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									DoD’s Registration of Buying and Selling
         Activities in Support of
 Intra-Governmental Online Registration

             February 21, 2003
• The Big Picture – Intra-Gov Transactions,
  Eliminations, Account Reconciliations
• The Underlying Key (knowing who’s who)
• Federal Agency Intra-Governmental
  Online Registration (IGOR) Process
• The DoD CONOPS Task
• DoD IGOR Process
• What’s Next For DLMSO/DAASC
• What’s Next For You                   2
                             Intra-Governmental Financial Transaction
                       & Financial Statement Improvement Process Overview

                       Federal Government
                        financial statement                Federal
                               level                     Government

                                                  DoD                    Fed Agencies
                DoD financial                                                                         Federal to Federal
               statement level                                                                       agency eliminations
                                   DoD Agencies      Army         Navy      AF        Fed Agencies
   Department financial                                                                                       DoD to DoD
     statement level                                                                                       agency eliminations
                            DoD Agencies        Army              Navy           AF         Fed Agencies

Agency financial                                                                                                 Within agency
statement level                                                                                                  eliminations

  Transactions between buyers      Transactions between buyers             Transactions between                Transactions between
   and sellers of same agency       and sellers of DoD agencies          DoD and other Fed agencies          agencies and private sector
            Key to Proper Routing of Intra-Gov Transactions,
            Determination of Eliminations & Reconciliations

•   A discrete unambiguous identification of government buying and selling
    activities and their organizational affiliation.
•   OMB has directed that a central registry be established for Government buying
    and selling activities.
•   It is established, it is the Intra-Governmental Online Registration IGOR.
•   Federal Agencies register using the Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal
    Numbering System (D-U-N-S) number. DoD activities will not register using
    the (D-U-N-S).
•   DoD proposed and OMB excepted an alternative to the DUNS as the unique
    identifier for DoD activities
•   DoD is using a modified DoD Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) which we are
    calling the DoD Trading Partner Number (TPN).
•   The DoD TPN is 9 Character (alpha/numeric) code. For now it has a constant
    “DOD” as the first three characters followed by the activities pre-existing

Federal Agency Process For Loading & Maintaining
   Intra-Governmental On-line Registration File

   Non-Defense Agencies
     Identify Buying and       Agency Control Points
 Selling Activity Addressees
                                 Log on to IGOR and
                                Update Each Address/
   Send to D&B Ask D&B           Population With Full
    to Assign DUNS for
       Each Address            Data Set for Each DUNS

    Initial Population of
           IGOR File                            DoD Activities
                                                Will Be on IGOR
                                                But Will Not Use
          Intra-                                This Method of
         Online                                 Load or Update
       Registration                                        5
               DoD CONOPS TASK

     “The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Defense
 Automated Addressing System Center (DAASC) will be
             responsible for DoDAAF/CCR.”
• Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO)
   – DoD Systems Administrator & DoD Agency Registration Official (ARO)
   – Develop & Maintain DoD TPN Business Rules and System Requirements
   – Develop Initial DoD TPN File Load Requirements
• Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC)
   – Develop & Maintain DoD TPN System & Database HW/SW
   – Create Initial DoD TPN File
   – Serve As The Single IGOR Data Source for DoD Trading Partner Data

   DoD CONOPS Approach To Develop Initial Load And
   Update of the DoD Trading Partner Number (TPN) File
    Address File
                      DoD Activity Address                Central
                      Directory Data Update               Service
 Select and Insert
Initial load of OPM
   Required data

      Trading           DoD TPN Data
  Partner Number      Web View & Update
     (TPN) File

DAASC Updates                                 Governmental
DoD IGOR Data                                    Online
                                               Registration         7
                What’s For DLMSO & DAASC
                OMB Requirement                Reengineered DoDAAF
                    “Near Term Satisfaction”


Select and Insert

                          Pass DoD Data         • Single data base satisfying
                              IGOR                all data requirements
   DoD                                              DoD Components
   TPN                                              OMB IntraGov
                                                • Single Web update

 Web View and                                                             8
      What’s Next For You

• DAASC Will Tell You
  – What’s In The File
  – How To Review It Via The WEB
  – How To Update It

• As of Today – It’s Your Data


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