out the Langelier water balance test.                                           1 x Chlorine (Free & Total) Test (0–3.5 ppm)
                                                                                         1 x pH Test (pH 6.8–8.3)
                                                                                         1 x Cyanuric Acid Test (20–100 ppm)
Water balance is the control of calcium hardness, pH and                                 1 x Total Alkalinity Test
total alkalinity to the point at which calcium ions are close                            1 x Calcium Hardness Test
to the point of precipitation. Total dissolved solids (TDS) and                          1 x Langelier Test Instruction
temperature also contribute to this complex equilibrium.                                 1 x Work Station
Water discolouration, cloudiness, scale formation, pH
instability or repeated microbial surges are all indicative                              FG-K27740-KW Water Balance Test Kit Deluxe
of incorrect water balance.                                                              Aluminium case containing:
                                                                                         1 x Chlorine (Free & Total) Test (0–3.5 ppm)
                                                                                         1 x pH Test (pH 6.8–8.3)
Problems associated with incorrect water balance include:                                1 x Cyanuric Acid Test (20–100 ppm)
                                                                                         1 x Total Alkalinity Test
Scale                                                                                    1 x Calcium Hardness Test
                                                                                         1 x TDS and Temperature Meter
Scale forms in the sand filter, causing sand to solidify. Scale                           1 x Langelier Test Instructions
also forms on the surfaces of the heater or heat exchanger,
dramatically reducing efficiency and increasing costs. Scale
will also build up in the pool shell, covering tiles, ladders and                        FG-K27739-KW
almost all other fittings.

Avoiding scale formation maximises
efficiency and avoids those rough scale
deposits in your pool.

Corrosion destroys grout, cement and plaster which will
gradually loosen tiles. Plaster and marble finishes will
become rough and pitted and metallic equipment
(particularly copper heat exchangers, cast iron circulation
pumps and iron pipes) will also suffer from corrosion.

Eliminate corrosion to ensure your pool
remains safe and retains it appearance.

The Institute of Sports and Recreational Management (ISRM)
and the Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) recommends
as common practice to carry out the water balance test

Kittiwake Water Balance Test Kits also incorporate the new
ECON Kittiwake Comparator. Easy to use, with a high degree
of accuracy, the Kittiwake Comparator features uni-directional
cells to ensure correct operation every time.

Test kits contain all necessary equipment to calculate water
balance plus additional tests for biocide (chlorine) and
cyanuric acid.

                                                                                                                                                  ECON Comparator

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