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									The 7 Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

Search engines have the potential to drive millions of visitors a month. Make sure your site is optimized for search engine traffic.

 Establish SEO

friendly architecture for the pages w/optimized URLs, Title Tags, and H1 Tags  Track and Increase the # of in-bound links to your site Track and Increase the # of pages your site has indexed: “”
Helpful Resources about Search Engine Traffic: 68 Helpful SEO Tools

The more sites that link to you, the more sustainable traffic you build over time. Make sure you maximize the potential for referring traffic.

 Populate a target list of blogs in your vertical that could cover your product or content  Monitor a list of 15 comparable websites and track all their online press from major publications Track all sites linking into you and link back to them whenever possible
Helpful Resources about for Getting Referral Traffic: Top Blogs List (with email contacts)

Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon,, Twitter and others are set up to help discover content on other sites and can be powerful sources for driving a significant amount of traffic.

Produce content appropriate for each community, each site has a different bias on what gets popularized Track the number of friends you have in each community and have easy access to communicate with them (IM)

Maximize Pageviews by featuring related content in key positions on landing pages users visit from social media

Helpful Resources for Getting Social Media Traffic: The Social Media Manual and Promoting Yourself on Twitter (by geekpreneur)

Get other major sites to integrate some core functionality of your site into their own as a value add

Get the list of the Alexa or Compete most popular sites on the web, and find all web properties that have a crossover with your site. Widgets, Widgets, Widgets. Be creative and persistent.

Helpful Resources for Getting Traffic from Partnerships: Web 2.0 Distribution Deals

On the web, Content is King. Find ways to integrate refreshing content into the pages people visit most on your site, and you’ve given them a reason to come back for more.

Track your most trafficked pages & add in refreshing content Identify ways to automatically generate refreshing content without having to manually edit and input it Adapt your site structure to add in refreshing content if that is not a component

Helpful Resources for Getting Traffic from Refreshing Content: How to Write Great Blog Content from Problogger

The viral loop is the process of turning users into marketers and thus exponentially increasing your traffic via your user base.

Promote a registration process, making sure to capture user emails Integrate awards, points, leaderboards, recognition, self-Promotion. Establish auto-emails that are triggered based on various user behavior
Helpful Resources for Getting Traffic from the Viral Loop: The Viral Coefficient

People come back to sites that solve a personal compelling need. Most of the time, we’re either thinking about Money, Health, or Love (or some derivative)

QUESTION: If you were the most popular site in your category, would it give someone a reason to come back to the site every day/every week?

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