Recipespecification form for fruit and vegetable juice by pbb16738


									Recipe- and specification form for fruit and vegetable
Dansk Supermarked A/S                                    Danish Institute for Informative Labelling
Gruppe:                                                  Byleddet 7
Bjødstrupvej 18                                          DK-4000 Roskilde
DK-8270 Højbjerg
Tel +45 89 30 30 30                                      Tel +45 46 30 45 00             08
Fax +45 86 27 50 15                                      Fax +45 46 30 45 25

Contact person:                                          E-mail:

 Product name:                                          DS-product No:

                                                        Produced in:

 Net content:                                           Number: ___ pieces/slices

 Manufacturer:                                          Auth./reg. No:

 Contact:                                               Tel:

 Address:                                               Fax:

Do not change the wording of the recipe- and specification form

 Nutritive values (please tick): per 100 g ___ per 100 ml ___

 Rel. density 20/20                                     Sugar content:
 Corresponding Brix                                     Ethanol

 Proteins                                           g   Salt (NaCl)                                   g

 Carbohydrate                                       g   Moisture                                      g

 Sugars                                             g   Ash                                           g

 Fat                                                g   Organic acids                                 g

 Saturates                                          g   Sugar alcohols                                g

 - monounsaturates                                  g   Alcohol                                       g

 - polyunsaturates                                  g   Inulin/oligofructose                          g

 Fibre                                              g   Others                                        g

 Sodium                                             g

 Completed by:                                                                            Date:
Recipe- and specification form for fruit and vegetable juice
Do not change the wording of the recipe- and specification form

                                    Supplementary labelling information

 Date-marking design (please tick): DDMMYY: ___ MMYY: ___ YY: ___

 Position of date-marking:                                  Pasteurised: Yes ___ No ___

 Protective atmosphere (please tick): Yes ___ No ___        Vacuum packed (please tick): Yes ___ No ___

 Produced (write number of):                                Produced from concentrate: Yes ___ No ___
 ___ days ___ months ___ years before best before date
                                                            Storage in the store (temperature etc.):
 Shelf life after opening (number of days): ___ days

 Storage after opening (temperature, light etc.):

 Product name:

 The quantity of all ingredients included must be stated in grams, kilograms or percentages. Quantities in the
 finished product may be stated.
 Any ingredient consisting of more than one component, such as margarine, must be accompanied by a data
 sheet specifying the nature and amount of both ingredients and additives.
 Both the specific designation or the E-number and the application category must be stated for food additives.
 If the finished product can be separated into several components, such as biscuits and custard, the
 ingredients must be stated for each component.
                                                                 Must be stated           Can be stated
 Recipe/specifications (composition)
                                                                 manufactured from g      in end product in %
Any change in the recipe must be reported to DVN.

Position of the product in the Positive list. Group No.:

Is there a risk of unintended allergen contamination: Yes ___ No ___
If yes, please specify which one/s:

Can you confirm that all technically possible measures have been taken to avoid this allergen contamination:
Yes ___ No ___

Have GMOs been used? Yes ___ No ___

Completed by:                                                                           Date:

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