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									Visual Identity -- Guidelines & Logos

A major branding element in the marketing of Spelman College is its visual identity program,
which consists of guidelines and a workgroup in the Office of PR/Communications to advise on
their use. The Spelman College visual identity program has been designed to support the
College’s goals for producing clearly identifiable, high-quality marketing communications for the
public. The visual identity guidelines provide general directions for using the College’s official
trademarks and symbols.

To ensure that the Spelman College brand is marketed in a consistent and intent manner,
certain elements of its trademarks and visual identity must be used in a way that retains their
graphic integrity. The visual identity guidelines are designed for implementation in all internal
and external publications, and both print and electronic communications.

Spelman College Branding Platform

Positioning Statement:

Spelman is a prestigious, highly selective, historically Black college that prepares women to
change the world. Our holistic liberal arts education empowers women to excel intellectually,
think creatively, serve wholeheartedly, art globally, and lead boldly. Located in Atlanta, Georgia,
our multifaceted, person-centered learning community creates lasting bonds of sisterhood and
support. Providing an educational experience unlike any other, Spelman embraces a long-
standing and life-changing commitment to academic rigor, career development, community
involvement, and positive social impact.

Brand Promises:

     1. Spelman College is the nation's foremost historically Black liberal arts college for
     2. Spelman College has a legacy of empowering women to succeed and to lead.
     3. Spelman College empowers Black women to be leaders by inspiring them to recognize
         their purpose and realize their potential.
     4. Spelman College prepares forward-thinking, socially conscious women to change the
         world in meaningful ways.
     5. Spelman College provides long-standing, life-changing connections to a diverse and
         dynamic sisterhood.
     6. Spelman College prepares forward-thinking, socially conscious women to change the
         world in meaningful ways.

Spelman College delivers an outstanding education that results in successful employment
and/or graduate school placement


"A Choice to Change the World"

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