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Innovation in Waste Handling Management by mxz42717


									Innovation in Waste
Handling &

   Presented by
   Aniko Szivos

           Environmental Safety Suite


• 15 years system development as company
• Much more for individuals
• Experience
    • Capturing business process
    • Large scale web application development
• Exclusively working with universities – 7 years
• Exclusively working with Environmental Health and Safety
system development and implementation – 7 years
• Training, implementation assistance
• Upgrade, Maintenance and Support

               Environmental Safety Suite

Presentation today:

• Focus on our experience of working with
universities implementing technology
• Focus on CHEMATIXTM Waste
• Business process, capabilities,
implementation and maintenance
• Implementing campus wide technology

             Environmental Safety Suite
                      Chemicals On Campus
           Order online
        Order by phone      Hazardous
Transferred from others      Materials                                   Experiments
   Picked up from store

                                                      Disposed to
 In most places currently unknown:                                  Used up in
      •Inventory on Campus                                          Experiment
      •Hazardous Materials on Campus                                              Picked up
      •What went to the environment                                               as Waste
      •Polluted through the air, or drainage system
      •What is flammable and where they are?
      •Explosive, toxic, expired, water reactive ?

                                Environmental Safety Suite
Hazardous Materials Campus

  •   University purchase more than necessary
  •   Store more than necessary
  •   High disposal cost
  •   Proper waste generation and waste content recording
  •   Waste transportation
  •   Waste categorization
  •   Hazmat Training
  •   Temporary waste storage area
        • Inventory
        • Storage and expiration
  •   Waste drum and lab pack creation, recording & tracking
  •   Recording waste disposal (contractor and method)
  •   Waste disposal document (record keeping)
  •   Reports
                 Environmental Safety Suite
   What is it what we want to achieve?
    Regulatory compliance
    Waste record and categorization
    Transportation, Storage & Disposal
    Report generation
                                                             Cost saving
                                              Save on Waste Disposal Cost
                                               Implement Surplus Process
                                                       Save on manpower
Environmentally conscious
Waste Storage, transportation & disposal
Implementing – reduce, reuse, recycle program

                          Increase campus safety and security
                          Knowing how much and where are

                       Environmental Safety Suite
     What else we want to achieve?
       • Control chemical waste
       • Monitor waste generation,
       transportation and disposal

          in the same time

• Minimal disturbance for researchers and lab personnel
• Lab personnel's should have motivation and some benefit
• Provide easy seamless process for end users

Implement a culture of self recording and reporting

                      Environmental Safety Suite
        Selecting and Implementing
Most common mistake that educational institutions make
            when selecting technology…

People select a system…..                  Least expensive
 and many end up….                         Friendly sales person
                                           Referred by colleges
                                           Local vendor
                                           Develop in-house

                   Environmental Safety Suite
       Selecting and Implementing
Understand and clearly define your business process
List of requirements and priorities

Consult with:
Prospective users (end user, power user – waste operator)
Select suitable system and consult with existing users
Plan implementation
Plan long term up keeping

Protect Data Integrity
Populate as much data as possible
Minimize typing
User name and contact information
Location (facility data - building, lab, etc.)
Validate chemical name
…search and select…
Automate repetitive actions
                   Environmental Safety Suite
            Resource Management

Collect and organize user data
User name, contact information
User association to department, room, laboratories
User role
User training history (configurable)

Collect and organize facility data
Campus, building, floor, room and laboratory
Waste storage area

Most cases integration with existing University Systems
                   Environmental Safety Suite
      CHEMATIXTM Waste Management

End-user / Waste Generator
point of view

Waste Generation Record
Hot List for repetitive waste

                      Environmental Safety Suite
Laboratory Waste Generation
• Waste Generator
    • Name & Contact Information
    • Location (Building Name, Number, Pickup Location
• Accumulation start date (debatable)
• Container size, container type, ph level
• Physical state (solid, liquid)

                 Environmental Safety Suite
Laboratory Waste Generation

        Environmental Safety Suite
Laboratory Waste Generation

        Environmental Safety Suite
Laboratory Waste Generation
• Waste Content
    • Percentage
    • Quantity

                   Environmental Safety Suite
Environmental Safety Suite
Environmental Safety Suite
Waste Categorization can be completed by:
• Waste Generator
• Hazardous Waste Pickup personnel

Different business practice in schools:
Unwanted Material Categorization completed by train personnel

                                              Training Record Condition
                                                         is a
                                                 Configurable Option

                 Environmental Safety Suite
CHEMATIXTM Waste Management

       Environmental Safety Suite
Pick-up Worksheet

         Environmental Safety Suite
Waste Categorization and

     Environmental Safety Suite
Categorization and Receiving

         Environmental Safety Suite
       Waste Management
is much more than a waste pickup process…

           Environmental Safety Suite
    Utilizing Bar-coding Process
     through the entire process

Barcode will be automatically generated and assigned to
Waste Containers, Waste Drums and Lab-packs.

Barcode is a unique identifier…
Using a batch scanner speeds up the receiving and
drumming process…

                Environmental Safety Suite
Drums and Lab-packs

   Environmental Safety Suite
Environmental Safety Suite
Environmental Safety Suite
Reports that will be automatically generated included but not
limited to:
         • Generate Lab Waste Report
         • Waste Drum Inventory by Waste Storage Area
         • Waste Inventory by Waste Storage Area
         • Waste Neutralization Report
         • Shipped Drum Report
         • Waste Storage Facility Container Inventory
         • Waste Storage Facility Drum Inventory
         • Chemical Waste Final Disposal Report
         • Waste Pickup Reports by Date Range
         • Waste Pickup Summary by Departments
         • EPA From (2050-0024) GN Summary Sec 1, Sec 2 &
         Sec 3
         • Etc.

                  Environmental Safety Suite
Waste Pickup Report

  Environmental Safety Suite
Activities to be completed:

• Secure hardware and complete installation
• Collecting Facility Data (building list, addresses, waste
pickup locations etc.)
• Create Laboratories, Create Users
• Entering waste Pickup Locations into the system
• Entering disposal vendor information in the system
• Schedule Implementation with Pilot Laboratories
• Reviewing CAD (Chemical Abstract Database)
• Distribute basic user guide campus wide

                    Environmental Safety Suite
Experience and asistance

SIVCO provides ongoing assistance during the implementation
Completes installation and arrange a kickoff meeting to review
university specific business process and implementation plan

Waste Management generally well received by end users.
Easy to implement.
Recommended to be an introductory system if university is
considering implementing campus wide web based systems.

Success stories….

                     Environmental Safety Suite
                       Environmental Safety Suite


          Chemical Inventory


       Fully Integrated
                                          Online Accident Reporting
                               Environmental Safety Suite
Collecting regulations,
         guidance and
    implementing into
day to day operations
                          Environmental Safety Suite
Environmental Safety Suite

     Fully Integrated

           Environmental Safety Suite

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