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									Navy DLMS
9/10 March 2004
                           Brief for:
                      DLMS Workshop
                         Presented by:
                            Matt Weden
                    Navy Logistics & Readiness
                  Functional Data Manager (FDM)

• Background
• Implementation Organization & Management
• Technical & Functional Approach
• Major Actions & Milestones
• Issues

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Ongoing Modernization Initiatives:

  • Legacy Application Reduction

  • ERP-Convergence

  • Data Management & Interoperability (SECNAV Policy)

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              Draft Migration Plan
        Implementation Organization & Management

• Use existing FAM process & structure
• 23 functional areas
   – Logistics & Readiness FAM
   – 9 sub-FAM areas
• Business Processes: defined taxonomy
• Systems: legacy application inventory
• Data: FDMs/FNCs – data registration and

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                                        Building a PfM Process
                                           Logistics & Readiness Taxonomy
                                                                                                                    - Coordination with BEA,
                                                                    N4                                              BEA-LOG & ERPs

 • Acquisition                • Ordnance                    • Strategic       • Maintenance
                                                                                                                                                  • Civil
   Logistics                    Management                    Mobility &                                       • Safety
                                                              Combat       -Aviation
                                                                                                           -Acquisition Safety
-Supportability Analysis                                                      -Maintenance Planning
                                                              Logistics          -Work Pkg Dev             -Afloat Safety
-Maint Planning Analysis                                                                                   -Safety Data Management
               SAP ERP
-Design Interface Analysis                                                       -Work Pkg
                                                                             SAP ERP Authoriz
                                                                                 -Work Pkg Funding         -Explosives Safety
-Tech Data Analysis
                                                                                 -Work Scope Def           -FECA / Safety Interface             • Installation /
-Supply Support Analysis                                                                                   -Gas Free / Confined Space
-Supp & Test Equip Analysis                                                      -ETC
                                                                                                           -Safety Law, Regs, & Compliance
                                                                               -Configuration Management
                                                                               -ETC                                                               Support
                                                                           -Ship                                                             -Base Support
                                                                             -Maintenance Planning                                              -Command and Staff
                                                                                 -Work Pkg Dev
• Technical                   • Supply                                           -Work Pkg Authoriz
                                                                                                                                                    -Information Tech Services
  Data                                                                           -Work Pkg Funding
                                                                                                                                               ABC/M Services
                                                                                                                                                   - MILPERS
                         -Material Management                                    -Work Scope Def                                                   - Resource Management
                            -Material Requirements Plng                          -ETC
 -Manage                                                                                                                                           - ETC
                                -Prioritization of Orders                      -Configuration Management
 -Acquire                                                                                                                                       -Facility Support
                                -Item Introduction                             -ETC
 -Publish                                                                                                                                           - Base Support Vehicle
                               -Plan for Sys Sustainment
 -Improve                                                                                                                                           - ETC
                               -Plan for
                        SAP ERP end of Service Life                                                                                             - Facility Services
 -Stock                        - ETC                                                 Fleet                    • Environment                  - Housing
 -Distribute                -Supply Chain Mgmt & Prcmt
                                -Procurement Data Mgmt                             Readiness                                                        -Bachelor Quarters Operations
                            -Inventory Mgmt
                                                                                   Reporting                  -Environmental Quality
                                                                                                              -Environmental Restoration
                         -Transp & Distribution                                                               -Hazardous Material Mgmt
                                -Transportation Planning

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                     Draft Migration Plan
             Technical & Functional Approach (Phased)

• Phase I: Identification & Scope                                Nov 04
   – Inventory applications & systems
   – Scope modernization reqmt to legacy applications
• Phase II: Evaluate Systems & Conduct BCAs                      Oct 05
   – Evaluate necessity for application migration
       • Overlap w/ ERP-C, Legacy System Rationalization, etc.
   – Conduct cost & risk mitigation analysis
   – Select candidates for migration
   – Develop migration plans
• Phase III: Program resource alignment                          Dec 05
   – Develop program/budget initiatives
• Phase IV: Program Execution                                    FYs 07–12
   – Selected legacy systems

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• Current AT&L timeline neither achievable or
• Coordination required to:
   – Balance with other Navy priorities
   – Optimize modernization spending, program/budget
   – Minimize undue burden on operations
• Business case required prior to changes
• Potential impact to Fleet/Operating Forces

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                             Magnitude of the Task
Navy                                                    Total
 Acquisition Logistics                                   59
 Technical Data                                          180
 Ordnance Management                                     39
 Supply                                                  550
 Combat Logistics                                         5
 Aviation Maintenance                                    356
 Readiness Reporting                                      5
 Ship Maintenance                                        467
 Environmental                                           152
 Safety                                                  47
 Civil Engineering                                       16
 Installation / Facilities                               549
Marine Corps                                             240
                                               Total   2425/240

            Potential UID/DLMS Logistics AIS candidates
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