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					                           VENTURE CAPITAL FUND M ANAGEMENT
                         A Comprehensive Approach to Investment Practices
                               & the Entire Operations of a VC Firm

                                 Venture Capital Fund Management is an essential book for:
                                   Venture capital and private equity investment practitioners
                                   Legal and accounting professionals, bankers, investment
                                   advisers and consultants
                                   Entrepreneurs and business angel investors
Author: Lin Hong Wong              Business school undergraduate and postgraduate students
Publisher: Aspatore Books
Paperback: 492 pages                                        View sample pages of the book
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  Editorial Review

Written by a seasoned practitioner, Venture Capital Fund Management arguably provides
the most comprehensive coverage of the entire professional practice of a venture capital
firm. Offering in-depth explanations of concepts, practical advice on methodologies, and
suggestions of best practices, this book covers topics such as venture capital fund-raising,
deal sourcing and screening, due diligence, valuation, deal structuring, deal negotiation, and
legal documentation, as well as the post-investment processes of monitoring, adding value,
and divestment.

This book also provides readers with crucial information surrounding issues that commonly
affect venture capital firms, such as corporate governance, public disclosure, corporate
structure, corporate qualities, fund performance measures, investor relations, tax, legal, and
staffing issues. Furthermore, by applying total quality management concepts to the due
diligence process, the author has created a systematic approach to effective due diligence.

“It is extremely comprehensive, and will be a help to anyone who intends to be a budding
venture capitalist.”
   - Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman, DBS Bank Ltd

“This book is a godsend to legal practitioners who want to understand venture capital
without the attendant technical jargon. It is extremely readable because of the case studies
and at the same time contains a wealth of details. This book is a must for all serious
corporate lawyers and an essential addition for all law libraries.”
   - Low Seow Juan, Consultant to Lee and Lee, Advocates and Solicitors

“A most comprehensive reference handbook for all venture capital practitioners. I am
delighted by the novel systematic approach to due diligence created by the author.”
   - Chua Kee Lock, Managing Director, Walden International

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