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					                                          The Hill Family
                                          From 1651 to 2000
                                          Twelve Generations
                                             In America

                                            Edition 5.0, 2000
                                             by James D. Hill

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010          Page 1
                          The Hill Family - From 1651 to 1999
                           Twelve Generations In America
                                                  Edition 5.0

Hill, James D.: The Hill Family From 1651 to 2000 - Twelve Generations In America, Ed. 5.0, 2000.
        Traces the descendancy of colonial ancestor Luke Hill from his marriage in 1651 at Windsor,
Connecticut to the present day, with emphasis on the line leading to William Henry Hill (b:1875 Morning
Sun, IA). All the descendants of W.H. Hill to 2000 are included, as well as several generations of maternal
ancestors: Hoyt, Phelps, Ladieu, Eggleston, Kilby, Dickinson, Dix, Haight, Guenther, and Smith.
Places Ref:
sndx surname     dates     places
E242 Eggleston   1587-1732 Settrington,Eng; Windsor,CT; Canton,CT.
H230 Haight      1749-1942 Duchess Co., NY; Bolton, NY; DesMoines Co., IA; OR; CA.
H400 Hill        1651-1999 Windsor,CT; Simsbury, CT; Canton,CT; Jefferson Cnty, NY.
H400 Hill        1850-1999 Canton,CT; Jefferson Cnty, NY Co., IA; Miles City, MT; CA; MD; FL; NC.
H300 Hoyt        1590-1636 Dorchester, Eng; Windsor,CT; Fairfield,CT.
L300 Ladieu      1662-1708 Touloise, Fra; New Rochelle, NY.
P412 Phelps      1520-1672 Tewkesbury, Glouc,Eng; Windsor,CT; Simsbury,CT.

                                          AUTHOR’S RELEASE
    The following statement may be required by some distribution methods
           or repositories in works which they accept.

I, James D. Hill, hereby give free license to reproduce and distribute my work The Hill Family from
   1651 to 1999, Twelve Generations In America, Edition 5.0, in whole or in part, to anyone, as long as:
   (1) it is distributed at no charge, or at a fee representing only the reasonable cost of
          reproduction and distribution, which in 1999 would be a maximum of $15.00;
   (2) only current pages (i.e. those with the footing:
          “The Hill Family (1651-1999) - 4th Edition”, or later edition, are used;
   (3) the title page, or credits indicating the title and my name and address, are included.
          This is in case a reader desires to contact the original source - since this work may be
          unpublished and unavailable elsewhere.

                 on January 7, 2000 by            James D. Hill
                                                  9804 Longford Dr.
                                                  Raleigh, NC 27615-1538

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                      Page 2
                                                     Table Of Contents
                                                                                                REF       PAGE
        Index of Illustrated Pages                                                                         5

        Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                          6

        Introduction - Format and conventions used . . . . . . .                                           9

        The Early Colonists
        LUKE HILL               [1613-1696] (8HLJ-GR) Windsor, CT
                               DESCENDANTS (fr. Mary Hoyt ) . . . . . . . . . . .               1H0       10
                               Maternal Ancestors of John Hill . . . . . . . . . . .            1H1

        JOHN HILL (1st) [1668-1740] (8X15-8C) Windsor, CT
                     DESCENDANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              2H0       13
                     Reference <15> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                     Maternal Ancestors - Phelps              ................                  2P1

        JOHN HILL (2nd) [1702-1771] (8X13-37) Of Simsbury, CT
                     DESCENDANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              3H0       18
                     Maternal Ancestors - Ladieu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          3L1

        JOHN HILL (3rd) [1725-1795] (8X14-KR) Simsbury, CT
                     DESCENDANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            4H0       20
                     Maternal Ancestors - Egglestone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            4E1

        JEDEDIAH HILL [1761-1841] (8X14-PS) ( Revolutionary War Patriot )
                    DESCENDANTS (fr. Abigail Kilby) . . . . . . . . . . . . .                   5H0       27
                    CHRONOLOGY Jedediah and Abigail Hill . . . . . . . .                        5H1
                    SUMMARY Jedediah's pension file . . . . . . . .                             5H3
        CENSUS DATA Connecticut and New York 1790-1850                                          5H6
                    Maternal Ancestors of John H.Hill - Kilby, Dix, Gibbs                       5K1       46
                    Maternal ancestors of John H. Hill - Dix, Gibbs . . . . . . . . .           5D1       47

        The Pioneers
        JOHN HENRY HILL [1786-1869] (VETERAN - WAR OF 1812)
                   DESCENDANTS (fr. Sarah Ann Haight) . . . . . . . . . . .                     6H0   48
                   CHRONOLOGY John Hill and families . . . . . . . . . . . .                    6H0-1
                   SUMMARY John's pension file - War of 1812 . . . . .                          6H0-3
                   CENSUS DATA Iowa 1840-1870            ...................                    6H0-5
                   Maternal Ancestors of John W. Hill - Hoyt/Haight . . . . . . . . . .         6Ha   57
                          Descendants of Cornelius Haight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     6Ha1 63

        JOHN WILLIAM HILL [1850-1941] Kossuth, Iowa (Pioneer, Midwest)
                   DESCENDANTS (fr. Mary Ellen Fox & Laura Jane Miller)                         7H0       73
                   MATERNAL ANCESTORS (John Fox / Margaret Bevans) . .                          7F1       75
                   MATERNAL ANCESTORS (Bevans) . . . . . . . . . . . .                          7B1
                   MATERNAL HALF/BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Wilder) . .                              7W1       77
                   SUMMARY - "The Wilder Family . . . . . .                                     7W2
                   Census Data - Wilder Family & W.H. Hill . . .                                7W4

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0                     8/18/2010                            Page 3
                                          Contents (Continued)
        WILLIAM HENRY HILL [1875-1969] (Cowboy/Rancher, Montana)
                  DESCENDANTS (fr. Bessie Olive Guenther) . . . . . . . . . . . .               8H0       81
                  CHRONOLOGY W.H. Hill Family. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            8H1
                  RECOLLECTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   8H3
                  REFERENCES Obituaries, letters and <2> . . . . . . . . . . . . .              8H4
                  MATERNAL ANCESTORS (Guenther) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                 8G1       88

        Twentieth Century Descendants (of William Hill & Bessie Guenther)
        DESCENDANTS of CHARLES VICTOR HILL      [1901-1968]                                      9H1      89
        DESCENDANTS of ALMA EVELYN HILL         [1905- ]                                         9H2      90
        DESCENDANTS of EDSON HAROLD HILL [1912- ]                                       9H3     91

        EARL EDWARD HILL SR.     [1908-1991] Montana Highway Engineer . . . .                              9H5   92
          DESCENDANTS (fr. Elizabeth Campbell Anderson) *

                 EARL EDWARD HILL JR. [1931- ] and descendants . . . . . . . . . 10H1                     94
                 JAMES DALLAS HILL    [1938- ] and descendants * . . . . . . . . 10H3                     95

  References and Acknowledgements . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                             96

        Appendix A - Contributors and Correspondents                                                      A-1    103

        Appendix B - Old World Ancestors of Jemima Waters (wife of Aaron Haight Jr.) B-1                  104

        Appendix C - Old World Ancestors of Elizabeth Shute (wife of Moses Hoyt Jr.) C-1                  106

The Cover Page - The over-simplified migration map shows only a few of the ancestors and the paths
   which their descendants followed. The main point to be illustrated is - that in this country of
   pioneers and their footloose offspring - one can find descendants of the Simsbury Hill-s just about
   anywhere in the U.S. After just four generations since W.H. Hill settled in Montana, his great
   grandchildren are spread far and wide and can be found on both coasts of this great nation, and
   many of the states in between.

     * Additional information available on the James D. Hill family and their ancestors includes:

        - The Descendants of John Joseph Anderson of Newcastle on Tyne, England
        - The Ancestors of Susan Peck - Thirteen generations in America from 1616 to 2000
               Peck, Shank, Easton, Lemmon, Winchester, Doosing,
               Hanson, Van Boskirk, Brainard, Serrin, Neilson, Lindtveit, and Clemmentsen

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                         Page 4
                                                The Hill Family
                                          Illustratrated Pages Index
               Insert color
Source         after   or          #
File (.lwp)     chart# b/w         pgs      Contents
Jedhouse         5H2      b/w      1        Picture & description of Jedediah Hill House in Rural Hill, NY

JHHill           6H0      b/w      1        pictures of portrait of John Henry Hill (3) in Heritage Museum, Oregon
CHHill           6H1      b/w      1        Cornelius H. Hill & fam; Luella Jane Fox & Bessie; Marguerite Hill-Jern

Wilder0          7W1      b/w      1        C.G. Wilder; Mary Ellen Fox-H-Wilder(2); Dale & Florence(wed)
WildDale         7W1      b/w      1        Dale & Florence (abt. 1990); Dale & entire family (abt.1935)
WildDal2         7W1      b/w      1        Wilder Girls; Dale & sons; Eric & Harriet Newman & fam
WildGrac         7W1      b/w      1        Grace & Alec Noble; family (abt.1917 & abt. 1947)
Wilder1          7W1      b/w      1        Mary Ellen F-H-W (abt. 1933); Jesse Noble; Banister fam.

WHHill1          8H0      b/w      1        Wm. H. Hill; Bessie Guenther (young); Wil & Bessy with all children
WHHill3          8H0      b/w      1        Wil (professional); Bessie (2); Wil & Bessy, w/ grandchildren.
WHHill2          8H0      col      1        Wil & Bessie (60th wed. anniv.); Edson & Ruth (H.S.)
                                               Ruth & Carlton (3); 3 generations at ranch (abt. 1941).
WHHother         8H0      b/w      1        Wil (abt. 11); Jack Streuger; Wil with trail drovers

WhhUnk1          8H0      b/w      1        Unidentified photos (incl. John W. Hill family? & Nancy McMullen?)
WhhUnk2          8H0      b/w      2        Unidentified photos from W.H. Hill collection

Gunther          8G1      b/w      2a       Grace & Sam Rice w/fam; John Guenther; Ed & Pearl G.
           "     "        "         b       Mary & Wirt Egge, Rice(2), Thelma Liebinger fam., Marjorie Wall fam.

HillCha1         9H1      col      2        Charles; Esther; & H.S. pics of Mary; Edwin; and Dorothy.
                                            Charles with childr.; Smith parents; Esther (older); adult childr.

HillCha2         9H1      col      2        Mary & John Pfaff and family; Lenore; Sharon; Mark; Lenore & Mike (wed)
                                            Dorothy & Keith Wilhelm & fam (3); Mary, Ed, & Dorothy (teens).

HillEd           9H1      col      2a       Ed & Marie & Children (3)
                                    b       Ed & JoAnne; JoAnne‟s paintings (2); Ed‟s sculptures in wood (3).

Wilson1          9H2      col      1        Eric & Alma; HS pics of Lenore; & Marlene;
                                              Lenore, & Dick Marshall & family, Jim & Ellen Marshall
Wilson2          9H2      col      1        The Yosts (abt. 1970); Wilsons in 1985; Ellen & Ed Baird; Lenore

Edson            9H3      col      2a       Ed & Arline; Gilbert Waller; Lynn (young); Edson (1977).
                          col       b       Lynn & Gene Warren; Lynn‟s artwork (3).

EEH1fam          9H5      col      1        Earl (HS); Betty (HS); H.S. grad. pics of Earl; Ray; & Jim.
HillMidi         9H5      b/w      1        Midshipman pics of Earl; Ray; & Jim (academy graduation)
RayHill          9H5      col      1        Ray; Barbara; Lynn; Los Robles; Ray in 87; Ray & Barb.

EEH2fam          10H1     col      2a       Earl & Bruce; Ardath & children; Bruce & Jan; Brad & Molly;
                                               Doug, Linda, Andy, & Jason; Logan & Becca.
                          col      b        Becky; Linda; Becky, Betty, Jed & Zach; Andy & Jason; Jed & Zach;
                                               Earl & Triscut

JDHfam           10H3 col          2a       Jim & Sue; HS grad pics of Tracy & Eric
                                     b      Thanksgiving „98; Jim „97; Tracy „91; Sue & Jim„79; Eric „82
Ericfam          10H3 col          1        Eric & Karen; Eric & DJ; DJ, Erica, & Sarah (school pics „99)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                             Page 5
                                          PREFACE - Edition 5.0

       This edition continues the emphasis on including biographical data and photos of individuals,
where available.

        The most significant changes in Edition 5 are:
           - Additional information on decendants of Jedediah‟s other children;
           - Additional biographical information on Jedediah in the years 1807-1825;
           - Pictures of Jed‟s “Hill House”; John Henry Hill‟s portrait; Sarah Hill, & others;
           - Extension of the Haight & Hoyt ancestors to very early Old World lines.

         If anyone is interested in extending this work, I have the machine readable files used to produce the
printed pages (in Lotus WordPro or Microsoft Word format) and will supply them if requested - under the
release below the synopsis at the front. Many of the charts are available on the Family Tree Maker website
at: and I have submitted an FTM
database that incorporates virtually all the family group data from the following pages.

         I remain interested in corrections or additions, so if any reader discovers errors of any type, or has
additional information, such as letters, newspaper clippings, obituary notices, etc., please send them to me
at the address following the synopsis.

        I again thank all who have taken the time to respond to my queries, and I want to express special
thanks to Alma Wilson and Lynn Hill Hayes for contributing newspaper clippings and letters; to Bruce
Bannister for supplying charts on the Wilder family; to all the correspondents and contributors listed the
References section; and to all who have lent the photos included herein.

I view the Hill family history as being divided into three parts:
        - the colonial (pre-Revolutionary) period from Luke Hill to John, Jedediah‟s father;
        - the pioneer and westward expansion period from Jedediah to William Henry Hill;
        - and the descendants of W.H. Hill to present day (Twentieth Century Hill-s).

        Each period is characterized by the different types of source material available and the research
strategies that must be used.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                   Page 6
                                          PREFACE - Edition 5.0
The Early Colonists - 1651 to 1783

       Luke Hill, my earliest ancestor of the Hill name that is confirmed so far, arrived some time before
1651, when his marriage was recorded in Windsor, CT. His successors lived in the Windsor / Simsbury /
Canton area of Connecticut (NE of Hartford) for the next four generations. He may have been the son of
William Hill, an early settler of Simsbury, but this has not yet been proven.

Much of the information in the this period (Luke to Jedediah) comes from the Mormon Ancestral File,
verified and supplemented by published works such as the town records from Windsor and Simsbury,
probate files, early marriage lists, genealogies, etc. The generation of John Hill 3rd , Jedediah's father, was
the most difficult to verify since it falls after most of the early genealogies end, but before census
information was available. Some additional information on early Simsbury and Windsor has been
obtained from the historical societies in that area, and more may be located eventually.

        More information on the early colonists, especially on the maternal ancestors of the Haight/Hoyt
line (Budd, Shute, Deval/Deuel, Waters) has been discovered which extends to ancient England.

The Pioneers - 1783 to 1902

        This period includes the establishment of Jedediah's family in Simsbury, Connecticut, his move to
the Sixtowns area in western New York, and the subsequent settlements in Iowa, Texas, and Montana.
Jedediah's pension file for his service in the War Of The Revolution was very helpful in confirming the
linkage between the Hill families of Simsbury, Connecticut and those of Jefferson County, New York.
The Historical Association of South Jefferson in Adams, NY also provided much needed biographical
information on Jedediah and his descendants. This is the first period for which census data is available
and much useful information was extracted from it.

        The data for the period from John Henry Hill to W.H. Hill was initially compiled from Mrs.
Robertson's original history (ref <1>), newspaper clippings, obituaries, and notes from Earl and Betty Hill.
It was then supplemented and cross-referenced to census data; records of marriages, births, and deaths;
information retrieved through genealogical societies; and military pension files. I was fortunate to make
contact with descendants of the Haights, Morgans, and siblings of Jedediah to expand those lines, some of
them to the current day. The internet has been a marvelous tool and resource in this endeavor. At this
point all of the names and relationships of this period are established to my satisfaction except the Bevans,
Fox, and Smith ancestors, and this ongoing work will attempt to better define these families in the future.

Twentieth Century Hill Descendants

        The data on descendants of William Henry Hill to the present was compiled from many sources,
but references 1, 2, and 5 were the most comprehensive. The best source remaining is correspondence
from the readers of this history. Census data is of limited usefulness since the detail on individuals is
sealed for 72 years for privacy reasons. Departments of vital records for the various states can generally
provide birth, death, and marriage registrations since 1910, depending on the state. Some states restrict
access to immediate family members, especially for birth certificates, unless proof is provided that the
individual is deceased.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                   Page 7
                                          PREFACE - Edition 5.0

Date Formats and Conventions

        The Gregorian calendar was not adopted by England until 1752, and the colonialists continued
using the old system until the late 1700‟s. Early dates were recorded using the old system where the year
ran from March 25 to March 24, with dates between January 1 and March 24 being reckoned as the
previous year. Thus the use of "1755/1756" and "1725 or 1726". Most of these dates have been changed in
this version to assume the later year if the date was between Jan 1 and Mar 24. Also, in the Mormon
Ancestral File, some dates were inferred from others. These are usually prefixed with "abt.", "after", or
"before", or are enclosed in square braces (e.g. [1784]). The standard date format used in this document is
DD MMM YYYY (e.g. 15 MAR 1995).

Hereditary Societies

       Descendants of Jedediah Hill or Aaron Haight Jr. are eligible for membership in The National
Society, Daughters (or Sons) of the American Revolution, Founders and Patriots, Sons of the Revolution,
and many other societies. Descendants of John Henry Hill are also eligible for membership in either the
National Society, U.S. Daughters of 1812 or The General Society of the War of 1812 (for sons), and the
Iowa Pioneers.

       I am currently Vice President of the North Carolina Society, Sons Of The American Revolution,
and any other descendants of William H. Hill wishing to join the SAR or DAR may refer to my member
number (National Society # 144801), which documents the descendancy from Jedediah Hill to Earl E. Hill
  The address of the SAR is:         The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution
                                     National Headquarters
                                     1000 South Fourth Street
                                      Louisville, Kentucky 40203

   The DAR address is:                    National Society - Daughters of the American Revolution
                                          Administrative Building
                                          1776 D Street NW
                                          Washington DC 20006-5392

        The National Societies can provide the name of the nearest local chapter and contact persons. They
SAR also has a home page on the World Wide Web at: with links to many of the other
hereditary societies.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                Page 8

   The general idea behind the format used for the charts was to:

   1. Collect all the information for a generation of onto a single page, and include sufficient
information so it is easy to see at a glance where this family fits into the overall structure. In general this
meant that three to four generations are presented on one chart. I felt that the duplication of some
information was justified in order to get a complete picture of a family without a lot of page flipping. The
most complete information on an individual appears on the page where they are listed as head of a family
or as the nearest generation to a family head.

   2. Provide a framework of off-page connectors to facilitate references between charts. The first digit
of Hill charts reflects the generation relative to the first generation in America (Luke Hill) as 1. For
maternal ancestor charts the first digits are the generation of Hills they relate to. The middle character(s)
are 'H' for Hill, 'A' for Anderson, or “Ha” for Haight (if required for uniqueness) etc.,. The last digits are
the page sequence within a series of related charts.

        In most cases, except for the most prolific of our forebearers, there is sufficient space for
biographic notes on the chart pages. Where additional space was required, additional pages are inserted
using the same prefix as the chart on which they appear as the head of a family.

   3. Use of standard format for the various data elements. This highlights the facts which are missing,
and also allows others to more easily add information into an established framework as more facts are
discovered. This also improves the readability and usefulness of the document.

         The format of the data elements and abbreviations are:
          B. or b:     Born (birthdate, place )
          D. or d:     Died (date, place, and bur. burial place (if different)).
          M: or Mar: Married (on date at place) followed by spouse‟s entry (+)
          R:           Current residence (Street, city, state, zip) (city, state only - if living)
         <nn>          References as numbered in "References & Acknowledgements"
          *            Comments generally follow the person they relate most directly to
        [1635]          Dates in square brackets are approximate (abt. or ca. assumed)

        Within a generation the sequence of information is generally:
               Male heir chart,
               Biography or chronology, memorabilia, letters, and clippings
               Census data
               Maternal ancestors of the next generation

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                       Page 9
                                                 Early Colonists                                                         [ 1H0
                                       Descendants of LUKE HILL
Gen. LDS ID#                                                                                                  <Refs>
1. Luke Hill                B.     [1613] of Windsor, CT
      (8HLJ-GR)             D.      1696 , Simsbury, CT                                              <39>
     * Immigrated to Windsor, CT in 1651. Moved fm Old Windsor to Massaco and was Freeman there in 1669. <31>
       Operated “Hill‟s Ferry” on Pent Road. Ferry site sold to Timothy Woodbridge in 1742. The old
       “Hill House” was torn down by later owner Benejah Roots & replaced with present one in 1762. <58>
    Mar: on 6 May 1651 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut (he - 38, she- 21 )                   <31,40>
    + Mary Hoyt B. 1630, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT <31> uses Hout/Hoyt/Hart                    <==[ 1H1 ]
       (8HLJ-HX)                     D.       1696, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT

m/f      Children:
f     2. Lydia Hill         B. 18 Feb 1652, Windsor, CT <40> D.05 Oct 1696, Simsbury, CT <39>
         (MGQ5-RJ)          M: on 5 May 1670 at Simsbury, CT. to                        <4,39>
                            Arthur Henbury                B. 1648, Hartford, CT            <4>

f     2. Mary Hill          B. 20 Sep 1654, Windsor, CT <40> D.
         (8HK6-DX)          M: on 30 Jul 1677 at Windsor,CT. to                                                   <4>
                            John Saxton                   B. 4 Mar 1650                                         <40>

m 2.     Eleazer Hill       B. 07 Mar 1657, Windsor        <27> D. 1725
                            M: on 29 Dec 1679 at Simsbury to                                    <4,31,39>
                            Sarah Gillett                   B. 13 Jul 1651
                            Children: Elizabeth 29 Jul 1681, Mary 1685-97, Eliezer Jr. 20 Jul 1694 <39>

m 2.     Tahan Hill   B. 23 Nov 1659, Winsor, CT <40> D. 16 Dec 1692 <13>                                         <31>
         “Tahay” <31> M: Hannah Parmelee B: [1667] Hartford, CT (lived in Guilford?)                              <31>

m 2.     Luke Hill (2nd) B. 06 Mar 1661/2, Windsor, CT <40> D. 20 May 1740, Wallingford, CT
                         M: Hannah Butler      B. [1687] Simsbury, CT (see <13> for children) <31>

f     2. Abigail Hill       B. 16 Apr 1664, Windsor, CT <40>
                            M: Caleb Parmelee     B. 1663-75, Guilford, CT

f     2. Elizabeth Hill B. 08 Oct 1666, East Hartford, CT  <40>
                        M: William Buckland B. 1649 East Hartford, CT

m 2.     John Hill (1st) B. 28 Nov 1668, Windsor, CT <40> D.01 Nov 1668, Windsor.                            <15,39>
         (8X15-8C)       M(1): ca. 1696 at Simsbury to Sarah Phelps                                            <31>
                             3. Children: Sarah 1697, infant 1701, John Hill 2nd 1702                  <39>       ==>[ 2H0 ]

                            M(2): on 22 Apr 1708 in Simsbury to Sarah Terry B. 16 Nov 1668                     <39>
                             3. Children: Elizabeth 10 Dec 1710, Hannah [1712], Mary [1714]
* Most information except <nn> flags is from LDS Ancestral File <6>. Refs 27, 31, and 4 confirm the names and birthdates
   of Luke‟s children. Ref<27> also confirms John‟s move to Simsbury and Mary Hoyt‟s name.
* Windsor, settled in 1635, is 8 mi. NE of Hartford. Simsbury ( 1670) is 10 mi. NW of Hartford & 15 mi. WNW of Windsor .

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                            Page 10
                                                  Luke Hill

       Some researchers believe that Luke Hill may have been the son of William Hill, who appears in the
town records of Simsbury, CT. The following entry was abstracted from the FTM home page of
Stephen McLain Olds - “Olds & Converse Family Home Page”    e-mail:

0. William Hill B: 1598 in England; D: 1649 in CT (?).
    Mar: Sarah ___ Bef. 1613 in England.
    Child of William Hill and Sarah is:
     1. Luke Hill                 B:1613, Windsor, CT;   D: 1696, Simsbury, CT;
          Mar: Mary Hoyt on May 06, 1651 in Windsor, CT.

         Information from <58> indicates that Luke moved from ancient Windsor to Massaco in 1669, and
operated “Hill‟s Ferry” there at the Pent Road site across a tributary of the Connecticut River. With the
first settlers on the east side of the river and the main development of Simsbury on the west side, a ferry
was essential. The site was called “Hill‟s Ferry” in the land records for nearly 100 years.
         The first toll bridge was built at Simsbury in 1734 and the Hills sold their property in 1742 to
Timothy Woodbridge, who died shortly afterwards and his heirs sold the property to Thomas Marvin, who
re-established the ferry at Pent road in 1756. John Marvin was the ferryman for ten years. The rates were:
“For man, horse, and load - one penny; Single man or single horse - one-half penny; Neat cattle - (per
head) one-half penney; Sheep and swine: (per head) one farthing”
         In 1757, only a year later, Thomas Marvin sold his “house and home lot and meadow land” and his
„right‟ in Said Simsbury and privilege of a ferry across the River between Hopmeadow and Terry‟s Plain”
to Rev. Benejah Roots. Mr. Roots tore down the old Hill house and built the present one in 1762 and Pent
Road is presently a dead end street.
         The same map that shows the site of Hill‟s Ferry in 1723 shows the location of one of the historic
“long lots”, 660 feet wide and over two miles deep, which was owned by Luke‟s son, John Hill, in 1723.
We are told that every Simsbury farm was practically a self contained economic unit at that time. From it
came food, timber for shelter and furniture, and livestock for meat and transportation and trading.
Eventually though, after the property had been divided between the heirs, the farms became too small to
permit families to keep expanding. It was customary for the oldest son of a farmer to raise his family on
the farm of his parents. In time the parent would become too old to operate the farm and the son would
then take over. After several generations had bought up all the land, there was no more farmland left.
         The Hill family resided in the Connecticut River Valley for over 150 years before moving to the
Sixtown area of Jefferson County, New York. The shortage of land, as described above, and the fact that
the land was probably getting depleted, with the farming practices of the day, may explain why Jedediah,
four generations later, moved on to the West.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                        Page 11
                                          Ancestors of Mary Hoyt                                                     [ 1H1
                                                Wife of Luke Hill

          Mary Hoyt, wife of Luke Hill, is believed to be the daughter of Simon Hoyt, although several references list her
husband as Thomas Lyon, with children's birthdates that overlap those of Luke Hill. The spelling Hoyt is used in the Stiles'
History of Windsor and Savage's A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, but she and her father are
referred to in various other sources as Hout, Huit, Haight, Hait, and Hart. The variety of spellings could have been the result of
either orthographic errors or confusion in the pronunciation.

          Recent research on the Hoyt/Haight line has been done by Robin Bush, an English researcher, in the districts of
Somerset Co. and Upway, Dorsetshire in England. A series of charts beginning with [6Ha], following the section on John Henry
Hill, reflects this new information - which replaces the previous data from the Mormon Ancestral File.

        The Haights of SE Iowa, ancestors of John William Hill, are also descendants of Simon Hoyt, through his granson,
Moses Jr. This line can be traced back through some of the maternal ancestors to very ancient beginnings in England and
Scotland. Some lines pass through the nobility of England and Scotland back to the second century AD.

                                     see [ 6Ha0 ] for the ancestors of Mary Hoyt                             ==> [ 6Ha0 ]

          Banks (Ref. 28) lists Simon Hoyt (or Haight, or Hait, or Holt) as arriving on either the ship Lions Whelp from the
English parish Upway bound for Charleston and Salem Mass, or the Abigail (1629) bound for Dorchester and Windsor, Conn.
(ref. Historical Record of Putnam Co. NY).

Savage (Ref. 27) indicates that Simon, or Simeon, moved a number of times.
        - He is initially thought to have been from Dorchester
        - before 1629, moved to Charleston where he was admitted as freeman
                  on 18 May 1631. (this was confirmed by Ref. 29)
        - From 1633 to 1636 he lived in Scituate, where Benjamin was born
        - about 1650, moved to Fairfield
        - and later - to Stamford, where he died in 1659.

The "New England Marriages Prior To 1700" <31> lists two marriages for Simon Hoyt [1590-1657].
   1st - to Deborah Stowers [1593- ] on 2 Dec 1612 in Salem, Dorchester, or Scituate, Mass.
   2nd - to Susanna Smith [....-1694] before Apr 1635 in Dorchester or Windsor

    *    The abbr. "Dorch." = Dorchester, on the south coast of England, west of Bournemouth.
         Dorset is a county in southern England.

    *    Salem, Scituate, and Dorchester are all towns in Massachusets that were settled before 1633.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                            Page 12
                                  Descendants of John Hill (1st)                                    [ 2H0

Gen.                                                                         LDS ID#
2. John Hill 1st     B: 28 Nov 1668, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT          (8X15-8C)        <==[ 1H0 ]
                     D. 01 Nov 1740, Hartford Co., CT                   <15>
          * In 1723 owned a “long lot” (660 ft. wide and 2 mi. deep) near the Hill Ferry in Massaco.
   Mar(1): [1696] at Simsbury, CT      <31>
   Sarah Phelps      B. __ May 1672 “of Simsbury”                       (8X15-9J)        <==[ 2P1 ]
                     D. abt. 1707, Simsbury, CT
m/f Children of (1):
f 3. Sarah Hill      B. 28 Jul 1697 Simsbury, CT bapt. 28 Nov <39>
                     D. bef 1740
             Mar: on 28 Jul 1720, Simsbury to Samuel Strickland             B. [1697] <39>

       3. (infant)                 B. 29 Jan 1701, Simsbury, CT      D. at birth <39>

m 3. John Hill 2nd B. 02 Apr 1702, Simsbury, CT                         (8X13-37)                ==>[ 3H0 ]
                    D. 01 Aug 1771, Simsbury, CT         <39>
            * another infant of John Hill 1st died 2 Apr 1702 (twin of John 2nd ??)
     M(1): on 17 Feb 1724/25, Simsbury
     + Jane LaDieu         B. [1708]      D. 08 Nov 1732 <39>
       4.   John Hill 3rd         (1725-1795)                                                    ==>[ 4H0 ]
       4.   Eleazer        B: 21 Oct 1727 D: betw. 1790 & Feb 1812)

          M(2): Elizabeth ______     B. __       D. 21 Sep 1738
           4. Children: Martha 1730, Mary 1732, Seth 1734, Benoni 1736

          M(3): Abigail Wilcoxson   B. [1708]   D. 1715
           4. Children: Sarah 1740, Phebe 1746, Darius 1749,         Mary 1753

Mar(2): on 22 Apr 1708 at Simsbury, CT <39>                   (he-40, she-40)
Sarah Terry          B. 16 Nov 1668, Windsor, CT              Father: Lt. John Terry             <39>
m/f   Children of (2):

f   3. Elizabeth Hill B. 14 Dec 1710, Simsbury, CT
                      M: Joseph Hoskins          B. [1708]

f   3. Hannah Hill        B. [1712] “of Simsbury”       D: 8 Jun 1766, CT
                          M: Ephraim Wilcoxson          B. [1710]

f   3. Mary Hill          B. [1714], Simsbury, CT
                          M: Jacob Reed on 9 Apr 1724 in Simsbury, CT <39> B. [1712]

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                  Page 13
                 Reference <15> from "Probate Records of Hartford Co., CT                                 [2H0-1]
                                    Vol XIII" page 284.

                 Distribution of John Hill (1st)'s property after his death.
        Page 253 - 325 (in the original records)

Hill, John, Simsbury. Died 1st November, 1740. Invt. £1339-09-07.
         taken 25 November, 1740, by Joseph Case, Joseph Case Jr., and Michael Humphrey.

Court Record, Page 78 - 3 December, 1740: The widow, Sarah Hill, having been notified that Adms. would be granted, and not
appearing, letters of Adms. were granted to John Hill and Ephraim Wilcockson of Simsbury. Recog., £600 with Jacob Reed.

Page 86-7 April 1741: Sarah Hill, the widow, asked this Court to set out her dower. And this Court appoint John Humphery,
James Case and David Holcomb to set out 1-3 part of the lands and buildings of sd. deceased.

Page 8 (Vol. XIV) 6 July, 1742: John Hill and Ephraim Wilcock, Adms., exhibit an account of their Adms.
      Accepted.     Order to distribute as follows:
                                                                              £ s d
        To Sarah Hill, the widow, her thirds                                 71-06-02
        To John Hill, eldest son, his double part                  47-10-08
        To the heirs of Sarah Strickland,                          23-15-05
        to Mary Read, to Hannah Wilcock, and to Elizabeth
                 Hoskins, to each of them the sum of,                        23-15-05

        And appoint James Case, Jonathan Case and Andrew Robe distributors.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                    Page 14
                                        Ancestors of Sarah Phelps                                                  [ 2P1 ]
                                 Wife of John Hill 1st (1668 - 1740)
          This section was revised to summarize or delete the family groups which weren't directly related to the Hill line, and to
include more biographies. I was fortunate to discover reference <37>, Our Family Tree by Deborah Rothery that included
some interesting, and apparently carefully researched, information on the Phelps families of Windsor and Simsbury,
Connecticut. This, and some of the data from Simsbury and Windsor town records, have eliminated the uncertainty in previous

          To keep the entries brief, the county and state have been dropped from most Simsbury and Windsor locations. They are
both in Hartford County Connecticut about 8 miles (NW and NE respect.) of Hartford city. Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England
is similarly shortened to Tewkesbury.

         Sarah Phelps, wife of John Hill, the son of Luke, was of the Phelps family of Windsor, which was founded by two
brothers who emmigrated from England in 1630 on the ship Mary and John. (Refer to the notes on 4E4 following John Hill 3rd
for a description of the Mary and John and the settlement of Windsor.)

         Sarah's father, Joseph Phelps Sr., was the son of William Phelps II and was born in England as were the previous two
generations of Phelps. The following biographies are entirely abstracted from ref<37>. The family groups are also from <37>
but have been supplemented from other sources where the additional information seemed reliable.

JOSEPH PHELPS SR. [1629] was accepted as a freeman in 1664. He was one of the first settlers of Simsbury, CT. Simsbury
was settled in 1670 and was burned by the indians in 1676. The inhabitants, including Joseph, fled to Windsor but returned the
following year. Joseph had five children and twenty grandchildren.
1. JOSEPH PHELPS SR.         b. [1629] Porlock Minehead, Somersetshire, England                                  <==[ 2P2 ]
                             d. 1684 Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn.
    M1: Hannah Newton on 20 Sep 1660 in Windsor, Hartford Co. Conn.
                             b.                     d. 1675, Simsbury
   2.      Joseph Phelps Jr.      b. 27 Aug 1667, Windsor                 M: three times, 7 children
   2.      Hannah Phelps          b. 2 Feb 1669, Windsor                  d. young
   2.      Timothy Phelps         b. 18 May 1671, Simsbury                M: Rachel Moore, 1 da.?
 * 2.       SARAH PHELPS          b. May 1672, Simsbury                   d. prob. bef. 1708
            M: John Hill (I),     b. [1668-1740] son of Luke                                                     ==>[ 2H0 ]
                two children who survived childhood
             3. JOHN HILL (II)            b. 1702, and
             3. Sarah Hill                b. 1697

       2. William Phelps       b. May 1672|74, Simsbury                   d. 8 Oct 1689
                  M: Ann Ruggles

       * Some references state Sarah and William were twins but others state William was born 1674.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                            Page 15
                                 Ancestors of Sarah Phelps (Cont.)                                       [ 2P2 ]
WILLIAM PHELPS Jr., father of Joseph Sr.
         was probably from Somerset of Dorsetshire, England where he m:(1) Elizabeth and had been an original
member of the church of Rev. Warham in Plymouth, England. Rev. Warham was one of the two Puritan ministers
who led the migration in the Mary and John. In 1630 William arrived on that ship to Dorchester, Mass. with his
first? wife, five children, younger brother George, and probably another brother Richard. He settled first in
Dorchester where he applied for freemanship 19 Oct 1630 and where he was, from the beginning, a leading citizen.

        On 9 Nov 1630 he was one of a jury empaneled for the trial of Walter Palmer for the murder of Austin
Brotchus - the first jury trial in New England. 27 Sept 1631 he was appointed constable of Dorchester. 4 Mar
1634 he was one of three appointed by the General Court to arrange the bonds between Dorchester and Boston and
explain what each town wants. 1635 he was one of eight men chosen by the Court of Massachusets to govern the
new colony of Connecticut for the first year. In spring 1636, his wife having died in Dorchester, he moved with his
children to Windsor, where his brother George is understood to have preceeded him, in the first migration of Rev.
Warham's church in the fall of 1635.

        In Windsor he ranked as an honored and active citizen and was a member of the first court held in
Connecticut in 1636 and 1637, which declared war against the Pequots. From 1638 to 1642 he was a magistrate; in
1643 foreman to the first Grand Jury; Deputy to the General Court 1645-51/57, and in 1658 was again made
magistrate which office he held another four years. He was frequently named on the Petit Jury. In 1641 he was
appointed, together with Mr. Welles of Hartford, to a committee on lying. According to Spear, Volume II, after this
"lyers" were fined or punished with "body correction".

         His reputation was as a pious, upright man in his public and private affairs and truly "a pillar of church and
state". A man of property, he subscribed to a fund for the poor. Not being able to prove title and payment for land
he bought from the indian, Sehat, he paid for it a second time. The paper describing the transaction is dated March
31, 1665 and payment of two trucking coats, 40 s. in wampum, six bushels of indian corn, and an additional thirty
shillings in wampum, "at six a penny", is to be made to Sehat's kinsman Nassahegan, Sachem of Paquanick. The
document is signed by Coggernosset, and three sisters of Nassahegan: Asuthnew, Patackhouse, and Amawer.
William's residence in Windsor was 3/4 mi. northwest of Broad Street on the Poquonock.
0. WILLIAM PHELPS Jr.          b. 28 Feb 1599 Porlock, Somerset, England                                <==[ 2P3 ]
                            bapt. 19 Aug 1599 Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England
                               d. 14 July 1672 Windsor, CT
    M1: bef. 1619 in England *
    Elizabeth (Marshall?)      b. bef. 1604 (prob. in England)
                               d. bef. 1636 at Dorchester, Mass
    1. Richard Phelps         bapt. 26 Dec 1619, Tewkesbury. (see foll. note)
    1. William Phelps III      b. [1620] Eng. M: twice but no children
    1. Sarah Phelps            b. [1623] Eng. M: 1658/9 William Wade, no children
    1. Samuel Phelps           b. betw 1623-5, M: 1650 Sarah Griswold, 11 children
    1. Nathaniel Phelps        b. [1627] Eng. M: 1650 Elizabeth Copely, 6 children
  * 1. Joseph Phelps Sr.       b. [1629]                        (see above family group)                ==>[ 2P1 ]

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                       Page 16
                                 Ancestors of Sarah Phelps (Cont.)                                               [ 2P3 ]
0. WILLIAM PHELPS Jr. (Continued)
    M2: abt. 1638, Windsor. *Mary was a fellow passenger on the Mary & John.
    Mary Dover          b. bef.1625, Eng.; d. 14 Jul 1672 Windsor, CT
       1. Timothy Phelps b. 1 Aug/Sept 1639 Windsor; d. 1719
               * Timothy was freeman in 1664, a captain in 1696, and fought in Queen Anne's War in 1707.
           M: Mary Griswold on 19 May 1661, b. 1644; da. of Edward Griswold

         1. Mary Phelps     b. 2 May 1644 Windsor; M:1683 Lt. Thomas Barber Jr.
                  eight children

 Other Notes:
    William 2nd may have been married three times - the first in about 1618, the second is said to have been either Elizabeth ___
or Anne. If Anne, it may have been Anne Dover, who married a William Phelps in Crewkerne, Somerset. If so, she may have
been the sister of Mary Dover, his last wife.
   Richard Phelps, eldest son of William II, is often confused with his uncle, who was on the Mary and John. It is said that he
embarked for Barbados May 1635 and nothing more was heard of him.

-1. WILLIAM PHELPS Sr.              bapt. 4 Aug 1570, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England
                                    * was mayor of Tewkesbury in 1607 and bailiff in 1607.
M: Dorothy ________                                  d. 1613
   0. Marie Phelps                  bapt. 23 Apr 1588 Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Eng
   0. Thomas Phelps                 bapt. 24 Jan 1590 Tewkesbury
   0. Dorothy Phelps                bapt. 29 Feb 1595 Tewkesbury
 * 0. William Phelps Jr.            b.     1599              (see preceeding group)         ==>[ 2P2 ]
   0. James Phelps                  bapt. 14 Jul 1601 Tewkesbury
   0. George Phelps                 bapt.
   0. Richard Phelps                b. 12 Dec 1609 Tewkesbury

Father of William Phelps Sr.
-2. JAMES PHELPS b. 1520-30, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England
                        d. 1588/89
    M: Joan             b.           d.
  * -1. William Phelps Sr.       bapt. 1570               (see preceeding group)
    -1. Thomas Phelps            bapt. 24 Jan 1590 Tewkesbury
    -1. George "                 bapt. 5 Sep 1566 Tewkesbury
    -1. Alice    "               bapt. 24 Seo 1572 Tewkesbury M: 1595 John Hope
    -1. Edward "                 bapt. 14 May 1578 Tewkesbury
    -1. Kenshire "               bapt. 16 Oct 1580 Tewkesbury
    -1. Richard "                bapt. 10 Oct 1583 Tewkesbury
    -1. Robert "                 bapt. 18 Jul 1584 Tewkesbury

  James had a half-brother, Francis Phillipe, of Nether Tyne, Checkley, Stafford sixty miles from Tewkesbury. Francis was
possibly the son of Richard Phillipe of Nether Tyne.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                           Page 17
                                 Descendants of John Hill (2nd)                                           [ 3H0 ]
Gen.                                                                                  LDS ID#
3. John Hill 2nd        B. 02 Apr 1702, Simsbury, Hartford Co.,CT           (8X13-37)      <==[ 2H0 ]
                        D. 01 Aug 1771, Canton, CT           <39> Stone reads 08 Aug <45>
                        bur. Dyer Cemetary in Collinsville, CT (formerly Canton) <45>
   Mar(1): on 17 Feb 1724 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT        <45>
   Jane Ladieu B. [1708], New Rochelle, NY          (or 1700) <45>          (8X13-4D)      <==[ 2L1 ]
                        D. 08 Nov 1732, Simsbury, CT <39> or 02 Nov <45>
m/f Children:
m 4. John Hill 3rd B. 03 Feb 1726, Simsbury, CT )                   <39, 58>        (8X14-KR)     ==>[ 4H0 ]
                         D. 09 Oct 1795, CT                 <45,58>
         Mar(1): Isabell Alford (____-1733)
                 5. Children: Mary 1753, John [1751]
         Mar(2): Isabel Eggleston (1732-1818)
                 5. Children: Elijah [1754], Chloe [1755], Keziah [1759],
                                Anna [1761], Jedediah 1761, Wealthy 1767 <58>

m 4. Eleazer                     B. 21 Oct 1727, Simsbury, CT     <39>       (8X13-OP)
                        D. aft. 1790
         Mar(1): Aphia           B. [1731], New Hartford, CT
                 5. 1 child:    Jenny Hill (f) B. 04 Aug 1756, New Hartford, CT
         Mar(2): Zervia B. [1731], “of Simsbury”
                 5. Children: Zeruiah (f) 06 Jun 1763, Aphia (f) 1764, Asenath (f) Oct 1766,
                                Cynthia (f) 1776,      Eleazer Jr. [1778]       All of Simsbury, CT

M(2): Elizabeth ______ B. [1700]                    D. 21 Sep 1738
f   4.   Martha           B. 21 Jun 1730   D. young                  <39>
f   4.   Mary             B. 28 Feb 1732   D. 12 Nov 1733 <39>
m   4.   Seth             B. 20 Oct 1734   D. 18 Mar 1736 <39>
m   4.   Benoni           B. 09 Jun 1736   D. 21 Nov 1737 <39>

Mar(3): on 21 Feb 1739
Abigail Wilcoxson      B. 1708, “of Simsbury, CT (or 15 Dec 1715, Simsbury, CT)
        Children:                              * duplicate M.A.F. entries   (8X15-WH & FKX1-81)
m 4. Sarah Hill        B. 06 Jan 1740 , Simsbury, CT <39> M: Dailey          B. [1737]
                       * listed in 1800 census
f 4. Phebe Hill        B. 17 Jul 1746, Simsbury, CT     <39> M: Hezekiah Harringden B.[1744]

m 4.     Darius Hill      B. 04 Dec 1749, Simsbury, CT <39>          M: Lois Moses B. 05 Dec 1749
                     Children: Lois 1770, Darius 1772, Arden 1775, Sarah 1778, Elias 1780, Rachel 1784, Asa 1787

f 4.     Mary Hill        B. 18 Aug 1753, Simsbury, CT <39>          M: Ozias Case B. [1757]

         * Base information was from the Mormon Ancestral File <6>.
           Flagged < > items were confirmed or supplemented by the reference indicated.
           <39> is the Bates transcription of the Simsbury town records.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                       Page 18
                            Maternal Ancestors of John Hill (3rd)                                                 [ 3L1 ]
                           Ladieu / Ladue / Ladu / Ladou / Ladew
2. Pierre LADUE           B. [1662], Touloise,    , France                               (N05H-SD)
     (Ladieu)             D. bef. 28 Apr 1713, New Rochelle, NY        <45>
   Mar: abt. 1691 in France
   +Martha Anneraud B. [1673], , , France                    <45>                (N05H-WW)
                                   D. aft. Nov 1747, , NY              <45>
m/f     Children
f 3.    Elizabeth (Hannah) LADOU            B. [1692], , , France

m 3.       Daniel LADU                        B. [1695], , , France
                   Mar: Mary Canby            B. 1695

f   3.     Magdelaine Ladou                   B. [1697], New Rochelle, , NY

f   3.     Judith Ladou          * * B. [1700], New Rochelle, , NY    (listed as Jane by <45>)

m 3.       Pierre Ladou (Peter Jr.)   B. 06 Dec 1702, New Rochelle, , NY

m 3.       John Stephen (Estienne) Ladou B. [1703], New Rochelle, , NY
                   Mar: Sarah                B. [1703]

f 3.       Marthe (Susanna) Ladou B. 1704, New Rochelle, , NY

m 3.       Ambroise Ladou             Chr. 10 Aug 1705, New Rochelle, , NY

f 3.       Jeanne Ladou               B. 1707/1708, New Rochelle, , NY (listed as Judith by <45>)
                                                                                                              ==>[ 3H0 ]
f 3.       Marie Ladou                        B. 1708/1709, New Rochelle, , NY

       * * Reference <45> reverses the birth dates for Jeanne and Judith and lists Jane Ladieu [1700] as the wife of
            John Hill 2nd (1702-1771) and uses the spelling Ladieu. It may be equally likely that Jeanne (1707), as
            listed in the MAF, is the Jane Ladu that John Hill 2nd married 17 Feb 1723/24 in Simsbury.
                    Regardless of birthdates, it would seem that Jeanne as, pronounced by a frenchwoman, is easily
            converted to Jane by the colonial record keepers. There are no other males listed under Ladieu, Ladue,
            Ladu, or La Due who were born between 1630 and 1690 who would be candidates as Jane‟s father, so
            this would appear to be the correct family. Note that Jedediah‟s son‟s name was spelled Ladue.

       *     New Rochelle, NY is on the Long Island Sound, very near New York City, about 50 miles from
            Simsbury, CT (as the crow flies).

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                         Page 19
                                     Descendants of John Hill (3rd)                                                  [ 4H0
4. John Hill, 3rd             B. 03 Feb 1726, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT            <39,58>                      <==[ 3H0 ]
                              D. 09 Oct 1795, CT bur. Canton, CT *                  <45>
             * The Brown Book indicates that John settled in the East Hill district of Simsbury on the farm later
                owned by Nelson Aldridge (in 1855). Jedediah was living next to this farm at the 1790 census.

    Mar(1): abt. 1748
      # The entries for this marriage in the Mormon Ancestral File are duplicated and overlap the birthdates
           of the children of Isabell Eggleston. I believe they can be disregarded.
    Isabell Alford       B. __ ___ 1733, Simsbury, CT             D: 1818
        5. Mary Hill                   B. 18 Aug, 1753, Simsbury, CT * Note: same as child of John 2nd
        5. John Hill                   B. [1760], Burlington, Hartford Co.,CT

    Mar(1 (or 2#)): between 1753 and 1754                                                             (8X14-LX)
    Isabel Eggleston          B. 11 Apr 1732, Windsor, CT          <58>
                              D. __ ___ 1818, Canton, CT     <45>                                                <==[ 4E3 ]
m/f     Children:
m 5. Elijah Hill              B. [1754], Simsbury, CT          <45> uses [1763]
        1.             Mar: Esther Tuler             B. [1753]

f       5.    Chloe Hill             B. [1755], Simsbury, CT          <45> uses [1765]
                   Mar:       Rufus Garrett abt. 1773       B. [1755]

f       5.    Keziah Hill            B. [1759], Simsbury, CT <45> uses [1769]                  D. 1827 <45>
                   Mar:       Thaddeus Tuller       B. [1772], Simsbury, CT

f       5.    Anna Hill             B. [1761], “of Simsbury”, CT              <45> uses [1771]
                   Mar:       Nahum Barber          B. [1761]

m      5,     Jedediah Hill       B. 29 Mar 1761, Simsbury, CT <17,18,58>         (8X14-PG)      ==>[ 5H0]
                                  D. 28 Apr 1841, Lorraine, NY (at son Jed Jr‟s home) <17,18,58>
              Mar: Abigail Kilby on 13 Mar 1783
               6. Children: Jedediah Jr. 1784, John Henry 1786, Riley 1787, Eben 1791, (infant) 1793
                                    Ludlow 1794, Abigail 1797, Polly 1800, Ladue 1803, Isabel 1806.

m      5.     Wealthy Hill       B. 10 Mar 1767 , Simsbury, CT        D: 22 Nov 1852, Sandisfield, Mass.
              Mar: Jabez Oman Gleason on 30 Sep 1792, West Simsbury, CT

             * Current day Canton, CT occupies part of the land previously listed under Simsbury.
               Simsbury, West Simsbury, Canton, and Avon form a quadrangle about 3mi x 5 mi.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0             8/18/2010                                          Page 20
                             Maternal Ancestors of Jedediah Hill                                                  [ 4E1 ]
                                The Egglestons of Windsor, CT

         Isabel Eggleston, mother of Jedediah Hill, was of the Eggleston family from Windsor, Connecticut. This family was
established by Bygatt Eggleston, one of the earliest settlers of Windsor in 1635-1636, and his sons: Samuel, James, Joseph, and
Benjamin. Samuel moved to Middletown and raised a family of 3 sons and five daughters. Joseph moved to Stonington around
1670 and another son, Thomas, apparently died without children of his own. The Egglestons of Windsor were the descendants
of James and Benjamin.

           My investigation of the Egglestons of Windsor started as a search for Thomas, born around 1707, who the Mormon
files indicated was Isabel's father. After searching the town records of Simsbury and Windsor and other sources, my emphasis
shifted to finding Isabel because: (1) There are no Egglestons listed in Simsbury and (2) none of the Thomas Egglestons found
had a daughter Isabel born ca. 1733.

        The Isabel accepted by most reliable sources as the wife of John Hill,3 rd and mother of Jedediah, is the daughter of
Jedediah Sr.(1696), who was the son of Thomas (1661) and the grandson of James Eggleston Sr. (1617) ).

         So, Thomas was her grandfather rather than her father, as the Mormon files indicate. Jedediah, which was an unusual
name at the time, would have been the name of Jed Hill's grandfather and a cousin, Hannah Loomis's son. Isabel was not a
common name either so it is likely that Jedediah Hill's mother was named for her aunt, Isabel Eggleston. Continuing the reuse of
names, Jed Hill's son, Eben, may have been named after Ebenezer Phelps, the husband of Isabel's aunt Mindwell, or after
Ebenezer Egglestone, the son of Samuel. Abigail Hill was probably named after her mother, Abigail Kilby, but there were also
several Abigails in the Eggleston family. Abigail, though, was fairly common at that time.

         The last name is variously spelled: Eggleston (most common in <40>), Egglestone, Eglestone (common in probate
records <15>), Eaglestone (Thomas), and Egleston (John and James Sr.). All of the Eggleston name variations appeared in the
Windsor town records and probate court records.

          The connection to the Egglestons of Windsor is an interesting one because some researchers believed Bygatt‟s
ancestors were from a very well recorded and researched population, the nobility of England and northern Europe. This
possibility was explored in the appendices of a prior edition, and may provide an incentive for some readers to study some
English history from the period 1000 A.D. to 1600. Contact the author for copies of this information (not included herein).

        An abbreviated set of family charts are on the following pages. The data is mostly from the
Windsor town records <40> and the DonEggles list <44>. No attempt was made to list all the descendants
of Bygatt here, as this information is available from several other sources in much more comprehensive
form than this history could attempt. The county or parish names are not repeated after the first listing of
a town on a page. The numbers on the left represent the generation number relative to Bygatt (which is
different from the convention used elsewhere in this history).

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                           Page 21
                                Maternal Ancestors of Jedediah Hill                                      [ 4E2 ]
                                   The Egglestons of Windsor, CT
 -1.     Bygatt Eggleston        Bapt. 20 Feb 1587, Settrington, Yorkshire, Eng.
                                   D. 01 Sep 1674, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT (at age 80)
                                 * will probated in Hartford Co. on 24 Oct 1674
                                 * AKA: Bygod, Bigod, Begat, and Bagget
         Mar(1): abt. 1612 in Norwich, Norfolk, Eng. Name unknown. She died bef. 1630
                                 * Bygatt and sons Samuel and James immigrated to Mass. in 1630.
           1.    Samuel Eggleston         B. 13 Apr 1612,
                                          D. abt. 1691      (based on ages of children in probate record)
                 Mar(1): Sarah Disbrough           B. 1620
                   2. Children: Samuel (1663), Sarah (1670), Susanna (1674), Nicholas (1676),
                                  Mercy (1679), Mary (1681), Ebenezer (1684)
           1.        Mary Eggleston       Bapt. 4 Feb 1613, Norwich Mar: Edward Saunderson at Watertown,MA
                                                               Mary & Edward may have returned to England
           1.        James Eggleston        B. 1617, <45> st. 1616-1619 Exeter, Eng.
                                            D. 01 Dec 1679, Windsor, CT
                     Mar(1): Hester Williams               B. 1636, Hartford, CT
                      2. Children: James Jr. 1657, John 1659, Thomas Sr. 1661, Esther 1663,
                                   Nathaniel 1666, Isaac 1669, Abigail 1671, Deborah 1674, Hannah 1676

         Mar(2): Mary Talcott (or Aylett?) betw. 1630-1637 Dorchester, Mass or Windsor, CT
                                         B. 1611, Braintree, Essex, Eng.
                                         D. 08 Dec 1657, Windsor, CT (will probated)
         Children of (2) - Bygatt & Mary T.:
           1.    Thomas (1630|8-1697), Mercy (1641-1680), Sarah (1643-1665), Rebecca (1644-1669)
                 Abigail (1648-1689), Joseph (1651), Benjamin (1653-1732)

         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2.   Thomas Eggleston Sr.               B. 27 Jul 1661, Windsor, CT (<45> st. 28 Jul 1666)
                                            D. 06 Apr 1732, Windsor, CT (will probated 9 May 1732)        <15>
         Mar: bef. 1687 in Windsor, CT                                                                    <31>
         +Grace Hoskins                B. 28 Jul 1666, Windsor, CT da. of Anthony Hoskins                 <45>
                                       D. 27 Mar 1739, Windsor, CT                                        <31>
           3.        Grace Eggleston                B 11 Nov 1687            M: Nathan Whaples of Hartford, CT.
           3.        Hannah     “           B. 07 Feb 1692        M: Isaac Loomis B. 1694, Windsor    <6>
           3.        Thomas     “ Jr.       B. 16 Jan 1693        died unmarried
           3.        Jedediah   “ Sr.       B. 14 Jun 1696        M: Sarah Moore B. [1700] ==> [ 4E3 ]
           3.        Isabel     “           B. 25 Jan 1697        M: Abraham Loomis B.1696, Windsor <6>
           3.        Deborah     “          B. 10 May 1700 M: Aaron Loomis B. 1696, Windsor <6>
           3.        Mary       “           B. 13 May 1702 M: John Brown B. [1700], Windsor <6>
           3.        Mindwell    “          B. 24 Nov 1703        M: Lt. Ebeneezer Phelps [1702]      <6>
           3.        Joseph      “          B. 04 Apr 1706        M1: Naomi Phelps M2: Mary Winchell
           3.        Ephraim    “           B. 03 Mar 1708        M: Isabel Loomis B. [1712]
           3.        Esther      “          B. 19 Oct 1710        M: Edward Eggleston B. 1707, Windsor

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                     Page 22
                            Maternal Ancestors of Jedediah Hill                                            [ 4E3 ]
                               The Egglestons of Windsor, CT
  3.    Jedediah Egglestone Sr.       B. 14 Jun 1696, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
                                      D. 15 Jul 1766, Windsor, CT    <45>
        Mar: on 06 Apr 1726 at (Windsor ?)
        +Sarah Moore                  B. 14 Jul 1703, Windsor da. of Joseph Moore and Sarah Brown
                                      D. 15 Jul 1766

           4.    Sarah Eggleston                     B. 16 Mar 1726                 D. 7 Nov 1761 (at 35)
                 M: Rememberance Sheldon Jr. B. 1728
                        son of Remembrance Sheldon & Hannah Drake

            4.   Lydia Eggleston                         B. 12 Jan 1728             D. 1789
                 M: Solomon Dill of Canton

            4.   Grace Eggleston                         B. 12 Jan 1730             D. 30 May 1736

            4.   Isabel Eggleston                B. 11 Apr 1732           D. 1818             ==>[ 4H0 ]
                 M: JOHN HILL of Canton

           4.    Jedediah Eggleston Jr.          B. 07 Jul 1736

           4.    Thomas Eggleston                Bapt. on 28 Sept 1740

           4.    Lois (or Eunice)     “

           4.    Grace Eggleston (again)         Bapt. 17 Jun 1744        M: Thomas Eggleston

           4.    Thomas (again ?)                B. 26 Sep 1746
                 M1: Rebecca Drake on 13 Feb 1766 da. of Samuel Drake & Amy Kent
                 M2: Ann Clark         on 26 Mar 1778
                 * ten children between the two marriages. Revolutionary War Veteran. Owned the best
                   fishing spot on the Connecticut River, north of Middletown - still known as Thomas
                   Eggleston‟s fishing place.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                        Page 23
             The Ship Mary And John - and the Settlement of Windsor, CT                                       [ 4E4 ]
        The Mary and John left Plymouth, England on 20 March 1630 with a group of approximately 140 men,
women, and children on board. There were several middle aged gentlemen with their adult families and a number
of young bachelors. They had been brought together through the efforts of Rev. John White of Dorchester,
England. The passengers came mainly from England's western counties, i.e. Devonshire, Dorsetshire, and
Somerset. Two ministers had been chosen to lead them, Rev. John Maverick of Devon and Rev. John Warham of
Exetor. Both were ordained members of the Church of England and had joined the Puritan movement.

       Our ancestors aboard the ship included Bygatt Eggleston, widowed at that time, and his two sons, James
and Samuel, and possibly a daughter, Mary. Bygatt married two more times after arrival in New England and had
many more children. **

        Also aboard were William and George Phelps, and probably their brother, Richard. William brought with
him his wife, Elizabeth - who died before 1636, and children William, Sarah, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Joseph.
William later married another passenger, Mary Dover. Stephen Terry was aboard also, a young bachelor who
returned to England to marry Jane Hardey, bringing her back to New England on the Recovery, sailing from
Weymouth, England on 31 March 1633. Stephen's mother was Mary (White) Terry, sister of Rev. John White who
had organized the voyage.

        "So we came" writes Roger Clapp in his Memoirs, "by the good Hand of the Lord, through the deep
comfortably; having preaching or expounding of the Word of God every day for ten weeks, together by our
ministers. When we came to Nantasket, Capt. Squeb, who was captain of our great ship of four hundred tons, put us
on shore and our goods on Nantasket Point, and left us to shift for our selves in this wilderness."

         Actually, the original intent had been to land the immigrants at the Charles River, but a dispute with
Captain Squeb caused the whole company to be put ashore at Nantasket. The Mary and John was the first ship of
the fleet of 1630 (the Winthrop Fleet) to arrive at the Bay and at that time there was no chart of the channel, nor
were there pilots to guide them up the river. Capt. Squeb probably did not want to endanger his ship in the
uncharted waters.

        The company landed on the south side of Dorchester Neck, or South Boston, in Old Harbor. Ten men
found a small boat and went up-river to Charleston Neck. They continued on up the Charles River as far as what is
now Watertown and returned several days later. Their co-passengers had found pasture at Mattapsa for their cattle.
The settlement there was later called Dorchester, after Rev. John White of Dorchester, England.

         Roger Clapp wrote. "The place was a wilderness. Fish was a good help to me and to others. Bread was so
scarce that I thought the very crusts from my father's table would have been sweet, and when we could have meal
and salt and water boiled together I asked 'who could ask for better?' The settlers lived largely on clams and fish,
and Indians brought baskets of corn to them."

         After five or six years many of our ancestors found themselves unhappy at Dorchester. The group of
settlements around Massachusets Bay was dominated by clergymen and officials. The Governor, John Winthrop,
had little sympathy for common folk. "The best part (of the people) is always the least, and of that best part, the
wiser is always the lesser" he wrote. Rev. John Cotton stated,
         "Never did God ordain democracy for the government of the church or the people".
         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

**       Reference <45> states that Bigod is not listed on the passenger manifest of the Mary and John which was printed in
The Boston Transcript, Genealogical Column about 1930. Col. C.E. Banks, in his “The Winthrop Fleet of 1630”, indicates
that Bigod came to New England in some unidentified vessel of the Winthrop fleet in June or July of 1630.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                          Page 24
                             The Settlement of Windsor, CT - (Continued)                               [ 4E5 ]

         Wishing a more liberal life, many of the passengers of the Mary and John wanted to resettle elsewhere.
They wanted more land and were also influenced by a great smallpox epidemic which had raged among the Indians,
killing many and reducing the menace from that quarter. The settlers looked toward the Connecticut Valley for
their new home.

        Early in the summer of 1635 a group under Roger Ludlow set out and reached the Plymouth Trading House
which had been erected near the junction of the Connecticut and Farmington rivers. A little later sixty men, women
and children with their farm animals came overland from Dorchester. Winter that year was fierce and many
returned to Dorchester. The following spring many of these returned with more emigrants who were leaving for
Connecticut. By April 1636 most of the members of the Dorchester Church had settled near the Farmingham River
along a hill overlooking the Great Meadow. They built rude shelters dug out of the ground along the edge of the
river bank. The town was later named Windsor.

  Thanks to The Mary and John: The Founding of Dorchester, Mass, 1630
   by Maude Pinney Kuhns
    - as quoted in Our Family Tree , 1990 by Deborah Rothery (LDS MicroFisch 6101299)
                         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                          BYGATT EGGLESTON
                                              (notes from ref <37>)

          Bygatt Eggleston's name was variously spelled Bygod, Bigod, Begat, Beget, or Bagot. He was married
first in England about 1611. In 1612 his father willed him only six pounds, even though he was the eldest son, and
a house and land were left to younger brothers. Nothing is known of him in England and he may have left home
before his father‟s death. When he arrived on the Mary and John in 1630 he was one of the few passengers that was
not from the West Country of England and he may have moved there a few years before departure. His first wife,
and mother of the twins, Samuel and James, died in England between 1620 and 1630.

        He was 44 when he and his two sons settled in Dorchester, Mass. where he applied for freemanship on 19
Oct 1630 and took the oath on 18 May 1631. He was granted land in Dorchester. He moved to Windsor, Conn.
with the first settlers of that place about 1636 and married a woman probably years younger than he, who bore him
seven more children. His second wife may have been Mary Talcot (or Talcutt, or Aylett) but these have been

         On 6 June 1645 Bygatt was fined 20 shillings, at age 59, for "bequeathing his wife to a young man, George
Tuckye," who was also fined 40 shillings for "his misdemeanor in words to Eggleston's wife”. Tuckye probably
complimented Bygatt's wife and Eggleston, in jest, bequeathed her to him, but it reached the ears of the
straight-laced authorities. At age 70 he was a widower with many young children at home and married again,
possibly to Mary Wall.

         A descendant who died in 1865 had collected the names of 16,000 descendants (Burton W. Spear: Search
for the Passengers of the Mary and John ). The wife of James Eggleston, Esther Williams, is thought to be the first
white child born in Connecticut .

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                      Page 25
                                     The Will of Thomas Eggleston Sr.                                       [ 4E6 ]
                                          (Son of James Sr., grandfather of Isabel)

From Hartford County Probate Records, Vol III (1729-1732).

Eglestone, Thomas, Windsor.        Invt L363-07-08.
                                   Taken 9 May, 1732 by Nathaniel Drake, Job Loomis and Henry Allen.
                                   Will dated 4 February 1731-2.

             The will bequeaths to "my wife Grace" so much of the moveable estate as she shall see
             cause to improve or make use of . . . and 1/3 part of my housing and land during her natural

             To son Thomas - 2 acres ... and 10 acres ... and 1/4 part of the undivided lands in Windsor
             Common (not to be sold without offering first to brothers).

             To son Jedediah - the lot on which he dwells . . . 1/2 of my lott in the Western lands, and
             1/4 part of the undivided lands in Windsor Common (as above). Also 1/2 of my lott in the
             Great Meadow, he paying my daughters the sum of 8 pounds.

             To son Joseph - my dwelling house and barn and homelott, 1 acre of land adjoining thereto,
             1/2 of the 1 1/2 Mile Division of Town Commons, and 1/2 of my lott in the Great Meadow,
             he paying my daughters the sum of 50 pounds.

             To son Ephraim - 10 acres at Mile's Hole, the meadow lott east of the Great River, 1/2 of
             my land in the 1 1/2 Mile Division, and 1/4 of the undivided lands in Windsor, he paying to
             my daughters the sum of 12 pounds.

             . . . my will is that my six daughters, viz. Hannah, Isabel, Deborah, Mary, Mindwell, and
             Esther, have paid to them by my sons, Jedediah, Joseph, and Ephraim Eglestone, the sum
             of 70 pounds money. . . . and pay to my daughter, Grace Whaples, the sum of 10 shillings
             money, and to her children, viz. Thomas and Abigail Whaples of Hartford, the sum of 5
             pounds each.

             . . . The remainder of the moveable estate is to be divided equally between the sons and
             Grace is appointed as executor.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                   Page 26
                                                   The Pioneers
                                Jedediah Hill and Descendants                                                     [ 5H0 ]
5. Jedediah Hill             B. 29 Mar 1761, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT        <17,18,58>              <==[ 4H0 ]
                             D. 28 Apr 1841, Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY (at son Jed Jr‟s home) <17,18>
                               bur. in Woodside (Mixer) Cemetary, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY *                  <11>
            * Veteran     - Revolutionary War (and War of 1812?)                         <17,18, 42, 45>
      Mar: on 13 Mar 1783 at Avon, Hartford Co. CT by Rev. Rufus Hawley, Congregational Church
                   of Avon (Avon was formerly part of Farmington).                      <17,18>
      + Abigail Kilby     B. 29 Jul 1760, Farmington, Hartford Co. CT                           <==[ 5K1 ]
                          D. 03 Nov 1859, Henderson, Jeff., NY (at age 99) Bur: Woodside Cem.
                             * <45> lists Wethersfield, CT as birthplace and Ellisburg as place of death.
m/f          Children:
m      6.    Jedediah Hill Jr.  B. 11 Feb 1784, Simsbury, CT M: Susanna                                          ==>[ 5H0-1 ]
                   * Veteran - War of 1812     <45>
m      6.    John Henry Hill    B. 29 Jan 1786, Simsbury, CT D.23 Feb 1869                                       ==>[ 6H0 ]
                  * Veteran - War of 1812        <45>   <58> states bd: “Jan” vs “Jun”
             Mar(1): Esther Adams on 22 Feb 1809        [1787 - 1848] No children
             Mar(2): Sarah Ann Haight on 30 Oct 1849, DesMoines Co, Iowa                                       <==[ 6Ha1 ]
                Children: John William 1850, James Riley 1852, Cornelius 1854, Esther Ann 1857

m      6.    Riley Hill               B.09 Mar 1788, Simsbury, CT          D.18 Sep 1806, Canton, CT <45,58>
m      6.   Ebben Hill        B.30 Mar 1791, Simsbury, CT D.07 Mar 1876, Kossuth, IA <45,58>
                 * Veteran - War of 1812 <45>               Bur. under military stone, Kossuth Cem.
            Mar(1): Anna ____ B.06 Sep 1789         D.14 Mar 1846, bur. Kossuth Cem., IA <54>
                  7. Ebben Hill Jr.      B. betw. 1811-1815, NY? Mar: Eliza Haight                               ==>[ 6Ha2 ]
              and 7. John 1811-15; Harry 1825, William 1827, Lurissa 1829-1855, & Hiram 1831                     ==>[ 5H0-2 ]

?      6.   Baby Hill                 B.01 Jun 1793, Simsbury, CT           D.22 Jun 1793                        <49,58>

m      6.   Ludlow Hill        B.06 Aug 1794, Simsbury, CT D.12 Jul 1873 Wonewec, WI <41,58>
                  * Veteran - War of 1812 <45> M: Lydia Presley on 01 Jan 1821, NY    ==>[ 5H0-3 ]
                   7. Nine children - 5 boys and 4 girls    <41, 56 57>

f      6. Abigail Hill        B.20 May 1797, Simsbury, CT                  D.26 Jan 1815, Ellisburg, NY <49,58>
                M: Calvin Leonard                                          D: 21 Feb 1838, Both Bur. Woodside Cem. <58>

f      6.    Polly Hill               B.16 Aug 1800, Simsbury, CT           D.21 Sep 1806, Simsbury, CT <49,58>
m      6.    Ladue Hill               B.04 Apr 1803, Simsbury, CT           M: Elizabeth Amelia Taylor            ==>[ 5H0-1 ]
                   7. Eleven Children, incl: Henry Hill & Emily Welthy Hill Mar: Asa Burbank;           <23>

f      6.    Isabella Hill            B.14 Mar 1806, Simsbury, CT D.06 Mar 1860, Henderson, NY <49>
                                      M(1): Sylvenas Crittinden   M(2): David Boice <see 5H8> ==>[ 5H0-1 ]

f      6.   Abigail Leonard (Hill) (adopted) B.21 Jan 1815             D.21 Feb 1838 Bur: Woodside Cem.
              * Daughter of Abigail Hill-Leonard, adopted by Jed and Abby after her mother‟s death on 26 Jan 1815.

       * Woodside Cemetery in Rural Hill, is also known as Mixer Cem. because it is on Mixer Road, at the intersection
         east of Rural Hill on Mixer Rd. northwest of Ellisburg.

       * John, Eben, & Ludlow were privates in Allen’s 55th Regiment, New York Militia, War of 1812
         Jedediah (Jr.?) is listed as a private in Carver’s 61st Reg., NY Militia, War of 1812. <45>

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                           Page 27
                                    Descendants of Jedediah Hill                                          [ 5H0-1 ]

6.    Jedediah Hill Jr.             B: 1788                           * all following from <58> <==[ 5H0    ]
                             D: 26 May 1858, Lorrine, NY Bur: Lyman Cem., Lorrain, NY
     Mar(1): Susanna Case Mar(2): Betsy (Risley) Hitchcock, widow of George Hitchcock
         7.   Susan Hill        B:                D: 1806
         7.   Riley Hill        B:                D:
         7.   Milo Hill         B:                D:
         7.   Polly Hill        B: Dec 1808       D: 1 Nov 1892, Ellisburg, NY Bur: Maplewood, Mannsville
                                Mar: Hiram Wheeler
         7.   Sophronia
         7.   Julie
         7.   Lorinda
         7.   Clorinda          B: 1823              D: 6 Sep 1905, Mannsville, NY Bur: Maplewood Cem.
         7.   Matilda
         7.   Orpha
         7.   Rhoda

6.    Isabella Hill       B.14 Mar 1806, Simsbury, CT D.06 Mar 1860, Henderson, NY             <==[ 5H0 ]
       M(1): Sylvenas Crittinden             Isabel bur: Hungerford Cem., Henderson, NY        <49,58>
         7. Abigail Crittinden           <58>
       M(2): David Boice <see 5H8>
         7. Fred E. Boice                b: 1841
         7. Helen Cornelia Boice                 b: 3 Feb 1843          d: 30 Apr 1864; bur: Hungerford Cem.
         7. Charlotte Alida Boice        b: 23 Jan 1848         d: 4 June 1868; bur: Hungerford Cem.

6. Ladue Hill              B.04 Apr 1803, Simsbury, CT D: 16 May 1890, Wauconda, IL                       <==[ 5H0 ]
   Mar: on __ ___ 1825 in CT?
   Elizabeth Amelia Taylor B: 4 May 1807, New Haven, CT D: 27 Sep 1886, Wauconda, IL
     * Ref <58> states M(1) to Eliza Aurelia Taylor in 1823 ; moved to Ohio in 1830, then to IL where
       he owned a farm and gristmill. His farm in Wauconda was on a lake.
     (Eleven children)     <58>
         7. Henry Hill              B: 20 Jan 1827, Ellisburg, NY            <59>
              Mar: July 14, 1851 to Martha Ann Virgin                             <59, 49b>
            * One of the founders in Independence, Oregon . Journeyed by wagon train from St. Joseph, MO to Oregon
               in 1847. The Heritage Museum in Independence, Ore had an account of his history (see following page).
               He was a state senator in OR. and is buried in Pioneer Cem. near Independence.

         7. Emily Welthy Hill             B: 1826, Ellisburg, NY        D: 21 Apr 1875, Coffeyville, KS
                 * Descendants of Emily from ref <23>, DAR application # 493512 of Lurissa Hanold (1963)
           Mar: on 28 Oct 1842
          + Asa Wakefield Burbank B: Aug 1819, PA                       D: 22 Feb 1872, Coffeyville, KS
              8. Lurissa Rosalia Burbank     B: 21 Jul 1845, Elgin, IL      D: 11 Nov 1924, Coffeyville, KS
                 Mar: Jacob Staats Jr.        B: 25 Dec 1832, Ripley, WV D: 17 Dec 1898, Coffeyville, KS
                  9. Lester Loring Staats       B: 28 Jan 1874, Coffeyville, KS    D: 20 Feb 1953, Wash. Co.,OK
                      +Eugenia Diana Hollenbeck B: 11 Apr 1882, Niobrara, NB D: 1957, OK
                        10. Lurissa Rosalia Staats Hanold     B: 19 Dec 1911, Wann, Nowata Co., OK
                             +Cristoph Henry Hanold on 9 Nov 1940 at Caney, KS         B:07 Jul 1908

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                      Page 28
                                          Biography - Henry Hill
This article, and the one that follows were obtained from the Heritage Museum in Independence, Ore. by my
sister-in-law, Mimi Dykeman, January 12, 1999. The address of the museum is: 112 South 3rd St., P.O. Box 7,
Independence, OR 97351 The phone is (503) 838-4989 (but they are only open Wednesdays and Saturdays 1-5
PM and Thurs. & Fri. 1-4 PM).

Ref <59>                                                                                                   Page 1
                            Henry and Martha Hill (of Independence, OR)
Henry Hill's family probably typified the westward expansion of the population of the United States from coast to
coast, which continues to this day.

Some of Henry's ancestors.came to the New World as Freeman with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 seeking not only
religious freedom, but increased opportunity. They soon found the religious constraints in Massachusetts
becoming as bad as those they had left in England, so they crossed the almost unknown wilderness of western
Massachusetts to the Connecticut River valley near Hartford,where they found more freedom.

After the American Revolution in which Henry's grandfather Jedediah Hill served, his father moved from
Connecticut to western New York near Ellisburg on Lake Ontario where Henry was born January 20, 1827. The
family moved to Ohio, then to Illinois. The love of the land - the beauty, challenge, and care of it-was strong, and
most of Henry's ancestors remained farmers. His father owned a farm and grist mill in Illinois.

With a good education for that time (his mother had been a school teacher), twenty year old Henry left for the
Oregon Territory in a wagon train in which his married sister, Emily and her husband, Asa Wakefield Burbank and
children traveled. They left April 4, 1847, arrived at Willamette Falls (Oregon City) November 10, 1847, and at
Independence November 14, 1847.

Henry staked his claim number forty-five on the west bank of the Willamette, south of the junction of the river with
Ash Creek, marking it in the custom of the day with stakes at the corners,and blazes on the trees. He also built a
small log cabin.

In 1848, he went to the California gold fields, but when he returned, he found others had arrived in the interim and
"annexed" some of his claim, however he liked the location, so continued to develop it, although it contained only
463.63 acres instead of the 640 acres in the usual donation land claim. At the time of his death in 1904, he owned
approximately one-thousand acres improved land in the area plus land in Harney and Crook counties on which he
ran stock.

Henry Hill was married July 14, 1851 to Martha Ann Virgin who had also traveled west in 1847. Henry came by
way of the Columbia River; Martha by way of the Applegate trail and southern Oregon.

Martha was born in Kentucky December 18, 1834 and lived in Missouri until her parents both parished in an
epidemic in 1846. The three younger children accompanied their married sister Nancy Goff and husband Samuel
Ford Goff to Oregon to join his father David Goff.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                      Page 29
                                                                  Henry and Martha Hill - page 2
Nine children were born to Mr. & Mrs. Hill: Roseltha, who died at age nine while attending boarding school in
Dallas, Ladue, Reason, Elizabeth, and Lucy, both of whom died as toddlers, Nelly Hill Denlinger, Homer, Verd,
and Garlin Hill Cohrs. There were eleven grandchildren.

Henry and Martha Hill were actively interested in the community. He served on the early school board; was
appointed a commissioner to locate a Polk County Territoial Road; served in the Oregon Militia during the Civil
War. After the disasterous 1861 flood which wiped out much of Independence, then located north of Ash Creek,
the citizens asked Mr. Hill to plat a town on his higher ground. He gave land for stores, churches, school,park. The
"New Town" grew rapidly and was incorporated in 1878. In 1882, "Old Town" as it was then known, was annexed.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill wanted a good education for their children. They gradually collected a large library, and reading
was a big part in the life of family. Their nine children were spread out over almost thirty years, and the education
available in Oregon changed dramatically over those years.

Roseltha, their eldest child,was sent to an Academy at Dallas. An epidemic swept through the children, and she
passed on when she was nine - a great sadness to the family. The remaining children were sent to local schools.
The younger children had the advantage of tutoring and college prep courses which became available locally as the
younger half of the family reached their.teens.

The daughters were given equal.- educational opportunities in a time when that was rare. Of the three daughters to
reach adulthood, two went to college: Nelly, reportedly the first woman law student at Stanford and Garlin who
graduated from Oregon State University - then Oregon Agricultural College, and taught high school in Washington

The children recalled that "Papa" said he didn't want his daughters marrying just to get married for he had seen too
many men of that era abuse their wives and children. They should marry for love, and to fine - upstanding men, or
not at all.

They also worked and hoped for an equal sufferage amendment. To quote Martha Hill in a letter to her daughter
Garlin in Washington dated 1911 "I see by the papers women can vote in Washington. The Holy men of Oregon did
not let us vote. Never mind. This is not all of the voting years." Mrs. Hill was then 77 years old and she expected
to have some "voting years".

In a time when women wore corsets and laced themselves tightly to obtain a small stylish waist, the Hills deplored
that fashion - they felt it was unhealthy, as indeed it was. Their daughters rode horses and ran and played freely
with their brothers, and did not wear corsets.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill were warm and caring people who sheltered many relatives and friends in their large homes.
They were called "Uncle" Henry and "Aunt" Martha by many who were not relatives, but who felt their solicitude.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                      Page 30
Aug 3, 1977 - Sun-Enterprise Newspapers, Section I, Page 9

                            Students uncover 'mystery' image
                          Four OCE (Oregon College of Education) students
                      working at Heritage Museum have discovered something in a
                      slide picture that was not apparent when the picture was
                      taken. Exactly what that something is remains a mystery.
                          The four, Dot Smith, Chris Trauss, Jerry Strauss, and
                      Connie Jones are photographing every item in the museum
                      as part of a class they are taking in education media. Each
                      item is numbered, labeled, described on a card, and filed.
                          Although three of the students hold teaching degrees,
                      they are not quite sure how to describe one photo they took.
                      The 'mystery slide' was taken of the late John Hill, who
                      was an uncle to Henry Hill, founder of Independence.
                      When the slide was developed, two white ghostly figures
                      appeared inside the frame, on either side.
                          How the figures got into the picture and what they are
                      has yet to be determined.
                          "I think we have photographed an energy field" chris
                      Strauss said.
                          "It may be the first time anyone has taken a picture of a
                      ghost", another added.
                          In addition to photographing, labeling, and filing, the
                      group is setting up records for loaned and donated items to
                      keep track of where items come from and how long they are
                      on loan to the museum. Chris Strauss is also putting
                      together a handbook for volunteers.
                          The program is directed by Richard Forcier, who is head
                      of the Ed Media Program at OCE. On site supervisor is
                      Dennis Eberly of Monmouth. Funds for the project came
                      through the museum's tour of homes. Chris and Jerry
                      Strauss are from Denver, Colo. He is a junior high teacher
                      and she taught fifth grade. Dot Smith, also a fifth grade
                      teacher, is from Davenport, Iowa. Connie Jones is an
                      undergraduate student from Portland.
                          Each member of the group works between 35-40 hours a
                      week at the museum and without pay. They are receiving
                      college credit.
                          The three out-of-staters are enjoying their eight week
                      stay in Oregon, even though the summer school hours are
                      long. Jerry Strauss said he especially appreciated all the
                      fresh fruit and the cool nights.
                          Dot Jones added, "It's nice to be away from all the
                      tornados and the humidity."
                          As for the apparition, whatever it is, it does make the
                      work of labeling and filing more interesting, the students are

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0   8/18/2010                              Page 31
                                    Descendants of Jedediah Hill                                               [ 5H0-2 ]
6.     Ebben Hill, Sr. B.30 Mar 1791, Simsbury, CT D.07 Mar 1876, Kossuth, IA <45>                  <==[ 5H0 ]
          * Veteran, War of 1812, pvt., Capt. George W. Clark‟s 55th Reg., NYV Militia 2/8/1813 - 3/17/1813
          * Pension # 11973
      Mar(1): on 16 Jun 1816,NY
     + Ruth Ann Barney “Anna” B.06 Sep 1789, NY          D.14 Mar 1846, bur. Kossuth Cem., IA       <58>
       Children of Ebben Hill and Anna
            7. Ebben B. Hill Jr. B: betw. 1811-1815, NY Mar: Eliza Haight D.27 Nov 1856, OR                ==>[ 6Ha4 ]
                    * "The Oregon Trail" lists: HILL, Eben B., DLC #3305 Polk Co., born 1821 Jefferson Co., NY <LB>
            7. John Hill           B: betw. 1820-1825, NY Mar: Armilda Harper *moved to Ore. <48>
                    * "The Oregon Trail" lists: John Hill b: 1823 Jeff. Co. NY, d: 1854
                    * and wife Armilda - Mar: 1 Aug 1846, DesMoines Co., IA
            7. Harry Hill “Hervey” B: 1825, NY
                    * Oregon Trail List: HILL, Harvey, DLC #342 Linn Co.,OR; born 1826 Jefferson Co., NY
            7. William Hill           B: 1827, NY                Mar. a dau. of Abraham Banta              <48>
            7. Lurissa Hill           B: abt Jan 1829, NY        D. 07 Aug 1855, bur. Kossuth Cem. unmarried teacher
            7. Hiram Hill             B: 1831                    * Presbyterian minister, moved to CA      <48>
           * 1830 NY census lists Ebben (1791) & Anna (1789) with a girl (1811-1815 - Anna, 1813 of the 1870 census?)
           and six other children. The ages match for Ebben Jr., Harry, William, & Lurissa (see [ 5H7 ] ).
           Anna had two children from her previous marriage and the girl may have been one of them.

       Mar(2): Mrs. Malvira “Fannie” Toole (aftr. 1846) in IA * Malvira is on Lurissa‟s gravestone <48>
                 * Eben‟s pension record (War of 1812) lists his wife as “Francis”.
           7. Francis Hill       B: 1842
           7. Judson Hill        B: 1854
           7. Luther Hill        B: 1856
          * 1870 IA census lists Ebben (1791) with Anna (1813), Francis (1842), Judson (1854), & Luther (1856).

       (Extract: Yellow Springs and Huron, by J. W. Merrill, self published in Mediapolis, IA. in 1897...pgs 138, 139)

          EBEN HILL - “About 1840, Eben Hill and George W. Bergen came to Yellow Spring township from
          Dover, Lee County, IA, where they had been neighbors for a year or two. Both were soldiers in the
          war of 1812. They found the NE 1/4 sec. 24, 72, 2, a little too far prairieward, but entered it, Hill
          taking the west half. He lived here some fifteen years, and then sold to Rev. Joseph Kern; he moved to
          Franklin township, and married his second wife, Mrs. Toole. He died there in 1876. His oldest son,
          Eben, married Eliza Haight, and John married Armilda Harper and both moved to Oregon. John died
          there, and his widow married Dr. S. R. Bergen. William married a daughter of Abraham Banta.
          Lurissa was a popular teacher, died unmarried, in 1855, and is buried at Kossuth. The record of the
          next son, Hervey, I am unable to give. Hiram graduated at Yellow Spring College, class of '58, entered
          the ministry of the Presbyterian church and removed to California. The second wife had two sons, but
          they never were residents here. ”

     Extract from <58>: Eben moved with his wife and six children to Ohio sometime before 1839. <58> includes
a long letter from Eben to his brother Ludlow postmarked May 1, 1839 in Centerville, OH (with Killian on the
heading). The letter indicates that he was in financial trouble and did not receive the assistance from his brothers in
time - so he had to sell his property in Ohio, and was renting land (or planting it for a half-share) until he could
execute his plan to move to Missouri territory - to the Iowa country. He urged his brothers to raise all the money
they could and buy property in Iowa..
     <58> also states that after his first wife, Anna, died, Eben married Francis Toole and they had two children.
The Index to the War of 1812 Pension Files lists: Soldier: Hill, Eben, Widow: Hill, Francis. Private. Cap‟t George
W. Clark Co., New York Militia and Cap‟t Solomon McCumber Co.; S.O. 11973, W.O. 38051, W.C. 27856.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                          Page 32
                                    Descendants of Ludlow Hill                                               [ 5H0-3 ]
6. Ludlow Hill B.06 Aug 1794, Simsbury, CT                                       <==[ 5H0 ]
                        D.12 Jul 1873 Wonewec, WI               <41>
    * Veteran, War of 1812, pvt., Capt. George W. Clark‟s 55th Reg., NYV Militia 2/8/1813 - 3/17/1813
     Mar: on 01 Jan 1821
  + Lydia Presly B: 24 Oct 1800, Hoosic, NY        D:12 May 1880, Wonewoc, WI
                          * Da. of Matthew and Abi Presley.
     *    NY census of 1830 lists Ludlow with 5 boys and 2 girls (see 5H7 )
     7.   Ludlow Hill Jr.         b: 1821, Ellisburg, NY d: young ?      Bur: Woodside Cem.     <57,58>
     7.   Orin Rice Hill          b: 11 Oct 1823         d: 31 Jan 1908, Kenosha, WI M: Susanna <57,58>
     7.   Lydia Case Hill         b: 1825                d: 18 Apr 1838 Bur: Woodside Cem.      <57,58>

    7. Ludlow Presly Hill           b: 19 Oct 1829, Ellisburg, NY          d: 10 Oct 1915, Kenosha, WI
          * - - Descendants of Ludlow Presley Hill fm DAR applic. # 425656 of Cecelia Hill Best (1954) <41>
      + Cecelia Seaman              b: 30 Apr 1835                         d: 14 Jan 1900, Wonewoc, WI
          8. William Wallace Hill         b: 16 Oct 1853, Drummond, MI d: 25 Aug 1949, Kenosha, WI
           + Christy McLeod Hill          b: 3 May 1862, Lochiel, Ont, Can d: 25 Mar 1926, Kenosha, WI
             9. Cecelia Hill Best              b: 21 Jul 1891, Fish Creek, WI

     7. Armanda Hill                b: 1831       d: young    Bur: Woodside Cem., Belleville, NY              <57,58>

     7. Abigail Amanda Hill         b. 04 Feb 1832, Ellisburg, NY          d. 12 Nov 1869, Wonewoc, WI
          * - - Descendants of Abigail Amanda are from Sgt. James Babcock - Ref <56>
       + Robert Ludlow Alcott             M: abt. 1850, Berrington, IL     b: 03 May 1828, England.
           * <58> states that this Abigail m: John L. Rowin (reversed with entry below)
          8. Lydia Abi Alcott             b. 21 Jul 1851, St. Charles, IL  5 more generations ==>[ 5H0-4 ]
             M: 19 Oct 1871               d: 26 Oct 1922, Wonewoc, WI
           + Mark Cook Bell               b. 19 May 1847, Independence, Warren Co., NJ
                                          d: 04 Jul 1917, Wonewoc, WI

     7. William Riley Hill          b: 24 Jan 1835, Ellisburg, NY                                            <57,58>

     7. Abigail Hill "Abi"    b: 30 Oct 1836, Jefferson Co., NY d: 26 Sep 1916, Wonewoc, WI <57,58>
         Mar: on 1 Jan 1856 to John Leroy Rowin B. 12 Mar 1832 Ft. Winnebago, WI        ==>[ 5H0-4 ]
           * <58> states that this Abigail m: Robert Alcott
           nine children born in Wonewoc: Orilla, Orin, John, Abi, Cecelia, Ladue, Lafayette, Bell (Lillian), Eugennie

     7. Jedediah Hill               b: 11 Nov 1839, St. Charles, IL
                                    M. Eliza Seaman <57> or Eliza Malissa Shaw <59>

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                        Page 33
                                      LudLow Hill Biography                                                [ 5H0-3 ]

Shortly after Lydia's death in 1838, Ludlow moved his family to Illinois. The following is taken from the Wonewoc Reporter,
July 17, 1919.

           “ Something more than three quarters of a century ago, Ludlow Hill and his wife, Lydia Presley Hill, left Sackets
     Harbor, on the shores of aLake Ontario just above where the St. Laurence River starts on its journey to the sea, and
     with their family set sail on a lake boat to make a new home in the distant West, of which they had heard glowing
     accounts from adventurous spirits who had preceded them. Even in that early year the desire for land in the old state
     of New York had become greater than the supply, and this Ludlow Hill's father, Jedediah Hill, had only one farm on
     the bank of Sand Creek to the East of Sacketts Harbor, whereas his family was large. . . . ”

           “ The boats carrying this family were several weeks traversing the waters of Lakes Erie, Huron, and
     Michigan, but in time they landed at a trading point now grown to the great city of Chicago. Moving
     inland, Ludlow found a tract of land to suit him along the Fox River, not far from where Elgin, Ill is now
     located. There he prospered for a timeand then became ensnared by representatives of some Mormon
     missionaries. He sold his lands and moved to Beaver Island, in the northern part of Lake Michigan. This
     island was, at that time, colonized by Mormons, with a man known as King Strang at their head. It seems
     that he resembled a king only in a few respects, and was in reality a pirate chief. His chief occupation was
     to lure people of property to his island and there hold them and plunder them. The story of the island is
     one of robbery, rapine, and murder. He ruled his subjects with an iron hand, and ourside boats were not
     allowed to land until he had satisfied himself that they would cause him no trouble. The unfortunate
     members of his colony were thus rendered prisoners, and their condition was, for years, unknown to the
     outside world.

          Mr. Hill had invested his fortune on the island immediately after reaching there, but soon became
     disgusted with Mormonism as practiced. At the earliest opportunity he got his family away, but was
     compelled to abandon his property to do this, and thus lost the savings of the productive years of his life.
     He then located at Racine, Wisconsin for a time while he sought a place for a new home, and early in the
     1850's he moved to Wonewoc in central Wisconsin. Here land was cheap, and with the means at his
     disposal he was able to secure enough land for a small farm for each of his four sons and two daughters.”

        Descendants of Ludlow Hill are eligible for a Pioneer Certificate issued by the Kane County Pioneer
Committee, and part of the Elgin Genealogical Society. To be eligible for a certificate the ancestor must have been
born or settled in Kane County on or before 1840. The address is:
           Kane Co. Pioneers EGS, P.O. Box 1418, Elgin, Illinois 60121-0818

       During the next fifteen years the love of the land - the beauty, challenge and care of it - remained strong in
Ludlow's family, and religion once more became the dominant motivating factor. ”

         (The text goes on to refer to two letters and a narative written by Ludlow's son, Ludlow Presley Hill, that
relates most of the religious story later in the book.)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                            Page 34
                                        Descendants of Ludlow Hill                                      [ 5H0-4 ]

7.     Abigail Amanda Hill              b. 04 Feb 1832, Ellisburg, NY                                   <==[ 5H0-3 ]
                                        d. 12 Nov 1869, Wonewoc, WI
     + Robert Ludlow Alcott         M: abt. 1850, Berrington, IL b: 03 May 1828, England.
         * - - - - - - - - - - - - - Descendants of Abigail Amanda are from ref <56> Sgt. James Babcock
         8.  Lydia Abi Alcott              b. 21 Jul 1851, St. Charles, IL
             M: 19 Oct 1871                d: 26 Oct 1922, Wonewoc, WI
           + Mark Cook Bell                b. 19 May 1847, Independence, Warren Co., NJ
                                           d: 04 Jul 1917, Wonewoc, WI
               9. Amanda Luella Bell b: 05 Jan 1873, Wonewoc, WI
                   M: 18 May 1898             d: 03 Mar 1931, Gary, IN
                 + George Wilson Todd         b: 08 Sep 1873, Campbellsford, Canada
                                              d: 11 Oct 1925, Gary, IN
                    10. Florence Bell Todd        b: 18 May 1908, Cape Britton Is., Nova Scotia
                         M:                       d: 24 Feb 1995, Tarpon Springs, FL
                       + James Edward Shay        b: 03 Sep 1907, Morgantown, WV
                                                  d: 27 Jun 1983, Holiday, FL
                           11. Linda Lee Shay                   b: 22 Mar 1938, Gary, IN
                                M(1): Emery Shaffer on 15 Mar 1957
                                 12. Laurie Kevin Shaffer           b: 26 Oct 1959
                                    + Barry Wilbur                                     M: on 30 Jun 1984
                                         13. Danielle Wilbur             b: 07 Feb 1985
                                         13. Mathew Robert Wilbur        b:
                                         13. Ashley Lindsey Wilbur       b: 19 Jan 1989
                                 12. Shelley Lynn Shaffer           b: 24 Jul 1963
                                M(2): Benjamin Herman Babcock on 30 Jun 1971 B: 01 Apr 1923, MT. Morris, MI.
                                 12. James Wesley Babcock                b: 07 Aug 1972, Dunedin, FL
                                        M: on 14 Nov 1998
                                      + Judith Marie Supperer       b: 02 Oct 1975, Philadelphia, PA
                                         13. Shelley Marie Babcock b: 12 Aug 1993
                                         13. Jamie Lee Babcock           b: 20 Nov 1995

7.    Abigail Hill "Abi"     B: 30 Oct 1836, Jefferson Co., NY                   <==[ 5H0-3 ]
          Mar: on 1 Jan 1856          D: 26 Sep 1916, Wonewoc, WI                 <57>
      + John Leroy Rowin        B. 12 Mar 1832 Ft. Winnebago, WI
          *    - - - Descendants of Abigail Amanda are from ref <57> Linda Dahlke
          children - all born in Wonewoc, WI
          8.     Orilla Rowin             b. 1856               M: Peter Minster in Wyoming
          8.     Orin Rowin               b. 1861               M: Olive Jane Irr
          8.     John Rowin                         b. 1862
          8.     Abi Rowin                b. 1865
          8.     Cecelia Rowin            b. 1867
          8.     Ladue Rowin              b. 1869
          8.     Lafayette Rowin          b. 1872
          8.     Bell (Lillian) Rowin               b. 1874
          8.     Eugennie Rowin           b. 1878

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0             8/18/2010                                 Page 35
                                            Chronology                                                   [5H1]
                                          Jedediah Hill Family
        The following chronology for Jedediah Hill and his family is not yet verified in all respects but represents
the data available so far. The census data from 1790 to 1840 did not list the names of family members, only the
heads of the family, so the names of the children or people living with the family are from other sources.

1761 - Jed was born as the fourth or fifth child of the second marriage of John Hill 3rd. If the first marriage is
       factual, Jed was the seventh of eight children. All the children except John 4th of the first marriage are
       listed as being born in Simsbury, CT.

1779-1782 - Jed served two enlistments as a private in the Revolutionary War. He was 18 and lived in West
      Simsbury at the time of recruitment into the Connecticut State Troops. See the following summary of his
      pension file for details.

1783 - Jed (age 22) married Abigail Kilby of Farmington, CT.

1790 - The first census lists Jedediah Hill living in Simsbury, CT, where his father and grandfather were born. Jed
       was living with his wife and three sons under 16. (Jedediah Jr. (6), John Henry (4), and Riley (3)) They were
       probably farmers.

1800 - Jedediah was not found in the 1800 census of Simsbury, CT or in Ellisburg, NY (Ellisburg was in Oneida
       County in 1800). They may have been in Canton, CT, where Jed‟s father, John 3rd is buried.

1806 - Riley, Polly, ___ and an uncle, died within about a month of each other In September.

1807 - Jedediah and his family moved from Connecticut to Sixtown, Jefferson County, New York. The Sixtown
       area included 17 mi. of shoreline on Lake Ontario and extended 27 mi. inland. It included the towns of
       Ellisburg, Lorraine, Adams, Henderson, Rodman, and Worth. Ellisburg is abt. 20 mi so. of Sacket's Harbor.
       The move to western New York was probably part of the general migration which took place after the
       Revolutionary War. Many of the land grants that had been given out by the English were nullified and the
       land sold, mostly to large developers and speculators who resold it to individuals. The farms in New
       England were nearly exhausted and the lure of better, fresh land caused many New England farmers to move
       West to New York between 1795 and 1820.

           In 1807 Jefferson County was a vast forest. Even the indians didn‟t try to live there during the cold and
       snowy winters caused by the lake effect of Lake Ontario. The first settlers walked to the Sixtown area on
       Indian foot trails. After a summer of clearing land and building log cabins they returned home for the
       winter. The next year the returned to Sixtown with their families, carrying all their tools, furniture, clothing,
       and some food in ox-drawn wagons.
           The Hill tradition has it that Jedediah settled on the bank of Sandy Creek to the East of Sackets Harbor
       in 1807.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                        Page 36
Jedediah Hill Family                       Chronology (Continued)                                           [5H2]
1810 - The 1810 census shows Jed living in Jefferson County, NY, where he was buried in 1841.
        In 1810 the family included:
           1 man          over 45 [ Jed was 49 ]
           1 woman        over 45 [ Abby was 50 ]
           5 men                  16 - 26 [ Jedediah Jr (25), John (24), Eben (19), & ?____ & ?_____
           1 boy                  10 - 16 [ Ludlow was 15-16 ]
           1 girl         10 - 16 [ Abigail (13) ]
           1 boy           0 - 10 [ Ladue was 7 ]
  and      1 girl          0 - 10 [ Isabel was 4 - later Isabel Hill-Boice ]
 Total = 11       * Polly, and Riley were deceased by 1810

1812 - At the time of the War of 1812 Jedediah and his family were residing near Sackets Harbor on the shores of
       Lake Ontario. They were farming in that district and during the winter months crossed into Canada to make
       charcoal for commercial use. The war revived the danger from Indian tribes, who sided with the British.
       The Hill‟s, with other settlers, joined in constructing a log blockhouse at Sackets Harbor for their protection.
       Later, John, Eben and Ludlow Hill enlisted under Captain George Clark and Capt. Solomon McCumber in a
       New York militia unit which they had organized. The general index to the veterans of the war lists John,
       Eben and Ludlow as privates in the 55th Reg. (Allen‟s), and Jedediah Hill as a private in the 61st Reg.
           Their first taste of war came soon after, when a British fleet of five lake ships, headed by the Royal
       George, sailed up to Sackets Harbor and attempted to bombard the fort. The blockhouse stood on a bluff
       above the lake shore so the Britishers were unable to elevate their cannon for efficient fire on the fort. The
       Americans had similar difficulties, as the balls for their cannon were too small and would not stick in the
       barrels when the pieces were depressed. They remedied that somewhat by wrapping the balls in cloth. Later
       a ball from the British cannon was found to fit the American guns. They scored a direct hit on an attacking
       vessel and the British withdrew.
          Ludlow, having turned eighteen just two months after the war began, in June of 1812, was required to
       serve in the militia, as were all men from 18 to 45. Only elected officials, slaves, and prisoners were exempt
       from this duty. Ludlow was stationed at Horse Island and stood guard many a night on the High Rocks from
       Sackets harbor and along the shore. He also served at the Scotch Settlement and when the British were
       laying the blockade off of Point Pensholz to ward the big Galues. He is listed in the index as “Ludd Hill”
       and in some of the family records as “Lud”.
           See [6H3] for an account of John’s service on the Forseyth Expedition to Frontenac, Canada.

1814 - The historic battle of “Big” Sandy Creek took place in the spring of 1814 and the area around the Hill farm
       remained in the war zone until the end of the war. Jedediah‟s son, Ladue, was ten or twelve when he went
       squirrel hunting and heard cannon at Stony Point. He picked up English musket balls and used them for his
       squirrel gun. The War of 1812 was ended by the signing of a treaty in Ghent, Belgium in December of 1814,
       but news of the treaty didn‟t reach Sackets Harbor until the spring of 1815.

1815 - Jed‟s daughter Abigail Hill died 26 Jan 1815 and jed and Abby adopted her daughter, little Abigail born on
       21 Jan 1815. (Little Abigail later married Calvin Leonard and died 21 Feb 1838 at the age of 23 yrs. & 1 mo.
       Her headstone in Woodside Cemetery has the inscription “Erected by her friend, Amasa Hungerford”.)
          After the war and the death of his daughter, Abigail, Jedediah was the first settler in Rural Hill.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                        Page 37
Jedediah Hill Family                      Chronology (Continued)                                            [5H2]

1820 - The 1820 census recorded Jed, still in Ellisburg, NY with a family of:
           1 man over 45        [Jed Sr. (59)],
           1 man (18-25)        [Ludlow (25)], 1 boy (10-15) [ Ladue (17) ],
           1 girl    (10-15)    [Isabel (14)], 1 girl ( 0-10) [ Abigail(5)- adopted ],
        & 1 woman over 45       [Abigail (60)].     Three are farmers.
   Also listed in Ellisburg in 1820 are:
   Hill, Jedediah Jr., a man 26-45 (then 35) living with a wife 26-45, and 2 sons, and 5 daughters.
       Two people were farmers, (Jed Jr. and older son?)
   Hill, John (a man and wife 26-45 with 1 boy 0-10) (John was 34 - See note on 5H0-4)
   Hill, Eben (man and wife 26-45 with 1 boy 0-10) (Eben was 29)
           Not in census were: Riley (dec.), or Ludlow (25) (with Jed Sr.)

1825 - Jedediah constructed the brick house in Rural Hill. The family home is still there and is now a
        national historic site. The following is taken from The Watertown Daily Times.
           “ One of the most attractive of Jefferson County‟s old homes is the one of red brick, said to have been
       built in 1825 by Jedediah Hill, at the four corners, which is the hamlet of Rural Hill in the town of Ellisburg.
       The Bellville lake front road crosses the Woodville-Henderson road to make the four corners and there
       Jedediah Hill was the first settler about 1815. It is said that he was a Mormon a few years later, one of
       several that embraced that belief in the 1830‟s.
       According to tradition his brick house was built for a tavern with six rooms on the first floor, fireplace,
       bake-oven, etc., and upstairs there was a ballroom with a spring floor.
           Jedediah Hill eventually transferred the mansion, along with the farm on which it stood, to his son,
       Eben, and after a time Eben conveyed it to his brother, John. John and Esther sold the property, amounting
       to 66 acres, on April 4, 1836 to Amasa Hungerford, one of the best known early residents of Ellisburg.
       When Amasa Hungerford died on June 10, 1848, the mansion and farm went to his son Philo in the resulting
       distribution of the estate.”
           The name of the hamlet was taken from the “Rural Hill Store” and post office. It was also known as
       “Buck Hill”.

1830 - No census index was available locally, but a search of Jefferson Co. found John, Ludlow,
       and Eben Hill. Only heads of family are listed so Jed and Abigail may be living with another
       family. Listed in John Hill‟s family are John (44), a 70-80 year old woman, a boy and girl 15-20,
       (the boy from the 1820 census and the adopted Abigail?), a man 20-30 (Ladue?), another man
       40-50, and a woman 40-50 (Esther).
       Jed and Abigail may be living with Eben or Jed Jr.

1832 - Jed, age 71, living in Ellisburg, applied for soldier's pension. This pension was not granted and
       the papers were lost. The deposition was witnessed by Pitt Morse, clergyman, and Ebben Hill.

1840 - Neither Jed Sr. or Abigail are found in the NY census. Jed (then 79) and Abigail (80) were
        probably living with Jed Jr. in Loraine.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                       Page 38
 Jedediah Hill Family                     Chronology (Continued)                                         [5H2]

1836 - John and Esther sold the Rural Hill house and farm to Amasa Hungerford.

1838 - Ludlow moves his family from Sackets Harbor to Illinois, and later to Wisconsin

1841 - Jedediah died at Jed Jr.'s home in Loraine (per deposition of Ephraim Wright in Jed's pension
        file) and is buried in Mixer Cemetary, Ellisburg, NY (per ref <11>). After Jed's death Abigail
        lived with her brother, Allen Kilby, and his wife Theda Kilby in Henderson, NY.

1849 - Aug, Abigail, living in Henderson, filed for a widow's pension.
1849 - Oct, Abbigail enlisted the aid of a lawyer and a congressman.
1849 - Nov, Abbey was granted pension benefits under four different acts.

1850 - Abigail, age 90, is listed in the 1850 census living with her daughter Isabel and son-in-law
        David Boice in Henderson, Jefferson Co., New York. Jedediah Hill Jr., age 65, is also listed,
        living with William Hitchcock of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY (possibly a son-in-law) along
        with Bitsey Hill (age 55).

1855 - Abigail, living in Henderson, applied for a bounty land warrant.

1859 - Abigail died on November 3, 1859 at the age of 99 years and five months and was buried in
        Woodside Cemetery beside her husband, Jedediah.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                     Page 39
                                          Jedediah's Pension File                                     [5H3]
        The following is a summary of the Pension file of Jedediah Hill found in frames 181 to 253 of microfilm#
M804-1276 of the National archives - Revolutionary War Pension Files. (Copies and/or transcripts of the items
flagged with “*” are available from the author.)
  181 -          Cover page
  183 -          notes and cover page
* 184 -          Certificate of Pension issued Nov 15, 1849 for $80/yr
                 under act of Feb 2, 1848 to begin Mar 4, 1848 for life
* 185 -          Certificate of Pension issued Jun 25, 1850 for $80/yr (pay to widow)
                 under act of Jun 2, 1832 to begin Mar 4, 1831 & end 4/28/1841
* 186 -          Testament of Ephraim Wright on Sept 29, 1849 (fellow soldier)
* 188-189        Testament of John Pettingell on Sept 28, 1849 (fellow soldier)
* 190-191        Testament of T. C. Chittenden on Oct 10, 1849 (congressman)
* 192            Abigail admitted for pension of $80/yr
  193            Note from John T Slingerland, attorney
* 194-195        Testament of Samuel Woodworth on Oct 05, 1849 (fellow soldier)
* 196-198        Testament of Billings Worden                (fellow soldier)
* 199-200        Testament of John Bartlett on July 18, 1849 (pastor)
  201            Testament of Allen Kilby
* 202               "       " Theda Kilby on Sept 29, 1849
* 203-204           "       " Jedediah Hill Jr on Sept 27, 1849
* 205-206        Letter from Abigail to J.P. Slingerland, attorney requesting help
  207            duplicate of 209
* 208-209        plea on behalf of Abigail's claim (from Slingerland - the attorney?)
  210            cover page - Abigail's file
* 211-214        Testament of Abigail Hill on May 5, 1855 (for bounty land claim)
                     and designation of T. C. Chittenden as her attorney
  215-216        Legal brief of "Hill vs State of New York" filed by Chittenden
* 217-218        Testament of Jedediah Hill Sr. on Apr 25, 1833
  219            cover page - pension papers
* 220-224        Affidavit of Jedediah Hill Sr. on Sept 11, 1832
  225-228        Declaration by Abigail Hill on Feb. 02, 1848
* 229-230        Letter from Pension Office in response to inquiries for info.
  231            cover page
  232            blank
  233            Letter from Abigail on May 13, 1850 asking for any further benefits
* 234            Certificate of Pension issued Nov 15, 1849 for $80/yr
                     under acts of 1843 & 1844 to begin Mar 4, 1843 & end 1848
 235             blank
* 236            Certificate of Pension issued Nov 15, 1849 for $80/yr (Albany roll)
                    under act of July 7, 1838 to begin Mar 4, 1836 end 3/04/1841
* 238-244        Inquiry letters requesting info from pension office
* 245            Summary of Jedediah's service
 246-248         brief objections
* 251            letter from Slingerland dated Nov 6, 1849
 252             cover letter to following request from R. Halloway
* 253            request for increase in widow's pension.        (last page)
                     from Hon. R. Halloway (congressman from New York)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                   Page 40
                                             Jedediah's Pension File                                         [5H4]

The facts gleaned from the file are:

First Enlistment

        Jedediah Hill served two enlistments in the army during the Revolutionary War. He first enlisted in
October, 1779 while a resident of Simsbury, Hartford, CT. He served as a private in the Connecticut State Troops
under the Regiment of Colonel Enos in the company of Captain Amasa Miles (or Miels) from October, 1779 until
November of 1781.

        Jed reported to the regiment at Farmington, CT. The regiment then moved through New Haven, Stratford
Ferry, Milford, Norwalk, and Greenwich - finally arriving at Horse Neck, near Long Island Sound, where it
remained for some time in November until the following March.

       At Horse Neck Jedediah assisted in capturing Captain Mead of "the Refugees" who was later hanged.
There were six to seven hundred troops at Horse Neck and General Washington visited several times. General
Rufus Putnam also visited the camp. General David Waterbury may have been commandant (per ltr. of 13 Sep
1781 fm. Waterbury to Putnam while he selecting a site).

        In March the regiment left Horse Neck and went from one place to another (including New Rochelle,
Danbury, and White Plains, NY). In November of 1781 the troop had returned to Stratford, CT where Jed received
a written discharge from Col. Enos (which Jed lost soon after).

Second Enlistment

        When his first enlistment was up Jedediah stated his intention to go back to Connecticut to get married.
Capt. Miles wanted him to re-enlist and so granted Jed a furlough to get married. Jed re-enlisted in the fall of 1781
and took his furlough from November '81 to March '82.

         Abigail refused to marry him while he was still a soldier so he returned to Capt. Miles' company and served
there from March, 1782 until the company was discharged in New Haven, CT.

       Billings Worden served in the same company as Jedediah under Capt. Miles and Colonel Canfield from
March 1782 until discharge in March 1783.

       From Spring 1781 to spring 1782 - Ephraim Wright, John Pettingell, and Samuel Woodworth were in the
same regiment. Wright and Woodworth were in Capt. Smith's company. Pettingell was in Capt. James Dana's
company under Major Shipman. Battalion Cdrs were Maj Humphry and Maj Shipman.

        John Pettingell recalled the action at Frog Point (also called Frog Neck) where Jedediah Hill also fought.
The Connecticut Troop captured a British cannon mounted on a wire swivel so it could be fired in any direction.
They killed several of the British and drove the rest off. Fearing that the cannon might be recaptured, the patriots
smashed the cannon to pieces on the rocks below.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                      Page 41
                                          Jedediah's Pension File                                [5H5]

Jedediah’s Marriage to Abigail Kilby

         John Bartlett, pastor of the Congregational Church of Avon, Conn. in the County of Hartford,
testified in July, 1849 that he held the record of the marriage of Jedediah Hill of West Simsbury, Conn to
Abigail Kilby of Farmington on March 13th, 1783, written in the hand of Rev. Rufus Hawley who was
then the pastor.

        Theda Kilby, the wife of Abigail's brother Allen Kilby, testified in Sept, 1849 that Jedediah and
Abigail moved from Connecticut to Jefferson County, NY about 42 years previously (about 1807). She
verified the marriage and Jed's death, and recalled Abigail telling her that she and Jed were engaged to be
married in the spring of 1782, but when he came home on furlough she refused to marry him as long as he
was still a soldier. After Jed returned from his second enlistment they were married, in March of 1783.

Pension Applications from Jedediah and Abigail

        Jedediah applied for a soldiers pension in 1832 which apparently was not granted and the papers
were lost after the magistrate died and his papers were burned. Abigail applied for a widow's pension in
1848 but no action was forthcoming on it so she enlisted the services of a lawyer and later a congressman
to assist her is obtaining benefits.

        The lawyer filed a suit against the State of New York and the congressman wrote an empassioned
plea to the War Pensions Bureau. With the application of the additional pressure, the claims were quickly
granted and in November 1849 Abigail was granted pension benefits under four different acts of congress.
These allowed her to draw a pension of $80/yr retroactively from Jedediah's death.

Inquiries sent to the Director of Pensions or War Pensions Bureau
   in Washington, DC. and filed with Jedediah Hill's pension file.
         Jan 24, 1910 - Mrs. Anna D. Boomer - Vice Pres., Deborah Champion Chapter D.A.R

        Oct 25, 1919 - from Mrs. Geo{rge} F {or T} Stackpole - Riverhead, NY

        Jan 25, 1921 - from Miss Carolyn White - Registrar Beaverhead Chapter D.A.R.
                         436 South Idaho Street, Dillon Montana

        Dec 20, 1932 - from Mrs. Paul Johnson - Great Grand Daughter of Jedediah and Grand Daughter
                        of John Hill of the War of 1812 and daughter of Esther Ann Hill Morgan.
                (Esther was 75 in 1932, was an Honor member of the Daughters of The War of 1812,
                and was last living pensioner)
                 [This was a second request, the first being filed in 1930]

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                  Page 42
                                             CENSUS DATA                                              [5H6]
                                          JEDEDIAH HILL FAMILY
 Approximate Family and ages / birthdates to identify individuals on census dates
              born       1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850                              DIED AGE
  Jedediah 3/1761          29        39        49       59        69      79      --     1841   80
  Abigail 7/1760           30        40        50       60        70      80      90     1859   99
  Jed Jr. 2/1784            6        16        26       36        46      56      66 aft.1841
  John H. 6/1786            4        14        24       34        44      54      64     1869   83
  Riley       3/1787        3        13         -         -        -        -      -     1806   11
  Eben        3/1791                  9        19       29        39      49      59     1876   85
  (infant) 6/1793                     -         -         -        -        -      -     1793     0
  Ludlow      8/1794                  5        15       25        35      45      55     1873   79
  Abigail 5/1797                      3        13         -        -        -      -     1815   18
  Polly       8/1800                  ?         -         -        -        -      -     1806     6
  Ladue       4/1803                            7       17        27      37      47     1890   87
  Isabel      3/1806                            4       14        24      34      44     1860   54

* Abigail 1/1815 (adopted gr.da.)       5      15      -    -       1838     23
                                       ----- free white only ----
                                        (includes heads of family)
   1790 Census                          males      males    females
                  Head of Household       16+      0-16       (all)   Slaves TOTAL
   SIMSBURY, CONNECTICUT                  ---      ----        ---       ---    ---
=> Hill, Jedediah                          1         3          1                5
                                             (Jed Jr=6, John H.=4, Riley = 3)
   Hill, John    [John III (1726)= 63+     1                    4                5
               or[John IV (1751)= 38+
   Hill, Darius (1749 -son of John II ) 1            3          4                8
   Hill, Eliazer(1727 -son of John II ) 2            1          2                5
   Hill, Elijah (1754 -son of John III) 1            1          4                6
   Hill, Jediah                            1         1          2                4

                  heads of families    424
         Total Simsbury Population     657       649                2    2576
   1800 Census - Hartford Co. CT    Hill s listed in index to microfilm were:
           Asa (son of Darius Hill Sr.?), Eleazer (son of John II),
           Gayar, Lois, Miles, Phiney, Ruth, & Sarah.
           No Jedediah or John
   1810 Census - Hartford Co. CT, No Hills listed in Simsbury

    1810 Census - Microfilm Roll # 28, Jefferson Co. New York

                             |<------ MALES ----->| Females
        members of household | 0 10 16 26 over| 0 10 16 26 over| slaves
           between ages of   | -9 -15 -25 -45 45 | -9 -15 -25 -45 45 |
 Page   Henderson/Ellisburg |--- --- --- --- --- |--- --- --- --- --- |
 016 - Hill, Jedediah [49]     1   1   5   -   1     1   1 -   -   1    0

    (no Jed Jr. or Eben Hill listed in Jefferson Co.
      & no John Hill of matching age)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                    Page 43
                                                     CENSUS DATA                                          [5H7]
                                                  JEDEDIAH HILL FAMILY

 1820 Census      Microfilm Roll #72, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., New York
                                |<------- MALES -------->|<---- Females ----->|working
          Head of               | 0 10 16 18 26          |   0 10 16 26       | as
          Household         age | -9 -15 -17 -25 -44 45+ | -9 -15 -25 -44 45+|farmers
 Page                           |--- --- --- --- --- --- | --- --- --- --- ---|-------
 396 -    Hill, Jedediah Sr.59 | -    1   -   1   -   1 | 1     1   -    -  1 | 3
 396 -    Hill, Jedediah Jr.36 | 1    1   -   -   1   - | 4     1   -    1  - | 2
 396 -    Hill, John         34 | 1 * -   -   -   1   - | -     -   -    1  - | 1
 396 -    Hill, Eben         29 | 1   -   -   -   1   - | -     -   -    1  - | 1

     * Ref[1] indicates John Henry married Esther Adams in 1809 but had no
       children. 1820 and 1830 censuses indicate a boy born between 1810-1820.
            Note that all 5 of the young men that were 16 to 26 in 1810
            have now moved out from Jed Sr.'s home.
 ------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------
 1830 Census Microfilm Roll #92 , Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., New York
          (Ellisburg is on pages 23 - 56)
                       |   |<------ Persons between ages ------------->|
       Head of         |   | 0    5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80|
       Household       |Sex| -4 -9 -14 -19 -29 -39 -49 -59 -69 -79 + |
 Page                  |   |--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---|
  46 - John Hill    44 | M | -   -   -    1  1   -   2
                       | F | -   -   -    1  -   -   1   -   -   1

  46 - Ludlow Hill              35 | M | 2            -     1      2      -     1
                                   | F | -            1     -      1      -     1

  46 - Eben Hill                39 | M | 2            2     -      1      -     1   -   -   1
                                   | F | 1            -     -      1      1     -   1   -   1

Note: In John’s family - the boy (15-19) is the one from the 1820 census.
      The man (20-29) could be Ladue (24) and the girl (15-19) could be Abigail
      (adopted, age 15). The other man (40-49)is unknown.
         The older woman may be a mother-in-law. Abby was 70 but was probably
      living with Jed Sr. at either son Jed Jr.'s home in Loraine or with Eben

 1840 Census Microfilm Roll #    , Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., New York

         Hill s listed for Ellisburg, Jefferson County are:
        Page 9    James A. Hill    Ellisburg      (born in R.I. per 1850 census)
             23   Elisha           Ellisburg
             23   Daniel           Elisburg

          No Jedediah, John, Jedediah Jr., Eben, Ludlow, or Ladue in Jeff. Co.
          Abigail and Jed Sr. are probably living with Jed Jr. in Loraine, NY.
          Eben is in Iowa.
          Depositions in the pension file state that Jedediah Sr. and Abigail lived
          with Jedediah Jr. for some time before Jed Sr.'s death in 1841.
                Ref<17> also indicates John was in Illinois by 1849.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0                    8/18/2010                            Page 44
                                           CENSUS DATA (Cont.)                     [5H8]
                                          JEDEDIAH HILL FAMILY
1850 Census Microfilm Roll #515, Henderson, Jefferson Co., New York
   As of Aug 1, 1850 Abigail Hill (age 90) was living in Henderson

Page House # 372 age sex Occupation birthplace Property Attend
241 - Family # 379                           Evaluation School
   - David Boice      65 M                       $3000
   - Isabel "         44 F        ? [1805]
   - Daniel S. "      20 M Sailor                              /)
   - S?????? "        17 M Farmer                              /)
   - Mortimer "       15 M                                     /)
   - Neostimu ? "     11 M                                     /\
   - Cornelia "        7 F                                /)
   - Charlotte "       2 F
   - Abagail Hill     90 F             Conn.
   - Nearion Neubbard 18 F

    Isabel was Abbey's daughter and David Boice her son-in-law.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Reel 516
 368 - Hill, Jedediah (Jr.) living in Lorraine, Jefferson Cnty., NY
     with family 2372 (home 2343)

     William Hitchcock 34 M
     Chlorinde         27 F
     Nancy             9 F
     M/N?earyette      7 F
     Harmon Cambell 18 M
     Jedediah Hill    65 M [1784]
     Bitsey Hill      55 F [1795] ?

     Chlorinde and William Hitchcock may be Jed Jr.'s daughter
     and son-in-law.

In 1850 John Henry Hill was remarried in Iowa.
  Eben was also in Iowa from about 1839 on.

  No Ladue, or Ludlow Hill is listed in 1850 N.Y
  Riley Hills are listed in Hamilton, Walworth, Liberty & Fallsburg,NY

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                   Page 45
                                            Ancestors of Abigail Kilby                                                 [ 5K1 ]
                                           Charts 5K1 & 5D1 are primarily from Balluff <49>
                                     * “Wethersfield, Hartford, CT” abbr to Wethersf., CT
2        John Kilby
         +Rebecca Simpkins
...      3      Ebenezer Kilby        b: 25 Jun 1711 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
                                      d: 28 Nov 1788 Wethersfield.Hartford, CT
                   m: 07 Apr 1733 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA
......          +Bathsheba Allen b: 01 Aug 1710 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA
                                      d: 28 Sep 1783 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT

........        4   Ebenezer Kilby     b: Abt. 1736     d: 30 Nov 1776 Wethersf., CT
                        Mar: on 11 May 1761 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
...........         +Jerusha Dix           b: 05 Mar 1723/24 in Wethersf., CT

.............       5   Abigail Kilby             b: 28 Jul 1762 in Farmington, Wethersf., CT d: 1860 NY
................        +Jedediah Hill            b: 29 Mar 1761 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT                        ==>[ 5H0 ]
                                                       d: 28 Apr 1841 Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY

.............       5   Jerusha Kilby              b: 09 Mar 1764 in Wethersfield Twp, Hartford, CT
................        +Ebenezer Severance        m: 12 May 1805 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5   Ebenezer Kilby             b: 22 Oct 1766 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5   Huldah Kilby               b: 04 Jan 1770 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5   Allen Kilby                b: 15 Aug 1772 in Wethersf., CT          Mar: Theda
                                                   d: 27 Aug 1854 Henderson, Jefferson, NY
                                                   bur: Carpenter Cemetery, Henderson, NY
.............       5 Ebenezer Kilby               b: 21 May 1775 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5 Seestiles Kilby              b: Abt. 1762 in Wethersf., CT
........        4   John Kilby            b: Abt. 1734
........        4   Thomas Kilby              b: 08 Jul 1738          d: 31 Dec 1819 Wethersf., CT
.............       5 Thomas Kilby                 b: 07 Mar 1765
.............       5 Thomas Kilby                 b: 15 Jan 1768
........        4   Elizabeth Kilby           b: 11 Feb 1738/39 in Wethersf., CT
........        4   Richard Kilby             b: 24 Sep 1742 in Wethersf., CT
                                              d: Abt. Dec 1814        bur: 12 Dec 1814 Wethersf. CT
........        4   Katherine Kilby           b: 31 Jul 1744 in Wethersf., CT
........        4   Christopher Allen Kilby b: 21 Mar 1746/47 in Wethersf., CT
                                              d: 06 Sep 1819 Wethersf., CT
.............       5 Elizabeth Kilby              b: Abt. 1774 in Wethersf., CT
                                                        d: Bet. Jul 1833 - Oct 1838 Sewayneco ?
.............       5 Sarah Kilby                  b: Abt. 1778
.............       5 Richard Kilby                b: Abt. 1778
.............       5 Miriam Kilby                 b: Abt. 1782
.............       5 Polly Kilby                  b: Abt. 1781
.............       5 Stephen Kilby                b: Abt. Jul 1791- 24 Jul 1791 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5 Abigail Kilby                d 1: 01 Sep 1798 Wethersf., CT (in childhood)
.............       5 Ebenezer Kilby               b: Abt. 1798 in Wethersf., CT
.............       5 Emily Kilby                  b: Abt. 1798
........      4     Thankful Kilby            b: 29 Dec 1749 in Wethersf., CT
........      4     Mary Kilby                b: 17 Sep 1752 in Wethersf., CT
........      4     Rebecca Kilby             b: 26 Feb 1756 in Wethersf., CT          d: 25 Jan 1799 Wethersf., CT

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0               8/18/2010                                         Page 46
                                          Dix - Ancestors of Abigail Kilby                              [ 5D1 ]
                                           Maternal Ancestors of John Henry Hill
1      Leonard Dix             b: 1624 in England
                                    d: December 07, 1711 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
...    2        Sarah Dix      b: Abt. 1659 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
...    2        Mercy Dix      b: Abt. 1665 in Wethersf., CT
...    2        William Dix    b: Abt. 1667 in Wethersf., CT
...    2        Hanna Dix      b: Abt. 1671 in Wethersf., CT
...    2        Samuel Dix     b: Abt. 1662 in Wethersf., CT
...    2        Elizabeth Dix  b: Abt. 1669 in Wethersf. CT
...    2        John Dix      b: Bet. 1660 - 1661 in Wethersf., CT
                                   d: Nov 02, 1711 Wethersf., CT
........        3 Rebecca Dix           b: Mar 17, 1685/86 in Wethersf., CT
........        3 Elizabeth Dix         b: Apr 03, 1691 in Wethersf., CT
........        3 John Dix              b: Feb 20, 1683/84 in Wethersf., CT
                                             d: Mar 06, 1770 Wethersf., CT

........        3       Leonard Dix           b: Jan 27, 1687/88 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
                                                  d: Jul 11, 1730        mar: April 15, 1714
...........             +Abigail Gibbs        b: Oct 03, 1694 in Windsor Twp, Hartford, CT        <== from below
.............           4   Abigail Dix           b: Jan 25, 1713/14
.............           4   Leonard Dix           b: May 25, 1717, Wethersf., CT
.............           4   Hannah Dix            b: Nov 14, 1719, Wethersf., CT d: Mar 15, 1803 Canaan, CT
.............           4   Rebecca Dix           b: Apr 10, 1722, Wethersf., CT
.............           4   Jacob Dix             b: Apr 14, 1727, Wethersf., CT
                                                       d: May 27, 1790, Wethersf., CT
.............           4   Charles Dix           b: Jul 11, 1730, Wethersf., CT
.............           4   Leonard Dix           b: Dec 25, 1731, Wethersf., CT

.............           4   Jerusha Dix           b: March 05, 1723/24 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
................            +Ebenezer Kilby       b: Abt. 1736 m: May 11, 1761 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
                                                       d: November 30, 1776 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
..................          5 Abigail Kilby            b: Jul 28, 1762, Farmington, CT   d: 1860 NY
.....................       +Jedediah Hill        b: 1761        d: 1841                              ==>[ 5H0 ]

..................          5 Jerusha Kilby           b: March 09, 1764 in Wethersfield Twp, Hartford, CT
.....................       +Ebenezer Severance          m: May 12, 1805 in Wethersfield Twp, Hartford, CT
..................          5 Ebenezer Kilby          b: October 22, 1766 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
..................          5 Huldah Kilby            b: January 04, 1770 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
..................          5 Seestiles Kilby         b:       Abt. 1762 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT

                                                    Ancestors of Abigail Gibbs
1       Giles Gibbs                 B. 1595 St. Sidwell, Devon, Eng. D. 21 May 1641, Windsor, CT
       2 Jacob Gibbs                b: Abt. 20 Mar 1629/30 in Exeter, Devonshire, England d: 1708 Windsor, CT
...                     3   Mary Gibbs       b: 21 Apr 1659, Windsor, CT
...                     3   Jacob Gibbs b: 01 Dec 1664, Windsor, CT        d: 01 Dec 1664 Windsor, CT
...                     3   Jacob Gibbs b: 22 Jun 1666, Windsor, CT        d: 18 Mar 1708/09 Windsor, CT
...                     3   Sarah Gibbs b: 28 Feb 1667/68, Windsor, CT          d: 25 Oct 1741 Wethersf., CT
...                     3   Elizabeth Gibbs b: 01 Apr 1670 in Windsor Twp, Hartford, CT
...                     3   Elizabeth Gibbs b: 13 Sep 1672 in Windsor Twp, Hartford, CT
...                     3   Esther Gibbs b: Abt. 1674 in Windsor Twp, Hartford, CT
...                     3   Abigail Gibbs b: 03 Oct 1694 in Windsor Twp, Hartford, CT

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0                  8/18/2010                                        Page 47
                                  Descendants of John Henry Hill                                              [ 6H0 ]
6. John Henry Hill                   B. 29 Jun 1786, Canton, Connecticut                                      <==[ 5H0 ]
                                     D. 23 Feb 1869, DesMoines Cnty, Iowa, bur. Kossuth Cem.                  <42,54>
          * Veteran: War of 1812
       Mar(1): Esther Adams on 22 Feb 1809 in NY                B. [1787]                                     <54>
                   No children                                  D. 20 Dec 1848, bur. Kossuth Cem,             <54>

       Mar(2): on 30 Oct 1849 in DesMoines Cnty, Iowa by Thomas Kirkpatrick, Methodist Minister         <26>
         + Sarah Ann Haight B. 29 Jul 1829, Marieta Ohio                    <16,42,47,49,50>             <==[ 6Ha1 ]
           “Sally Ann”               D. 01 Apr 1895, Sperry, DesMoines Co., Iowa; Bur: Loper Cem., Sperry <42, LB>
              * Sarah and the children are listed in the censuses of 1860, 1870, & 1880 in Kossuth, IA
       Children of (2)
       7. John William Hill          B. 27 Sep 1850, Kossuth, DesMoines Co., IA                          ==>[ 7H0 ]
                                 D. 17 Jun 1941, Cherryville, Montgomery Co., Kansas
                                 See ref <3> on 7H5-3 for biographical sketch
          Mar(1): on 21 Feb 1875 in Des Moines Co., IA by A.J. Belknap               <25>
          Mary Ellen Fox         B. 17 Oct 1858 D. 04 Sep 1946, Billings, MT
            8. William Henry Hill                B. 25 Dec 1875, Morning Sun, IA                              ==>[ 8H0 ]

          Mar(2); on 18 May 1882 in Shawnee, OK
          Laura Miller          B. 26 Aug 18__, Mercer Co., IL                             8 children         ==>[ 7H0 ]

       7. James Riley Hill           B. 12 Aug 1852, DesMoines Co., IA    D.24 May 1906 <LB>
                                                        Bur: Loper Cem., Sperry, IA with mother Sally <LB>
                   * injured his spine in a fall from a wagon
          Mar: on 9 Nov 1886 in Des Moines Co., IA <LB>
          Mar: Malinda J. Calloway     B: 1869 D: 3 Feb 1890, Age 21 Ys, 6 ms, 8 Ds bur: Kossuth Cem.
            8. (girl) ? Ester M. Hill      B: 10 Sep 1887 (or 1889), Yellow Springs, IA            <LB>

       7. Cornelius H. Hill      B. 09 May 1854, DesMoines Co., IA              D.23 Jun 1933                 ==>[ 6H1 ]
          Mar: on 14 Jun 1876 in Cairo, IL
          + Louise Jane Fox (Luella)           B: 15 Aug 1855,                  D: 25 Aug 1933

    7.    Esther Ann Hill B. 19 Mar 1857, DesMoines Co., IA
                                 D. 12 Mar 1946, Independence, OR (at 89)
               * Esther Ann was the last living pensioner of the War of 1812 (see pension file on 6H0-3)
                  and was an “honor member” of the Daughters of 1812.
          Mar: bef. 1880, DesMoines Co.?, IA
          +James Morgan           B. 1853 in Alton, Madison Co., Ill a tile factory worker in 1880
                                  D. 1945 in Independence, OR
             8.    Jesse Riley Morgan                     B. 14 Jun 1893
                   Mar: Mildred Rose Laird                                        D. Mar 1953
                     9. Child: J. Laird Morgan                    B. 15 Dec 1932, Independence, OR
                         Mar: Lillian Florence Bruner             B.31 Oct 1934, Oakland, CA
                           10. Child: Loretta Anne Morgan         B. 14 Jan 1953, Jacksonville, FL
                               Mar: William? St. George           (* Author of ref <45>)
             8.    Mrs. Paul Johnson                      R. Independence, Ore in 1932

          * Morning Sun is now in Louisa Co., IA.
            Kossuth and Sperry are in Des Moines County, IA and are abt. 10 mi. SE of Morning Sun

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                         Page 48
                                  Descendants of John Henry Hill                                         [ 6H1 ]
                                  All data on this chart is from Laura Balluff, ref<49>

7. Cornelius Haight Hill B. 09 May 1854, DesMoines Co.?, IA         <49>          <==[ 6H0 ]
                                  D: 23 Jun 1933
   Mar: on 14 Jun 1876 in Cairo, IL
   + Louise Jane Fox      B: 15 Aug 1855, IA
        “Ella” or “Luella”        D: 25 Aug 1933

     8. Mary Jane Hill          B: 2 Jul 1880, IA           D: 30 Sep 1904, Mt. Pleasant, Henry, IA
        Mar: on 20 Oct 1897, Wapello, Louisa, IA                       Bur: Forest Home Cem.
        + Aurther Luther Gillis          B: abt. 1869       * son of Jas. R. Gillis & Augusta Moore

    8. William John Hill           B: 26 May 1877, Kossuth, Louisa, IA
       Mar: Mary K. ____           D: May 1943, Chicago, IL Bur: Hannibal, MO

     8. Nellie Hill          B. 21 Sep 1882, Wapello, Louisa, IA
        + Frank DeVore Mar: on 26 Dec 1905, Cass Co., IL
             9.   Dale DeVore               B: 15 May 1901 D: 28 Mar 1996, WA
             9.   Dayton DeVore             B: 15 Mar 1911, IL?   D: 16 Jan 1997, Oquawka,IL
             9.   Donald DeVore             B:                    D:

    8.    Maude Leoto Hill    B: 1 Oct 1884, Port Louisa, Louisa, IA
          + Edward Rademaker Mar: bef. 1910

    8.    Marguerite Louise Hill B: 26 Feb 1885, Jefferson Twp., Louisa Co.,IA
           “Maggie”               D: 05 Feb 1959, Pomona, CA; Bur: Chapel Hill Cem., Dixon Lee Co.,IL
             + Charles Oscar Jern        B: 17 Jan 1881, Christianstad, Sweden
                                         D: 19 Feb 1958, Mt. Morris, Ogle, IL
                9. Vivian Rosalie Jern           B: 26 Jun 1917, Mt. Morris, Ogle, IL
                                                 D: 09 Feb 1956, Mt. Morris, Ogle, IL
                      Mar: on 12 Dec 1935
                      + Franklyn Baird Balluff B: 10 Sep 1914, Malta, De Kalb, IL
                         10. Dennis Michael Balluf       B: 04 May 1939, Freeport, Stephenson, IL
                               + Marsha Rhoda Wark       Mar: on 03 Aug 1963 in Philadelphia, PA
                                 11. Laura Rosalie Balluff       B: 16 Sep 1964, St.Louis, MO
                                                                                 * author of ref <49>
                                 11. Tammara Margaret Balluf B: 30 Jul 1970, St. Louis, MO

    8.    Ada Victoria Hill        B: 4 Feb 1889, Wapello, Louisa, IA

            Mar(2): ______ Kinsey                   da. Forrest Kinsey
            Mar(3): Charlie Williams                da. Ruby Williams Mar: (bef. 1941) to Emmett Hawkins

     8.    Bessie Lyle Hill        B: 1 Dec 1891, Wapello, Louisa, IA

          Notes: Family photo follows 6H1.
                 Cornelius and family appear in the 1900 IA census
                 and also in the 1910 census of Oquawka, Henderson Co., IL <49>

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                       Page 49
                                            CHRONOLOGY                                                               [ 6H2 ]
                                        John Henry Hill Family
           The following chronology for John Henry Hill and family is not verified in all respects but represents the data available
to date.

 JUN 1786 - John Henry was the second son born to Jedediah Hill and Abigail Kilby-Hill, probably in Simsbury or
      Canton, Connecticut.

 1807 - John (age 21) moved to Jefferson County, NY with his father's family.

 FEB 1809 - John (age 22) married Esther Adams

 1812 - John served in the army in the War Of 1812. He saw action at Sacketts Harbor, NY, Lake Ontario, and at
       the Battle of New Orleans (Jan 8, 1815) under General Andrew Jackson.<ref.3> (see 6H3 for service)

 1820 - Census lists John Hill in Ellisburg, NY, age 26-44 (John was then 33) living with a woman (age 26-44) and
       a boy (0-10). Several sources indicated that John had no children from his first marriage.

 1830 - Census lists John Hill in Ellisburg, NY. The family consisted of two men 40-50, one woman 40-50, a boy
       and a girl 15-20, a man 20-30, and a woman 70-80. John was 43; the boy (15-20) is probably the boy from
       the 1820 census; the girl (15-20) is probably the adopted Abigail Leonard and the man (20-30) may be
       brother Ladue (age 27). Ladue and Abigail Leonard were previously living with Jed Sr. The other man
       (40-50) is unknown.

 1836 - John and Esther Sold the house and land at Rural Hill, NY, which had been built by Jedediah in 1825, and
       later moved to bounty land in Iowa. John is not listed in the 1840 census for either NY or Iowa.

     (Extract: Yellow Springs and Huron, by J. W. Merrill, self published in Mediapolis, IA. in 1897...pgs 138, 139)

            JOHN HILL - Was an older brother and came later (than Eben), direct from his home in New York. He
            bought on the prairie adjoining Eben. His wife, Esther had no children. She died in 1848. He sold his
            prairie farm after his wife's death, and moved to the northern part of Benton township. By his second wife,
            Sarah A. Haight, were three sons, John, Cornelius, and Riley, and a daughter, Esther, wife of Jas. Morgan.
            Eben and all his family except Hiram, were orderly, earnest members of the Baptist church. John was an
            outsider, his expressed creed was: "Fear God and keep the commandments, and by jiminy, I'll insure the
            salvation of every one of you." He died near Burlington. He had been a soldier in the war of 1812, and his
            widow drew a pension till her death in 1895"

            Note: ? In 1999 Benton is in So. central IA. There is a Bentonsport in SE. IA, but it is 40 mi. from Kossuth.

 1848 - Esther Adams-Hill died in Des Moines County, Iowa. She is buried in Kossuth Cemetary, Yellow Springs
       Twp., Des Moines Co., Iowa. The stone reads: "Esther, wife of John Hill.
        d. 20 Dec, 1848 age 61 y____ " (the rest is buried).

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0              8/18/2010                                           Page 50
CHRONOLOGY - John Henry Hill Family (Cont.)                                                                  [
6H2 ]
 Oct 1849 - John Henry Hill married Sarah Ann Haight on 30 October, 1849 in DesMoines County, Iowa by
       Thomas M. Kirkpatrick, minister of the Methodist Church. They were married in Morris Bridges house.
       The record in Des Moines County Marriage Book #3 states "John Hile (62) to Sally Ann Haight (20)", but
       the researcher for the Des Moines Gen. Society says the handwritten "Hill" was probably misinterpreted.
       Sarah (Sally) was born in Marieta, Ohio. (The 1895 census listed her birthplace as Athens, OH and her
       religious preference as Presbyterian).

 1850 - John Hill Sr. is listed in the 1850 census living in Des Moines County, Yellow Springs District, Iowa as a
       60 year old farmer born in Connecticut living with Sally Ann (age 21) and Mary Jane (age 19), both from
       Ohio. Mary Jane Haight is Sarah's niece. The estimated value of their property is $500.

 1850 - Also listed in the Yellow Springs District in 1850 is Eben Hile, (John’s brother) a farmer born in
       Connecticut, with four children born in New York:
          Harry (25), William (23), Louisa (21) and Hiram (19). (Eben Jr. is married & in OH or OR)

 SEP 1850 - John William Hill was born in Kossuth, Des Moines Co., IO
     1852 - James Riley Hill was born Aug, 1852
     1854 - Cornelius H. Hill was born May, 1854
     1856 - Esther Ann Hill was born Mar, 1857

 1860 - The census lists Sarah Ann Hill living with four children: John, James, Cornelius, and Esther, in the
       Yellow Springs District of Des Moines County, Iowa. The estimated value of their real estate is $475 and
       personal property is estimated at $75. John was found in the 1860 census of Jackson Twp., Des Moines
       Co., IA living with Milton and Clarissa Saliday (Sally's sister).

 186? - John went into Missouri and “laid” the remaining two land warrants in Oregon County, planning to leave
       the land for support of his family. According to Esther, he returned ill from the journey and never gave
       much information about the land he had taken up.

 FEB 1869 - John Henry Hill died at age 83 at the county poor farm in Des Moines County, Iowa. He is buried in
      Kossuth Cemetary, Des Moines Co., Iowa. The military stone reads: "Hill, John, Pvt. N.Y. Militia. War
      1812 d. 23 Feb, 1869"

        From <58> per Esther Ann Morgan: “After John‟s death Sarah continued to raise her little family as best
        she could. She never went to the expense of looking up and claiming the Missouri land. Attempts to locate
        it failed. Years later it was found that Oregon County, MO had been divided and that the land was located
        in Shannon County. When it was finally traced down, it was found that a suit to quiet title had been
        brought, and that the timber had been cut off by the Moss Land and Tie Co. The Hill family never received
        any benefits from it.”

 1870 - The census lists Sarah Ann Hill with the same four children as in the 1860 census, still in the Yellow
       Springs District, Des Moines County, Iowa.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0    8/18/2010                                      Page 51
CHRONOLOGY - John Henry Hill Family (Cont.)                                                            [ 6H2 ]

 Oct 1875 - Sarah Hill is one of the heirs of John Haight (her uncle), and the deed of Aaron Haight lists Sarah Hill,
       Mary Jane Haight, Clarissa Saladay, Delia R. Randall, Zelda Ketchum, and Moses Haight.
       (See the Des Moines Co. Real Estate Register #1 following [6Ha6-2].

 1876 - John's brother, Eben, died and was buried in Kossuth Cemetary. The Military stone reads: "Hill, Eben, Pvt.
       N.Y. Militia. War 1812 d. 7 Mar, 1876".

 1880 - The census lists Sarah, John W., James and Esther living in the same place. Esther's husband, James
       Morgan, is living with them. Cornelius (age 26) has married and moved out.

 1895 - The census of Des Moines County, Franklin Township lists (Dwelling #32, Family # 33)
        Name                  Age Race sex           Marital.    Place of birth     Religious Pref.
        Sarah Hill,           65 white female widowed Oh, Athens                     Presbyterian.
        James R. Hill,        43 white male, widowed IA, Des Moines Methodist
                                          Subject to military duty: Yes, Entitled to vote: Yes.
        Esther M. Hill          6 white female                   IA, Des Moines Methodist.
        Andrew C. Calaway     37 white male single                IA, Desmoines      Methodist
                                          Subject to military duty: Yes, Entitled to vote: Yes.
           * Esther is presumably James's daughter and Andrew is the brother of his deceased wife.

 APR 1895 - Sarah Ann Haight-Hill died at age 89 in Des Moines County, Iowa.

 MAR 1946 - Esther Ann Hill-Morgan died at age 89 in Independence, Oregon and was the last living pensioner of
     the War of 1812. Esther Ann's daughter, Mrs. Paul Johnson lived in Independence, OR in 1932.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0     8/18/2010                                       Page 52
                             The Pension File of John H. Hill                                                       [ 6H3 ]
          I finally received copies of the documents in John Hill's pension file on 31 Jul 1995. My first request was in March '94,
so if you ever have dealings with the Department of Veterans Affairs, be patient. The File, XC2707589, was in the Veterans
Administration (as opposed to the archives).

         The contents were somewhat disappointing, as they did not give much further information about John or his parents and
were mostly concerned with the pensions of Sarah Hill, the widow, and Esther Ann Morgan, John's daughter. Most of the
documents regarded the fact that Esther Ann was still receiving a pension so long after the war was over and many were queries
from people who also wanted pensions for themselves, followed by patient letters from the bureau stating the policy and the fact
that Esther Ann's pension was allowed only due to a special act of congress in 1927 that granted it because she was the "helpless
and dependent" child of a veteran. A few useful facts, however, were uncovered.

         A Newspaper clipping attached to one of the query letters (ca.1939) stated:
“DAUGHTER OF VETERAN OF 1812 STILL LIVING - ... Mrs. Morgan of Independence, Ore., clear-eyed and hearty
despite her 80 years, draws a federal pension of $20 monthly for her father's two enlistments in that conflict. Her grandfather
fought in the Revolutionary War and enlisted again with his four sons in 1812."

          A Certificate Of Marriage from State of Iowa, Des Moines County states: "I Hereby Certify that on the 30 day of
October A.D.1849 I did solemnize the Marriage of Mr. John Hill aged sixty two years to Miss Sally Ann Haight ages twenty
years at the house of Morris Bridges in said County" signed by Thomas M. Kirkpatrick, minister M.E.C. on 7 Nov 1849.

         A letter from the Memorial Branch of the Quartermaster General, written in response to an application for John Hill's
headstone states:
    - The date and place of birth of John Hill, and names of his parents were not stated.
    - John Hill enlisted at Sackets Harbor, Jefferson County, New York, and served as private in Capt. G.W. Clark's company
       of the N.Y. militia from 28 Feb 1813 to 17 Mar 1813 and in Capt. S. McCumber's company of N.Y. militia from July 29,
       1814 to August 21, 1814. (another letter in response to the House Committee on Invalid Pensions indicated that John
       was honorably discharged from both enlistments and never requested a pension).
   - On account of this service he was allowed one hundred sixty of bounty land, on his application executed July 9, 1855, at
       which time he was sixty-seven years old and a resident of Des Moines County, Iowa.
   - John Hill died 23 Feb 1869 in Des Moines County, Iowa at age 82.

Other letters indicated:
   - John Hill's first wife, Esther Hill, died in 20 Dec 1848, near Kossuth,Iowa. There were no children from the
      first marriage and she was buried in Kossuth. |
   - Cornelius Hill and John W. Hill were residents of Wapello, Iowa in 1888
   - Esther Ann Hill Morgan was living in Oregon in 1917, 1927 and 1936
   - Esther Ann enlisted the help of D.E. Flethcher, an attorney in Independence, Or. and Senator McNary to get
      the special bill of 1927 passed. Her initial request letter to the Commissioner of Pensions was on 30 Oct
   - Esther Ann received a $20/month pension beginning on 17 Feb 1927.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                             Page 53
The Pension File of John H. Hill (Continued)                                                            [ 6H3 ]
     Letters from Esther in 1941, addressed to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Director of Claims pleading for an increase in her
pension also indicated:

   - John's 1st enlistment was under Capt. George Clark, N.Y. Militia. His second enlistment at Sacketts Harbor was under
      Capt. Solomon McCumber in the 55th Volunteer Regiment of New York. John furnished his own clothes and served
      without pay.

   - From <58> For his service he received three land warrants for 160 acres each, one for each of the two enlistments and one
      for furnishing his own clothes. He apparently used one of the land warrants in Iowa. The other two were claimed in
      Oregon County, Missouri, but after his death the family was unable to get possession of it.

        Also from <58> John also served with an American expedition to Frontenac, Canada, for a
        successful attack on the British stonghold there. The expedition travelled by boat and is described
        in the following exerpt from the account of Forseyth‟s Expedition:

            “The Vigilant Captain Forsyth made a bold dash into Canada late in September, having been
        informed that a large quantity of munitions were in a British storehouse at Gananoqui, on the shores
        of the Lake of the Thousand Islands, in Canada, and were not heavily guarded. Forsyth obtained
        permission from General Brown to make an attempt to capture them. (Gananoqui is just below old
        Fort Frontenac on the St. Lawrence River.) He organized an expedition of one hundred and four
        men, consisting of seventy riflemen and thirty-four militia, the latter officered by Capt. Samuel
        Mc‟Nitt, Lieut. Brown, and Ensigns Hawkins and Johnson. They set out from Sackett‟s Harbor on
        the 18th of September. On the night of the 20th they left Cape Vincent in boats, threading their way
        in the dark among the upper group of the Thousand Islands. They landed a short distance from the
        village of Gananoqui, only ninety-five strong, without opposition. As they approached the town
        they were confronted by a party of sixty British regulars and fifty Canadian Militia, drawn up in
        battle order, who poured heavy volleys upon them.
            Forsyth dashed forward with his men without firing a shot until within a hundred yards of the
        enemy, when the latter fled pellmell to the town, closely followed by the invaders. There the
        fugitives rallied and renewed the engagement. They were again compelled to flee, leaving ten of
        their number dead on the field, several wounded, and eight regulars and four militiamen as
        prisoners. Forsyth lost only one man killed and one slightly wounded. For his own safety, he broke
        up the bridge over which he had pursued the enemy, and then returned to his boats, bearing away, as
        the spoils of victory, the eight regulars, sixty stand of arms, two barrels of fixed ammunition
        containing three thousand ball cartridges, one barrel of gunpowder, one of flints, forty -one
        muskets, and some other public property. In the storehouse were found one hundred and fifty
        barrels of provisions, but having no means of carrying them away, Capt. Forsyth applied the torch
        and storehouse and provisions were consumed. The public property secured on this occasion was
        given to the soldiers of the expedition as a reward for their valor.”
        (Exerpt from The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812. as quoted in <58>)

            John Hill took part in several other skirmishes, serving two years in all. (see 6H0) He received
        no compensation from the government for his war service except three land warrants for 160 acres
        each. One for each of the two enlistments and the third as compensation for furnishing his own

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                          Page 54
   The Pension File of John H. Hill (Continued)                                                                     [ 6H3 ]

   - Esther was afflicted with an eye infection at age 7 and lost the sight in one eye. By age 85 she was mostly blind, had been
      sick over a year, and needed assistance in her daily life. The requested increase in pension was to pay someone to help

   - Esther's husband served as an errand boy in the civil war as he was too young to enlist

   - Sarah Hill filed for a $12/mo pension on 16 Nov 1888, under the Act of Mar 1888 and was receiving it at the time of her
      death (1 Apr 1895 at Sperry, Iowa).

   - The Daughters of 1812 wrote the Veterans Dept. and Senator Rufus Holman in Jan 1944 requesting an increase in Esther's
      pension from $20 to $50. A special bill was introduced in congress to effect this, but responses to inquiries as late as June
      1946 indicate that there was no authority to increase the pension above $20/mo.

   - Senate bill S.626 of the 77th Congress, 1st session, introduced by McNary dated 27 Jan 1941 reads: "A BILL Granting an
      increase of pension to Esther Ann Hill Morgan. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
      States of America in Congress assembled, That the Administrator of Veterans Affairs be, and is hereby authorized and
      directed to place on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, the name of Esther Ann
      Hill Morgan, helpless and dependent daughter of John Hill, late of Captain G. W. Clark's company, New York Militia,
      and of Captain S. McCumber's company, War of 1812, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of what
      she is now receiving."

   - Sarah A. Hill, pension #35106, was dropped from the pension rolls on 5 Sep 1895 due to her death at Sperry, Iowa in Apr

   - A letter from Mrs. H.F. Hayes in Willsville Kansas on 18 Feb 1935 requested a pension for John W. Hill, son of John Hill
      and Sarah Ann Haight, who was past age 83 and in need of finances. (The response was negative)

   - The Superintendant of the Des Moines County Poor Farm stated that John Hill died at said poor farm on 23 Feb 1869 at
      age 82. (affidavit of Milton Barnett)

   From <58> An article appeared in The Enterprise of Independence, Oregon on January 15, 1932.
        “Independence Woman on International News Reel”. The article states that “The International Newsreel has used
      pictures of Mrs. Morgan and her father, John Hill, on the screen and The San Francisco Call-Bulletin has published a
      feature story using the pictures with added data as to the remarkable record.” The balance of the article refers to John‟s
      service and the fact that Esther Ann was still receiving a pension more than 116 years after the end of the War of 1812.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                            Page 55
                                        CENSUS DATA                                                         [ 6H4 ]
                                   JOHN HENRY HILL FAMILY
 Approximate Family and ages / birthdates (* = confirmed date)
                                      1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870
  John Henry               1786*         4        14         24        34         44         54     64    74
  Sarah Ann                1829@                                                    1        11     21    31     41
  John William 1850                                                                                       10     20
                             @ Sarah Ann Haight's birthdate of 1829 is from ref [1]
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
           Kossuth is in Des Moines County in the southeastern corner of Iowa about 12 mi. S.E. of Morning Sun.
           It is in the Yellow Springs census district (dist #3).
           Morning Sun has been in Louisa County since 1836. Iowa was made a state in 1846.
1840 Iowa Territorial Census No John Hill listed in Des Moines Co.
           listings for John Hill in Linn Co.
                     (East-Central Iowa)and Van Buren Co. (South Eastern Iowa)
1850 Census, Des Moines County, Iowa, Yellow Springs District.
           Microfilm roll #183, Frame 384
    Page Family # 318                          age sex Occupation                       birthplace       Evaluation
    ---- ---------------- --- --- ----------                                            ------------ ----------
    384 Hill, John Sr.                         60      M      Farmer                  Conn               $500
                        Sally Ann * 21                 F                              Ohio
                        Mary Jane              19      F                              Ohio        ? Sarah's sister
                             * census taker accepted nickname "Sally" vs "Sarah"?
1860 Census, Des Moines County, Iowa, Yellow Springs District.
           Microfilm roll #319,                     Volume 5 (541-1056) frame/page 822
                                                                                                    Real      Personal
Page Family # 184                        age sex Occupation birthplace Estate                                Property
---- ---------------- --- --- ---------- ---------- ------- --------
822 Sarah A. Hill                          30       F                           Ohio              * $400   * $75
         John                "               9      M                           Iowa
         James               "               7      M                           Iowa            * not wealthy
         Cornelius "                         6      M                           Iowa               compared to
         Esther              "               3      F                           Iowa               their neighbors
1870 Census, DesMoines County, Iowa, Yellow Springs District.
           Microfilm roll #388, Volume 8 (232-607A) frames 566-587
           Census page dated 19 July 1870.
  Page Family # 213                          age sex Occupation                              Birthplace
  ---- ---------------- --- --- ----------                                                   ------
    580 Sarah A. Hill                          41      F       keeping house                 Ohio
             John W.            "              19      M      farmhand                       Iowa
             James R.           "              17      M      farmhand                       Iowa
             Cornelius "                       16      M      farmhand                       Iowa
             Esther Ann "                      13      F      at home                        Iowa
1880 Census, Kossuth Iowa (per Morman file 1,245,337 in Salt Lake <3>)
             Sarah Ann Hill is listed as living with:
             John William Hill                        29        a millhand in a sawmill
             James Riley Hill                         27
             Esther Ann Morgan                        23
             James Morgan                             23        a tile factory worker

        * note that Cornelius has moved out.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                        Page 56
                       Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill                                              [ 6Ha ]
                    Hoyt / Hoite / Hait / Haight / Hayte/ Huit
        The Hoyt / Haight ancestors were some of the earliest immigrants to the New World. The Hill lines
intersect the Hoyt lines at least twice. Mary Hoyt, wife of Luke Hill, was the daughter of Simon, and Sarah Ann
Haight (Sally), wife of John Henry Hill, was a descendant of Simon Hoyt‟s grandson, Moses Jr.
To orient the reader to the following, here is a brief plot of the Hill connections.

0. Simon Hoyt         (1593, Eng - 1657, Stamford, CT) and wife Susanna Smith
   1. Mary Hoyt        (1630-1696) wife of Luke Hill (b. abt. 1613; d. 1696, Windsor, CT)
   1. Moses Hoyt Sr.   (1634-1712)                                  Mar: Elizabeth Budd
       2. Moses Hoyt Jr.        (1662-1711, Fairfield, CT)          Mar: Elizabeth Shute
          3. Aaron Haight Sr.     (1700-1779, CT)                   Mar: Meribah Deval
              4. Aaron Haight Jr.     (1750-1816, CT)               Mar: Jemima Waters
                  5. Cornelius Haight    (1783-1873, IA)            Mar: Abigail Attwood
                      6. Sarah Ann Haight (1824-1895, IA)           Mar: John Henry Hill
                         7. John William Hill
                             8. William Henry Hill

    * Recent research on Simon Hoyt in England by Robin Bush indicates that the Mormon ancestral files were incorrect, and
that Simon‟s ancestors are as in the following: per ref <68> For more details on the Hoyt line, see the FTM home pages of
David W. Brown or those of: Mark W.
Stevens, Mala Brown, or Frank Leroy Grant
-3. Walter Hoyte
    -2. Thomas Hoyte             Mar: Isabell _____            Res: Seavington St. Mary, So. Petherton, Eng
         -1. daughters:    Mary, Christine, and
         -1. sons: John, Robert, Thomas (d. 1612), Thomas (again, d.1615), Roger,
    and -1. Michael Hoyte ( _- 29 Jan 1623) M: Agnes __ Res: Seavington, St. Mary, So. Petherton, Eng
             0. daughters: Ann, Elizabeth, and Thomasine (1581-1623),
        and 0. sons:       John, Richard,
        and 0. Simon Hoyt        b: abt. 1593, West Hatch, County Somerset, Eng.
                                 d: 1 Sep 1657, Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT
                Mar(1): Jane Stoodlie before 1618 in Marshwood, Dorset Co., Eng.
                 1. Christopher Hoyt b: 1613                   d: 1618, West Hatch, Eng.
                 1. Walter Hoyt         b: Nov 1618, Eng       d: 9 Jun 1698, Norwalk, CT
                 1. Nicholas Hoyt       b: 7 May 1620,Eng      d: July 07, 1655 in Windsor, CT
                 1. Deborah Hoyt        b: 09 Aug 1620, Upway d: 1628 * no record in West Hatch
                 1. Alexander Hoyt      b: bef. 28 Dec1623, West Hatch, Eng
                 1. John Hoyt           b: abt. 1625           d: 1684 in Rye, Westchester, N. Y.

                 Mar(2): Susannah Smith before Apr 1635 at Dorchester or Windsor, CT <31>
                  1. Mary Hoyt        b: 20 Sep 1635, Charleston, MA d: 1696, Windsor, CT ==>[1H0]
                  1. Moses Haight Sr. b: 1634 or 1637         d: abt. 1712, East Chester, NY  ==>[6Ha0]
                  1. Joshua Hoyt      b: 1641 | 39, Windsor d: 9 Nov 1690, Stamford, CT
                  1. Miriam Hoyt      b: 1645 | 41, Windsor d: 17 Apr 1671
                  1. Samuel Hoyt      b: abt. 1643            d: 1720
                  1. Benjamin Hoyt    b: 2 Feb 1644/45, Windsor d: 26 Jan 1735/36, Stamford, CT
                  1. Sarah Hoyt       b: abt. 1646            d: 1713
                  1. (infant) Hoyt    b:     1647             d: 1647

        * Ref <31> “New England Marriages Prior to 1700” also lists a marriage between Simon Hoyt and
          Deborah Stowers on 2 Dec 1612 in Salem, Dorchester, or Scituate.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                         Page 57
                                             Notes on Simon Hoyt
    In Drakes History of Boston we find Simon Hoyte on the “List of the names of such as are known to have been
in Salem and about the north side of the MA Bay before and in the year 1629.”

   The name Simon Hoyt appears on the first list of 'such as took the oath of freeman' in MA, 5-18-1631.
We find Symon Hoite mentioned in the Dorchester records of 1633. On the 8th of October, in the same year,
Symon Hoyte was chosen one of that town's committee to 'see to fences' for the east fields.
 A Biographical Album of Prominent Pennsylvanians, First Series, The Am. Biographical Pub. Co., 1888, Philadelphia.

    Simon apparently sailed to Charlestown from Gravesend on the "Abigail" with Gov. John Endicott, arriving
Sept 6,1628.           Info from "Passengers & Ships" and "The Hancock Genealogy".
    Other sources suggest he came on the Higginson Fleet, "George" or "Lyons Whelp", 1629 .
Simon was one of a group which travelled from Salem through the woods to establish the town of Charlestown in
the summer of 1629.

    He was also one of the first settlers of Dorchester in 1630.
From the Dorchester Records,
 " April 3, 1633, Symon Hoite is given on a list as having two cows, and is therefore required to put up 40 feet of
fence on the marsh.
    Oct. 8, 1633, Symon Hoyte is one of the two appointed to 'see to the fences....for the east field.'
    Jan 6. 1633, 'it is ordered, that the marsh and swamp before Goodman Hosford and davy Wil(ton) shall be
devided among themselves and Symon Hoyte.'
    May 24, 1634, Symon Hoyte is one of the two appointed to 'view the pales' (fences) of the north field.
    June 2, 1634, 'it is ordered that Goodman Witchfeild and Goodman Hoyte shall have to be devided betweene
them the marsh that lies in the north side of the necke, towords Boston, over agaynst m,. Rainsfords house,
in Boston, being for 8 acres, by estimation.'
    Feb. 10, 1634, Symon Hoyte is mentioned as keeping one bull.
    April 17, 1635, 'it is also ordered that the lott of medow that was Symon Hoytes, next to Boston side, Joyning to
John WitchLeild, shall be devided betwixt m,. Rodger Williams and Gyles Gibbes' "

    He moved to Scituate in the spring of 1635, as "Symeon Hayte" and his wife joined the Scituate church
4-19-1635. "Goodman Haites" house was built there between 9-1634 and 10-1636.
    He then moved on to Windsor, Conn. by 1639, where he was granted 80 acres 2-28-1640. This land, known as
Hoyt's Meadow, was away from the other settlers. He and his family had enough to do to protect themselves from
the Indians, so were excused from 'watch and ward', or traveling a long distance to guard those who lived in the
    There was a Hoyte child that died in Windsor, 1647, and an "Onld Goode Hoyt (or Hayt)" that died there in
1644. The identity of these cannot be determined. In 1646, Simon sold land in Hoyt's Meadow, with house, barn,
etc. to William Thrall, who moved to it the same year.
    Simon moved to Fairfield by 3-6-1649, when he is recorded as having obtained several parcels of land there.
Some of this may have been obtained earlier, and only recorded then.
    Simon moved to Stamford by 1657, where he died. Inventory of estate was taken 10-9-1657, and entered
For many years Simon was believed to have a different ancestry (HHH by David Hoyt - 1671; Journal of Rev. Silas
Constant, by E. W. Roebling, 1903), which placed him and family from Upway, Dorset and his first wife as Deborah
Stowers. The New Hoyt Ancestry is from research by Robin Bush, 1994-1996 as reported in "Hoyts Issue";
and in " The Great Migration Begins", by Robert C. Anderson, 1995.
    Simon sold the West Hatch property in 1632-33, three years after he emigrated, and Thomas Coleman, his
Tenant paid off Hoyt's Entry Fine. This indicates he waited until he was permanently settled in the New World
before divesting himself as such in England.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                        Page 58
                            Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill                                           [ 6Ha0 ]
                               Descendants of Moses Hoyt Sr.
1. Moses Hoyt Sr.          B: bef. 1634, Dorchester, MA             D: 1712, East Chester, NY                 <==[6Ha]
   Mar: abt. 1660
 + Elizabeth Budd          B: abt. 1638, Fairfield Co., CT                                                   <==[6Ha0d]

    2. Moses Hoyt Jr.           B: bef. 1662, Fairfield, CT D: 14 Mar 1711, East Chester, NY
       Mar: abt. 1691
     + Elizabeth “Elinor” Shute B: 03 Sep 1672, East Chester, Orange Co., NY             <== Appendix C
         * Da. of Richard Shute (b. 1639, MA) and Sarah Sanford
         * The Shute family can be traced in the LDS MAF <6> through the Sanford, Botiller, Holland, and
           LaZoache lines to Wm. Longspee (1173) and Henry II, and through the Scottish royalty to Coilus,
           King of Britain (abt. 125 A.D.). It can also be traced through Richard Sanford to Maud Mainwaring,
           to Roger De Mainwaring (1250) and his mother, Amicia De Mechines(1167), to Henry I and beyond.
         Children of Moses Jr. & Elizabeth
         3. Abigail (1692), Eleanor (1694), Moses 3rd (1696), Rachael (1698), Solomon (1702-1712),
         3. Joshua ( - abt. 1797), Caleb (abt. 1707 - 1779), Mariam (1709 - ),

   and 3. Aaron Haight Sr.     B: 27 Mar 1701, East Chester, Orange, Co., CT D: 1779
          Mar: 13 Apr 1744 in Crum Elbow, Dutchess County, NY
          + Meribah Deval (Deuel) B: 21 Oct 1707, Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA                              <==[ 6Ha0b ]
                                    <Deval: FTM Home Page of Patrick Darren Deuel>
             Children of Aaron Sr. & Meribah
            4. Lydia Haight                    b: 1745
            4. Meribah Haight                  b: 1747

       and 4. Aaron Hoyt/Haight Jr.          B: 01 Nov 1750, Crum Elbow, Duchess,NY <52,60>
                                                 or B: 11 Jan 1750, Dutchess Co., NY <68>
                                                    d: 3 Sep 1816, Dutchess Co., NY
               * Patriot, US Revolution; Pvt. CT NY Mil
                 Mar: Jemima Waters      B: 10 May 1744, Hebron, Tolland Co., CT <61> <==[ 6Ha0b ]
                  * The dates of Jemima's marriage & death in the SAR Patriot Index (1769) are erroneous
                  * The Waters family can be traced in the LDS MAF <6> back to 1572 (James), and by
                    following the Manning line from Phebe - back to 1235 (Simon of Bettreds Castle, Kent, Eng).
                    See Appendix B for more Old World ancestors of Jemima Waters.
                  Children of Aaron Sr. & Jemima
               5. Mary [1770],         Ann [1772],    Aaron Haight 3rd [1774], Eunice [1776], <68>
               5. Phillip (1780-1830), Henry [1785], Clara [1778],                            <68>
           and 5. Cornelius A. Haight               b: 10 Oct 1783 Duchess Co., NY       d: 1873

         * <52> indicates that Aaron Jr. was expelled from the Quakers before he moved West. The Quakers removed all
           references to he and his family from their records (making it difficult to verify he was the son of Aaron Sr.).

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                       Page 59
                        Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill                                      [ 6Ha0b ]
                     Ancestry of Jemima Waters - Wife of Aaron Haight Jr.

        The ancestors of Jemima Waters can be traced back to very early roots in England. The direct Waters line
extends to Henry Waters, born early in the 1500‟s. The ancestors of Richard Waters can be traced through his
mother, Phebe Manning, another nine generations back to Simon Manning (b: Abt. 1235) of Bettreds Castle in
Kent, England. Another line extends from Richard‟s grandmother, Agnes Petley, through five more generations to
Richard Petley (b: Abt. 1321) of Downe, Kent, England. Agnes's mother, Christiana Philipots may also be traced
back for six generations, though few details are known of them so far.

                     From the web page of e: mail:       <61>
-2. Henry Waters (Dorothy Stephenson/Agnes Mounk) : England
  -1. James Waters       B: 29 Aug 1568 London Eng,     D: 1616/17, London
    + Phebe Manning       b: Abt. 1566 Downe, Kent, Eng d: Abt. 1642 , Salem, Essex, MA
      Mar: 1592 London, Middlesex, , Eng.                                               ==>[ 6Ha0c ]

       0. Richard Waters         C: 3 Mar 1604 St. Botolph, Aldersgate, London, ,
                                 D: Jun 1677 Salem MA, R: Watertown 1636
         Mar:: Rejoice Plaise in 1630

         1. James Waters B: 1638 ENG,         D: 1704 Essex, MA
             Mar(1): Mary Stalworthy 24 Mar 1669 Topsfield,MA ; MAR(2) Rachel Hart 22 May 1695

            2. Ens. Samuel Waters B: 22 May 1679 Salem MA, , D: 12 Feb 1743 Hebron CT or Essex, MA
              Mar: Annie Sterling in 1702

                 3. Samuel Waters       B: 29 May 1719 Hebron CT, D: 24 Apr 1782 Amenia, NY
                    Mar: Jemima Howard on Apr 1740, CT,
                     4. Samuell Waters         B: 28 Feb 1742 CT
                     4. Jemima Waters          B: 10 May 1744 CT        M: Aaron Hoyt/Haight Jr.
                     4. Olive Waters       B: 27 Apr 1752 Hebron, CT
                     4. Mindwell Waters    B: 9 Jul 1754 Hebron, CT
                     4. Sterling Waters        B: 9 Sep 1757 Hebron, Tolland Co,CT M:Elizabeth Reynolds

Notes on the Manning Family on the following page:
- from “The Ancestors of Reverend Henry Whitfield, BD of New College, Oxford;
    Rector of Ockley, Surrey; Minister, and one of the Founders of Guilford, Connecticut”

Simon Manning -       The earliest ancestor of the Manning name, was in the third crusade against the Saracens
                      under Richard I. His name derived from the town of Manning in Saxony. Three sons.

Katherine Chaucer -        wife of Simon Manning (1344); was sister of the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer.
                           She was living in 1383.

John Manning (1365)        was appointed collector of taxes in 1430. He lived in Cowdham., or Cudham, Kent.

Margaret ? Brandon         wife of Hugh Manning (1432); was probably the da. of Sir William Brandon and
                           and Elizabeth Wingfield. Her name was either Margaret or Elizabeth.

George Manning (1520) - his brother, Henry Manning, was marshall of the royal household to King Henry VIII,
                     Edward VI, and Queen Mary (and Elizabeth ?).

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                    Page 60
                        Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill                                                [ 6Ha0c ]
                       Ancestry of Jemima Waters - Wife of Aaron Haight Jr.
          (The generation #‟s on this page are not related to those used in the rest of this document)

    From the Mormon Ancestral File:
                                Direct Descendants of Simon MANNING
1 Simon MANNING           b: Abt. 1235 Of Bettreds Cstl, , Kent, Eng.
  + _____ _____           b: Abt. 1239 Of Cstl Bettreds, , Kent, Eng.      m: Abt. 1269
   2 Stephen Manning              b: Abt. 1270, Kent, Eng.              d: 1310 (ob 3 Edward 2)
     + ____ ____             b: Abt. 1274, Kent, Eng.              m: Abt. 1300
     3 William Manning          b: Abt. 1301, Codham, Kent, Eng.        d: 1344 , Codham, Kent, Eng
      +____ De Chyrfold         b: Abt. 1314, Codham, Kent, Eng.        m: Abt. 1343
       4 Simon Manning             b: Abt. 1344, Codham, Kent, Eng.
        +Katherine Chaucer         b: Abt. 1348, London, Middlesex, Eng.
          5 John Manning             b: Abt. 1365, Codham, Kent, Eng.
           +Alice Walden             b: Abt. 1369, Codham, Kent, Eng.         m: Abt. 1401
            6 John Manning              b: Abt. 1402, Codham, Kent, Eng.           d: 1436
               +Juliana Brockhill       b: Abt. 1406, Downe, Kent, Eng.            m: Abt. 1431
               7 Hugh Manning               b: Abt. 1432, St Mary Cray, Kent, Eng.      d: 1502
                 + __ Brandon          b: Abt. 1436, St Mary Cray, Kent, Eng.       m: Abt. 1480
                  

8 John MANNING            b: Abt. 1481, Downe, Kent, Eng. d: May 10, 1542 , Down, Kent, Eng
 +Agnes PETLEY            b: Abt. 1502, Downe, Kent, Eng.                                    <== Petley
  9. George Manning       b: 1520 St Cray, Kent, Eng          d: May 08, 1582 Downe, Kent, Eng
     m: August 13, 1540 St Mary Cray, Kent, Eng.
     +Joan WALLIS             b: 1524, Downe, Kent, Eng       d: June 05, 1582 Downe, Kent, Eng
      10. Phebe Manning       b: Abt. 1566 Downe, Kent, Eng d: Abt. 1642 , Salem, Essex, MA
          m: 1592 London, Middlesex, , Eng.
        +James Waters             b: 1572 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Eng
                                  d: Feb 02, 1616/17 , London, Eng.
       11. Richard Waters             b: March 03, 1603/04 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Eng.
                                      d: July 16, 1676 , Salem, Essex, MA

    Also from the Mormon Ancestral File:
                                 Direct Descendants of Richard PETLEY
1 Richard PETLEY           b: Abt. 1321, Downe, Kent, Eng.
  + ___ PETLEY         b: Abt. 1325, Downe, Kent, Eng.
   2 John PETLEY       b: Abt. 1353, Downe, Kent, Eng.                       d: 1394
    +Juliana Troumer b: Abt. 1354, Downe, Kent, Eng.
      3 Thomas PETLEY              b: 1377 , Downe, Kent, Eng.                   d: 1422
       +Isabella                   b: Abt. 1392, Downe, Kent, Eng.
        4 John PETLEY              b: Abt. 1420, Downe, Kent, Eng.           d: 1467
         +Alice BRAMPTON           b: Abt. 1424, Downe, Kent, Eng.
           5 John PETLEY           b: Abt. 1465, Downe, Kent, Eng.      d: 1518 , Downe, Kent, Eng.
            +Christiana Philipott      b: Abt. 1469, Downe, Kent, Eng.
              6 Agnes PETLEY           b: Abt. 1502, Downe, Kent, Eng.                ==> Petley (above)
               +John MANNING           b: Abt. 1481, Downe, Kent, Eng.
                                          d: May 10, 1542 , Down, Kent, Eng.
                 7 Richard Manning b: Abt. 1512, Greenwich, Kent, Eng.
                                          d: May 08, 1582 , Downe, Kent, Eng.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                           Page 61
                    Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill             [ 6Ha0d ]
         Ancestors of Meribah Devol / Deuel / Davol - Wife of Aaron Haight Sr.

                                  From FTM Home Page of Patrick Darren Deuel <62>

1 RICHARD DEVOL b: 1530 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENG d: Abt. 1624 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENG
  +Margaret Iden m: October 6, 1560 in Spalding, ENG d: Nov 30 1581 in Spalding, ENG

 2 THOMAS DEVOL, SR. b: Sep 18, 1565, Spaulding, ENG            d: Abt. 1637 in Spaulding, ENG
   + Margaret ????                                               d: February 2, 1615/16 in Spalding, ENG

    3 WILLIAM DAVOL b: June 4, 1615 in Spalding, ENG d: Aug 29, 1680 in Newport, RI
     + Ann Beckerstead       m: Jan 14, 1636/37 in Spalding, ENG d: June 23, 1639 in Spalding,ENG
     * 2nd Wife of WILLIAM DAVOL:
     + Isabel Anderson b: 1621 in Spaulding, ENG m: August 29, 1639 in Spalding, ENG d: 1722 in RI

       4 JONATHAN DAVOL, SR.      b: 1647 in Newport, RI d: Aft. 1737 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA
        + Hannah Odlin    b: August 29, 1643 in Boston, MA m: July 27, 1674 in Portsmouth, RI
                                  d: Abt. 1717 in Newport, Newport County, RI

          5 JONATHAN DAVOL, JR.             b: Abt. 1675 in Newport, Newport County, RI
                                            d: August 8, 1709 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA
         + Mariah (Mary) Clark            b: Abt. 1676 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA m: 1697 d: Abt. 1711

            6 MERIBAH DEVOL             b: October 21, 1707 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA
             + Aaron Haight Sr. m: 13 Apr 1744 in Crum Elbow, Dutchess County, NY

From the Mormon Ancestry File <6>:
                      Ancestors of Elizabeth Budd - Wife of Moses Hoyt Sr.
                           Direct Descendants of John (Bude) BUDD
1 John (Bude) BUDD           1450 -
  +Elizabeth BISHOPPE        1454 -
   2 William BUDD                1479 -
     +Katherine SAUNDERS 1480 -
      3 Nicholas BUDD                1500 -
       +Elizabeth WRIGHT             1504 -
        4 Richard BUDD               1528 -
         +Margaret SYMONS                1532 -
           5 Thomas BUDD                 1550 -
             +Margaret WEST                  1560 -
              6 Thomas BUDD                  1575 - 1609
               +Sarah JOHNSON                1594 -
                 7 John BUDD                          1619 - 1670
                  +Karen(Katharen) BROWN         1610 - 1670
                   8 Elizabeth BUDD                       1641 - 1712
                     +Moses Hoyt Sr.                      1637 - 1712                ==>[6Ha0]

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                       Page 62
                          Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill                                           [ 6Ha1 ]
                            Descendants of Cornelius Haight
5. Cornelius A. Haight    b: 19 Oct 1782, Duchess Co., NY <52>(bible)                       <==[ 6Ha0 ]
                         d: 12 Aug 1873,Mediapolis, DesMoines Co.
                              bur. Kossuth Cem., IA                        <48,55>
    Mar: Abigail Attwood b: 24 Apr 1785, Duchess Co., NY <54,55> or 2 Apr 1782, Sharon, CT <52>
                         d: 26 Sep 1856, bur. Kossuth Cem.,IA (at 74)      <48,55,68>
         * The da. of James Attwood and Mary Simmons (1769) & gr.da. of Job Simmons (1720) & Abigail Parris <52>

    6. Mary Haight                  b: 14 Mar1801, Kingsbury, Wash. Co., NY                               ==>[ 6Ha2 ]

    6. James Haight                 b: 25 Jun 1802 Livingston, Wash. Co., NY                              ==>[ 6Ha3 ]

    6. Sidney Haight                b: 09 Jan 1804 Bolton, Washington Co., NY                             ==>[ 6Ha2 ]

    6. Moses Haight       |         b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY                             ==>[ 6Ha7 ]
                          | twins
    6. Aaron Haight       |    b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY     7 children
                               d: Abt. 03 Aug 1868 Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA                          ==>[ 6Ha7 ]
         Mar: Lovilla Wilson on 11 Mar 1847 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA

    6. Julia Haight                 b: 08 Sep 1808, Bolton, Washington Co., NY
        Mar: George Terrill
            7.    Ruben Terrill                                                           <50>
            7.    Abegale Terrill     b. 18 Mar 1835 Mar: William Henry Welbourn          <50>
                 8. Mattie Cornelia ==> ______     => Pearlie Moulden <54> & Cindy Kenyon <55>

    6. Phillip Haight               b: 04 Jun 1810 Bolton, Washington Co., NY        d: young
                                    * thrown from a horse <65>

    6. Clary Elizabeth Haight b: 18 Jan 1812, NY d: 21 Apr 1888, Yellow Springs, IA <48,49,47>
       Mar: Davis Morris Bridges                                                    <48,52>    ==>[ 6Ha4 ]

    6. Cornelius Haight, Jr.        b: 03 Jan 1814 Bolton, Washington Co., NY                    <52>
                                    d: 1891, MO <48>       Mar:? Clara Attwood <69>                       ==>[ 6Ha5 ]

    6. John Haight            b: 18 Jan 1816 Schayhikook, Branster, NY           <47,48,49,50>
                              d: 15 Oct 1875 DesMoines Co., IA                            <50>
         Mar: Minerva Bridges d: 1878 <48> no children            (probate is ref <50>)

    6. Job (or Joe) Haight          b. 21 Jun 1818, OH <49>   (Job <48,49,52>, Joe in <50>)               ==>[ 6Ha6 ]

    6.   Abigail Haight             b. 26 Nov 1819, OH <49>   Mar: _ Tyson & moved to NY      <48,50>

    6.   Eunice Haight              b. 24 Jul 1822, OH <49>   Mar: Miles Todd    d: 1891      <48,50>

    6. Sarah Ann Haight     b. 26 Jul 1824, Marieta?, OH <52> <16,42,47,4950>
       Mar: John Henry Hill                                                                               ==>[ 6H0 ]

    6. Elizabeth Haight (Liza) b: 10 Jul 1825, OH                                       <47,48,49,50> ==>[ 6Ha4 ]
       Mar: Eben B. Hill (Jr.) on 09 Jan 1845 in DesMoines Co., IA                               <49> <==[ 5H0-1 ]

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                        Page 63
                                    Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                               [ 6Ha2 ]
                                     The Families of Mary & Sidney Haight
6.     Mary Haight                       b: 14 Mar1801, Kingsbury, Wash. Co., NY d: abt. 1870                     <==[ 6Ha1 ]
                                        * children and spouses from <50>
       Mar: John Bickford on 08 Dec 1818 (of Yellow Springs & Huron Twps. , <48>)
       7.   Harriet Bickford                                  Mar: ____ Norton          d: ____, Washington Co., ?
       7.   Mary Bickford
       7.   Mellisa Francis Bickford                          Mar: ____ Travers
       7.   Benjamin Bickford
       7.   Cornelius Bickford
       7.   Clarissa Bickford                                 Mar: ____ Vinton
       7.   Cornelius Thompson (adopted ?)
       7.   Mahala Bickford                                   Mar: Charles Ellenwood on 5 Dec 1839 <52>

6.     Sidney Haight              b: 09 Jan 1804 Bolton, Washington Co., NY d: bef. 1875         <==[ 6Ha1 ]
       Mar: _______ _______                       * children and spouses from <50>
       7. Richard Haight
       7. Henry Haight                            bur: 09 Dec 1887, Burlington, DesMoines, IA
       7. Mary Ellen Haight                       Mar: ____ Fetrow
       7. Anna Marie Haight       b. 1 Feb 1831, Ohio, d. 3 Mar 1890, Orion, Gove, KS.,
          m: on 25 Feb 1855, , Burlington, IA
         + John George Shipley b. 25 Oct 1829, NH          d. 15 Jul 1918, Santa Cruz, CA.
           8. John Shipley        m(1): 3 Aug 1850, OH, Orrilla P. Carr (Kerr), b. abt 1831, d. 1854.
              * Two children of John & Orilla that were raised by Anna Marie.
               9. Ella Almira Shipley
              9. William Wallace Shipley.
                Children of Anna Marie Haight and John George Shipley:
               9. Alice Nina Shipley        b: 10 Sep 1858, Chariton, IA     d. 1 Apr 1935, Lineville, IA
                  M: James Harvey Sears on 14 Oct 1877, Corydon, IA
               9. Warren Lincoln Shipley    b: 28 Nov 1860,                  d. 2 Mar 1948, Gove, KS
                  M: Minerva "Minnie" Dawson on 25 Mar 1883, Ballard Falls, KS           child?: Deffie
               9. Dora Venetia Shipley      b: 4 Feb 1863, Chariton, IA      d.11 Feb 1945, Mansfield, MO
                  M: Peter Peterson Lund on 1 Sep 1881, Marysville, KS
               9. Henry Stanton Shipley     b: 21 Mar 1865 Chariton, IA      d. 18 Jun 1943, Santa Cruz, CA
                  M(1): Mary Ann Hapes on 25 Apr 1889, Oakley, KS.,
                  M(2): Bertha L. Erickson on 3 Apr 1916, Santa Crux, CA., -- no children
               9. Raymond Rollin Shipley b: 23 Jun 1868, Chariton, IA        d. 6 Sep 1870 Lineville, IA
               9. Rosamond Inez Shipley     b: 20 Nov 1872, Spring Valley, IA d. 15 Dec 1919, Santa Cruz, CA
                  M: Reinhart Waldner     on 27 May 1897, Lincoln Co., KS b: Switzerland
                    10. John William Waldner          b. 12 Mar. 1898, Lincoln Co., KS d: 5 May 1977, Arcata, CA
                        M: Marjorie Alice Haynes in 1919 at Coquille, OR
                         11. Kathryn Ellen Waldner         b: 9 Dec 1921, Santa Cruz, CA       d: Oct 1976, Hoopa, CA
                         11. Rosaline Doris Waldner        b: 14 Nov 1923, Kent, OR
                             M: Harold Briscoe Preston         on 14 Sept 1942

                    10. Ethel Rose Waldner                    b. 1907, Santa Cruz, CA

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0                 8/18/2010                                       Page 64
                               Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                            [ 6Ha3 ]
                                    The Family of James Haight
6.     James Haight               b: 25 Jun 1802 Livingston, Wash. Co., NY                        <==[6Ha1]
       Mar: on __ 1826 in Athens, OH        d: 12 Apr 1879 Smith River, Del Norte, CA
       + Lydia Howard (Fulton) <64>         b. 1802, NY d: 1852, Fort Hall, Bannock Co., ID     <60>
       7. Henry H. Haight. <52> b. 13 Jan 1827 in Marietta, Athens Co.,OH.                <64>
                                        d. 9 Dec 1887, Des Moines Co. IA              <48,52,49b,66>
          Mar(1): 18 Nov 1847 Des Moines Co. IA * Henry’s family is from Glorianne Eads <66>
          +Sarah Ann Eads            b. 2 Jul 1829 OH       d. 18 Apr 1867 Des Moines Co. IA
          Children by Sarah:            * Sarah‟s parents: William Eads & Catherine Henderson
           8. George Haight                b. 1850        M1: Marth Moore, 1870         M2: Eva Rogers, 1874
           8. Laura M. Haight              b. 1852                             M: John Erickson
           8. Daniel L. Haight             b. 5 Apr 1854    d. 3 Aug 1878 M: ___ McVay              <52, 49b>
           8. Margaret Haight              b. 1855                             mar: John Cornick
           8. Mary Elizabeth Haight        b. 1858 d. 1928                     mar: Prince Albert Gray
                   da. Catherine   M: my husband's grandfather's brother, Oscar Eads <66>
           8. Julia Abigail Haight         b. 18 Oct 1861 d. 6 Jul 1944
                   M1: William Welbourne    M2: Joseph M. Keller in 1877
           8. James W. Haight              b. Apr 1862                         M: Catherine Downey
           8. John R. Haight               b. 24 Apr 1865                      M: Lettie A. Westfall
           8. Sarah Ann Haight             b. 1 Nov 1866 d. 18 Apr 1867 (buried with mother)
          Mar(2): 4 Sep 1872 Des Moines Co. IA
          +Margaret E. Gibson     b. 11 Aug 1837 d. 14 Feb 1906
           8. Martha A. Haight              b. 24 Sep 1873 d. 21 Sep 1953
                   M: Thomas J. Stapleton <65> b: 1873 d: 1949 <67>
           8. Henry Charles Haight b. 12 Feb 1875 d. 22 Aug 1904 or d: 21 Sep 1953 <67>
                9. son James Haight <49b> father also listed as “Charles Henry Haight”
           8. Jessie Dorothy Haight         b. 1 Oct 1877   d. 25 Oct 1947 M: Dr. Arthur D. Newberry

       7. Daniel Haight            b: 2 Apr 1829, Marietta, Ohio      See <64> on following page
          Mar: 1 Mar 1868 to Mrs. Fannie (McVay) Adams (a widow with four children)
           8. Lydia; Laura; Ada; Letsy; Henrietta; Frank; Fred <64>
                          Joan Luetzow of Milwaukee, WI is a descendant. <52>

       7. Minerva Haight          b: 18 Apr 1836, Marietta, OH
          Mar: on 8 Jan 1854 <60>              d: 13 Jun 1914, Spokane, WA                      <60, 49b>
          +Henry Harry Burbank b: 3 Aug 1828, Astabula, Astabula Co., OH
                                  d: 8 Mar 1908, Spokane, WA
           8. Minnie Inez Burbank           b: 7 Mar 1871, Maxie, WA
              Mar: on 14 Apr 1892 d: 7 Oct 1950, Victoria, BC, Canada                  <60, 49b>
              + James Mathew Smith          b: 18 Sep 1860, Franklin, PA
                 9. Betty Pauline Smith        b: 1898
                    M: on 1922 Ralph Carlton Fraser b: 1896, Spokane, WA
                    10. Ralph James Fraser         M: Barbara June Twigg                        SAR Member
                           (da's: Susan, Ann, Nancy)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                       Page 65
                       Biography - James Haight (b:1801, son of Cornelius)
The following transcript was provided by Pearlie Moulden <53> from “The History of Del Norte, California” by Ruth Smith.

                                                 Reference <64>
          “ The first white men to be seen in the Smith River Valley were James Haight and his son Daniel who had
arrived in Crescent City in May 1853 and soon afterwards settled in the Smith River Valley. This was not their first
trip to California, for on April 2, 1850, James Haight with his two sons, Henry and Daniel, and three brothers,
Moses, Cornelius, and Jacob Haight with an Uncle Eben Hill had arrived in Hangtown, California, on September 5,
1850, after a journey of five months and three days from their Iowa home. An account of this trip was left by Henry
Haight and kept by his daughter, Mrs. Martha (Haight) Stapleton of Burlington, Iowa. The account told of their
mining and the gambling places; the hangings were described, as well as a talk by Brigham Young at Salt Lake.
Near Salt Lake, the party had stayed with a Haight cousin who had exchanged their tired, worn-out oxen for fresh
ones. The men rested there for several weeks before they returned to Iowa where Henry Haight purchased his Iowa
farm with the gold he had found in California. On account of his wife's health, James Haight and his son
Daniel again started for California, but were detained at Fort Hall where the wife died and was buried along the
trail. Father and son drove their oxen team across her grave to hide it from the Indians and continued their journey
to the west.
          James Haight b. 6-26-1801 in Dutchess County, New York, son of Cornelius and Abigail (Atwood) Haight,
went with his parents who first settled in Athens County, Ohio, in 1816, and in 1837 moved to Mediapolis, Des
Moines County, Iowa, where a branch of the family continue to live. James Haight m. 1826 in Athens County,
Ohio, Lydia Howard Fulton. Their two children were: Henry b. 1-13-1827 in Marietta, Ohio, m. Margaret Givson;
          Daniel b. 4-2-1829 in Marietta, Ohio, became the first white settler in the Smith River Valley, where he was
married 3-1-1868 to Mrs. Fannie (McVay) Adams, a widow with four children. Her husband had been killed in
Newton County, Missouri, prior to the trouble between the states at the time of the Civil War. In 1866, her brother
Joseph McVay had returned to Missouri for her and her orphaned children, and brought them west to join the rest of
her family who had been living in the Smith River Valley since 1860. On the way west, the children had the
whooping cough, and at San Francisco they missed the monthly steamer to Crescent City. Joseph McVay, ever a
resourceful pioneer, took his charges to Sacramento where they caught the stage for Jacksonville, Oregon. There
Joseph bought a team of horses and a wagon and drove them to Smith River over that early road that could scarcely
be called one.
          The Adams children were: Elizabeth m. William Hargraves; Benonia b.10-2-1860 m. Martha Smith;
Sophronia m. James Hursh; Eddie b. 8-27-1864 in Newton County, Missouri, named for her father, Edward Adams,
who was killed in 1864, m. in Del Norte County, William Westbrook.
          The children of Fannie McVay and her second husband, Daniel Haight, were: Lydia m. Riley Packard;
Laura m. 1st Bert Thomas, m. 2nd Frank Cassidy; Ada m. Joseph Hursh; Letsy m. Lot Beckstead; Henrietta m. Milo
Woodruff; Frank m. Mae Plaisted; Fred m. Stella Trumble; Fred Haight, present supervisor of Del Norte County
from Smith River.
          In the "Haight-Hoyt Genealogy" by D. W. Hoyts and in the "Haight Genealogy" by Aaron Haight may be
found the lineage of James and Daniel Haight whose ancestors are traced many generations into the New England
states and into England. Aaron Haight was the Revolutionary War ancestor b. 1-11-1750 in Dutchess County, New
York. (See D.A.R. number 136213).
          The descendants of James and Daniel Haight are also eligible to join the Society of the Magna
Charta through the lineage of the wife of Aaron Haight. Her name was Jemima Waters,a descendant of Richard
de Manning, Crusader Richard I, 1190 A.D. Downe, Kent, Eng.; King Edward I of England was also an ancestor. It
is said that once a lineage has been traced back into these royal lines, it is well recorded and defined back to Adam.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0        8/18/2010                                        Page 66
                                  Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                          [ 6Ha4 ]
                                 The Family of Elizabeth Haight & Eben Hill Jr.
6.     Elizabeth (Eliza) Haight b: 10 Jul 1825, OH                                             <47,52>      <==[6Ha1]
                                   d: 15 Dec 1856, Oregon, bur. Burch Cem., Polk Co., OR <52>
       Mar: on 04 Jan 1845 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA                                       <47>
       +Eben Hill Jr.              b: [1811-1815], Jefferson Co., NY <census>                             <==[ 5H0-1 ]
                               or b: 1821, Jefferson Co., NY               <Oregon Trail list - LB>
                                   d: 27 Nov 1868, Oregon                                         <47>
           7. Armilda Abigale Hill         b.               Mar: ____ Anders                      <50,52,47>
           7. Annie Hill                   b.               Mar: ____ Hammer                      <47,52>
           7. Ester M. Hill                b.               Mar: ____ Banton                      <47,52>
           7. Larrisa Hill                 b.                                                     <50>
           7. Lafayette F. Hill            b. 28 Jun 1855      d. 1935, Inglewood, CA             <47,50,52>
               Mar: Emma Mellissa Locke            * whose parents came to OR in 1845 on the Oregon Trail
                     Roy LaFayette Hill
                      8.                      b: 1883;
                     Emma Aurelia Hill
                      8.                      b: 1886;
                     James Lester Hill
                      8.                      b: 1889;
                     Eva Esther Hill
                      8.                      b: 1891;
                     Erma Julia Hill
                      8.                      b: 1894;
                     Lolita Fay Hill
                      8.                      b: 1900;
                     Luella Florence Hill
                      8.                      b: 1900;
                     Dale Herschel Hill
                      8.                      b: 1902;
                     Bertram Ladue Hill
                      8.                      b: 1905;
                     Herbert H. Hill
                      8.                      b: 1910;
                     Claude Locke Hill
                  and 8.                      b. 21 Jul 1884, Independence, OR      d. 1969
                      9. Ruby Alice Hill           b. 13 Mar 1910 Mar: __ Sherman
                         10. Mary Lou,
                         10. Laura Lee,
                         10. John Jay
                       & 10. Paula Jean Sherman-Bowden b. 28 Jun 1949 Author: ref <53,>
           7. ?Vina Hill-Kelso * mentioned in the reunion narrative as da. of Ebben Hill    <49b>

        * Ebon B. Hill Jr., son of Eben Hill (1791), moved to Ohio after he married and went West in 1842 on the
          Oregon Trail, settling in to Hillsboro, OR. Eben Jr‟s wife, Eliza, is bur. is about one mi. SE of Rickreall,
          OR. Lafayette and Emma settled in Independence, OR, later homesteaded in Washtucna, WA after Erma
          was born and moved to CA aft. 1923, as did several of their children.

6. Clarissa Elizabeth Haight     b: 18 Jan 1812, NY                          <47,48,49>      <==[ 6Ha1 ]
                                          d: 21 Apr 1888, Yellow Springs, IA
       Mar: Davis Morris Bridges                                                     <48,52>
        7. James A. Bridges                                                            <48>
        7. Abigail Bridges                B:               M: Silas Bridges
        7. John D. Bridges                B: 14 Feb 1845, Yellow Springs, IA           <48>
            Mar: Marcie J. Vincent on 02 Mar 1867             B: Wash. Co., OH
             8.    Wesley D. Bridges
             8.    Frederick G. Bridges
             8.    Minnie J. Bridges
             8.    John Morris Bridges
             8.    Sadie A. Bridges

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0          8/18/2010                                       Page 67
                                 Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                              [ 6Ha5 ]
                                     Cornelius Haight Jr. and Family
6. Cornelius Haight, Jr.              b: 03 Jan 1814 Bolton, Washington Co., NY           <52>                <==[ 6Ha1 ]
                                      d: 1891, MO <48>       Mar:? Clara Attwood          <69>
   M: Clara Atwood,          b: ,England, father James Atwood (Cherakee Co. Iowa).
       7. Corneilus Haight. 3rd       b: 18 Sept. 1842 Cherokee Iowa,
                                      d: 26 February 1926 Corvallis, OR; bur: Kings Valley, OR
            M: Adleline Elizabeth Burbank 14 Feb 1866.      => Eloise Oster <69>
       7.   Martha Haight                                 d: 1915, she lived in Coulteville, California.
       7.   Angiline Haight                               m: Asa Burbank 5 Jul 1869
       7.   Sara Haight
       7.   Clara Haight

            * Corneilus Haight crossed the plains as a small boy to Oregon in a covered wagon (1852).
              His sisters were probably born in California.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                         Page 68
                                 Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                               [ 6Ha6 ]
                                      The family of Job Haight
6.   Job Haight                b. June 21, 1818, Ohio                                          <==[ 6Ha1 ]
     Mar: on September 16, 1841, Warren Township, Iowa                        <52>
     + Eliza Bridges           b. 1820/21, Ohio (da.of Benjamin Bridges and Abigail Ellenwood)
                                      * Eliza‟s sister - Minerva Bridges-Haight, mar: John Haight (b. 1816).
         7.   Jacob Austin Haight        b. Jan 1843, Iowa
                                         d. 10 Nov 10, 1928, Crescent City, Del Norte Co., CA
              Mar: Jane E. Jenkins on April 15, 1871 in Del Norte County, CA

         7.   Mary Haight              b. 1844/45, Iowa
              Mar: Loring A. Sevey on April 28, 1868 in Del Norte Co., CA

         7.   Cornelius Haight              b. 1852/53, Iowa

         7.   Sarah Elizabeth Haight    b. April 26, 1855 Yellow Springs Twp., Des Moines Co., Iowa
                                        d. January 26, 1929, Portland, OR
              Mar: on May 8, 1870, Smith River Township, Del Norte County, CA              ==>[ 6Ha6-1 ]

         7.   John W. Haight       b. 1859/60, Iowa

         7.   James L. Haight      b. 1862/63, Del Norte County, CA

         * Family tradition holds that the Job Haight family moved from Council Bluffs, IA to the Crescent City, CA
           area around 1861. <52> holds that Job‟s family was in Cow Creek, Douglas Co.,OR in 1880 Census.
         * Job went with James, Moses, and Cornelius to the gold fields in Hangtown, CA in 1850. <64>

1856 Iowa state census record listing, Yellow Springs Township:
        Job Haight        37        Male     Married Years in State 18         Born Ohio
        Eliza Haight      35        Female Married Years in State 15           born Ohio
        Austin Haight     13        Male     Unmarried                         Born Iowa (Jacob Austin __)
        Mary Haight       11        Female                                     Born Iowa
        Cornelius Haight 3          Male                                       Born Iowa
        Sarah Haight       1        Female                                     Born Iowa

1870 US Census for California, Del Norte county
        Haight, Job        52        Male   White    Laborer          born Ohio
        Eliza              48        Female White    keeping house            born Ohio
        Cornelius          17        Male   White    Laborer
        John W.            10        Male   White
        James L.           7         Male   White
    Living practically next door is:
        Haight, J.A.       27        Male   White    Laborer          born Iowa (Jacob Austin Haight)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                         Page 69
                              Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                     [ 6Ha6-1 ]
                                  Later Descendants of Job Haight
                              From Rich Edwards on Jan 12, 2000     file HaightAdd.Doc

                                                                                                      <==[ 6Ha6 ]
7. Sarah Elizabeth Haight b. Apr 26, 1855 Yellow Springs Twp., Des Moines Co., Iowa
                                    d. Jan 26, 1929, Portland, OR
   Mar:on May 8, 1870, Smith River Township, Del Norte County, CA
   + Morrison Penny Groom (son of Peter Groom & Martha Ann Shoemaker)
     8. Marion Groom        b. May 10, 1872, Crescent City, Del Norte, CA
     8. Emma Groom          b. Apr 21, 1874, Boise, Ada, ID
     8. Thomas Groom        b. Jun 10, 1876, Boise, Ada, ID
                            d. Sep 22, 1942, Dayton, WA
        Mar: on Nov 4, 1899 in Waitsburg,WA
         + Ida Harriet Harting (daughter of Adam Thomas Harting and Ruth Ann Ashcraft)

          9. Mable Edna Groom         b. Mar 10, 1902 Dayton, WA
                                      d. Jul 18, 1976, Olympia, WA
              Mar: on Nov 27 1925 in Tenino, WA
              + Frederick Fisk Blue (son of Wilbur Fisk Blue and Margaret Jane Rinehart)
                 10. Barbara Jean Blue b. Jan 22, 1928 Tenino, WA
                 10. Lola Adell Blue      b. Apr 4, 1931 Tenino, WA
                   Mar: on November 28, 1951 Tenino, WA
                   +Harry John Edwards (son of William Charles Edwards and Elizabeth Pearl Kelley)
                     11. Richard Alan Edwards        b. Jun 23, 1955 Olympia, WA            Author ref <52>
                         Mar: on July 23, 1977 in Elma, WA
                        + Wendy Denise Page (daughter of Denzel Lowell Page and Edna Wright)
                          12. William Arthur Edwards          b. Aug 12, 1982
                     11. Carolee J. Edwards b. Jun 12, 1957 Olympia, WA
                     11. Robert Leroy Edwards        b. Nov 8, 1963 Olympia, WA

          9. Myrtle Evelyn Groom  b. Nov 11, 1903
          9. Morrison Penny Groom b. Oct 3, 1905
          9. Cecil Leonard Groom  b. Sep 25, 1909

    8. [baby] Groom               b. Abt. 1878, ID
    8. Ollie Groom                b. Sep 28, 1880, Lebanon, Linn, OR
    8. Lucie Groom                b. before 1886, Joseph, Union, OR
    8. Owen Albert Groom          b. May 11 1882, Waitsburg, Columbia, WA
    8. Ida May Groom     b. June 26 1884, Joseph, Union, OR
    8. Ruth Rhea Groom b. Oct      1887, Huntsville, Columbia, WA
    8. Mary Groom                 b. Mar 16 1888, Sellwood, WA
    8. Bessie Eva Groom b. Mar 16 1890, Roy, Pierce, WA
    8. Cora (Peggy) Groom         b. Sep 16 1895, Waitsburg, Columbia, WA

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                      Page 70
                                  Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                      [ 6Ha7 ]
                                       The Family of Aaron Haight
6.     Aaron Haight                 b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY         <47>      <==[ 6Ha1 ]
                                    d: Abt. 03 Aug 1868 Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA
                                      * carpenter, killed in a fall from a scaffold
 ?     Mar: on 11 Mar 1847 ?? in Plymouth Twp., Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA                   <47>
                  * at her mother‟s home (marriage date is preceded by first 3 children ?)
       +Lovilla Wilson             b: 23 Jul 1815, NY                d: 05 Aug 1870, Burlington, IA
          7. Mary Jane Haight                b: Abt. 1831 <1850 census, IA>                     *2         <16,50>
                  * Mary Jane may be a da. of Cornelius. She is mentioned in the reunion of 1904           <49b>
                     as Sarah Ann‟s sister. She may have married ___ Holbrook and d: 6 Mar 1905

          7.   Moses Haight                 b: Abt. 1832 OH                                     *2         <50>

          7.   Clarissa Elizabeth Haight b: 20 Apr 1836 IN        d: Bef. 1892                  *2         <47>
               Mar: on 16 Jun 1856 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA by D.K. Harris (JP)                    <47>
                  + Milton Saliday                b: abt. 1835, Washington, IN                             <47>
                      8.   Milton B. Halliday                 b: abt. 1862, DesMoines, IA                  <47>
                      8.   Charles Haliday                    b: abt. 1875, DesMoines, IA                  <47>

          7.   Alice Amanda Haight       b: 10 Nov 1847, Kossuth, IA                                       <47,51>
            or Adelia Amanda Haight      d: 10 Oct 1888, Ottumwa, IA                                       <51>
               Mar: on 11 Feb 1869 in Sagetown, Henderson Co., IL
               + James Madison Randall           (son of John Randall & Abigail -<msg: Jan Randall>)       <51>
                      8.   Zelda Belle Randall b. 11-17-1871 in Bloomington IL.
                      8.   Lucy E Randall b.8-30-1873 in Burlington IA.
                      8.   George Washington Randall born 12-23-1879 in Milton, Van Buren Co.IA.

          7.   Zelda Alvesta Haight     b: 25 May 1851 Burlington, DesMoines, IA                           <47>
                                        d: 06 May 1935 Chula Vista, CA                                     <47>
               Mar: on 15 Aug 1872 in Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY                                            <47>
               +Benjamin Franklin Ketcham       b. 01 Oct 1842, Chesterville, Morrow, OH                   <47,50>
                                                d: 21 May 1908 Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY ?
               * Ten children fm 1873-1898. Andy Ward <47> is desc. of Florence Ketcham (1890-1982) ==>[6Ha7-1]

          *2 Note that the birthdates of Mary, Moses, and Clarissa precede Lovilla’s marriage date

6.   Moses Haight                   b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY d: bef. 1875                  <==[6Ha1]
     Mar: _______ _______                            * children from <50>
          7.   Clarissa Haight
          7.   Matthew Haight                                 * <47> lists as Martha
          7.   Angeline Haight                                * <47> lists as Augustina
          7.   Elmira Haight                                  * <47> lists as EL-IZA
          7.   Cornelius Haight

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                        Page 71
                                 Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                      [ 6Ha7-1 ]
                                Descendants of Benjamin F. Ketcham & Zelda Haight
                               All the Ketcham Descendants are from <47> (Andy Ward)
                      The generation numbers are unrelated to those used elsewhere in this document
                                                                                           <==[ 6Ha6 ]
1 Benjamin Franklin Ketcham         b: Oct 01, 1842, Chesterville, OH      d: May 19, 1908, Cheyenne, WY
  m: Aug 15, 1872           Father: Aaron Haight Mother: Lovilla Wilson
  + Zelda Alvesta Haight    b: May 25, 1851, Burlington, Iowa       d: May 06, 1935, Chula Vista, CA

  2 Benjamin Franklin Ketcham,Jr. b: June 01, 1873 , Cheyenne, WY d: June 23, 1873, Cheyenne, WY
  2 Alice Bell Ketcham            b: Nov. 02, 1874 , Cheyenne, WY d: Sept. 12, 1940, Peoria, IL
    m: 1911 , Cheyenne, WY
    + Peter Johnson               b: Aug 23, 1879 , Norway        d: April 12, 1948, Cheyenne, WY
      3. Wilhelm K. Johnson               b: Oct 07, 1913, Cheyenne, WY d: Oct 23, 1928, Denver, CO
      3. Zelda Alvesta Johnson            b: June 22, 1916, Cheyenne, WY d: June 27, 1964, Cheyenne, WY
        + Arthur Lake Miller       m: Aug 08, 1936, Cheyenne, WY
         4. Arthur Frederick Miller             b: Sept. 16, 1937, Cheyenne, WY
          + Judith Silko
          * 2nd Wife of Arthur Frederick Miller: m: Sept. 09, 1960, Ft. Collins, CO
          + Lee Grey                                 b: Oct 05, 1939, Cheyenne, WY
             5 Kevin Grey Miller                     b: Sept. 16, 1962, Wheatland, WY
             5 Devin Arthur Miller                   b: Oct 26, 1963, Wheatland, WY
         4. Alden Miller
      3. Peter W. Johnson             b: Jul 21 1919, Cheyenne, WY d: May 01 1952, Cheyenne, WY

  2 William Ketcham         b: Aug 18 1876 Cheyenne, WY                      d: June 20, 1956, Cheyenne, WY
    + Carey Newman
    * 2nd Wife of William Ketcham:
    + Marie Kreuziger

  2 May Relief Ketcham     b: January 23, 1881, Cheyenne, WY                 d: January 05, 1964, Cheyenne, WY
    m: May 24 1906, Cheyenne, WY Father: Mark Thomas Cox                     Mother: Emily Maria Brown
    + Mark Thomas Cox, Jr. b: Aug 22 1876, South Orange, NJ                  d: Jun 28, 1923, Cheyenne, WY
      3. Mark Thomas Cox III          b: Jun 08 1910, Cheyenne, WY d: Nov. 23, 1997, Cheyenne, WY
        + Elizabeth Jane Walker       b: Nov 19 1921, Chicago, IL m: Jul 29 1941, Omaha, Neb
                   Father: Thomas Luther Fleming Walker Mother: Elizabeth Mary Josephine Healy
         4. Hon. Mark Thomas Cox IV        b: July 14, 1942, Cheyenne, WY
             m: Feb 08 1975, Louisville, KY ; Father: James Coleman Warren; Mother: Emily Catherine Jenkins
            + Emily Anne Warren b: Sept. 25, 1944, Louisville, KY
         4. Beverly Ann Cox                b: July 10, 1945
            m: Dec. 24, 1977, Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral , Port-au-Prince, Haiti
            + Gordon McKellar Black        b: Jan 21 1945, Brooklyn, New York
         4. William Sterling Cox           b: Dec 11 1947, Cheyenne, WY
         4. Thomas Walker Cox              b: Apr 06 1954, Cheyenne, WY
  2 Anna Ruth Ketcham        b: Apr 08 1887, Cheyenne,L,WY        d: Apr 06, 1951, Cheyenne,WY
   + Grover Cleveland Ries   b: May 01 1885, Linclon, L, Nebraska d: May 11, 1968, Houston, H, TX
     m: Jul 30 1913, Cheyenne,L,WY Father: Adolph Anton Ries Mother: Mary Ann Glaub
      3. Grover K. Ries                   b: 1921                            d: May 12, 1944, Italy
      3. Carl Gilbert Ries                b: May 13, 1925

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                     Page 72
                                   Descendants of Cornelius Haight                                 [ 6Ha7-2 ]
                          Descendants of Benjamin F. Ketcham & Zelda Haight (Continued)

  2 Herbert Clause Ketcham b: May 06 1885, Cheyenne, WY d: Jun 15 1976, Sheridan, WY
m: March 22, 1911, Cheyenne, WY
        + Laura Ann Dwyer      b: Aug 04 1888, Plainfield, MO   d: Apr 11 1963, Sheridan, WY
    3 Herbert Franklin Ketcham       b: Mar 28 1912
       4 Randle Ketcham                  b: 1930
    3 John Edward Ketcham            b: Mar 29 1917, Cheyenne, WY d:, Cheyenne, WY
     + Nellie
         4. John Edward Ketcham     b: Feb 1945, Gillette, WY
             5 Juston Edward Ketcham              b: 1963
             5 Jody Ketcham                       b: 1964
         4. Jeffery Edward Ketcham           b: 1951
             3 Margaret O. Ketcham                b: 1919
              + George Walker
         4. Herbert Daniel Walker
     3 Susie Jane Ketcham                 b: Nov. 1925
     3 William Dwyer Ketcham                      b: 1927
         4. Jan Marie Ketcham                 b: 1956
         4. Benjamin Franklin Ketcham         b: 1959
         4. William Dwyer Ketcham             b: 1964
 2 Florence Jane Ketcham     b: May 23 1890, Cheyenne, WY d: Feb 1982, Tuscon, AZ
   + Harry George Reader     Father: H. George Reader    Mother: Zorada Ketcham
     3 Harry Reader
        4 Mark Reader
     3. Helen Maurine Reader
        m: Nov 22 1930, Florence, Pinal County, AZ ; Fa: William George Brothers, Jr; Mo: June Anna Chastain
      + Bee Aubrey Brothers        b: Apr 22 1906, Lebanon, Indian Territory
                                   d: Jun 15 1989, Sierra Vista, Cochise County, AZ
         4. George Aubrey Brothers        b: Apr 16 1932, Tucson, Pima County, AZ
          + Joyce Ellen Newton               m: Aug 30 1958, Tucson, Pima County, AZ
            M(2): Janet Ilene McCoy          m: Mar 26 1966, Arcata, Humboldt County, CA
         4. Florence Joanne Brothers      b: Jun 19 1934, Tucson, Pima County, AZ
          + Richard Leroy Ward               m: Nov 01 1952, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA
                 Andrew Ward                                                                    Author <47>
         4. Carol Annette Brothers        b: Dec 09 1938, Tucson, Pima County, AZ
          + Robert Melvin James              m: May 1960, Puyallup, Pierce County, WA
            M(2): Russell Yeager             m: 1985, Las Vegas, Nevada
            M(3): Dennis Brockway            m: 1990
         4. Donna Bee Brothers            b: Mar 18 1946, Tucson, Pima County, AZ
          + Stevan Davis                     m: 1963, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho
            M(2): Gene Lindemoen             m: Aug 1990, Kent, King County, WA
    3. Hazel Reader
     + Lee Cooley
  2 Mildred Ethel Ketcham          b: Mar 24 1892, Cheyenne, WY            d: May 30 1974, Basin, WY
   + Martin Lindstrom
  2 Mary Ellen Ketcham             b: Jan 04 1897, Cheyenne, WY            d: Jan 06 1897, Cheyenne, WY
  2 Roy Ketcham                    b: Jul 30 1899, Cheyenne, WY            d: Sep 14 1899, Cheyenne, WY

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                      Page 73
              Transcript of Real Estate Register #1 - Des Moines County, Iowa
                            Reference <50> - Items in italics have been added by author.

Heirs of John Haight - who died 15 Oct 1875 Page 73
       Minerva Knight 67              Mediapolis, IA              no issue

                                                  Authors comments
Heirs of Moses Haight deed                        (Brother of John Haight) d: bef. 1875
       Clarissa Haight                              da. of Moses
       Matthew Haight                                       son “ “
       Angeline Haight                                      da. “ “
       Elmira Haight                                da. “ “
       Cornelius Haight                             son “ “

Heirs of Aaron Haight deed                        (Brother of John Haight)           d: Aug 1868
       Sarah Hill                                 sister of John - M: John Henry Hill
       Mary Jane Haight                             da. (unmarried ?)      b. [1831]
       Clarissa Saladay                             da. Clarissa Elizabeth b. 1832
       Delia R. Randall                             da. Adelia Amanda      b. 1847
       Zelda Ketchum                                da. b. 1851, m: Benjamin Ketcham
       Moses Haight                                 son b. abt 1832, OH

Heirs of Julia Terrill deed                       (Sister of John, M: George Terrill ) d: bef. 1875
       Ruben Terrill
       Abegale Welbourn

Heirs of Elizabeth Hill deed                 (Sister of John - M: Eben Hill)          d: 1856, OR
       Larrisa Hill
       Armilda Hill (friends say should be Armilda Abegale Hill)
       Lafayette Hill

Heirs of Mary Bickford                            (Sister of John, m: John Bickford) d:bef.1875
       Harriett Norton                    Milxusa Travers
       Mary Bickford                      Benjamin Bickford
       Cornelius Thompson                 Cornelius Bickford
       Clarissa Vinton

Heirs of Sidney Haight                            (Brother of John ) B: 1804, d: bef. 1875
       Anna Shipley
       Richard Haight
       Henry Haight
       Mary E. Fetrow

Names of Heirs (other) brothers and sisters
      James Haight            Calif.                              b. 1802
      Clarissa Bridges        Mediapolis, IA                      b. 1812    M: Morris Bridges
      Abigail Tyson           N.Y.                                b. 1819    M: _____ Tyson
      Eunice Todd             Ill                                 b. 1822    M: Miles Todd
      Joe Haight              Oregon                              b. 1818    Same as Job Haight
      Cornelius Haight        IA                                  b. 1814

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0      8/18/2010                                       Page 74
                                      Descendants of John William HILL                                                      [ 7H0 ]

7. John William Hill       B. 27 Sep 1850, Kossuth, DesMoines Co.,Iowa               <==[ 6H0 ]
                                   D. 17 Jun 1941, Cherryville, Montgomery Co., Kansas
                                   * a biographical sketch of John William is on page 7H1
      Mar(1): on 21 Feb 1875 at Kossuth, DesMoines Co., Iowa by Rev. A. J. Belknap, pastor
                          M.E. church of Iowa Con., at the pastor‟s house (DesMoines County Marriage Bk #9) <25>
                          Mary was only 16 & under the age of consent so her step-father Sam Wilder‟s consent
                          was needed to procur the license. John was 24.
      + Mary Ellen Fox            B. 17 Oct 1858, Morning Sun, Iowa                                   <==[ 7F1 ]
                                          D. 04 Sep 1946, Billings, Montana
                                          * buried in Miles City, MT (as Mary Wilder) with Dale Wilder‟s family
            * John William deserted Mary when Wil was about 2 - late 1877 or early „78

           Child of M(1):
            8. William Henry Hill        B. 25 Dec 1875, Morning Sun, Iowa                                   ==>[ 8H0 ]
                                                  D. 06 Mar 1969, Miles City, Montana
                    Mar: Bessie Olive Guenther 17 Feb 1901 6 children

  -    -    -   -     -   -   - Paternal half brothers and half-sisters of W.H. Hill -   -   -   -   -   -    -

   Mar(2): on 18 May 1882 in Shawnee, Oklahoma              (John was 31 and Laura was 21)
                * ref <1> lists M2: on 18 May 1862 but is likely a transcription error
  + Laura Jane Miller B. 26 Aug 1860, Mercer Co., Ill. D. 22 Dec 1927, Tulsa, OK
  Children of (2):
       8. Anna Pearl Hill                           B. 18 May 1884,            D. 11 Nov 1967

            8. Emily Christine Hill                 B. 25 Jan 1888,            D. 21 Aug 1958

            8. Frances Esther Hill                  B. 27 Dec 1889,         D. __ Jan 1963
               M: ___ Plummer                       * da. Mrs. P.A. Robertson is the author of ref<1>

            8. Ruth Elizabeth Hill                  B. 10 Sep 1891             M: ____ McCulley

            8. John Thomas Hill                     B. 13 Jan 1893

            8. Edith Blanch Hill                    B. 01 Jul 1896             M: ____ Taylor

            8. Arthur Miller Hill                   B. 20 Jun 1898

            8. Josephine Hill                       B. 07 Sep 1904

            * A picture, which is likely that of John with Laura and his second family, follows 8H0

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0                 8/18/2010                                                 Page 75
                                Biography - John William HILL                                                      [ 7H1 ]

         The following biography appeared in a 1946 newspaper article in either Miles City Star
         or The Billings Gazette following the death of Esther Ann Morgan.

         Aunt of W. H. Hill of Tusler Region Last War 1812 Pensioner
         John William Hill, father of the local Mr. Hill,, born at Kossuth, Des Moines Co., IA, was a pioneer in the middle west.
His pioneering spirit, following his operation of a saw mill near Oquaqua, Iowa took him to Medicine Lodge, Kansas, where in
1876 he homesteaded on government land, from which point he hauled freight from Wichita, the nearest rail point. Here he
encountered hardships, engaged in hunting buffalo, and had several skirmishes with Indians which were numerous in Kansas at
that time.

         Two years later, in 1879, he returned to Kossuth and was employed in a sawmill until in 1882 when he operated a farm
in DesMoines Co., Iowa. Extending his intrest, he operated a threshing machine, and to him is given the credit of owning and
operating the first threshing outfit and doing the first plowing in in Louisa county, Iowa. Subsequently he acquired land holdings
on the banks of the Mississippi River where he purchased a saw mill, cut timber, and shipped it to basket factories at Burlington
and Fort Madison by floating it down the stream. Later he shipped his saw mill to Oklahoma, remaining for several years to
1902, when he went to Cherryville, Kansas.

         Attracted by the possibilities for oil development, Mr. Hill's father purchased well drilling machinery which he
operated in the oil fields at Cherryville and Coffeyville, also drilling in the old Nowala, Okla. fields. In later years he operated
a ranch near Holly, Colorado and in 1921 retired after disposing of all his property, but revived his business activities after
moving to Garden City, Kas., where he bought a large tract of land, returning again to Cherryville where he made his home until
the death of Mrs. Hill. . . . ”
                                                ---/ / / ---

         W. H. Hill said that John William was a millionaire - at times.

  - A letter from Mrs. H. F. Hayes in Willsville Kansas on 18 Feb 1935 requested a pension for John W. Hill, son of John Hill
and Sarah Ann Haight, who was past age 83 and in need of finances. (The response was negative)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                            Page 76
                                     Fox and Bevans                                                              [ 7F1 ]
                         Maternal Ancestors of William Henry Hill
6. Margaret Bevans                 B. [1842] *1     D. bef. 1898, buried in Lipscomb Co, Texas
   Mar(1): bef. 1858
   + (Capt.?) John Fox B. [1824] *1         D.
        * Reputedly a veteran of the Mexican War & buried near the Mexican border
          Family tradition held that Captain Fox was related to Stephen Foster, the American songwriter.
     Children of (1)
         7.      Emily (Belle) Fox          B: betw. 1852-1853, Iowa
                 Mar(1): H_(?)_ C. RICE at Medicine Lodge, Kansas (separated)
                              son Sam C. Rice was father of Mrs Herman Leibinger (Thelma) of Miles City, MT
                 Mar(2): Miner at Oura (?), Colorado - (widowed)
                 Mar(3): Jack Streuger (Emil) Buffalo hunter and boat ferryman on the Yellowstone River.
                              His boat sunk at Buffalo Rapids. Also a well driller and hay rancher (at Buffalo
                              Rapids, MT). He came from Erie, PA.       (picture following 8H0)

        7..      ELLA FOX               B. abt. 1856, Iowa              D.
                 * may be Louella Jane Fox, b: 1855, wife of Cornelius Haight Hill (see 6H1 )

        7..      Mary Ellen Fox      B. 17 Oct 1858, Morning Sun, Iowa (or DesMoines, IA) <==[ 7B1 ]
                                     D. 4 Sep 1946, Billings, MT, Bur. Miles City, MT
                MAR(1): on 21 FEB 1875 in Kossuth, DesMoines Co, Iowa (at 16)
                + John William Hill                                                       <==[ 7H0 ]
                    1 child
                     8.   William Henry Hill           B: 25 Dec 1875, Morning Sun, Iowa                       ==>[ 8H0 ]

                     +    Eight half-brothers and sisters from marriage(2) of J.W. Hill to Laura Miller        ==>[ 7H0 ]

                 Mar(2): on 12 JUN 1880, Medicine Lodge, Kan
                 + CHARLES GIFFORD WILDER B. 1857                D. 1941                        ==>[ 7H5 ]
                         ** (Charles was Mary Ellen's step-brother and was W.H. Hill's step-father)
                    8. Children: Grace Myrtle (Noble) and Samuel (Dale) Wilder                  ==>[ 4H5 ]

   *1   The 1860 U.S. Census of Des Moines, Polk Co., IA lists John Fox, age 36, a day laborer
        born in Ireland, with Mary Ann (18), born in New York, and three daughters:
        Emily (7), Ellen (3), & Mary(1). Mary Ann’s age is possibly incorrect - or she is not the
        mother of all the girls (mother at 13?). If they are Irish Catholics it may be that Mary’s
        name is Mary Ann Margaret Bevans (or Marian Margaret ?).

   Mar(2): on 16 Oct 1867 in Muscatine Co. Iowa
                * Marriage recorded in Muscatine County, IA Marriage Records (1837-1879)     <22>
   + Sam Steven Wilder B. 02 Dec 1832, Rochester, NY
                                 D. 22 Nov 1916, Warm Springs, MT & Bur. in Warm Springs, MT
       No Children                       * committed to the MT mental hosp. in 1907 by C.G. Wilder.

         * Sam's marriage to Margaret Bevans-Fox was verified by the marriage record of his step-daughter
           Mary Ellen. The license was secured by affidavit since Mary Ellen was under the age of consent.
           Sam lived near Burlington, Iowa in 1875 and previously on a farm between Girard and Tekonsha,
           Mich.      (See 7W2 for biography of Sam Wilder and his son Charles.)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                          Page 77
                              Fox and Bevans                                                                 [ 7B1 ]
                  Maternal Ancestors of WILLIAM HENRY HILL
5. Matthew? __ Bevans                      B.                         D.

        * Margaret‟s father was a veterinarian. According to W. H. Hill, he once owned the
          land where Peoria, Ill. now stands. He always carried a cake of “Blue Mass” calomel
          on which he nibbled “indescriminently”. It must not have done any harm, since he lived
          to be 94, when he dropped dead coming to breakfast on the path to the house.
   ____________ ________                   B.                         D.

   6.   John Bevans                        * foundry man

   6.   Bill Oscar Bevans                  * farmer & musician (violinist)

   6.   Charles Bevans             * Farmer (& musician)
        Mar: Sally _____                   R. Medicine Lodge, Kansas

                 * Bill and Charles Bevans moved from Medicine Lodge in the late 1800‟s
                   and settled on the Willamette River near Portland, Ore.

   6.   Asher Bevans

   6.   Matthew Bevans Jr.

   6.   Margaret Bevans                     B. [1842]        D. bef. 1898, buried in Lipscomb Co. TX
        Mar(1): abt. 1857
        + (Capt.?) John Fox                 B.               D. aft. 1857
           7. daughters: Mary Ellen, Ella, and Belle                                         ==>[ 7F1 ]

        Mar(2): on 16 Oct 1867 in Muscatine Co. Iowa
        + Sam Steven Wilder               B. 1832 D. 1916

        * Muscatine county is in SE Iowa, adjacent to and North of Louisa Co. (Morning Sun).

   *    Search strategy: Attempt to find ___ Bevans in 1840 or 1850 census of Medicine Lodge,
        Kansas living with one of more of the children listed above. Alternatively, look for him
        Peoria, Woodford, or Marshall counties in Illinois. Or - look for Bill and Charles in OR
        in 1870 - 1890 and see where they were born - then backtrack.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                          Page 78
                 Descendants of C. G. Wilder and Mary Fox-Hill                                               [ 7W1 ]

7. Charles Gifford Wilder                   B. 30 Aug 1857, Gerard, Mich.
                                            D. 10 Nov 1941, Billings, Mont.
                 * Charles came from Battle Creek, Mich. to Texas in 1885. They lived initially in a dugout,
                   where Dale was born, and then in a sod house. Later, a frame house was made from an
                   abandoned store, which they moved ten miles to the ranch headquarters.
   Mar: on 12 Jun 1880 in Medicine Lodge, Kansas * year confirmed by census (mar. 20 yrs in 1900)
7. Mary Ellen Fox - Hill       B. 17 Oct 1858, Morning Sun, Iowa
       (2nd Mar.)                      D. 04 Sep 1946, Billings, Mont. (bur. in Miles City)
                 Mary Ellen was raised in Morning Sun until she married John W. Hill in 1874. She divorced
                 John Hill before 1880 and remarried Charles when W.H. Hill was about five. She was once
                 caught in a flood in Oklahoma and had to chop a hole in the roof to take refuge.

   Children: (Maternal Half-brother and half-sister of W. H. Hill)
    8.. Samuel Dale Wilder (Dale)           B. 19 May 1889, dugout near Second Creek, Lipscomb Co. TX
                                            D. 26 Dec 1971, Billings, MT
         Mar: on 22 Oct 1911
         + Florence Ruth Jones Simmons B. 18 Dec 1890, Walla Walla, Wash. D: 14 Feb 1977
          * a vivacious redhead Dale met while at school in Oregon
          9. Charles Wilbur Wilder “Wilbur” B. 30 Aug 1912 - Fruit farm in Yakima, Wash M:Alice Bline
          9. Harold Kenneth Wilder            B. 29 Dec 1913 - Chef in Portland, Ore        single
          9. Uarda May Wilder                 B. 22 Nov 1915 -                        M: Arnold H. Hilpert
          9. Robert Merle Wilder “Merle”      B. 02 May 1918 - rancher                M: Margaret A. Lee
          9. William Dale Wilder “Bill”       B. 18 Aug 1921, Prarie Grove, Ark.       M: Janie Seville
          9. Harriet Ann Wilder               B. 20 Jan 1926 - M1: Eric Newman, M2: Roy Scafe
          9. Grace Wilder                     B. 20 Apr 1928 - M: Benjamin Porter Harwood Jr.
          9. Gene Ray Wilder       | Twins B. 02 Sep 1929 - Chemist                   M: Shirley Ann Dodrill
          9. Jeannette Fay Wilder |           B. 02 Sep 1929 - M: Leonard Langstaff Brakke

   8..   Harriet Wilder                     B. 01 Sep 1891 - Died in infancy

   8..   Grace Myrtle Wilder                B. 09 Oct 1893, Timms City, Texas
                                            D. 19 Oct 1961
         Mar: on 16 Oct 1912
         + Alex Noble                    B. 24 Jan 1889, Big Elk, Mont.
                R. Lived in the Kinsey region near Miles City, MT on a homestead filed abt. 1910
                   Retired to Kalispell, MT.
          9.     Mary Noble                B.               deceased                    - Nurse in chicago
          9.     Jessie Noble “Jet”        Adopted
                 Mar: Roland Banister
                 Children: 10.    Brent Banister            B.                 D. 1988 R. was Phoenix,AZ
                           10.    Billie Bannister          B.                 D. killed in a gun accident
                           10.    Bruce Bannister           B.
                                           * Bruce has a family tree on the Wilders

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                       Page 79
                                           The Wilder Family                                             [ 7W2 ]
        The Wilder family are related by marriage to the Hills. Samuel Steven Wilder married Margaret
Bevans-Fox and became the stepfather of Mary Ellen Fox. Sam's son from his first marriage, Charles
Gifford Wilder, later married Mary Ellen Fox-Hill after she was divorced from John William Hill. C.G.
Wilder then became the stepfather of William H. Hill. The histories of the two families were closely
related from the time of the migration from S.E. Iowa to Texas around 1885 until the settlement in the
Miles City, Montana area in 1902.

           The following account was extracted from the Wilder family history that was
           supplied by Bruce Bannister. The text in brackets [] was added by J. Hill.
                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        Sam S. Wilder was born on December 2, 1832 in Rochester, Genesee County, New York. His parents'
names are unknown. It is believed that they came from the New England states and his father was a farmer. Sam
had two brothers, Dave and Andrew. After the family migrated to southern Michigan one of the brothers lived in
Ypsilanti, Mich. and the other lived in Rochester, Mich (both are in the Detroit area).

         Sam married Harriet Ann Smades around 1856 and Charles Gifford Wilder was born to them in Girard,
Mich. on August 30, 1857. They are believed to have had a farm between Girard and Tekonsha. The Civil War
began in April, 1861 and Michingan became "one vast recruiting station". As one volunteer remarked, "Joining the
army was like small pox - - It's catching". Sam enlisted in the 1st Michigan Infantry Volunteers, Company E as a
private on September 14, 1861. Colonel Robinson was his commandant. This left Harriet and son Charles (age 4)
to run the farm or go live with her parents or relatives in Burlington, Mich.

        In the early part of August, 1862 while serving at Harrison's Landing in Virginia, Sam (now a corporal)
became ill, "suffering from chronic diarrhea caused by exposure, which has resulted in rheumatism". He was
hospitalized in York, Penn., where he remained until November 4th, 1862 when he deserted. It is believed that he
had been informed that his wife was sick or had died so he returned to Burlington.

        The next record of Sam was after the general amnesty for union deserters by the Presidential Proclamation
of April 21, 1865. On July 21, 1865 he was discharged at Jackson, Michigan which is about 32 miles east of
Tekonsha, Michigan. Sam married Margaret Fox on 16 Oct 1867 in Muscatine Co.,Iowa and on 13 Feb 1875, S. S.
Wilder appeared at the DesMoines County Court House in Iowa to secure a marriage license for his under-age
stepdaughter, Mary Ellen Fox, and John W. Hill. Harold Wilder mentioned that Charles ran away from home
when he was twelve (1869) and went to live with his uncle Andrew, possibly related to Sam's remarriage to

         Sam and his wife, Margaret, later moved to Medicine Lodge, Kansas where Margaret's brother, Charles
Bevans, and wife, Sally, lived. [C.G. married Mary Ellen Jun 12,1880 ]
The Medicine Lodge River went on the rampage on April 20, 1885 and Dale Wilder wrote that his grandfather
(Sam) and his father (Charles) were able to save themselves on a floating log, while his mother, Mary had to chop a
hole in the roof to escape the waters and was later pulled from a tree top by a cowboy from the Standifer ranch.
         It is thought that Charlie worked for various cattle outfits for the next couple of years in the Cherokee Strip
or Outlet (now called the Oklahoma Panhandle). In the fall of 1891 Sam travelled back to Medicine Lodge and to
Tekonsha, Michigan where he made affidavits before Justices of the Peace in order to apply for a pension under the
Act of June 27, 1890 for Civil War veterans.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0       8/18/2010                                        Page 80
                                                The Wilder Family                                                [ 7W3 ]
        [ In the 1957 article Dale wrote that Charles and Mary Ellen moved from the Indian Territory
         (now Oklahoma) to the Texas Panhandle in 1885. W. H. Hill and Sam and Margaret Wilder
         apparently accompanied them. Dale was born to them in a dugout at the the head of Second
         Creek in Lipscomb County, Texas in 1889. Grace was born in Timms City in 1893. A few
        years after his step-brother and sister were born Wil was roaming the West with the trail herds ]

       Margaret Bevans-Fox-Wilder died between 1890 and 1898 and was initially buried in Timms City, Texas.
Her remains were later reburied in Lipscomb, Texas. The grave marker lists Harriet Wilder (Sam's 1st wife) and
Margaret with only the dates for Harriet. The cemetary custodians stated that things had gotten a little mixed up
when they moved the caskets from Timms City.

        [ In 1901 Wil Hill (age 26) and his new wife Bessie settled on 2 ½ sections of land on
        Wolf Creek, 4 miles out of Lipscomb, TX. ]

       In 1902 the Wilders, Wil Hill and Bessie, and son Charlie moved from Texas to Montana. C. G. Wilder
and Mary Ellen (Wil's mother), Dale, and Grace were accompanied by Sam Wilder and two Texas cowboys,
George Weaver and Sam Rice (who married Bessie's sister, Grace Guenther).

        [ The original settlement of C. G. wilder in Montana was the Clark Tozier ranch at the mouth of
         Sunday Creek. They arrived in July of 1902 with a herd of 800-900 head of cattle and a string
        of horses that were shipped from Texas. He later owned and ran a meat market in Miles City with
        Mr. Butler (Butler’s Meats) and eventually bought a ranch in the Kinsey Valley near Miles City. ]

      In April of 1907 Charles G. Wilder appeared in court in Miles City, MT to have himself declared the
guardian for his father, S. S. Wilder, who he then had committed to the State Mental Hospital in Warm Springs,
Montana due to senility. Sam remained in Warm Springs until his death on Nov 22, 1916 and Sam was buried at
Warm Springs.

        * According to W.H. Hill, Sam fought in the Civil War. One of the Wilders (possibly Sam)
          had observed the battle of the Monitor and Merrimac while guarding the cotton dumps.

Research Already Performed by Wilders

 o Birth record of Sam Wilder - Genesee Co. Hist. Soc. stated birth dates weren‟t recorded that early in Rochester.

 o Sam's father may have served in the War of 1812, but inquiries under last name of Wilder were not fruitful.

 o Birth record of C.G. Wilder - no record in Girard, Mich. or county seats in the surrounding area.

 o Birth record of Mary Ellen Fox - no record at Morning Sun, Iowa

 o Marriage of Mary Ellen to C. G. Wilder - no record at Medicine Lodge, Kan, Burlington, Iowa or nearby counties.

 ? Civil War Pension file for Sam Wilder - not yet researched ?

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                              Page 81
                                              Census Data                                                         [ 7W4 ]
                                   C.G. WILDER FAMILY & W.H. HILL
1900 Census, Lipscomb County, Texas, Precinct # 2 - Higgins, Texas
         Microfilm roll #1241655, page # 92 B

      Also - 1900 Census Soundex, W426 to W436 (Myrtle) Microfilm # 1249001 (almost at end)
              [Wilder = W436] Vol 74, Sheet 4, ?.D. 45, line 68.

      Lipscomb County is in the north-eastern-most corner of the Texas Panhandle.
      Higgins is about 20 mi. south of the northeastern corner of Texas on the Oklahoma border
     and about 15 mi. ESE of the town of Lipscomb.
 Page 92 B
 Family # 54                       Relationship
                                       to head of                               Date of      Marital       Birthplace
  Name                                   family          color sex              Birth    age Stat yrs      State
  ------------------ --------- --- ---                                          -------- -- --- ---        --------
  Wilder, Charles G.                     Head                W        M         Aug 1857 42 Marr 20        Michigan
  Wilder, Mary Ellen                     Wife                W        F         Oct 1858 41 Marr 20        Iowa
  Wilder, Samuel D.                      Son (Dale) W                 M         May 1889 11 Sing           Texas
  Wilder, Grace M.                       Daughter            W        F         Oct 1893   6 Sing          Texas
  Wilder, Samuel S.                      Father              W        M         Nov 1832 67 Wid    30      New York
* Hill, William H.                       Stepson             W        M         Dec 1875 24 Sing           Iowa
  Marler, Thomas                         Servant             W        M         Dec 1877 22 Sing           Missouri

  columns 14, 15, 19, & 20
                       Father's      Mother's                         not
  Name                 Birthplace    Birthplace     Occupation      employed
  ----------------     -----------   ----------      -----------    --------
  Wilder, Charles G.   New York      Canada (Eng)   Farmer/Stockman   __
  Wilder, Mary Ellen   _________     Illinois
  Wilder, Samuel D.    Michigan      Iowa
  Wilder, Grace M.     Michigan      Iowa
  Wilder, Samuel S.    _________     _________
* Hill, William H.     Illinois      Illinois       Farmer/Stockman   __
  Marler, Thomas       Kentucky      Kentucky       Laborer           12

     columns 16, 17, and 18 (Citizenship) = all blank

     columns 21, 22, 23, 24 (Education) = all can read, write, and speak English
         only Samuel D. (Dale) has attended school (9 Months)

     columns 25-28 (Ownership of home)
         C. G. Wilder - Farm, owned-free, (# of farm schedule = 50)
         W. H. Hill - Farm, owned-free, (# of farm schedule = 46)

                (free = not mortgaged)

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0               8/18/2010                                         Page 82
                                Descendants of William Henry Hill                                              [ 8H0 ]

8.    William Henry Hill            B. 25 Dec 1875, Morning Sun, Iowa                       <== [ 7H0 ]
                                            D. 06 Mar 1969, Miles City, MT (heart failure at 93)
      Mar: on 17 Feb 1901 in Lipscomb Cnty Texas (by Rev. Bentley)
      + Bessie Olive Guenther       B. 16 Nov 1881, Harper Kansas                  <== [ 7G1 ]
                                            D. 06 Mar 1962, Miles City, Mt (stroke at 80)
            9.    Charles Victor Hill       B. 12 Dec 1901, Lipscomb Cnty, Texas * 29 Dec ==> [ 9H1 ]
                  (buried Orofino, ID)      D. 23 Oct 1968, Colfax, WA      (heart attack)
                  Mar(1): in 1931
                  + Esther Ruby Smith
                     10. Children: Mary Elizabeth, 1932; Edwin Kay, 1933; Dorothy May, 1936

                 Mar(2): Catherine ________     Dick (by prev mar.) & Darrel B. 1948, D. 1978

            9.      Alma Evelyn Hill B. 14 Sep 1905, Miles City, Montana                ==> [ 9H2 ]
                    Mar: on 16 Dec 1927 in Helena, MT
                    + Eric Bradford Wilson B. 29 Dec 1907, Walnut Grove, Minn
                      10. Children: Lenore (Marshall) 1929, Marlene Ruth (Yost-Kovash) 1932

            9.      Earl Edward Hill Sr.    B. 09 May 1908, Hepner, Oregon              ==> [ 9H3 ]
                                            D. 03 Aug 1991, Helena, MT       (cancers)
                    Mar: Elizabeth Campbell Anderson
                     10. Children: Earl Edward, 1931; Raymond Willard, 1934; James Dallas, 1938

            9.      Ruth Irene Hill         B. 03 Nov 1911, Miles City, MT * 11 Mar 1911
                                            D. 24 May 1982
                    Mar: Carleton Mariner D. 10 Feb 1983             No children

            9.      Edson Harold Hill        B. 08 Dec 1912, Miles City, Custer Cnty, MT        ==> [ 9H5 ]
                    Mar: Arline Waller on 5 Mar 1944
                     10. Child: Marlynn Ruth (Lynn Hill-Hayes-Warren) 1947

     also   9.      Mary Myrtle Hill B. 04 May 1903;       D. 27 Apr 1904 (after spinal operation)
                                             (per bible register of 1917)

* Birthdates from W.H. Hill family bible when dates conflict with <1> & <2>

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0           8/18/2010                                          Page 83
                                             CHRONOLOGY                                                           [ 8H1 ]
                                       WILLIAM H. HILL FAMILY
1875        William Henry Hill was born in Morning Sun, Iowa

1877-78 John William left Mary and Wil

1880    Will's mother, Mary Ellen Fox-Hill remarried to C.G. Wilder, her step-brother, in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Will was
          raised by his mother and stepfather and attended school to the fourth grade.

1885        The Wilder family moved to Texas when Will was 10 (via Oklahoma?).

1889    Dale Wilder was born in a dugout at the head of Second Creek in Libscomb Co. Texas. The Wilders worked on the trail
          herds that were being driven from Texas to Miles City, which was a major railhead at the time, and eventually get a
          small herd of their own. Will recalled a story of a drover who overslept. It was fall and the trail boss poured a bucket
          of ice water on him to wake him up.

1892    Bessie's mother, Mary Ellen Guenther, died. Her father had twelve children so some of them were "farmed out" to other

1893 ? Bessie came to the Wilder's (around age 12) and was raised by them with Dale and Grace. Will (then 18) was working
         as a trailhand.

1894        From a note by Will in his own hand:
        "       In 1894 I worked for the Box T Cattle Co. owned by Paddy Doyle. The ranch was located about 10 miles NW of
              Higgins Texas. Paddy wore a diamond ring with a diamond the size of my thumbnail. I cooked for his crew of about
              10 men. One day I sent Irish lad to town for groceries. The lad got drunk and galloped the team back to the ranch.
              The flour and other things were scattered all the bottom of the wagon & all mixed up. Doyle was a kind man and got
              a kick out of such antics.
             It was at this time that I dressed up & went into Higgins to have my picture taken"
              * (Box T was written as the brand - capital T inside a box).

1895    Dale Wilder began school at 5 and continued through high school and later, to school in Oregon where he met his wife.

1901 - Will (25) and Bessie Guenther (19) were married in Lipscomb County, Texas by "an itinerant minister", Rev. Bentley,
        who chewed tobacco and could spit on a fly 10 feet away. Will had applied for and gotten 2.5 sections of Capitol
        Syndicate lands that bordered on Wolf Creek, 4 miles from Lipscomb, and Charlie was born there.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0            8/18/2010                                          Page 84
                                          William H. Hill                                            [ 8H2 ]
                                               Chronology (Cont.)
1902 - Based on what Will said about the open range country he had seen, and on the information in the Yellowstone Journal
         from Miles City, C.G. Wilder moved his family to Montana. They trailed the herd, 800 to 900 head plus a string of
         horses, to Higgins, TX and then shipped them by train to Billings along with family belongings. Two Texas
         cowboys, George Weaver and Sam Rice (Will's cousin) and Sam Wilder (C.G Wilder's father), accompanied them to
         Montana. Mary Ellen, Bessie and Charlie (1 yr old), and Aunt Belle Rice arrived about a week later.

1902 - C.G. bought the Clark Tozier ranch at the mouth of Sunday Creek. While driving the herd from Billings to the ranch in
         May a severe storm scattered the herd but losses, fortunately, were light compared to the devastation suffered by the
         Billings terminal. The herd arrived at Sunday Creek on July 2nd.

         Mr. Guenther and Jack Struger, husband of grandmother Wilder's sister Belle, operated
             a ferry on the Yellowstone near there.

1902 - Will (at age 27) and his family moved to the Kinsey valley, near Miles City, Montana.

1905 - Daughter Alma born in Miles City, Montana

  ?   - Moved to Oregon by railroad. Shipped cattle to Heppner, Ore. Worked as a horse merchant and drove a string team in
          Heppner hauling wool wagons.

1908 - Son, Earl E. Sr., was born in Heppner, Oregon

  ?   - Will and family returned to a dry-land ranch/farm on the south side of the Yellowstone River about five miles east of
          Tussler and fourteen miles east of Miles City.

1911 - Ruth Irene born in Miles City. Ruth Faye is on birth certificate.

1912 - Edson Harold born in Miles City.

194_? - After his son Charley was divorced, Esther and the three children, Mary, Eddie, and Dorothy lived at the farm and
          helped work it.

1948? - Esther and children moved to Miles City so Eddie, Mary, & Dorothy can attend school in town. They initially lived in
          a Pullman railroad car and a house was later built out of railroad timbers. Esther was still there in 1988.

196_ - Bessie had a stroke that paralyzed her and left her mentally impaired. William moved to Alma and Eric's home near
         Bozeman. Bessie died in 1962 and Will moved back to Miles City. He passed part of his time working on moss
         agates he had collected over the years. Earl and Eric got him set up with a saw and polisher.

1969 - William died of heart failure at the age of 93 in Miles City.

The Hill Family - 1651 to 2000, Ed. 5.0         8/18/2010                                          Page 85
                                        WILLIAM H. HILL FAMILY                                           [ 8H3 ]
                                          RECOLLECTIONS - by Jim Hill
         Grandfather (Will) was a genuine character of the "Old West". He had a hundred tales of his experiences and loved to
spin yarns. His sense of humor was a bit grisly sometimes, but that was probably typical of those of his time.

         To those of us who were city-raised, he had a utilitarian attitude towards animals. There were always several dogs on
the farm, and usually cats, but they were not treated as pets for the most part. They had to earn their keep by keeping the rats,
snakes, and gophers under control. One little terrier, Tiny, was allowed to sleep behind the woodstove, but generally the animals
stayed outside.

         Bessie was a real pioneer farm woman and was able to coax a surprising variety of vegetables out of the plot of ground
that was allocated as her garden. She raised enough watermelons and cantelopes to sell in town, along with the eggs from "her"
chickens. She was also a wonderful cook and canned enough to serve most of their needs. I remember best her pickled beets,
home-made catsup, pickle-relish and mincemeat. The filled jars were stored in their root cellar, along with the longer lasting
vegetables like potatoes and sometimes apples.

          They never had running water while I can remember, so all the water they used in the house was hauled from a well in
a gully about a quarter mile away, using a horse drawn skid. Eric Wilson finally rigged up a windmill, generator, and battery that
could run a few lights. The shop had a coal-fired forge and was surrounded by old equipment, including a gold-dredge, and piles
of agates they had collected.

         William had a perfect set of teeth, except for a front tooth that was chipped in an accident. He was excavating using a
slip when the front edge of the bucket caught on a rock and the Johnson bar (handle) came up and hit him in the face. He always
used to gnaw on bones after dinner.

          Like many farm people in the west he had tried a lot of different occupations, with varying success. He worked on a
couple of the early highway and railway construction jobs in Montana, while they were still using horse drawn equipment; he
tried dredging for gold and platinum; worked excavating coal; raised cattle, occasionally pigs, and grew corn, popcorn, beans,
and alfafa. He also had been a trapper for the government and had a picture of himself with "the biggest gray wolf that you'll ever
see". It draped to the ground on both sides of the horse and the skin was sent to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C..

       An ancient truck was used to go to town and a caterpillar tractor sometimes ran well enough to haul the water sledge and
plow. He usually had a saddle horse or two and some mules. õÕWɯ9•»Rø4ª•_

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